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Journal Articles

Hybridization of Bogoliubov quasiparticles between adjacent CuO$$_2$$ layers in the triple-layer cuprate Bi$$_2$$Sr$$_2$$Ca$$_2$$Cu$$_3$$O$$_{10+delta}$$ studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Ideta, Shinichiro*; Johnston, S.*; Yoshida, Teppei*; Tanaka, Kiyohisa*; Mori, Michiyasu; Anzai, Hiroaki*; Ino, Akihiro*; Arita, Masashi*; Namatame, Hirofumi*; Taniguchi, Masaki*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 127(21), p.217004_1 - 217004_6, 2021/11

Journal Articles

Half-integer Shapiro-steps in superconducting qubit with a $$pi$$-Josephson junction

Mori, Michiyasu; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Applied Physics Express, 14(10), p.103001_1 - 103001_4, 2021/10

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Applied)

Journal Articles

Half-integer Shapiro steps in strong ferromagnetic Josephson junctions

Yao, Y.*; Cai, R.*; Yang, S.-H.*; Xing, W.*; Ma, Y.*; Mori, Michiyasu; Ji, Y.*; Maekawa, Sadamichi; Xie, X.-C.*; Han, W.*

Physical Review B, 104(10), p.104414_1 - 104414_6, 2021/09

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Spin excitations of the $$S$$=1/2 one-dimensional Ising-like antiferromagnet BaCo$$_{2}$$V$$_{2}$$O$$_{8}$$ in transverse magnetic fields

Okutani, Akira*; Onishi, Hiroaki; Kimura, Shojiro*; Takeuchi, Tetsuya*; Kida, Takanori*; Mori, Michiyasu; Miyake, Atsushi*; Tokunaga, Masashi*; Kindo, Koichi*; Hagiwara, Masayuki*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90(4), p.044704_1 - 044704_9, 2021/04

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Nuclear magnetic relaxation time near the compensation temperature in a ferrimagnetic insulator

Mori, Michiyasu

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 89(11), p.114705_1 - 114705_7, 2020/11

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:32.18(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Dynamical density matrix renormalization group study of spin and charge excitations in the four-leg $$t$$-$$t'$$-$$J$$

Toyama, Takami; Mori, Michiyasu; Sota, Shigetoshi*

Physical Review B, 97(23), p.235137_1 - 235137_7, 2018/06


 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:50.91(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Magnetic phase diagram of a frustrated spin ladder

Sugimoto, Takanori*; Mori, Michiyasu; Toyama, Takami; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Physical Review B, 97(14), p.144424_1 - 144424_10, 2018/04


 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:16.65(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Broad linewidth of antiferromagnetic spin wave due to electron correlation

Mori, Michiyasu

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 86(12), p.124705_1 - 124705_7, 2017/12

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:15.72(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Magnetic structure and dispersion relation of the $$S$$=1/2 quasi-one-dimensional Ising-like antiferromagnet BaCo$$_{2}$$V$$_{2}$$O$$_{8}$$ in a transverse magnetic field

Matsuda, Masaaki*; Onishi, Hiroaki; Okutani, Akira*; Ma, J.*; Agrawal, H.*; Hong, T.*; Pajerowski, D. M.*; Copley, J. R. D.*; Okunishi, Koichi*; Mori, Michiyasu; et al.

Physical Review B, 96(2), p.024439_1 - 024439_8, 2017/07

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:50.2(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Magnetization dynamics and its scattering mechanism in thin CoFeB films with interfacial anisotropy

Okada, Atsushi*; He, S.*; Gu, B.; Kanai, Shun*; Soumyanarayanan, A.*; Lim, S. T.*; Tran, M.*; Mori, Michiyasu; Maekawa, Sadamichi; Matsukura, Fumihiro*; et al.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 144(15), p.3815 - 3820, 2017/04

Journal Articles

What determines the sign of the spin Hall effects in Cu alloys doped with 5d elements?

Xu, Z.; Gu, B.; Mori, Michiyasu; Ziman, T.*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 400, p.184 - 187, 2016/02

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:20.49(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Quasi-spin correlations in a frustrated quantum spin ladder

Sugimoto, Takanori*; Mori, Michiyasu; Toyama, Takami*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Physics Procedia, 75, p.861 - 867, 2015/12

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.04

Journal Articles

Lifshitz transition induced by magnetic field in frustrated two-leg spin-ladder systems

Sugimoto, Takanori*; Mori, Michiyasu; Toyama, Takami*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.034005_1 - 034005_6, 2015/09

Journal Articles

Magnetization plateaus by reconstructed quasispinons in a frustrated two-leg spin ladder under a magnetic field

Sugimoto, Takanori*; Mori, Michiyasu; Toyama, Takami*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Physical Review B, 92(12), p.125114_1 - 125114_6, 2015/09


 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:37.86(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Enhanced charge excitations in electron-doped cuprates by resonant inelastic X-ray scattering

Toyama, Takami*; Tsutsui, Kenji; Mori, Michiyasu; Sota, Shigetoshi*; Yunoki, Seiji*

Physical Review B, 92(1), p.014515_1 - 014515_8, 2015/07

 Times Cited Count:12 Percentile:54.76(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) tuned for Cu $$L$$ edge is a possible tool to detect charge excitations in cuprate superconductors. We theoretically investigate the possibility for observing a collective charge excitation by the RIXS. The RIXS process via the intermediate state inevitably makes the spectral weight of charge excitation stronger in electron doping than in hole doping. Electron-hole asymmetry also appears in dynamical charge structure factor, showing a new enhanced small-momentum low-energy mode in electron doping. These facts indicate a possibility of detecting the new charge mode by RIXS in electron-doped systems.

Journal Articles

Enhanced spin Hall effect by electron correlations in CuBi alloys

Gu, B.; Xu, Z.; Mori, Michiyasu; Ziman, T.*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Journal of Applied Physics, 117(17), p.17D503_1 - 17D503_4, 2015/05

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:32.7(Physics, Applied)

Journal Articles

Analysis of the spin Hall effect in CuIr alloys; Combined approach of density functional theory and Hartree-Fock approximation

Xu, Z.; Gu, B.; Mori, Michiyasu; Ziman, T.*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Journal of Applied Physics, 117(17), p.17D510_1 - 17D510_4, 2015/05

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:22.79(Physics, Applied)

Journal Articles

Sign change of the spin Hall effect due to electron correlation in nonmagnetic CuIr alloys

Xu, Z.; Gu, B.; Mori, Michiyasu; Ziman, T.*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Physical Review Letters, 114(1), p.017202_1 - 017202_5, 2015/01

 Times Cited Count:15 Percentile:73.28(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Origin of the phonon Hall effect in rare-earth garnets

Mori, Michiyasu; Spencer-Smith, A.*; Sushkov, O. P.*; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Physical Review Letters, 113(26), p.265901_1 - 265901_7, 2014/12

 Times Cited Count:28 Percentile:83.36(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Zero-field Fiske resonance coupled with spin-waves in ferromagnetic Josephson junctions

Hikino, Shinichi*; Mori, Michiyasu; Maekawa, Sadamichi

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 83(7), p.074704_1 - 074704_5, 2014/07


 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:23.05(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

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