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Effect of dry-wet cycles on carbon dioxide release from two different volcanic ash soils in a Japanese temperate forest

永野 博彦; 安藤 麻里子; 小嵐 淳

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 65(5), p.525 - 533, 2019/10

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:14.18(Plant Sciences)



Laboratory examination of greenhouse gaseous and microbial dynamics during thawing of frozen soil core collected from a black spruce forest in Interior Alaska

永野 博彦; Kim, Y.*; Lee, B.-Y.*; 重田 遥*; 犬伏 和之*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 64(6), p.793 - 802, 2018/12

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:20.36(Plant Sciences)

北半球の高緯度生態系における年間温室効果ガス(GHG)収支を決定する重要なプロセスである凍結土壌の融解中に起きる炭素動態の変化を調べるために、本研究では、内陸アラスカのクロトウヒ林から採取した凍結土壌コアの培養実験を行った。地表面から永久凍土がある深さ90cmまでのコアを、3層(表層,中間層,下層)に分けた。次いで、各層から分取した12土壌(1層につき4土壌)を3週間培養し、二酸化炭素(CO$$_{2}$$)およびメタン(CH$$_{4}$$)フラックスを測定した。培養中、温度を0から10$$^{circ}$$Cまで1週間ずつ変化させた。表層および中間層の8土壌のうち6土壌では、CO$$_{2}$$放出量が0$$^{circ}$$Cよりも5$$^{circ}$$Cで1.5-19.2倍大きかったが、これら6土壌のうち3土壌のCO$$_{2}$$放出は、10$$^{circ}$$Cでの培養で減少した。CH$$_{4}$$放出は、0$$^{circ}$$Cで培養した下層土壌で最大であった。0$$^{circ}$$Cで培養した表層および中間層の土壌でも、CH$$_{4}$$放出が観察された。5および10$$^{circ}$$Cでは、下層土壌のCH$$_{4}$$放出が減少し、表層および中間層の土壌はCH$$_{4}$$吸収を示した。嫌気的CH$$_{4}$$酸化および生成の阻害物質(2-bromoethane sulfonate)を添加すると、CH$$_{4}$$吸収と放出の両方が減少した。細菌および古細菌群集のゲノム情報は土壌の深さとともに変化したが、融解に対しては安定であった。以上より、北方のクロトウヒ林における土壌のGHGフラックスは土壌融解に敏感かつ多様に反応する一方、細菌および古細菌の全体的な群集構造は融解に対して安定的であることが判明した。


Quantitative analysis of the initial transport of fixed nitrogen in nodulated soybean plants using $$^{15}$$N as a tracer

Hung, N. V. P.*; 渡部 詩織*; 石川 伸二*; 大竹 憲邦*; 末吉 邦*; 佐藤 孝*; 石井 里美; 藤巻 秀; 大山 卓爾*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 59(6), p.888 - 895, 2013/12

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:17.96(Plant Sciences)

The quantitative analysis of the initial transport of fixed $$^{15}$$N in intact nodulated soybean plants was investigated at the vegetative stage and pod-filling stage by the $$^{15}$$N pulse-chase experiment. The nodulated roots were exposed to N$$_{2}$$ gas labeled with a stable isotope $$^{15}$$N for 1 hour. Plant roots and shoots were separated into three sections with the same length of the main stem or primary root. Approximately 80% and 92% of fixed N was distributed in the basal part of the nodulated roots at vegetative and pod-filling stage the end of 1 hour of $$^{15}$$N$$_{2}$$ exposure, respectively. In addition, about 90% of fixed $$^{15}$$N was retained in the nodules and 10% was exported to root and shoot after 1 hour of $$^{15}$$N$$_{2}$$ exposure at pod-filling stage. The percentage distribution of $$^{15}$$N in the nodules at pod-filling stage decreased from 90% to 7% during the 7 hours of the chase-period, and increased in the roots (14%), stems (54%) leaves (12%), pods (10%), and seeds (4%). The $$^{15}$$N distribution was negligible in the distal root segment, suggesting that nitrogen fixation activity was negligible and recycling fixed N from the shoot to the roots was very low in the initially short time of the experiment.


A Quick incorporation of $$^{13}$$N into the soluble high-molecular compound in rice (${it Oryza sativa}$ L.) roots by application of $$^{13}$$N-labeled nitrate/nitrite

米山 忠克*; 鈴井 伸郎; 石岡 典子; 藤巻 秀

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 57(2), p.279 - 282, 2011/05

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:12.65(Plant Sciences)

The nitrate/nitrite response, which occurs within minutes for the gene expression of the primary nitrogen metabolism in higher-plant roots, has almost been described, but the intermediate signaling molecule that exerts in signal transduction remains to be elucidated. We hypothesized that the constitutively present signaling molecule may bind quickly to exogenously applied nitrate/nitrite to high-molecular compounds, which may include intermediate signaling molecules, in the roots of the rice plant (${it Oryza sativa}$ L.), the segmented roots of rice seedlings were exposed to $$^{13}$$N-labeled nitrate/nitrite for either 2 or 5 min at 25$$^{circ}$$C. The supernatant of the Tris-buffer root extract was separated by a desalting pre-packed column. The incorporation of $$^{13}$$N into the high-molecular fraction was identified by $$^{13}$$N feeding for 2 min, and by $$^{13}$$N feeding for 5 min, however, the amount of $$^{13}$$N incorporation was not increased. Although our findings are preliminary, it was clearly demonstrated that $$^{13}$$N-labeled nitrate/nitrite was quickly incorporated into a limited amount of the soluble high-molecular compound(s). The formation of NO$$_{x}$$-bound proteins, which may play a role in nitrate/nitrite signal transduction, is discussed.


Real-time imaging of nitrogen fixation in an intact soybean plant with nodules using $$^{13}$$N-labeled nitrogen gas

石井 里美; 鈴井 伸郎; 伊藤 小百合; 石岡 典子; 河地 有木; 大竹 憲邦*; 大山 卓爾*; 藤巻 秀

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 55(5), p.660 - 666, 2009/10

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:38.66(Plant Sciences)

Real-time images of nitrogen fixation in an intact nodule of hydroponically cultured soybean (Glycine max [L] Merr.) were obtained. In this study, we developed a rapid method to produce and purify $$^{13}$$N (half life: 9.97 min)-labeled radioactive nitrogen gas. $$^{13}$$N was produced from the $$^{16}$$O (p, $$alpha$$) $$^{13}$$N nuclear reaction. CO$$_{2}$$was filled in a target chamber and irradiated for 10 min with protons at energy of 18.3 MeV and electric current of 5 $$mu$$A which was delivered from a cyclotron. All CO$$_{2}$$ in the collected gas was absorbed and removed with powdered soda-lime in a syringe, and replaced by helium gas. The resulting gas was injected into GC and separated, and 35 mL of fraction including the peak of [$$^{13}$$N]-nitrogen gas was collected by monitoring the chromatogram. The obtained gas was mixed with 10 mL of O$$_{2}$$ and 5 mL of N$$_{2}$$ and used in the tracer experiment. The tracer gas was fed to the underground part of intact nodulated soybean plants and serial images of distribution of $$^{13}$$N were obtained noninvasively using PETIS (positron-emitting tracer imaging system). The rates of nitrogen fixation of the six test plants were estimated as 0.17 $$pm$$ 0.10 $$mu$$mol N$$_{2}$$h$$^{-1}$$ (mean $$pm$$ SD) from the PETIS image data. The decreasing rates of assimilated nitrogen were also estimated as 0.012 $$pm$$ 0.011 $$mu$$mol N$$_{2}$$h$$^{-1}$$ (mean $$pm$$ SD).


Factors controlling potentially mineralizable and recalcitrant soil organic matter in humid Asia

角野 貴信; 舟川 晋也*; 小崎 隆*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 55(2), p.243 - 251, 2009/04

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:30.97(Plant Sciences)



Analysis of NO$$_{3}$$ interception of the parasitic angiosperm ${it Orobanche}$ spp. using a positron-emitting tracer imaging system and $$^{13}$$NO$$_{3}$$$$^{-}$$; A New method for the visualization and quantitative analysis of the NO$$_{3}$$ interception ratio

河地 有木; 藤巻 秀; 阪本 浩一*; 石岡 典子; 松橋 信平; 関本 均*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 54(3), p.408 - 416, 2008/06

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:33.19(Plant Sciences)

全寄生性のオロバンキ(${it Orobanche}$)は植物根に寄生し農業生産に多大な被害を及ぼしており、そのメカニズムの解明は的確な防除法の確立にとどまらず植物生理学上有用である。本研究ではホスト植物根の窒素栄養の収奪を非侵襲的に可視化し、その収奪率を定量解析することを目的とし、ポジトロンイメージング法(PETIS)において複数核種($$^{13}$$NO$$_{3}$$$$^{-}$$, $$^{18}$$F$$^{-}$$)を用いた解析手法を確立した。オロバンキをアカクローバー根茎に寄生させ$$^{13}$$NO$$_{3}$$$$^{-}$$に続いて$$^{18}$$F$$^{-}$$を吸収させて、オロバンキへの分配と茎葉基部への移行を可視化し各トレーサの動態を数理解析した。その結果、73.6$$pm$$3.9%の窒素栄養素収奪率が定量された。本手法は短半減期核種による繰り返し計測が可能なPETISの特色を活かした新たな解析法であり、得られる定量値は根寄生植物によるホスト植物からの栄養素の収奪を明らかにし、さらには寄生植物の生存戦略や宿主認識メカニズムまでも"可視化"するものである。


$$^{52}$$Mn translocation in barley monitored using a positron-emitting tracer imaging system

塚本 崇志*; 中西 啓仁*; 清宮 正一郎*; 渡辺 智; 松橋 信平; 西澤 直子*; 森 敏*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 52(6), p.717 - 725, 2006/12

 被引用回数:32 パーセンタイル:64.54(Plant Sciences)

Until now, the real-time uptake and movement of Mn, has not been documented in plants. In this study, the real-time translocation of Mn in barley was visualized using $$^{52}$$Mn and PETIS. In all cases, $$^{52}$$Mn first accumulated in the discrimination center (DC), suggesting that this region may play an important role in Mn distribution in graminaceous plants. Mn deficient barley showed greater translocation of $$^{52}$$Mn from roots to shoots than did Mn-sufficient barley. In contrast, the translocation of $$^{52}$$Mn from roots to shoots was suppressed in Mn-excess barley. In Mn-sufficient barley, the dark treatment did not suppress the translocation of $$^{52}$$Mn to the youngest leaf, suggesting that the translocation of Mn to the youngest leaf is independent of the transpiration stream. Our results show that the translocation of Mn from the roots to the DC depends passively on water flow, but actively on the Mn transporter(s).


Quantitative modeling of photoassimilate flow in an intact plant using the Positron Emitting Tracer Imaging System (PETIS)

松橋 信平; 藤巻 秀; 河地 有木; 阪本 浩一; 石岡 典子; 久米 民和

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 51(3), p.417 - 423, 2005/06

 被引用回数:22 パーセンタイル:52.82(Plant Sciences)



Visualization of $$^{15}$$O-water flow in tomato and rice in the light and dark using a positron-emitting tracer imaging system (PETIS)

森 敏*; 清宮 正一郎*; 中西 啓仁*; 石岡 典子; 渡辺 智; 長 明彦; 松橋 信平; 橋本 昭司; 関根 俊明; 内田 博*; et al.

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 46(4), p.975 - 979, 2000/12

 被引用回数:29 パーセンタイル:59.94(Plant Sciences)

ポジトロン放出核種イメージングシステム(PETIS)を用いることによって植物中の水の流れの画像化に成功した。ポジトロン放出核種の$$^{15}$$O原子で構成される水分子(標識水)をトマトとイネに経根投与し、植物生体内の標識水の移行速度と分布を動的に画像化した。画像から $$^{15}$$O-水の生体内移行は光によって制御され、暗条件ではほぼ完全にその動きを停止することがわかった。トマトの茎とイネの新葉における水の移動速度は光の強度が500$$mu$$mol m$$^{-2}$$/sのとき、それぞれ1.9 cm/sと0.4 cm/sであった。イネの新葉の場合の速度はトマトの茎のそれの1/5であったが、光の強度を3倍にすると速度が1.7倍になることがわかった。


Further evidence for gaseous CO$$_{2}$$ transport in relation to root uptake of CO$$_{2}$$ in rice plant

樋口 利彦*; 葉田 可林; 天正 清

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 30(2), p.125 - 136, 1984/00

 被引用回数:35 パーセンタイル:84.77(Plant Sciences)



TTC reduction by submerged soils

岡崎 正規*; 平田 栄一*; 天正 清

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 29(4), p.489 - 497, 1983/00

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:62.5(Plant Sciences)



Tracer Study on Preferential Uptake of Germanium by Rice Plant

天正 清; Ko-Ling Yen*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 18(5), p.173 - 178, 1972/00



Further Study on Iodine Toxicity in Relation to 「Reclamation Akagare」 Disease of Lowland Rice

天正 清; ワタナベイワオ*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 16(5), p.192 - 194, 1971/00



Variable Bromine Content in Soil; Plant and Milk

天正 清; K0-Ling Yeh*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 17(3), p.127 - 130, 1970/00



Absorption of radioactive strontium by soil, especially in relation to nature cesium

天正 清; K.Yeh*; S.Mitsui*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 1, p.152 - 156, 1961/00


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