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Irradiation growth behavior and effect of hydrogen absorption of Zr-based cladding alloys for PWR

垣内 一雄; 天谷 政樹; 宇田川 豊

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 171, p.109004_1 - 109004_9, 2022/06

In order to understand the dimensional stability of the fuel rod during long-term use in commercial LWRs, an irradiation growth testing in the Halden reactor of Norway was conducted on various fuel cladding materials including the improved Zr alloy. In this paper, the effect of hydrogen, which was absorbed in the cladding tube due to corrosion, on the irradiation growth behavior was evaluated. Comparison between the specimens with or without pre-charged hydrogen revealed that the effect of hydrogen absorption, accelerating irradiation growth, became significant when the hydrogen content exceeded the hydrogen solubility limit in the corresponding irradiation temperature. Analysis based on this understanding derived growth acceleration effect (0.06$$pm$$0.01)%/100 ppm, whose denominator is defined as the amount of absorbed hydrogen involved in hydride precipitation under irradiation as a relevant parameter.


Sorption of Cs$$^{+}$$ and Eu$$^{3+}$$ ions onto sedimentary rock in the presence of gamma-irradiated humic acid

Zhao, Q.*; 齊藤 毅*; 宮川 和也; 笹本 広; 小林 大志*; 佐々木 隆之*

Journal of Hazardous Materials, 428, p.128211_1 - 128211_10, 2022/04



Development of an integrated computer code system for analyzing irradiation behaviors of a fast reactor fuel

上羽 智之; 根本 潤一*; 伊藤 昌弘*; 石谷 行生*; 堂田 哲広; 田中 正暁; 大塚 智史

Nuclear Technology, 207(8), p.1280 - 1289, 2021/08

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Evaluation of brittle crack arrest toughness for highly-irradiated reactor pressure vessel steels

岩田 景子; 端 邦樹; 飛田 徹; 廣田 貴俊*; 高見澤 悠; 知見 康弘; 西山 裕孝

Proceedings of ASME 2021 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2021) (Internet), 7 Pages, 2021/07

The crack arrest fracture toughness, K$$_{Ia}$$, values for highly-irradiated reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steels are estimated according to a linear relationship between crack arrest toughness reference temperature, T$$_{KIa}$$, and the temperature corresponding to a fixed arrest load, equal to 4 kN, T$$_{Fa4kN}$$, obtained by instrumented Charpy impact test. The relationship between T$$_{KIa}$$ derived from the instrumented Chrapy impact test and fracture toughness reference temperature, T$$_{o}$$, was expressed as an equation proposed in a previous report. The coefficients in the equation could be fine-tuned to obtain a better fitting curve using the present experimental data and previous K$$_{Ia}$$ data. The K$$_{Ia}$$ curve for RPV;A533B class1 steels irradiated up to 1.3$$times$$10$$^{20}$$ n/cm$$^{2}$$ (E $$>$$ 1 MeV) was compared with a K$$_{IR}$$ curve defined in JEAC4206-2016. It was shown that the K$$_{IR}$$ curve was always lower than the 1%ile curve of K$$_{Ia}$$ for these irradiated RPV steels. This result indicates that the conservativeness of the method defined in JEAC4206-2016 to evaluate K$$_{Ia}$$ using K$$_{IR}$$ curve is confirmed for highly-irradiated RPV steels.


Application of probabilistic fracture mechanics to reactor pressure vessel using PASCAL4 code

Lu, K.; 勝山 仁哉; Li, Y.; 吉村 忍*

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 143(2), p.021505_1 - 021505_8, 2021/04

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Probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) is considered to be a promising methodology in structural integrity assessments of pressure-boundary components in nuclear power plants since it can rationally represent the inherent probabilistic distributions for influence parameters without over-conservativeness. To strengthen the applicability of PFM methodology in Japan, Japan Atomic Energy Agency has developed a PFM analysis code PASCAL4 which enables the failure frequency evaluation of reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) considering neutron irradiation embrittlement and thermal transients. PASCAL4 is expected to make a significant contribution to the probabilistic integrity assessment of Japanese RPVs. In this study, PFM analysis for a Japanese model RPV in a pressurized water reactor (PWR) was conducted using PASCAL4, and the effects of nondestructive examination (NDE) and neutron flux reduction on failure frequencies of the RPV were quantitatively evaluated. From the analysis results, it is concluded that PASCAL4 is useful for probabilistic integrity assessments of embrittled RPVs and can enhance the applicability of PFM methodology.


Feasibility study on tritium recoil barrier for neutron reflectors of research and test reactors

Kenzhina, I.*; 石塚 悦男; Ho, H. Q.; 坂本 直樹*; 奥村 啓介; 竹本 紀之; Chikhray, Y.*

Fusion Engineering and Design, 164, p.112181_1 - 112181_5, 2021/03

JMTRとJRR-3Mの運転中に一次冷却水へ放出されるトリチウムについて研究してきた結果、ベリリウム中性子反射体の二段核反応による$$^{6}$$Li(n$$_{t}$$,$$alpha$$)$$^{3}$$Hで生成する反跳トリチウムが主要因であることが明らかになった。この結果から、一次冷却水へ放出するトリチウムを少なくするためには、ベリリウム中性子反射体の表面積を小さくするか、他の材料で反跳トリチウムを遮蔽する必要がある。本報告では、ベリリウム中性子反射体のトリチウム反跳防止材の概念検討として、Al, Ti, V, Ni, Zr等の多様な材料を候補材として、障壁厚み、長期運転後の放射能、反応度への影響を評価した。この結果、Alがベリリウム中性子反射体のトリチウム反跳防止材として適した候補材になり得るとの結果を得た。


A Plan of materials irradiation facility at J-PARC for development of ADS and high-power accelerator facilities

前川 藤夫

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 33, p.011042_1 - 011042_6, 2021/03

加速器駆動核変換システム(ADS)開発にあたり、ビーム窓(BW)材料の開発は主要課題の1つである。BWは高エネルギー陽子及び核破砕中性子に、また約500$$^{circ}$$Cの腐食性のある高温鉛ビスマス共晶(LBE)合金に曝される。また最近では、加速器施設の高出力化にあたり、高出力加速器のみならず高出力標的が放射線損傷や熱除去の点で律速となっている。ADSを含む高出力加速器施設のBW及び標的材料の放射線損傷研究に資するため、J-PARCのLinacにより供給される400MeV 250kWの陽子ビームを利用した材料照射施設の検討を行っている。標的にはADSの標的兼冷却材である流動LBE合金を用いる。標的中で鋼材を1年間照射下場合の放射線損傷は最大で10dpaとなり、これはADSのBWの年間放射線損傷量に相当する。現時点での施設概念では、本施設で効率的に照射後試験を行うためのホットラボを付設する。発表では、本施設の概要について述べる。


Evaluation of tritium release into primary coolant for research and testing reactors

Kenzhina, I.*; 石塚 悦男; 奥村 啓介; Ho, H. Q.; 竹本 紀之; Chikhray, Y.*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 58(1), p.1 - 8, 2021/01

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Online measurement of the atmosphere around geopolymers under gamma irradiation

Cantarel, V.; Lambertin, D.*; Labed, V.*; 山岸 功

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 58(1), p.62 - 71, 2021/01

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Modeling the processes of hydrogen isotopes interactions with solid surfaces

Chikhray, Y.*; Askerbekov, S.*; Kenzhin, Y.*; Gordienko, Y.*; 石塚 悦男

Fusion Science and Technology, 76(4), p.494 - 502, 2020/05

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The investigation of the mechanisms and dynamics of hydrogen isotopic interaction with solid surfaces (metals, ceramics, graphites, eutectics) in temperature and pressure ranges is important not only for the correct prediction of each isotope's evolution but also for substantiation of the safe operation of hydrogen-facing structural materials. The interaction of the hydrogen isotopes mix with the surface of solid metal or liquid eutectics is a complicated multistage H-D-T-O-solid interacting process depending on material property, environment, and the solid's surface parameters. To better understand the mechanisms of hydrogen isotopes interchange at a solid surface and to identify the limiting stages in the sorption-desorption processes, a reactor experiment of neutron irradiation was conducted with lithium-containing eutectics as tritium-generating media under the external flow of hydrogen. This work presents the model and results of its application to fitting the experimental results of tritium yield from the lithium-lead eutectics Pb$$_{83}$$Li$$_{17}$$under thermal neutrons irradiation at the IVG.1M reactor in Kazakhstan. The elaborated model and the approach used were also applied to the simulation of high temperature gas cooled reactor graphite corrosion in water vapors.


Promising neutron irradiation applications at the high temperature engineering test reactor

Ho, H. Q.; 本多 友貴*; 濱本 真平; 石井 俊晃; 高田 昌二; 藤本 望*; 石塚 悦男

Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science, 6(2), p.021902_1 - 021902_6, 2020/04

High temperature engineering test reactor (HTTR), a prismatic type of the HTGR, has been constructed to establish and upgrade the basic technologies for the HTGRs. Many irradiation regions are reserved in the HTTR to be served as a potential tool for an irradiation test reactor in order to promote innovative basic researches such as materials, fusion reactor technology, and radiation chemistry and so on. This study shows the overview of some possible irradiation applications at the HTTRs including neutron transmutation doping silicon (NTD-Si) and iodine-125 ($$^{125}$$I) productions. The HTTR has possibility to produce about 40 tons of doped Si-particles per year for fabrication of spherical silicon solar cell. Besides, the HTTR could also produce about 1.8$$times$$10$$^{5}$$ GBq/year of $$^{125}$$I isotope, comparing to 3.0$$times$$10$$^{3}$$ GBq of total $$^{125}$$I supplied in Japan in 2016.


燃料デブリ取り出しを容易にするゲル状充填材の開発(委託研究); 平成30年度英知を結集した原子力科学技術・人材育成推進事業

廃炉国際共同研究センター; 大阪大学*

JAEA-Review 2019-029, 36 Pages, 2020/02




Mitigation of cavitation damage in J-PARC mercury target vessel

直江 崇; 木下 秀孝; 粉川 広行; 涌井 隆; 若井 栄一; 羽賀 勝洋; 高田 弘

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 28, p.081004_1 - 081004_6, 2020/02



On the hydrogen production of geopolymer wasteforms under irradiation

Cantarel, V.; 有阪 真; 山岸 功

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 102(12), p.7553 - 7563, 2019/12

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:48.77(Materials Science, Ceramics)

放射性廃棄物固化において、固化体からの水素発生は安全上の主要な懸念事項である。ジオポリマー材で固化する場合、材の多孔質構造中に多量の水が存在するため、水の放射線分解による水素発生が重要な因子となる。本研究では、ジオポリマー材単独またはゼオライト(模擬廃棄物)を含むジオポリマー固化体を、水飽和度と試料サイズを変えて$$^{60}$$Co $$gamma$$線で照射し、水素放出量を測定した。試料が塊状でサイズが大きく(円筒形40cm長)かつ水で飽和している場合(円筒形40cm長)の水素ガス放出量は1.9$$times$$10$$^{-10}$$ mol/Jであり、粉末試料の放出量2.2$$times$$10$$^{-8}$$ mol/Jよりも2桁小さかった。測定結果をジオポリマー中での水素の発生、再結合および拡散挙動を考慮したモデルにより解釈した。ジオポリマー中の拡散係数が既知であれば、モデルは水素放出量を水飽和度の関数として再現でき、試料サイズ40cmまでの放出量を予測できることがわかった。


Conceptual design of direct $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc production facility at the high temperature engineering test reactor

Ho, H. Q.; 石田 大樹*; 濱本 真平; 石井 俊晃; 藤本 望*; 高木 直行*; 石塚 悦男

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 352, p.110174_1 - 110174_7, 2019/10

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This study proposed a conceptual design of direct $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc production facility from a natural MoO$$_{3}$$ target at the high temperature engineering test reactor (HTTR). $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc is produced by a beta decay of $$^{99}$$Mo, which is formed via the $$^{98}$$Mo(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{99}$$Mo reaction. $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc is then extracted from the MoO$$_{3}$$ target by sublimation method to take advantage of the high temperature of the HTTR core. The foremost advantage of this concept is that the MoO$$_{3}$$ target is heated up inside the reactor without pulling out for external electric heating, and as a result, $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc could be extracted directly during irradiation. With 1 kg of MoO$$_{3}$$ target, the HTTR could produce about 6.8$$times$$10$$^{8}$$ MBq of $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc activity in comparison with 3.0$$times$$10$$^{8}$$ MBq of total $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc supplied in Japan in 2017.


Irradiation growth behavior of improved Zr-based alloys for fuel cladding

天谷 政樹; 垣内 一雄; 三原 武

Proceedings of International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference / Light Water Reactor Fuel Performance Conference (Global/Top Fuel 2019) (USB Flash Drive), p.1048 - 1056, 2019/09

New fuel cladding alloys of which composition was changed from conventional ones have been developed by nuclear fuel vendors and utilities. Since the irradiation growth of fuel cladding is one of the most important parameters which determine the dimensional stability of fuel rod and/or fuel assembly during normal operation, the irradiation growth behavior of the improved Zr-based alloys for light-water reactor fuel cladding was investigated. The coupon specimens were prepared from fuel cladding tubes with various kinds of improved Zr-based alloys. The specimens were loaded into test rigs and had been irradiated in the Halden reactor in Norway under several coolant temperature conditions up to a fast-neutron fluence of $$sim$$7.8$$times$$10$$^{21}$$ (n/cm$$^{2}$$, E $$>$$ 1 MeV). Irradiation conditions such as specimen temperatures had been continuously monitored during the irradiation. During and after the irradiation, the amount of irradiation growth of each specimen was evaluated as a part of the interim and final inspections. The effect of the difference in alloy composition on the amount of irradiation growth seemed insignificant if the other conditions e.g. the final heat treatment condition at fabrication and the irradiation temperature were the same.


Development of remote sensing technique using radiation resistant optical fibers under high-radiation environment

伊藤 主税; 内藤 裕之; 石川 高史; 伊藤 敬輔; 若井田 育夫

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 24, p.011038_1 - 011038_6, 2019/01



Mechanical properties database of reactor pressure vessel steels related to fracture toughness evaluation

飛田 徹; 西山 裕孝; 鬼沢 邦雄

JAEA-Data/Code 2018-013, 60 Pages, 2018/11


原子炉圧力容器の健全性を判断する上で、破壊靱性をはじめとする材料の機械的特性は重要な情報となる。本レポートは、日本原子力研究開発機構が取得した中性子照射材を含む原子炉圧力容器鋼材の機械的特性、具体的には引張試験, シャルピー衝撃試験, 落重試験及び破壊靱性試験の公開データをまとめたものである。対象とした材料は、初期プラントから最新プラント相当の不純物含有量及び靱性レベルで製造されたJIS SQV2A(ASTM A533B Class1)相当の5種類の原子炉圧力容器鋼である。また母材に加え、原子炉圧力容器の内張りとして用いられている2種類のステンレスオーバーレイクラッド材の機械的特性データについても記載した。これらの機械的特性データは、材料ごとにグラフで整理するとともに今後のデータの活用しやすさを考慮して表形式でリスト化した。


Delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy inverse Monte Carlo analysis method for nuclear safeguards nondestructive assay applications

Rodriguez, D.; Rossi, F.; 瀬谷 道夫; 小泉 光生

Proceedings of 2017 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC 2017) (Internet), 3 Pages, 2018/11

The JAEA and EC JRC are collaborating to improve the ability to quantify the uranium and plutonium content of highly radioactive and mixed nuclear material for nuclear safeguards verification. A separate program focuses on improving the capability to measure, analyze, and predict the delayed gamma-ray spectrum used to determine the nuclide ratios within a sample. Measurements performed at the JRC-Ispra are used to correlate the observed DGs to the composition that are then used to calibrate a DG Monte Carlo. The MC has the ability to predict expected DGs, provide a sensitivity analysis to optimize future measurements, and can be used to analyze a spectrum using an inverse MC technique. Analyzing MC with this IMC analysis provides a way to determine systematic uncertainty as well as statistical uncertainty when multiple measurements are not feasible. This work will describe the efforts to develop the DGSMC and how it will be utilized for current and future applications.


Feasibility study of large-scale production of iodine-125 at the high temperature engineering test reactor

Ho, H. Q.; 本多 友貴*; 濱本 真平; 石井 俊晃; 藤本 望*; 石塚 悦男

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 140, p.209 - 214, 2018/10

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:56.63(Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear)

The feasibility of a large-scale iodine-125 production from natural xenon gas at high-temperature gas-cooled reactors was investigated. A high-temperature engineering test reactor, which is located in Japan, was used as a reference HTGR reactor in this study. First, a computer code based on a Runge-Kutta method was developed to calculate the quantities of isotopes arising from the neutron irradiation of natural xenon gas target. This code was verified with a good agreement with a reference result. Next, optimization of irradiation planning was carried out. As results, with 4 days of irradiation and 8 days of decay, the $$^{125}$$I production could be maximized and the $$^{126}$$I contamination was within an acceptable level. The preliminary design of irradiation channels at the HTTR was also optimized. The case with 3 irradiation channels and 20-cm diameter was determined as the optimal design, which could produce approximately 180,000 GBq per year of $$^{125}$$I production.

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