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Depletion calculation of subcritical system with consideration of spontaneous fission reaction

Riyana, E. S.; 奥村 啓介; 坂本 雅洋; 松村 太伊知; 寺島 顕一

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(4), p.424 - 430, 2022/04

Modification of the Monte Carlo depletion calculation code OpenMC was performed to enable the depletion calculation of the subcritical neutron multiplying system. With the modified code, it became possible to evaluate the quantity of short half-life fission products from spontaneous and induced fissions in the subcritical system. As a preliminary study, it was applied to the fuel debris storage canister filled with nuclear materials and spontaneous fission nuclides. It was confirmed that the code could successfully provide a quantity of short half-life FPs over time and provide the relationship between the activity ratio of Kr-88 to Xe-135 and effective neutron multiplication factor of the canister.


Reactivity estimation based on the linear equation of characteristic time profile of power in subcritical quasi-steady state

山根 祐一

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 14 Pages, 2022/04




中野 敬太; 岩元 大樹; 西原 健司; 明午 伸一郎; 菅原 隆徳; 岩元 洋介; 竹下 隼人*; 前川 藤夫

JAEA-Research 2021-018, 41 Pages, 2022/03


加速器駆動核変換システム(ADS: Accelerator-Driven System)の構成要素の一つであるビーム窓の核特性を粒子・重イオン輸送計算コードPHITS及び誘導放射能解析コードDCHAIN-PHITSを用いて評価した。本研究では日本原子力研究開発機構が提案するADSの運転時にビーム窓内部に生成される水素やヘリウム等の量、高エネルギー粒子により引き起こされるビーム窓材の原子弾き出し数、ビーム窓内部の発熱量及び分布を導出した。また、中性子源標的及び冷却材として用いられる鉛ビスマス共晶合金(LBE)中の生成核種、発熱密度及び放射能分布を求めた。ビーム窓解析の結果、300日間のADSの運転によりビーム窓中に最大で約12500appmのH及び1800appmのHeの生成と62.1DPAの損傷が発生することが判明した。一方で、ビーム窓内の最大発熱量は374W/cm$$^3$$であった。LBEの解析では、$$^{206}$$Biや$$^{210}$$Poが崩壊熱及び放射能の支配的な核種であることが判明した。さらに、陽子ビームによるLBE中の発熱はビーム窓下流5cm付近が最大であり、945W/cm$$^3$$であることがわかった。


radioactivedecay; A Python package for radioactive decay calculations

Malins, A.; Lemoine, T.*

Journal of Open Source Software (Internet), 7(71), p.3318_1 - 3318_6, 2022/03

radioactivedecay is a Python package for radioactive decay modelling. It contains functions to fetch decay data, define inventories of nuclides and perform decay calculations. The default nuclear decay dataset supplied with radioactivedecay is based on ICRP Publication 107, which covers 1252 radioisotopes of 97 elements. The code calculates an analytical solution to a matrix form of the decay chain differential equations using double or higher precision numerical operations. There are visualization functions for drawing decay chain diagrams and plotting activity decay curves.



飛田 実*; 原賀 智子; 遠藤 翼*; 大森 弘幸*; 水飼 秋菜; 青野 竜士; 上野 隆; 石森 健一郎; 亀尾 裕

JAEA-Data/Code 2021-013, 30 Pages, 2021/12


日本原子力研究開発機構の研究施設等から発生する放射性廃棄物は、放射能レベルに応じて将来的に浅地中埋設処分される予定であり、埋設処分を開始するまでに、廃棄体の放射能濃度を評価する方法を構築する必要がある。そこで、原子力科学研究所バックエンド技術部では、研究施設等廃棄物に対する放射能濃度評価方法の検討に資するため、原子力科学研究所内で保管されているJPDRから発生した放射性廃棄物よりコンクリート試料を採取し、放射化学分析を実施した。本報告書は、平成30年度から令和元年度に取得した21核種($$^{3}$$H, $$^{14}$$C, $$^{36}$$Cl, $$^{41}$$Ca, $$^{60}$$Co, $$^{63}$$Ni, $$^{90}$$Sr, $$^{94}$$Nb, $$^{rm 108m}$$Ag, $$^{137}$$Cs, $$^{152}$$Eu, $$^{154}$$Eu, $$^{rm 166m}$$Ho, $$^{234}$$U, $$^{238}$$U, $$^{238}$$Pu, $$^{239}$$Pu, $$^{240}$$Pu, $$^{241}$$Am, $$^{243}$$Am, $$^{244}$$Cm)の放射能濃度データについて整理し、放射能濃度評価法検討のための基礎資料としてまとめたものである。


The Effect and effectiveness of decontaminating a pond in a residential area of Fukushima

Katengeza, E. W.*; 越智 康太郎; 眞田 幸尚; 飯本 武志*; 吉永 信治*

Health Physics, 121(1), p.48 - 57, 2021/07

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Fission gas release from irradiated mixed-oxide fuel pellet during simulated reactivity-initiated accident conditions; Results of BZ-3 and BZ-4 tests

垣内 一雄; 宇田川 豊; 天谷 政樹

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 155, p.108171_1 - 108171_11, 2021/06

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In order to investigate fission gas release behavior of high-burnup mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel pellet for LWR under reactivity-initiated accident (RIA), the tests called BZ-3 and BZ-4 were conducted at the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR) in Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). Electron probe microanalysis and rod-puncture tests were performed on the fuel pellets before and after pulse irradiation tests, and from the comparison between the puncture test results and the results evaluated from EPMA, it was suggested that fission gas release from not only the Pu-spot but also the Pu-spot-excluded region.


Radiocaesium accumulation capacity of epiphytic lichens and adjacent barks collected at the perimeter boundary site of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station

土肥 輝美; 大村 嘉人*; 吉村 和也; 佐々木 隆之*; 藤原 健壮; 金井塚 清一*; 中間 茂雄; 飯島 和毅

PLOS ONE (Internet), 16(5), p.e0251828_1 - e0251828_16, 2021/05

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We investigated the radiocaesium content of nine epiphytic foliose lichens species and the adjacent barks at the boundary of the FDNPS six years after the accident in 2011. The $$^{137}$$Cs-inventory were determined to compare Cs retentions of lichens and barks under the same growth conditions. The $$^{137}$$Cs -inventory of lichens were respectively 7.9- and 3.8-times greater than the adjacent barks. Furthermore, we examined the Cs distribution within these samples using autoradiography (AR) and on the surfaces with an EPMA. AR results showed strong local spotting and heterogeneous distributions of radioactivity in both the lichen and bark samples, although the intensities were lower in the barks. In addition, radioactivity was distributed more towards the inwards of the lichen samples than the peripheries. This suggests that lichen can retain $$^{137}$$Cs that is chemically immobilized in particulates intracellularly, unlike bark.


$$^{60}$$Fe and $$^{244}$$Pu deposited on Earth constrain the r-process yields of recent nearby supernovae

Wallner, A.*; Froehlich, M. B.*; Hotchkis, M. A. C.*; 木下 哲一*; Paul, M.*; Martschini, M.*; Pavetich, S.*; Tims, S. G.*; Kivel, N.*; Schumann, D.*; et al.

Science, 372(6543), p.742 - 745, 2021/05

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横山 賢治; 神 智之*

JAEA-Data/Code 2021-001, 47 Pages, 2021/03





土田 大貴; 原賀 智子; 飛田 実*; 大森 弘幸*; 大森 剛*; 村上 秀昭*; 水飼 秋菜; 青野 竜士; 石森 健一郎; 亀尾 裕

JAEA-Data/Code 2020-022, 34 Pages, 2021/03


日本原子力研究開発機構の研究施設等から発生する放射性廃棄物は、放射能レベルに応じて将来的に浅地中埋設処分される予定であり、埋設処分を開始するまでに、廃棄体の放射能濃度を評価する方法を構築する必要がある。そこで、原子力科学研究所バックエンド技術部では、研究施設等廃棄物に対する放射能濃度評価方法の検討に資するため、原子力科学研究所内で保管されているJRR-3及びJPDRから発生した放射性廃棄物よりコンクリート試料を採取し、放射化学分析を実施した。本報告書は、令和元年度に取得した22核種($$^{3}$$H, $$^{14}$$C, $$^{36}$$Cl, $$^{41}$$Ca, $$^{60}$$Co, $$^{63}$$Ni, $$^{90}$$Sr, $$^{94}$$Nb, $$^{rm 108m}$$Ag, $$^{133}$$Ba, $$^{137}$$Cs, $$^{152}$$Eu, $$^{154}$$Eu, $$^{rm 166m}$$Ho, $$^{234}$$U, $$^{238}$$U, $$^{238}$$Pu, $$^{239+240}$$Pu, $$^{241}$$Am, $$^{243}$$Am, $$^{244}$$Cm)の放射能濃度データについて整理し、放射能濃度評価法検討のための基礎資料としてまとめたものである。


3D position and radioactivity estimation of radiation source by a simple directional radiation detector combined with structure from motion

佐藤 優樹; 峯本 浩二郎*; 根本 誠*

Radiation Measurements, 142, p.106557_1 - 106557_6, 2021/03

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It is important to visualize radioactive substances' position and distribution and estimate their radioactivity levels to reduce the exposure dose of workers in radioactive areas (such as decommissioning worksites of nuclear power stations) and improve nuclear security functions. To visualize the radioactive substance's three-dimensional (3D) location, a directional radiation detector with a cylindrical shield on a simple single-pixel gamma-ray detector was applied to the structure from motion (SfM) technology using an ordinary digital camera. Verification was performed by a system that combines SfM with a CdTe sensor probe having narrow directivity. $$^{241}$$Am radiation source's position was visualized by drawing the radiation source's image acquired by the gamma-ray detector on the work area 3D model reconstructed through SfM. Furthermore, as SfM is a simultaneous localization and mapping technology, the system measures the gamma rays while measuring the gamma-ray detector's dynamic position and posture information. The measurements can be acquired while the gamma-ray detector is freely moving in the work area. These methods visualized the radiation source's position and quantitatively estimated the radiation source's radioactivity.



御園生 敏治; 鶴田 忠彦; 中西 貴宏; 眞田 幸尚; 尻引 武彦; 宮本 賢治*; 卜部 嘉*

JAEA-Research 2020-008, 166 Pages, 2020/10




Development of side thruster system for ASV

加藤 哲*; 川村 大和*; 田原 淳一郎*; 馬場 尚一郎*; 眞田 幸尚

Proceedings of the 30th (2020) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE 2020) (USB Flash Drive), p.1255 - 1260, 2020/10

This paper describes the development of side thruster system can keep the heading direction for ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle). At present, JAMSTEC, JAEA, and TUMSAT are jointly working on the investigation of radioactivity in mud deposited in estuaries in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. The main objective of this project is unmanned mud collect using the ASV. We developed and controlled the side thruster system for applying ASV to mud collecting operation. As the result of the bollard test, turn and parallel movement test, we confirmed that it can maintain the heading direction for the ASV.



青野 竜士; 水飼 秋菜; 原賀 智子; 石森 健一郎; 亀尾 裕

JAEA-Data/Code 2020-006, 70 Pages, 2020/08


日本原子力研究開発機構の研究施設等から発生する廃棄物は、放射能レベルに応じて将来的に浅地中埋設処分される予定であり、埋設処分を開始するまでに、廃棄体の放射能濃度を評価する方法を構築する必要がある。そこで、原子力科学研究所バックエンド技術部では、研究施設等廃棄物に対する放射能濃度評価方法の検討のため、原子力科学研究所内に保管されているJPDR及びJRR-4から発生した放射性廃棄物より分析試料を採取し、放射化学分析を実施した。本報告書は、平成30年度に取得した19核種($$^{3}$$H, $$^{14}$$C, $$^{36}$$Cl, $$^{60}$$Co, $$^{63}$$Ni, $$^{90}$$Sr, $$^{94}$$Nb, $$^{99}$$Tc, $$^{rm 108m}$$Ag, $$^{129}$$I, $$^{137}$$Cs, $$^{152}$$Eu, $$^{154}$$Eu, $$^{234}$$U, $$^{238}$$U, $$^{238}$$Pu, $$^{239+240}$$Pu, $$^{241}$$Am, $$^{244}$$Cm)の放射能濃度データについて整理し、放射能濃度評価方法の検討のための基礎資料としてまとめたものである。


A Linear Equation of characteristic time profile of power in subcritical quasi-steady state

山根 祐一

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 57(8), p.926 - 931, 2020/08

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中野 政尚; 細見 健二; 西村 周作; 松原 菜摘; 大倉 毅史; 倉持 彰彦; 川崎 将亜; 竹内 絵里奈; 藤井 裕*; 神野 職*; et al.

保健物理(インターネット), 55(2), p.102 - 109, 2020/06

2011年3月の東京電力福島第一原子力発電所事故以降、茨城県の環境放射線モニタリング結果の一部に上昇が観測された。技術的観点からモニタリングデータの変動等について意見交換する場として、「福島第一原発事故による環境影響検討会」を設置し、4つの原子力事業所からモニタリングデータを収集し、変動傾向, $$^{134}$$Cs/$$^{137}$$Cs放射能比等を検討した。本報告では線量率と、降下じん, 表土, カレイ・ヒラメ, 海底土中$$^{137}$$Csの検討結果について紹介する。また、検討会における課題解決についても紹介する。


Fracture-mechanics-based evaluation of failure limit on pre-cracked and hydrided Zircaloy-4 cladding tube under biaxial stress states

Li, F.; 三原 武; 宇田川 豊; 天谷 政樹

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 57(6), p.633 - 645, 2020/06

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To better understand the failure limit of fuel cladding during the pellet-cladding mechanical interaction (PCMI) phase of a reactivity-initiated accident (RIA), pre-cracked and hydrided cladding samples with base metal final heat-treatment status of cold worked (CW) and recrystallized (RX) were tested under biaxial stress conditions (axial to hoop strain ratios of 0 and 0.5). Displacement-controlled biaxial-expansion-due-to-compression (biaxial-EDC) tests were performed to obtain the hoop strain at failure (failure strain) of the samples. The conversion of the failure strains to J-integral at failure by finite-element analysis involving data of stress-relieved (SR) cladding specimens from our previous study revealed that the failure limit in the dimension of J-integral at failure unifies the effects of pre-crack depth. About 30 to 50 percent reduction in the J-integral at failure was observed as the strain ratio increased from 0 to 0.5 irrespective of the annealing type, pre-crack depth, and hydrogen content. the rate of fractional decreases of J-integral at failure with increase of hydrogen content are in the order of CW$$>$$SR$$>$$RX, which are essentially independent of strain ratio for the CW and SR samples. The results were incorporated into the failure prediction model of the JAEA's fuel performance code in the form of a correction factor that considers the biaxial loading effect.


Analytical study of SPERT-CDC test 859 using fuel performance codes FEMAXI-8 and RANNS

谷口 良徳; 宇田川 豊; 天谷 政樹

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 139, p.107188_1 - 107188_7, 2020/05

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The fuel-failure-limit data obtained in the simulated reactivity-initiated-accident experiment SPERT-CDC 859 (SPERT859) has entailed a lot of discussions if it represents fuel-failure behavior of typical commercial LWRs for its specific pre-irradiation condition and fuel state. The fuel-rod conditions before and during SPERT859 were thus assessed by the fuel-performance codes FEMAXI-8 and RANNS with focusing on cladding corrosion and its effect on the failure limit of the test rod. The analysis showed that the fuel cladding was probably excessively corroded even when the influential calculation conditions such as fuel swelling and creep models were determined so that the lowest limit of the cladding oxide layer thickness was captured. Such assumption of excessive cladding corrosion during pre-irradiation well explains not only the test-rod state before pulse irradiation but also the fuel-failure limit observed. Such understanding undermines anew the representativeness of the test data as a direct basis of safety evaluation for LWR fuels.


The Effect of base irradiation on failure behaviors of UO$$_{2}$$ and chromia-alumina additive fuels under simulated reactivity-initiated accidents; A Comparative analysis with FEMAXI-8

宇田川 豊; 三原 武; 谷口 良徳; 垣内 一雄; 天谷 政樹

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 139, p.107268_1 - 107268_9, 2020/05

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This paper reports a computer-code analysis on the base-irradiation behavior of the chromia-and-alumina-doped BWR rod irradiated to 64 GWd/t in Oskarshamn-3, Sweden, and subjected to the reactivity-initiated-accident (RIA) test OS-1, which resulted in a fuel failure due to pellet-cladding mechanical interaction (PCMI) at the lowest fuel-enthalpy increase in all the BWR tests ever performed. The inverse calculation which utilized post-irradiation examination data as its constraint conditions revealed that the OS-1 rod had very likely experienced more intense PCMI loading due to higher swelling rate during base irradiation than other BWR rods subjected to previous RIA tests and thus had been prone to experience enhanced radial-hydride formation. The significant difference in the cladding hoop-stress more than 50 MPa discriminates the OS-1 rod from other BWR rods and supports the interpretation that enhanced radial-hydrides formation differentiated the PCMI-failure behavior observed in the test OS-1 from the previous BWR-fuel tests.

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