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Fission product chemistry database ECUME version 1.1


JAEA-Data/Code 2019-017, 59 Pages, 2020/03


核分裂生成物(FP)化学挙動データベースECUME($$underline{E}$$ffective $$underline{C}$$hemistry database of fission products $$underline{U}$$nder $$underline{M}$$ultiphase r$$underline{E}$$action)は、軽水炉等の原子力施設の重大事故時のFP挙動を支配する化学挙動を評価するために必要な化学反応速度定数データセットCRK (dataset for $$underline{C}$$hemical $$underline{R}$$eaction $$underline{K}$$inetics)、要素モデルセットEM ($$underline{E}$$lemental $$underline{M}$$odel set)、そして熱力学データセットTD ($$underline{T}$$hermo$$underline{D}$$ynamic dataset)の3つのデータセットを格納している。ECUME ver. 1.1は、特に東京電力福島第一原子力発電所の廃炉やそれを受けた軽水炉の安全性向上の取り組みにおいて重要なセシウム, ヨウ素を主な対象として、これらの炉内分布や環境放出量をより正確に評価できるように整備したものである。


Boron chemistry during transportation in the high temperature region of a boiling water reactor under severe accident conditions

三輪 周平; 高瀬 学; 井元 純平; 西岡 俊一郎; 宮原 直哉; 逢坂 正彦

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 57(3), p.291 - 300, 2020/03

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Cesium chemisorbed species onto stainless steel surfaces; An Atomistic scale study

Miradji, F.; 鈴木 知史; 中島 邦久; 逢坂 正彦

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 136, p.109168_1 - 109168_9, 2020/01

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Under the scope of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (1-F) severe accident (SA), Cs retention is of high interest as its impacts Cs distribution, decommissioning and dismantling work of the reactor. To derive consistent and appropriate models for such process, accurate thermodynamic properties of Cs chemisorbed species are required by the SA analysis codes. In particular, for CsFeSiO$$_4$$, a newly identified Cs chemisorbed species under conditions similar to 1-F SA, the thermodynamic data are unknown in literature. We propose in this work the obtention of the fundamental properties of this substance by theoretical approaches. The consistency and appropriateness of derived computational methodology have been investigated by calculating the thermodynamic properties of relatively known Cs-Si-O substances. It was found that our computational methodology provides excellent agreement with literature data lying between 1-4% for the formation energy, 1-5% for standard entropy and heat capacity. The thermodynamic properties of CsFeSiO$$_4$$ in function of temperature have been estimated for the first time using harmonic and quasi-harmonic approximations, values being consistent with both methodologies.


Effect of quenching on molten core-concrete interaction product

北垣 徹; 池内 宏知; 矢野 公彦; Brissonneau, L.*; Tormos, B.*; Domenger, R.*; Roger, J.*; 鷲谷 忠博

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(9-10), p.902 - 914, 2019/09

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Characterization of fuel debris is required to develop fuel debris removal tools. Especially, knowledge pertaining to the characteristics of molten core-concrete interaction (MCCI) product is needed because of the limited information available at present. The samples of a large-scale MCCI test performed under quenching conditions, VULCANO VW-U1, by CEA were analyzed to evaluate the characteristics of the surface of MCCI product generated just below the cooling water. As a result, the microstructure of the samples were found to be similar despite the different locations of the test sections. The Vickers hardness of each of the phases in these samples was higher than that of previously analyzed samples in another VULCANO test campaign, VBS-U4. From the comparison between analytical results of VULCANO MCCI test product, MCCI product generated under quenching condition is homogeneous and its hardness could be higher than that of the bulk MCCI product.


Outline of the OECD/NEA/ARC-F Project

中塚 亨; 前田 敏克; 杉山 智之; 丸山 結

Proceedings of 18th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-18) (USB Flash Drive), p.1650 - 1656, 2019/08



Visualizing an ignition process of hydrogen jets containing sodium mist by high-speed imaging

土井 大輔; 清野 裕; 宮原 信哉*; 宇埜 正美*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(6), p.521 - 532, 2019/06

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In severe accident scenarios for sodium-cooled fast reactors, it is desirable to gradually consume hydrogen generated by various ex-vessel phenomena without posting a challenge to containment integrity. An effective means is combustion of hydrogen jets containing sodium vapor and mist, but previous studies have been limited to determining ignition thresholds experimentally. The aim of this study was to visualize the ignition process in detail to investigate the ignition mechanism of hydrogen-sodium mixed jets. The ignition experiments of the hydrogen jet containing sodium mist were carried out under a condition of little turbulence. The ignition process was measured with an optical measurement system comprised of a high-speed camera and an image intensifier, and a spatial distribution of luminance was analyzed by image processing. Detail observation revealed that sodium mist particles burned as scattering sparks inside the jet and that hydrogen ignited around the mist particles. Additionally, the experimental results and a simple heat balance calculation indicated that the combustion heat of sodium mist particles could ignite the hydrogen as the heterogeneous ignition source in the fuel temperature range where the mist particle formation was promoted.


An Interpretation of Fukushima-Daiichi Unit 3 plant data covering the two-week accident-progression phase based on correction for pressure data

佐藤 一憲

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(5), p.394 - 411, 2019/05

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福島第一3号機の圧力測定システムでは、運転中の蒸発/凝縮を補正するためにその一部に水柱が採用されている。これらの水柱の一部は事故条件下において蒸発し、正しい圧力データが示されていなかった。RPV(原子炉圧力容器), S/C(圧力抑制室)及びD/W(ドライウェル)の各圧力の比較を通し、水柱変化の効果を評価した。これによりRPV, S/C圧力データに対して水柱変化の効果の補正を行った。補正された圧力を用いて、事故進展中のRPV, S/C, D/W間のわずかな圧力差を評価した。この情報を、3号機の水位、CAMS(格納系雰囲気モニタリングシステム)および環境線量率などのデータとともに活用し、RPVおよびPCVの圧力上昇・下降および放射性物質の環境への放出に着目して事故進展挙動の解釈を行った。RPV内およびRPV外の燃料デブリのドライアウトはこれらの圧力低下を引き起こしている可能性がある一方、S/Cからペデスタルに流入したS/C水がペデスタルに移行した燃料デブリによって加熱されたことがPCV加圧の原因となっている。ペデスタル移行燃料デブリの周期的な再冠水とそのドライアウトは、最終的なデブリの再冠水まで数回の周期的な圧力変化をもたらしている。


Validation study of initiating phase evaluation method for the core disruptive accident in an SFR

石田 真也; 川田 賢一; 深野 義隆

Proceedings of 27th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-27) (Internet), 10 Pages, 2019/05

高速炉の安全研究の分野では炉心損傷事故(CDA)が評価上重要な課題であるとして、当該事故に関する評価手法の研究開発が進められて来ている。その中でSAS4AはCDAの起因過程(IP)の事象進展を評価するために開発が進められている解析コードである。本研究ではSAS4Aの信頼性向上のため、PIRT手法を適用したSAS4Aの検証を行った。SAS4Aの検証は、(1) CDAの代表的な事象であるULOFに対する評価指標(FOM)の選択、(2) ULOFに関連する物理現象の抽出、(3)物理現象のランク付け、(4)評価マトリクスの構築、(5)評価マトリクスに基づく試験解析、という流れで実施し、これによりSAS4Aの信頼性向上を図ることができた。


Study on loss-of-cooling and loss-of-coolant accidents in spent fuel pool, 1; Overview

加治 芳行; 根本 義之; 永武 拓; 吉田 啓之; 東條 匡志*; 後藤 大輔*; 西村 聡*; 鈴木 洋明*; 大和 正明*; 渡辺 聡*

Proceedings of 27th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-27) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2019/05



Chemical reaction kinetics dataset of Cs-I-B-Mo-O-H system for evaluation of fission product chemistry under LWR severe accident conditions

宮原 直哉; 三輪 周平; 堀口 直樹; 佐藤 勇*; 逢坂 正彦

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(2), p.228 - 240, 2019/02

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Characterization of the VULCANO test products for fuel debris removal from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

北垣 徹; 池内 宏知; 矢野 公彦; 荻野 英樹; Haquet, J.-F.*; Brissonneau, L.*; Tormos, B.*; Piluso, P.*; 鷲谷 忠博

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (Internet), 5, p.217 - 220, 2018/11

Characterization of the fuel debris is required to develop fuel debris removal tools for the decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (1F). In this study, the VULCANO MCCI test, VBS-U4, was selected as 1F similar conditions and the characteristics of the samples were examined. In the molten pool sample, the round-edged corium-rich oxides region, with diameters of 1-10 mm, is surrounded by a concrete-rich oxide region. It shows convection of the molten pool. Other samples also show the features of the MCCI progression. The main chemical forms of the samples are SiO$$_{2}$$, (U,Zr)O$$_{2}$$, Fe and so on. The microstructure of the samples is heterogeneous structure composed of these phases. The difference in Vickers hardness between the metallic phases and the oxide phases is a distinctive characteristic. It can be noted that the heterogeneous distribution of metallic phases in 1F MCCI products interrupt with the removal operation such as by damaging the core-boring bit.


Evaluation of chemical speciation of iodine and cesium considering fission product chemistry in reactor coolant system

石川 淳; Zheng, X.; 塩津 弘之; 杉山 智之; 丸山 結

Proceedings of Asian Symposium on Risk Assessment and Management 2018 (ASRAM 2018) (USB Flash Drive), 6 Pages, 2018/10

Japan Atomic Energy Agency is pursuing the development and application of the methodologies on fission product (FP) chemistry for source term analysis by using integrated severe accident analysis code THALES2/KICHE. Generally, specific chemical forms of iodine and cesium such as cesium iodide (CsI) and cesium hydroxide (CsOH) were assumed in the source term analysis for light water reactors using an integrated severe accident analysis code. The accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station leads possible chemical effects of B$$_{4}$$C control materials and atmosphere on chemical speciation of iodine and cesium such as cesium metaborate (CsBO$$_{2}$$) and hydrogen iodide (HI). The difference of chemical speciation affects not only the FP behavior in the reactor coolant system (RCS) and transport to containment but also pH value of the suppression pool water in the containment. The pH value is one of the influential factors on the release of gaseous iodine (I$$_{2}$$ and organic iodine) from containment liquid phase. In the present study, the improvement of the THALES2/KICHE code in terms of FP chemistry in RCS was performed and applied to source term analysis for severe accidents at a boil water reactor with Mark-I containment vessel. This paper discusses the chemical speciation of iodine and cesium, and FP behavior and transport to containment.


Creep deformation analysis of a pipe specimen based on creep damage evaluation method

勝山 仁哉; 山口 義仁; Li, Y.

Proceedings of 26th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-26) (Internet), 6 Pages, 2018/07



Three-dimensional numerical study on pool stratification behavior in molten corium-concrete interaction (MCCI) with MPS method

Li, X.; 佐藤 一憲; 山路 哲史*; Duan, G.*

Proceedings of 26th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-26) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2018/07



Influence of chemical speciation in reactor cooling system on pH of suppression pool during BWR severe accident

塩津 弘之; 石川 淳; 杉山 智之; 丸山 結

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 55(4), p.363 - 373, 2018/04

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:67.8(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The influences of chemical speciation for Cs-I-Te-Mo-Sn-B-C-O-H system, simulating a state in the reactor cooling system (RCS) of BWR, on pH of the suppression chamber (S/C) water pool were analytically investigated with PHREEQC code. Major conditions were chosen on the basis of the outputs from a BWR severe accident analysis by THALES2 code and chemical thermodynamic analysis with VICTORIA2.0 code. The chemical thermodynamic analysis showed that the chemical speciation of important volatile FPs, Cs and I, was strongly influenced by Mo and B$$_{4}$$C control material. As a consequence, pH of the S/C water pool was predicted to range from approximately 6 to 10, depending on the fraction of volatile FPs transported from the RCS to the S/C water pool and the H$$_{2}$$/H$$_{2}$$O ratio associated with the oxygen potential. It was implied that the formation of volatile I species such as I$$_{2}$$ in the S/C water pool was larger by 3 orders at the lowest pH than that at the highest pH.


熱水力安全評価基盤技術高度化戦略マップ2017; 軽水炉の継続的な安全性向上に向けたアプローチ

糸井 達哉*; 岩城 智香子*; 大貫 晃*; 木藤 和明*; 中村 秀夫; 西田 明美; 西 義久*

日本原子力学会誌, 60(4), p.221 - 225, 2018/04



Thermophysical properties of stainless steel containing 5mass%-B$$_{4}$$C in the solid phase

高井 俊秀; 古川 智弘; 山野 秀将

Proceedings of 2018 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2018) (CD-ROM), p.1007 - 1013, 2018/04

This study describes estimation results of thermophysical properties of stainless steel containing 5mass% boron carbide (5mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SS) in the solid state. 5mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SS eutectic sample was synthesized using a hot press method. Homogeneity of the sample was evaluated by chemical composition analysis, metal structure observation, and micro X-ray diffraction (XRD). Specific gravity and specific heat were evaluated up to 1000$$^{circ}$$C. These measurements proved that the specific gravity in our sample was lowered and the temperature dependence of the specific gravity, along with the elevation of temperature, became gradual compared to that of grade type 316L stainless steel (SUS316L) used as a reactor material by addition of B$$_{4}$$C. The specific heat became slightly higher than that of SUS316L by addition of B$$_{4}$$C and showed similar temperature dependence up to 800$$^{circ}$$C.


Behavior of cesium molybdate, Cs$$_{2}$$MoO$$_{4}$$, in severe accident conditions, 1; Partitioning of Cs and Mo among gaseous species

Do, Thi Mai Dung*; Sujatanond, S.*; 小川 徹

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 55(3), p.348 - 355, 2018/03

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:67.8(Nuclear Science & Technology)




吉澤 厚文*; 大場 恭子; 北村 正晴*

日本機械学会論文集(インターネット), 83(856), p.17-00263_1 - 17-00263_17, 2017/12

This research aims to develop capability of on-site staffs that can respond to beyond design basis accident in the sophisticater socio-technical system, in which ensuring safety has been more complicated. The authors focused on the actions to prevent the accident progression undertaken by on-site staffs, which were hardly evaluated in existing accident analyses and reports. With reference to the concept of resilience engineering, "Responding" of the four cornerstones was particularly analyzed. Based on the precedent studies, causal factors of modeling "Responding" where pointed out the importance of "Attitude" that is a new lesson learned from on-site response at the accident. In addition, new lessons learned on improvement of skills indicated the limit of the concept of risk removal type safety as a safety goal that human is defined as "a safety hazard element". This led the necessity of the success expansion type of safety as a new safety goal that human is defined as "a resource necessary for system flexibility and resilience". Thus, new lessons learned successfully derived introduced for human resource development of the next generation to lead technologies in the society.


Application of Bayesian approaches to nuclear reactor severe accident analysis

Zheng, X.; 玉置 等史; 塩津 弘之; 杉山 智之; 丸山 結

Proceedings of Asian Symposium on Risk Assessment and Management 2017 (ASRAM 2017) (USB Flash Drive), 11 Pages, 2017/11

Nuclear reactor severe accident simulation involves uncertainties, which may result from incompleteness of modeling of accident scenarios, selection of alternative models and unrealistic setting of parameters during the numerical simulation, etc. Both deterministic and probabilistic methods are required to reach reasonable estimation of risk for severe accidents. Computational codes are widely used for the deterministic accident simulations. Bayesian approaches, including both parametric and nonparametric, are applied to the simulation-based severe accident researches at Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). In the paper, an overview of these research activities is introduced: (1) Dirichlet process models, a nonparametric Bayesian approach, are applied to source term uncertainty and sensitivity analyses; (2) Gaussian process models are applied to the optimization for operations of severe accident countermeasures; (3) Nonparametric models, include models based on Dirichlet process and K-nearest neighbors algorithm, are built to predict the chemical forms of fission products. Simplified models are integrated into the integral severe accident code, THALES2/KICHE; (4) We have also launched the research of dynamic probabilistic risk assessment (DPRA), and because a great number of accident scenarios will be generated during DPRA, Bayesian approaches would be useful for the boosting of computational efficiency.

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