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Microstructural evolution of intermetallic phase precipitates in Cr-coated zirconium alloy cladding in high-temperature steam oxidation up to 1400$$^{circ}$$C

Mohamad, A. B.; 根本 義之; 古本 健一郎*; 岡田 裕史*; 佐藤 大樹*

Corrosion Science, 224, p.111540_1 - 111540_15, 2023/11

The steam oxidation test on the Cr-coated Zry cladding was studied up to 1400$$^{circ}$$C to understand the oxidation behavior under the accidental conditions. The double-sided oxidation test study showed that Cr coating can protect Zry cladding at 1200$$^{circ}$$C within 5 min. Cr coating has a protective effect on the Zry cladding up to 1200$$^{circ}$$C in a steam environment. However, in the oxidation test up to 1200$$^{circ}$$C/30 min and 1300$$^{circ}$$C/5 min, Cr coating can no longer protect Zry cladding. Furthermore, at 1300$$^{circ}$$C, the intermetallic phase of the Zr(Cr, Fe)$$_{2}$$ phase that precipitated within the Zry substrate formed as globule microstructures with Fe enrichment. In addition, the transition of the intermetallic phase within the Zry substrate from the solid to the pre-liquid and liquid phases was observed, where it was determined at 1350$$^{circ}$$C/60 min and 1400$$^{circ}$$C/30 min within the ZrO$$_{2}$$ phase (outer side region). The oxidation of the Zr(Cr, Fe)$$_{2}$$ interlayer was also determined in this study, where it resulted in the formation of the oxide phase of Cr, Zr, and Fe. It is worth mentioning that further experiments, such as mechanical testing and modeling, should be considered to support the degradation of the Cr-coated Zry cladding mainly when the liquid phase of the intermetallic phase is obtained for beyond design-basis accident environment.


Role of resonance states of muonic molecule in muon catalyzed fusion

奥津 賢一*; 山下 琢磨*; 木野 康志*; 宮下 湖南*; 安田 和弘*; 岡 壽崇; 岡田 信二*; 佐藤 元泰*

JJAP Conference Proceedings (Internet), 9, p.011003_1 - 011003_7, 2023/00



Design for detecting recycling muon after muon-catalyzed fusion reaction in solid hydrogen isotope target

奥津 賢一*; 山下 琢磨*; 木野 康志*; 中島 良太*; 宮下 湖南*; 安田 和弘*; 岡田 信二*; 佐藤 元泰*; 岡 壽崇; 河村 成肇*; et al.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 170, p.112712_1 - 112712_4, 2021/09

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:51.72(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Time evolution calculation of muon catalysed fusion; Emission of recycling muons from a two-layer hydrogen film

山下 琢磨*; 奥津 賢一*; 木野 康志*; 中島 良太*; 宮下 湖南*; 安田 和弘*; 岡田 信二*; 佐藤 元泰*; 岡 壽崇; 河村 成肇*; et al.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 169, p.112580_1 - 112580_5, 2021/08

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:51.72(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Dynamical response of transition-edge sensor microcalorimeters to a pulsed charged-particle beam

奥村 拓馬*; 東 俊行*; Bennet, D. A.*; Caradonna, P.*; Chiu, I.-H.*; Doriese, W. B.*; Durkin, M. S.*; Fowler, J. W.*; Gard, J. D.*; 橋本 直; et al.

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 31(5), p.2101704_1 - 2101704_4, 2021/08

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:13.3(Engineering, Electrical & Electronic)



Deexcitation dynamics of muonic atoms revealed by high-precision spectroscopy of electronic $$K$$ X rays

奥村 拓馬*; 東 俊行*; Bennet, D. A.*; Caradonna, P.*; Chiu, I. H.*; Doriese, W. B.*; Durkin, M. S.*; Fowler, J. W.*; Gard, J. D.*; 橋本 直; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 127(5), p.053001_1 - 053001_7, 2021/07

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:78.76(Physics, Multidisciplinary)



Benchmark analysis by Beremin model and GTN model in CAF subcommittee

廣田 貴俊*; 名越 康人*; 北条 公伸*; 岡田 裕*; 高橋 昭如*; 勝山 仁哉; 上田 貴志*; 小川 琢矢*; 八代醍 健志*; 大畑 充*; et al.

Proceedings of ASME 2021 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2021) (Internet), 9 Pages, 2021/07

In order to establish a guideline for fracture evaluation by considering plastic constraint in the ductile-brittle transition temperature (DBTT) region, the CAF (Constraint-Based Assessment of Fracture in Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature Region) subcommittee has been launched in 2018 in the Japan Welding Engineering Society. In the committee, fracture tests are conducted using C(T), SE(B), and 50mm-thick flat plate with a surface flaw subjected to bending load or tensile load to verify fracture evaluation methods. Since simulation results are easily affected by analysis conditions, benchmark analysis is essential for the potential users of the guideline. Therefore, benchmark analyses are executed on brittle and ductile damages by Beremin and Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN) models implemented in the finite element (FE) codes. The benchmark analyses are carried out in four steps; Step 0 is to confirm the output of FE codes in each member with the same input data and the same FE model. Step 1 is to confirm the result of Weibull stress analysis for C(T) specimens tested at -125$$^{circ}$$C. The Weibull parameter, m, was fixed in this step. At step 2, sensitivity analyses are conducted on Weibull stresses in different conditions. The outputs by the GTN model are also confirmed. At the final step, the fracture simulation will be run for flat plate specimens with less plastic constraint than the standard fracture toughness specimen. As the results of the benchmark analyses up to step 2, a significant difference is not observed in the Weibull stress computed by committee members with the same input data and FE model and it is confirmed that the effects of element type, nonlinear deformation theory employed in FE analysis. For the calculation of the Weibull parameter m by using the fracture toughness test results and the developed programs by committee members, the converged values of m show good agreement among them.


Thermally altered subsurface material of asteroid (162173) Ryugu

北里 宏平*; Milliken, R. E.*; 岩田 隆浩*; 安部 正真*; 大竹 真紀子*; 松浦 周二*; 高木 靖彦*; 中村 智樹*; 廣井 孝弘*; 松岡 萌*; et al.

Nature Astronomy (Internet), 5(3), p.246 - 250, 2021/03

 被引用回数:30 パーセンタイル:96.42(Astronomy & Astrophysics)



$$q$$=0 long-range magnetic order in centennialite CaCu$$_{3}$$(OD)$$_{6}$$Cl$$_{2}$$ $$cdot$$ 0.6D$$_{2}$$O; A Spin-$$frac{1}{2}$$ perfect kagome antiferromagnet with $$J_{1}$$-$$J_{2}$$-$$J_{d}$$

飯田 一樹*; 吉田 紘行*; 中尾 朗子*; Jeschke, H. O.*; Iqbal, Y.*; 中島 健次; 河村 聖子; 宗像 孝司*; 稲村 泰弘; 村井 直樹; et al.

Physical Review B, 101(22), p.220408_1 - 220408_6, 2020/06

 被引用回数:19 パーセンタイル:80.32(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

鉱物センテニアライトCaCu$$_{3}$$(OD)$$_{6}$$Cl$$_{2}$$ $$cdot$$ 0.6D$$_{2}$$Oの結晶構造と磁気構造をシンクロトロンX線回折と中性子回折測定に密度汎関数理論(DFT)と疑似フェルミオン汎関数繰り込み群(PFFRG)の計算を組み合わせることで調べた。CaCu$$_{3}$$(OD)$$_{6}$$Cl$$_{2}$$ $$cdot$$ 0.6D$$_{2}$$OではCu$$^{2+}$$イオンは反強磁性$$J_{1}$$と幾何学的に完全なカゴメネットワークを形成する。Cu$$^{2+}$$とCa$$^{2+}$$イオン間のサイト間無秩序は見つからなかった。CaCu$$_{3}$$(OD)$$_{6}$$Cl$$_{2}$$ $$cdot$$ 0.6D$$_{2}$$Oは$$T$$$$_{rm N}$$=7.2K以下で磁気秩序を示し、負のベクトルスピンキラリティーを持つ$$q$$=0の磁気構造が現れる。0.3Kでの秩序モーメントは0.58(2)$$mu$$Bに抑えられている。我々のDFT計算では、この系が量子臨界点の近くにあり、$$J_{1}$$-$$J_{2}$$-$$J_{d}$$カゴメ反強磁性体の優れた実現であることを示唆している。


The Surface composition of asteroid 162173 Ryugu from Hayabusa2 near-infrared spectroscopy

北里 宏平*; Milliken, R. E.*; 岩田 隆浩*; 安部 正真*; 大竹 真紀子*; 松浦 周二*; 荒井 武彦*; 仲内 悠祐*; 中村 智樹*; 松岡 萌*; et al.

Science, 364(6437), p.272 - 275, 2019/04

 被引用回数:233 パーセンタイル:99.75(Multidisciplinary Sciences)



Angular distribution of $$gamma$$ rays from neutron-induced compound states of $$^{140}$$La

奥平 琢也*; 高田 秀佐*; 広田 克也*; 木村 敦; 北口 雅暁*; 古賀 淳*; 長元 孝介*; 中尾 太郎*; 岡田 晏珠*; 酒井 健二; et al.

Physical Review C, 97(3), p.034622_1 - 034622_15, 2018/03

 被引用回数:11 パーセンタイル:69.99(Physics, Nuclear)

The angular distribution of individual $$gamma$$ rays, emitted from a neutron-induced compound-nuclear state via radiative capture reaction of $$^{139}$$La$$(n,gamma)$$ has been studied as a function of incident neutron energy in the epithermal region by using germanium detectors. An asymmetry $$A_{LH}$$ was defined as $$frac{N_{L}-N_{H}}{N_{L}+N_{H}}$$, where $$N_L$$ and $$N_H$$ are integrals of low- and high-energy region of a neutron resonance respectively, and we found that $$A_{LH}$$ has the angular dependence of $$(A cos theta_{gamma} + B)$$, where $$theta_{gamma}$$ is the emitted angle of $$gamma$$ rays, with $$A =- 0.3881 pm 0.0236$$ and $$B =- 0.0747 pm 0.0105$$ in 0.74-eV p-wave resonance. This angular distribution was analyzed within the framework of interference between s- and p-wave amplitudes in the entrance channel to the compound-nuclear state, and it is interpreted as the value of the partial p-wave neutron width corresponding to the total angular momentum of the incident neutron combined with the weak matrix element, in the context of the mechanism of enhanced parity-violating effects. Additionally, we use the result to quantify the possible enhancement of the breaking of time-reversal invariance in the vicinity of the p-wave resonance.



永井 崇之; 小林 秀和; 捧 賢一; 菖蒲 康夫; 岡本 芳浩; 塩飽 秀啓; 松浦 治明*; 内山 孝文*; 岡田 往子*; 根津 篤*; et al.

JAEA-Research 2016-015, 52 Pages, 2016/11


本研究は、資源エネルギー庁の次世代再処理ガラス固化技術基盤研究事業の実施項目「高レベル廃液ガラス固化の高度化」として、バナジウム(V)含有模擬廃棄物ガラスを対象に、放射光XAFS測定によりガラス原料に内包された廃棄物成分元素の局所構造を評価した。本研究で得られた成果を、以下に列挙する。(1)バナジウム(V)は、組成に関係なく比較的安定な4配位構造と考えられ、ガラス原料フリットではVがガラス相に存在する可能性が高い。(2)亜鉛(Zn), セリウム(Ce), ネオジム(Nd), ジルコニウム(Zr), モリブデン(Mo)はガラス相に存在し、Ce原子価はガラス組成によって3価と4価の割合に差が認められた。(3)ルテニウム(Ru)はガラス相からRuO$$_{2}$$として析出し、ロジウム(Rh)は金属と酸化物が混在し、パラジウム(Pd)は金属として析出する。(4)高温XAFS測定を行ったZrとMoの結果、ガラス溶融状態におけるZr, Moの局所構造の秩序が低下する傾向を確認した。(5)ガラス溶融炉温度1200$$^{circ}$$Cの条件で、模擬廃棄物ガラスの高温XAFS測定を行い、今後、試料セルの形状等の最適化を図ることで、良質な局所構造データ取得が期待できる。



馬籠 博克; 岡田 祐次; 冨田 健司; 飯田 一広; 安藤 均; 米川 昭久; 上田 晴康; 塙 博; 菅野 勝; 作田 善幸

JAEA-Technology 2015-025, 100 Pages, 2015/09


日本原子力研究開発機構では、軽水炉利用の高度化及び高経年化に対応するため、軽水炉燃料及び材料の照射試験を実施する準備を進めている。JMTRは第165運転サイクル後の2006年8月に停止し、再稼働に向けて照射施設の整備を進めており、燃料及び材料の中性子照射試験を行うための燃料異常過渡試験装置及び材料照射試験装置を2008年度から2012年度にかけて製作、設置した。材料照射試験装置は、IASCC(照射誘起応力腐食割れ: Irradiation Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking)研究に供するものであり、主として3基の水環境調整設備で構成されている。本報告書は、水環境調整設備の性能確認を目的として、2013年度に実施した調整運転についてまとめたものである。


Model magnet development of D1 beam separation dipole for the HL-LHC upgrade

中本 建志*; 菅野 未知央*; Xu, Q.*; 川又 弘史*; 榎本 瞬*; 東 憲男*; 出崎 亮; 飯尾 雅実*; Ikemoto, Yukio*; 岩崎 るり*; et al.

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 25(3), p.4000505_1 - 4000505_5, 2015/06

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Engineering, Electrical & Electronic)

近年、大強度加速器施設におけるビーム高強度化を実現するため、強い放射線環境下で安定に高磁場を形成可能な超伝導磁石システムが求められている。本研究では、大型ハドロン衝突型加速器(Large Hadron Collider: LHC)の高輝度化アップグレード計画において、数十MGy級の耐放射線性を有するビーム分離用双極超伝導磁石システム(D1システム)を開発することを目指している。このシステムには超伝導材料や電気絶縁材料が用いられるが、電気絶縁材料にはコイル線材間の隙間を埋める成形性と十分な耐放射線性が要求される。我々は高い成形性、放射線照射時の低分解ガス生成能と高強度維持を実現したガラス繊維強化ビスマレイミドトリアジン(BT)樹脂を開発した。従来のガラス繊維強化エポキシ(G10)樹脂の場合、10MGyの$$gamma$$線照射後、4$$times$$10$$^{-5}$$mol/gのガスが発生し、曲げ強度が初期値の60%である280MPaまで低下したのに対し、BTでは100MGyの$$gamma$$線照射後、5$$times$$10$$^{-5}$$mol/gのガス発生量と初期値の90%である640MPaの曲げ強度を示した。今後、NbTi系超伝導線材の開発と磁石デザインを行ない、D1システム用モデル磁石を製作する予定である。


High order harmonics from relativistic electron spikes

Pirozhkov, A. S.; 神門 正城; Esirkepov, T. Z.; Faenov, A. Y.*; Pikuz, T. A.*; 河内 哲哉; 匂坂 明人; Koga, J. K.; 森 道昭; 川瀬 啓悟*; et al.

RAL-TR-2015-025, P. 22, 2015/00

We provide a description of experiments performed with the J-KAREN and Astra Gemini lasers where we discovered a new regime of relativistic high-order harmonic generation by multi-terawatt femtosecond lasers in gas targets. The results were explained using particle-in-cell simulations and catastrophe theory. Our work paves the way towards a bright coherent X-ray source based on compact lasers and accessible, repetitive, and debris-free gas jet targets. Such a source will be crucial for fundamental research and numerous applications requiring pumping, probing, imaging of microscopic objects and for attosecond science.


High order harmonics from relativistic electron spikes

Pirozhkov, A. S.; 神門 正城; Esirkepov, T. Z.; Gallegos, P.*; Ahmed, H.*; Ragozin, E. N.*; Faenov, A. Ya.*; Pikuz, T. A.*; 河内 哲哉; 匂坂 明人; et al.

New Journal of Physics (Internet), 16(9), p.093003_1 - 093003_30, 2014/09

 被引用回数:30 パーセンタイル:81.55(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

We present a detailed description of our discovery of a new regime of high-order harmonic generation, including experimental data, simulations, and description of new harmonic generation mechanism. The harmonics are generated by multi-terawatt relativistic-irradiance ($$>$$ 10$$^{18}$$ W/cm$$^2$$) femtosecond ($$approx$$ 30-50 fs) lasers focused to gas jet targets. According to our model, the harmonics are produced by sharp, structurally stable, oscillating electron spikes at the joint of boundaries of wake and bow waves excited by the laser pulse.


HCM12A Cr-rich oxide layer investigation using 3D atom probe

菊地 賢司*; 岡田 徳行*; 加藤 幹雄*; 内田 博*; 斎藤 滋

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 450(1-3), p.237 - 243, 2014/07

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:24.34(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



High-speed classification of coherent X-ray diffraction Patterns on the K computer for high-resolution single biomolecule imaging

徳久 淳師*; 新井 淳也*; 城地 保昌*; 大野 善之*; 亀山 豊久*; 山本 啓二*; 畑中 正行*; Gerofi, B.*; 島田 明男*; 黒川 原佳*; et al.

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 20(6), p.899 - 904, 2013/11

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:29.65(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Single-particle coherent X-ray diffraction imaging using X-ray free electron laser has potential to reveal a three-dimensional structure of a biological supra-molecule at sub-nano meter resolution. In order to realize this method, it is necessary to analyze as many as one million noisy X-ray diffraction patterns, each for an unknown random target orientation. To cope with the severe quantum noise we need to classify patterns according to their similarities and average similar patterns to improve the S/N ratio. We developed a high-speed scalable scheme to carry out classification on the K computer, a 10PFLOPS supercomputer at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science. It is designed to work on the real time basis with the experimental diffraction pattern collection at the X-ray free electron laser facility SACLA so that the result of classification can be feed-backed to optimize experimental parameters during the experiment. We report the present status of our effort of developing the system and also a result of application to a set of simulated diffraction patterns. We succeeded in classification of about one million diffraction patterns by running 255 separate one-hour jobs on 385-node mode.


Relativistic high harmonic generation in gas jet targets

Pirozhkov, A. S.; 神門 正城; Esirkepov, T. Z.; Gallegos, P.*; Ahmed, H.*; Ragozin, E. N.*; Faenov, A. Ya.*; Pikuz, T.; 河内 哲哉; 匂坂 明人; et al.

AIP Conference Proceedings 1465, p.167 - 171, 2012/07

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:46.76

We experimentally demonstrate new regime of high-order harmonic generation by relativistic-irradiance lasers in gas jet targets. Bright harmonics with both the odd and even orders are emitted in the forward direction, while the base harmonic frequency is downshifted. The harmonics are generated by linearly as well as circularly polarized pulses. With the 9 TW laser, the harmonics reach 360 eV, within the "water window" spectral region. Using 120 TW laser producing 40 uJ/sr per harmonic at 120 eV, we demonstrate the photon number scalability. The experimentally demonstrated harmonics cannot be explained by previously known mechanisms. We introduce a novel high-order harmonics generation mechanism, which explains our experimental findings.


High-order harmonics from bow wave caustics driven by a high-intensity laser

Esirkepov, T. Z.; Pirozhkov, A. S.; 神門 正城; Gallegos, P.*; Ahmed, H.*; Ragozin, E. N.*; Faenov, A.*; Pikuz, T.; 河内 哲哉; 匂坂 明人; et al.

AIP Conference Proceedings 1465, p.172 - 180, 2012/07

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