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Consistent robin boundary enforcement of particle method for heat transfer problem with arbitrary geometry

Wang, Z.; Duan, G.*; 松永 拓也*; 杉山 智之

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 157, p.119919_1 - 119919_20, 2020/08

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:100(Thermodynamics)

Enforcing accurate and consistent boundary conditions is a difficult issue for particle methods, due to the lack of information outside boundaries. Recently, consistent Neumann boundary condition enforcement is developed for the least squares moving particle semi-implicit method (LSMPS). However, the Robin boundary cannot be straightforwardly considered by that method because no computational variables are defined on the wall boundary. In this paper, a consistent Robin boundary enforcement for heat transfer problem is proposed. Based on the Taylor series expansion, the Robin boundary condition for temperature is converted to the fitting function of internal rather than boundary particles and incorporated into least squares approach for discretization schemes. Arbitrary geometries can be easily treated due to the use of polygons for wall boundary. A convergence study was firstly carried out to verify the consistency. Then, numerical tests of 1-D and 2-D heat conduction problems subjected to mixed boundary conditions were performed for verification, and good agreements with theoretical solutions were observed. Natural convection problems with different boundary conditions in an annulus were carried out for further validations of heat-fluid coupling. Excellent agreements between the present and literature results were demonstrated.


Experimental study on local interfacial parameters in upward air-water bubbly flow in a vertical 6$$times$$6 rod bundle

Han, X.*; Shen, X.*; 山本 俊弘*; 中島 健*; 孫 昊旻; 日引 俊*

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 144, p.118696_1 - 118696_19, 2019/12

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Thermodynamics)

This paper presents a database of local flow parameters for upward adiabatic air-water two-phase flows in a vertical 6$$times$$6 rod bundle flow channel. The local void fraction, interfacial area concentration (IAC), bubble diameter and bubble velocity vector were measured by using a four-sensor optical probe. Based on an existing state-of-the-art four-sensor probe methodology with the characteristic to count small bubbles, IAC in this study was derived more reliably than those in the existing studies. In addition, bubble velocity vector could be measured by the methodology. Based on this database, flow characteristics were investigated. The area-averaged void fraction and IAC were compared with the predictions from the drift-flux model and the IAC correlations, respectively. The applicability of those to the rod bundle flow channel was evaluated.


Experimental investigation on transfer characteristics of temperature fluctuation from liquid sodium to wall in parallel triple-jet

木村 暢之; 宮越 博幸; 上出 英樹

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 50(9-10), p.2024 - 2036, 2007/05

 被引用回数:43 パーセンタイル:14.76(Thermodynamics)



Study on the efficiency of effective thermal conductivities on melting characteristics of latent heat storage capsules

椎名 保顕; 稲垣 照美*

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 48(2), p.373 - 383, 2005/01

 被引用回数:30 パーセンタイル:24.95(Thermodynamics)



Study on point of net vapor generation by neutron radiography in subcooled boiling flow along narrow rectangular channels with short heated length

呉田 昌俊; 日引 俊*; 三島 嘉一郎*; 秋本 肇

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 46(7), p.1171 - 1181, 2003/03

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:61.77(Thermodynamics)



Critical heat flux correlation for subcooled boiling flow in narrow channels

呉田 昌俊; 秋本 肇

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 45(20), p.4107 - 4115, 2002/09

 被引用回数:30 パーセンタイル:25.34



Numerical analysis model for thermal conductivities of packed beds with high solid-to-gas conductivity ratio

菊池 茂人*

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 44(6), p.1213 - 1221, 2001/03

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:46.37(Thermodynamics)


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