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An Estimation method for an unknown covariance in cross-section adjustment based on unbiased and consistent estimator

丸山 修平; 遠藤 知弘*; 山本 章夫*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(11), p.1372 - 1385, 2023/11

A new estimation method of an unknown covariance, which is defined by the difference between the true covariance (the population covariance) and a prior covariance assumed by an analyst, is proposed. The unknown covariance is estimated using an empirical covariance consistent with the observed data. To estimate the unknown covariance, an unbiased and consistent estimator in regression analysis has been incorporated into the conventional cross-section adjustment. This estimator does not require assumptions for the probability distribution of the observation data. The statistical properties of this estimator were numerically verified. In addition, the effectiveness of the proposed method was confirmed by another numerical test using actual integral experimental data. In the second numerical test, the modeling uncertainty (covariance) due to the deterministic analysis method was assumed to be unknown. The results showed that the proposed method could practically estimate the unknown covariance and adjusted cross-sections using only prior information on covariances.


Hierarchical Bayesian modeling to quantify fracture limit uncertainty of high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes under loss-of-coolant accident conditions

成川 隆文; 濱口 修輔*; 高田 孝*; 宇田川 豊

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 411, p.112443_1 - 112443_12, 2023/09

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For realizing a highly reliable fracture limit evaluation of fuel cladding tubes during loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCAs) in light-water reactors, we developed a method to quantify the fracture limit uncertainty of high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes. This method employs a hierarchical Bayesian model that can quantify uncertainty even with limited experimental data. The fracture limit uncertainty was quantified as a probability using the amount of oxidation (Equivalent cladding reacted: ECR) and the initial hydrogen concentration (the hydrogen concentration in the fuel cladding tubes before the LOCA-simulated tests) as explanatory variables. We divided the regression coefficients of this model into a hierarchical structure with an overall average term common to all types of fuel cladding tubes and a term representing differences among various types of fuel cladding tubes. This hierarchical structure enabled us to quantify the fracture limit uncertainty through the effective use of prior knowledge and data, even for high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes with a small number of data points. The fracture limits representing a 5% fracture probability with 95% confidence of the high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes evaluated by the hierarchical Bayesian model were higher than 15% ECR for the initial hydrogen concentrations of up to 700-900 wtppm and restraint loads below 535 N. These fracture limits were comparable to the limit of the unirradiated Zircaloy-4 cladding tube, indicating that the burnup extension and use of the advanced fuel cladding tubes do not significantly lower the fracture limit of fuel cladding tubes. Further, we proposed a method to reduce the fracture limit uncertainty by using non-binary data, instead of the binary data, depending on the condition of the fuel cladding tube specimens after performing the LOCA-simulated test, thereby increasing the amount of information in the data.


Modelling heterogeneous hydration behaviour of bentonite by a FracMan-Thames coupling method for the Bentonite Rock Interaction Experiment (BRIE) at $"{A}$sp$"{o}$ HRL

澤田 淳; 坂本 和彦*; 綿引 孝宜*; 今井 久*

SKB P-17-06, 154 Pages, 2023/08

An aim of Task 8, which was 8th modeling task of the SKB Task Forces on Groundwater Flow and Transport of Solutes, was to improve the knowledge of the bedrock-bentonite interface with regard to groundwater flow, mainly based on a set of data obtained by Bentonite Rock Interaction Experiment (BRIE) at $"{A}$sp$"{o}$. JAEA had developed an approach to Task 8 assuming that the discrete features dominate the delivery of groundwater to the bentonite columns emplaced into the vertically drilled boreholes from TASO tunnel floor, resulting in heterogeneous bentonite wetting behavior. This assumption was implemented as a FracMan Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) model for groundwater flow. Due to the assumption, no permeable rock matrix was implemented. The variability and uncertainty of this stochastic "HydroDFN" model was constrained by conditioning the model to match measured fracture location and orientation, and specific capacity (transmissivity) data observed at five probe boreholes. Groundwater from the HydroDFN being delivered to the bentonite columns, was modeled using Thames code with implementing a specific feature at the interface between the fractured rock mass and the bentonite. This modeling approach and the assumption of fracture dominated bentonite wetting appears to be able to provide a reasonable approximation to the observed heterogeneous bentonite wetting behavior of BRIE. We would suggest that a systematic investigation at pilot holes, including both geological mapping of the fractures and also testing of the hydraulic properties, might be required to get more practical prediction of heterogeneous wetting behavior in bentonite, as observed in BRIE.


Dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of seismic-induced flooding in pressurized water reactor by seismic, flooding, and thermal-hydraulics simulations

久保 光太郎; Jang, S.*; 高田 孝*; 山口 彰*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(4), p.359 - 373, 2023/04

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Convergence behavior of statistical uncertainty in probability table for cross section in unresolved resonance region

多田 健一; 遠藤 知弘*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 9 Pages, 2023/00

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Uncertainty quantification of seismic response of nuclear reactor building using a three-dimensional finite element model

崔 炳賢; 西田 明美; Li, Y.; 高田 毅士

Earthquake Engineering and Resilience (Internet), 1(4), p.427 - 439, 2022/12



Hierarchical Bayes model to quantify fracture limit uncertainty of high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes under LOCA conditions

成川 隆文; 濱口 修輔*; 高田 孝*; 宇田川 豊

Proceedings of Asian Symposium on Risk Assessment and Management 2022 (ASRAM 2022) (Internet), 11 Pages, 2022/12

To realize a more reliable safety evaluation of loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCAs) in light-water-reactors, we developed a quantification method of the fracture limit uncertainty of high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes using a hierarchical Bayes model that can quantify uncertainty even when experimental data are limited. The fracture limit uncertainty was quantified as a probability using the amount of oxidation and the initial hydrogen concentration (the hydrogen concentration in fuel cladding tubes before the LOCA-simulated tests) as explanatory variables. The hierarchical Bayes model was developed by dividing the regression coefficients into a hierarchical structure with an overall average term common to all types of fuel cladding tubes and a term representing differences between types of fuel cladding tubes. Using the developed model, we showed that the fracture limits of the high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes tended to be on average equal to or higher than that of an unirradiated conventional fuel cladding tube. Further, we proposed a method to reduce the fracture limit uncertainty by using non-binary data depending on the condition of the fuel cladding tube specimens after the LOCA-simulated test instead of the binary data, thereby increasing the amount of information in each data.


Status of the uncertainty quantification for severe accident sequences of different NPP-designs in the frame of the H-2020 project MUSA

Brumm, S.*; Gabrielli, F.*; Sanchez-Espinoza, V.*; Groudev, P.*; Ou, P.*; Zhang, W.*; Malkhasyan, A.*; Bocanegra, R.*; Herranz, L. E.*; Berda$"i$, M.*; et al.

Proceedings of 10th European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research (ERMSAR 2022) (Internet), 13 Pages, 2022/05

The current HORIZON-2020 project on "Management and Uncertainties of Severe Accidents (MUSA)" aims at applying Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) in the modeling of Severe Accidents (SA), particularly in predicting the radiological source term of mitigated and unmitigated accident scenarios. Within its application part, the project is devoted to the uncertainty quantification of different severe accident codes when predicting the radiological source term of selected severe accident sequences of different nuclear power plant designs, e.g. PWR, VVER, and BWR. Key steps for this investigation are, (a) the selection of severe accident sequences for each reactor design, (b) the development of a reference input model for the specific design and SA-code, (c) the selection of a list of uncertain model parameters to be investigated, (d) the choice of an UQ-tool e.g. DAKOTA, SUSA, URANIE, etc., (e) the definition of the figures of merit for the UA-analysis, (f) the performance of the simulations with the SA-codes, and, (g) the statistical evaluation of the results using the capabilities, i.e. methods and tools offered by the UQ-tools. This paper describes the project status of the UQ of different SA codes for the selected SA sequences, and the technical challenges and lessons learnt from the preparatory and exploratory investigations performed.


Quasi-Monte Carlo sampling method for simulation-based dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants

久保 光太郎; Jang, S.*; 高田 孝*; 山口 彰*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(3), p.357 - 367, 2022/03

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LOCA時燃料破断限界評価の信頼性向上を目指して; 不確かさ定量化手法の開発と高燃焼度化の影響評価

成川 隆文

日本原子力学会誌ATOMO$$Sigma$$, 63(11), p.780 - 785, 2021/11



Uncertainty quantification of lead and bismuth sample reactivity worth at Kyoto University Critical Assembly

Pyeon, C. H.*; 山中 正朗*; 福島 昌宏

Nuclear Science and Engineering, 195(8), p.877 - 889, 2021/08

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Great achievements of M. Salvatores for nuclear data adjustment study with use of integral experiments

横山 賢治; 石川 眞*

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 154, p.108100_1 - 108100_11, 2021/05

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高速炉のような新型炉の設計において、核特性の予測精度を向上させることは重要な課題である。炉定数調整法(核データ調整法)はこの課題に対する有力な方法論の一つである。炉定数調整法の考え方は1964年に初めて提案されたが、その実用化に向けては長期間に亘って研究が行われている。理論式の確立に約10年間を要したが、実用化に向けては半世紀以上に亘って研究開発が行われている。この分野の研究活動は依然として活発であり、新しい原子炉を開発するためには予測精度の向上が必要不可欠であることを示唆している。2020年3月に逝去されたMassimo Salvatores氏は炉定数調整法の最初の提案者の一人であるとともに、実用化に向けて偉大な貢献を行った研究者である。この分野における同氏の業績をレビューすることは、炉定数調整法の方法論の歴史をレビューすることとほぼ同じことを意味する。われわれはこのレビューがこの分野において今後何を開発すべきかを示唆するものになると期待する。このレビューは、a)炉定数調整法の方法論の確立と、b)実用化に関する成果の二つのテーマで構成される。更に、前者については、炉定数調整法の理論と炉定数調整法の適用必要となる感度係数の数値解法に関する研究の観点からレビューを行う。後者については、積分実験データの利用、不確かさの定量化と設計目標精度の評価、核データ共分散開発の促進の観点からレビューを行う。


Stochastic estimation of radionuclide composition in wastes generated at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station using Bayesian inference

杉山 大輔*; 中林 亮*; 田中 真悟*; 駒 義和; 高畠 容子

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 58(4), p.493 - 506, 2021/04

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:19.33(Nuclear Science & Technology)

A modeling calculation methodology for estimating the radionuclide composition in the wastes generated at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station has been upgraded by introducing an approach using Bayesian inference. The developed stochastic method describes the credible interval of the regression curve for the log-normal distribution of the measured transport ratio, which is used to calibrate the radionuclide transport parameters included in the modeling calculation. Consequently, the method can predict the robability distribution of the radionuclide composition in the Fukushima Daiichi wastes. The notable feature of the developed method is that it can explicitly investigate the improvement in the accuracy and confidence (degree of belief) of the estimation of the waste inventory using Bayesian inference. Specifically, the developed method can update and improve the degree of belief of the estimation of the radionuclide composition by visualizing the reduction in the width of uncertainty in the radionuclide transport parameters in the modeling calculation in accordance with the accumulation of analytically measured data. Further investigation is expected to improve the credibility of waste inventory estimation through iteration between modeling calculations and analytical measurements and to reduce excessive conservativeness in the estimated waste inventory dataset.


Impact of soil erosion potential uncertainties on numerical simulations of the environmental fate of radiocesium in the Abukuma River basin

池之上 翼; 嶋寺 光*; 近藤 明*

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 225, p.106452_1 - 106452_12, 2020/12

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:16.47(Environmental Sciences)

土壌侵食モデルUniversal Soil Loss Equation (USLE)におけるパラメータの不確実性が、放射性セシウム輸送モデルによる阿武隈川流域における$$^{137}$$Csの動態予測結果に及ぼす影響を評価した。USLEは、降雨量(R)や地質特性(K), 地形的特徴(LS), 土地被覆や土壌侵食防止策(CとP)の5つの物理的に意味のある係数を持つ。土壌, $$^{137}$$Cs総流出量に対し、USLEの係数の中で最も高い感度を持っていたのはCとPであった。そのため、土地被覆や土壌侵食防止策が土壌,$$^{137}$$Csの流出に大きな影響を与えることが分かった。土地利用に着目すると、森林,耕作地,未攪乱の水田からの$$^{137}$$Cs流出率が大きかった。この研究は、土地利用、特に森林,耕作地,未攪乱の水田が$$^{137}$$Csの環境動態に大きな影響を与えることを示した。


Enhancement of the treatment of system interactions in a dynamic PRA tool

田中 洋一; 玉置 等史; Zheng, X.; 杉山 智之

Proceedings of 30th European Safety and Reliability Conference and 15th Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management Conference (ESREL 2020 and PSAM-15) (Internet), p.2195 - 2201, 2020/11

One advantage of dynamic probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) is that it can take into account the timing and ordering of event occurrences based on more explicit simulation of system dynamics. It is expected that dynamic PRA can lead us into a more realistic risk assessment, overcoming some limitations of conventional PRA. Multiple dynamic PRA tools have been developed worldwide, and applied to risk assessment of large industrial facilities such as nuclear power plants and crewed spacecrafts. Japan Atomic Energy Agency has developed the dynamic PRA tool, RAPID (Risk Assessment with Plant Interactive Dynamics), considering the interaction between accident simulation and dysfunctional models of safety-related systems. This paper introduces a recent enhancement of RAPID to treat more complicated simulation interactions from the outside of severe accident codes. It is designed to feed back and forth plant information from simulators to the accident sequence generator. It discusses how the enhancement affects the results of risk assessment, with an example analyzing thermal failure of a safety relief valve in a station blackout accident occurred at a boiling water reactor plant.


Total cross section model with uncertainty evaluated by KALMAN

橋本 慎太郎; 佐藤 達彦

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.03015_1 - 03015_4, 2020/09

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Uncertainty quantification of seismic response of reactor building considering different modeling methods

崔 炳賢; 西田 明美; 村松 健*; 糸井 達也*; 高田 毅士*

Proceedings of 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 2020) (Internet), 5 Pages, 2020/08

2011年福島原子力発電所事故の後、設計を超える地震動に対する原子力施設の耐震規制が強化されている。そこで、確率論的地震リスク評価(SPRA)が注目されている。不確実さの定量化は、原子炉建屋のフラジリティ評価において非常に重要な問題である。本研究では、低減可能な認識論的不確実さに焦点を当て、原子炉建屋のモデル化手法の違いによる地震応答結果への影響を明らかにすることを目的としている。まず、原子炉建屋は、従来の質点系(SR)モデルと3次元詳細(3D FE)モデルの2種類のモデル化手法によるモデルを用いる。入力地震動として、不確実さを有する震源断層モデルによって生成された200種類の地震波を用いた。不確実さの定量化のために、各入力地震動に対して、2種類のモデル化手法による建屋応答への影響を統計的に分析し、異なるモデル化手法による建屋応答への不確実さを定量的に評価した。特にモデル化手法の違いは、床と壁の開口部近傍で明確に表れた。また、地震応答解析における3次元効果について得られた知見を報告する。



齋藤 龍郎; 小林 愼一*; 財津 知久*; 下 道國*; 麓 弘道*

保健物理(インターネット), 55(2), p.86 - 91, 2020/06

ウラン廃棄物およびウランを含む鉱さい等廃棄物処分安全の考え方は、まだ完全には確立されていない。その理由は、子孫核種の放射能が蓄積し、数十万年以後に線量のピークが生じるウラン安全性評価の不確実性と、遠い将来発生するラドンによる被ばくである。我々「自然放射性核種を含む廃棄物の放射線防護に関する専門研究会」は、ウラン含有廃棄物と鉱さい等廃棄物に含まれる核種、U-235, U-238とその子孫の処分に関する安全事例を研究し、ICRPやIAEAなどの国際機関の考え方と比較しながら、処分の現状を総括的に議論し、不確実性及びラドン被ばくの取り組むべき重要な問題を提言した。


Estimation of uncertainty in lead spallation particle multiplicity and its propagation to a neutron energy spectrum

岩元 大樹; 明午 伸一郎

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 57(3), p.276 - 290, 2020/03

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:26.54(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Evaluation of the effects of differences in building models on the seismic response of a nuclear power plant structure

崔 炳賢; 西田 明美; 村松 健*; 高田 毅士*

日本地震工学会論文集(インターネット), 20(2), p.2_1 - 2_16, 2020/02



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