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Elastic properties of nuclear pasta in a fully three-dimensional geometry

Xia, C.-J.*; 丸山 敏毅; 安武 伸俊*; 巽 敏隆*; Zhang, Y.-X.*

Physics Letters B, 839, p.137769_1 - 137769_5, 2023/04

Realistic estimations on the elastic properties of neutron star matter are carried out with a large strain ($$varepsilon$$ $$_sim^{<}$$ 0.5) in the framework of relativistic-mean-field model with Thomas-Fermi approximation, where various crystalline configurations are considered in a fully three-dimensional geometry with reflection symmetry. Our calculation confirms the validity of assuming Coulomb crystals for the droplet phase above neutron drip density, which nonetheless does not work at large densities since the elastic constants are found to be decreasing after reaching their peaks. Similarly, the analytic formulae derived in the incompressible liquid-drop model give excellent description for the rod phase at small densities, which overestimates the elastic constants at larger densities. For slabs, due to the negligence on the variations of their thicknesses, the analytic formulae from liquid-drop model agree qualitatively but not quantitatively with our numerical estimations. By fitting to the numerical results, these analytic formulae are improved by introducing dampening factors. The impacts of nuclear symmetry energy are examined adopting two parameter sets, corresponding to the slope of symmetry energy L = 41.34 and 89.39 MeV. Even with the uncertainties caused by the anisotropy in polycrystallines, the elastic properties of neutron star matter obtained with L = 41.34 and 89.39 MeV are distinctively different, results in detectable differences in various neutron star activities.



乙川 義憲; 松田 誠; 阿部 信市

JAEA-Technology 2022-037, 23 Pages, 2023/03




令和3年度研究開発・評価報告書 評価課題「先端原子力科学研究」(事後及び事前評価)


JAEA-Evaluation 2022-009, 398 Pages, 2023/03




株本 裕史; 中川 創平; 松田 誠

JAEA-Conf 2022-002, 146 Pages, 2023/03




Ferromagnetic crossover within the ferromagnetic order of U$$_{7}$$Te$$_{12}$$

Opletal, P.; 酒井 宏典; 芳賀 芳範; 常盤 欣文; 山本 悦嗣; 神戸 振作; 徳永 陽

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 92(3), p.034704_1 - 034704_5, 2023/03

U$$_{7}$$Te$$_{12}$$の単結晶の物理的性質を調べた。U$$_{7}$$Te$$_{12}$$が3つの非等価な結晶ウランサイトを持つ六方晶構造を持つことを確認した。常磁性モーメントは、すべてのサイトで一様なモーメントを仮定すると、ウランサイトあたり約1$$mu_{B}$$と推定される。強磁性相転移は$$T_{rm C}$$=48Kで発生し、面内磁化は急激に増加するが、面外成分はあまり増加しない。磁場冷却条件下で温度がさらに$$T_{rm C}$$以下に低下すると、面外成分はT$$^{star}$$=26K付近で急激に増加する。対照的に、T$$^{star}$$付近で面内成分はほとんど変化しない。比熱測定では、T$$^{star}$$付近に$$lambda$$型の異常がないことが示されているため、これらの振る舞いは、秩序した磁気モーメントの再配向、もしくは複数のウランサイトの連続した逐次磁気転移を示唆している。


Magnonic Casimir effect in ferrimagnets

仲田 光樹; 鈴木 渓

Physical Review Letters, 130(9), p.096702_1 - 096702_6, 2023/03



Large collectivity in $$^{29}$$Ne at the boundary of the island of inversion

Revel, A.*; Wu, J.*; 岩崎 弘典*; Ash, J.*; Bazin, D.*; Brown, B. A.*; Chen, J.*; Elder, R.*; Farris, P.*; Gade, A.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 838, p.137704_1 - 137704_7, 2023/03



Insights into machine-learning modeling for Cr(VI) removal from contaminated water using nano-nickel hydroxide

Maamoun, I.; Rushdi, M.*; Falyouna, O.*; Eljamal, R.*; Eljamal, O.*

Separation and Purification Technology, 308, p.122863_1 - 122863_16, 2023/03

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Engineering, Chemical)

The aim of this study is to employ machine learning (ML) in providing high-accuracy prediction of Cr(VI) removal efficiency by nickel hydroxide ($$n$$-Ni(OH)$$_{2}$$) unconventional sorbent, towards the new era of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in (waste) water treatment. Hence, a reliable ML modeling was conducted based on the experimental investigation, considering different reaction parameters, including $$n$$-Ni(OH)$$_{2}$$ dosage, initial pH, reaction temperature, and initial Cr(VI) concentration. Linear regression model was selected as the suitable regression model with respect to the obtained reasonable correlation and the less training time and evaluation time, comparing to other considered regression techniques. The adopted linear regression model, for the time corresponding Cr(VI) removal efficiencies, exhibited satisfactory prediction accuracy. Furthermore, the importance of models coefficients was determined and implied the high importance of the dosage feature. The contributive effect of the investigated features was mainly concentrated at the early stage of the reaction (5 to 10 min), with an average range of 50 to 80 %, which was in agreement with the experimental findings of the rapid and full removal of Cr(VI) by $$n$$-Ni(OH)$$_{2}$$. The elucidated insights into the effects of different factors that influence Cr(VI) removal process by $$n$$-Ni(OH)$$_{2}$$ revealed the underlying interactions and removal pathways, which shall benefit other researchers in the preliminary design of pilot-scale applications and anticipating the predicted performance.


Magnetic properties of single crystalline Tb$$_5$$Sb$$_3$$

北折 暁*; 金澤 直也*; 木田 孝則*; 鳴海 康雄*; 萩原 政幸*; 金道 浩一*; 竹内 徹也*; 仲村 愛*; 青木 大*; 芳賀 芳範; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 92(2), p.024702_1 - 024702_6, 2023/02

Magnetic properties of Tb$$_5$$Sb$$_3$$ are reported. Unlike previous investigations on a polycrystal showing multiple phase transitions, the present single crystal sample shows a single transition 133 K. It is also shown that the magnetic hysteresis increases at low temperatures.



小浦 寛之

核データニュース(インターネット), (134), p.82 - 96, 2023/02

2022年10月24-28日にオーストラリア国立大学(Australian National University、キャンベラ)にて技術会合「第24回核構造・崩壊データ評価者ネットワーク会議(24th Technical Meeting of the International Network of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Evaluators)」が開催された。これは評価済み核構造ファイル(Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File: ENSDF)の評価者(evaluator)の情報交換と、今後の活動について議論する技術会合である。今回、日本の評価者代表として参加し、日本の活動を報告するとともに、各国の活動状況について情報を収集した。


超重元素の化学; シングルアトムにもとづく極限化学への挑戦

佐藤 哲也; 永目 諭一郎*

日本物理学会誌, 78(2), p.64 - 72, 2023/02

周期表の重い極限領域に位置する超重元素の化学研究は、ここ20年ほどで相当の進展をみており、最近ではさまざまなアイデアに基づいた新しいアプローチが展開されている。超重元素研究の発展には、日本の研究グループも顕著な貢献をしており、最近では原子番号が100を超える重アクチノイドから、超アクチノイド元素である104番元素ラザホージウム, 105番元素ドブニウム、および106番元素シーボーギウムについて、特筆すべき成果が報告された。本レビューでは、最近の主な成果を概説し、今後の展望についても触れる。


Hybridized propagation of spin waves and surface acoustic waves in a multiferroic-ferromagnetic heterostructure

Chen, J.*; 山本 慧; Zhang, J.*; Ma, J.*; Wang, H.*; Sun, Y.*; Chen, M.*; Ma, J.*; Liu, S.*; Gao, P.*; et al.

Physical Review Applied (Internet), 19(2), p.024046_1 - 024046_9, 2023/02

Coherent coupling in magnon based hybrid system has many potential applications in quantum information processing. Magnons can propagate in magnetically ordered materials without any motion of electrons, offering a unique method to build low-power-consumption devices and information channels free of heat dissipation. In this article, we demonstrate the coherent propagation of hybridized modes between spin waves and Love surface acoustic waves in a multiferroic BiFeO$$_{3}$$ and ferromagnetic La$$_{0.67}$$Sr$$_{0.33}$$MnO$$_{3}$$ based heterostructure. The magneto-elastic coupling enables a giant enhancement of strength of the hybridized mode by a factor of 26 compared to that of the pure spin waves. A short wavelength down to 250 nm is demonstrated for the hybridized mode, which is desirable for nanoscale acousto-magnonic applications. Our combined experimental and theoretical analyses represent an important step towards the coherent control in hybrid magnonics, which may inspire the study of magnon-phonon hybrid systems for coherent information processing and manipulation.


Pole position of $$Lambda(1405)$$ measured in $$d(K^-,n)piSigma$$ reactions

相川 脩*; 橋本 直; 谷田 聖; 他73名*

Physics Letters B, 837, p.137637_1 - 137637_8, 2023/02

We measured a set of $$pi^pmSigma^mp$$, $$pi^0Sigma^0$$, and $$pi^-Sigma^0$$ invariant mass spectra below and above the $$bar{K}N$$ mass threshold in $$K^-$$-induced reactions on deuteron. We deduced the $$S$$-wave$$bar{K}NrightarrowpiSigma$$ and $$bar{K}Nrightarrowbar{K}N$$ scattering amplitudes in the isospin 0 channel in the framework of a $$bar{K}N$$ and $$piSigma$$ coupled channel. We find that a resonance pole corresponding to $$Lambda(1405)$$ is located at 1417.7$$^{+6.0}_{-7.4}$$(fitting errors)$$^{+1.1}_{-1.0}$$(systematic errors) + $$[-26.1^{+6.0}_{-7.9}$$(fitting errors)$$^{+1.7}_{-2.0}$$(systematic errors)]$$i$$ MeV/$$c^2$$, closer to the $$bar{K}N$$ mass threshold than the value determined by the Particle Data Group.


Shapiro steps in charge-density-wave states driven by ultrasound

森 道康; 前川 禎通

Applied Physics Letters, 122(4), p.042202_1 - 042202_5, 2023/01


We show that ultrasound can induce the Shapiro steps (SS) in the charge-density-wave (CDW) state. When ultrasound with frequency $$omega$$ and a dc voltage are applied, the SS occur at the current $$Ipropto nomega$$ with integer $$n$$. Even and odd multiples of SS are represented by two couplings between the CDW and ultrasound. Although an ac voltage bias with frequency $$omega$$ induces the SS at $$Ipropto nomega$$, the ultrasound bias enhances the odd multiples more strongly than the even ones. This is the difference between the ultrasound and the ac voltage. Since the SS cause abrupt peaks in the $$dV/dI$$, the extreme changes in the $$I-V$$ curve will be applied to a very sensitive ultrasound detector.


Bench-scale injection of magnesium hydroxide encapsulated iron nanoparticles (nFe$$^{0}$$@Mg(OH)$$_{2}$$) into porous media for Cr(VI) removal from groundwater

Maamoun, I.; Falyouna, O.*; Eljamal, R.*; Idham, M. F.*; 田中 万也; Eljamal, O.*

Chemical Engineering Journal, 451, Part3, p.138718_1 - 138718_22, 2023/01

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:95.16(Engineering, Environmental)

Chromium (VI) contamination in groundwater represents a significant threat to the current and future groundwater resources. Thus, in this work detailed investigation was conducted on the injection of magnesium hydroxide encapsulated iron nanoparticles (nFe$$^{0}$$@Mg(OH)$$_{2}$$) into a 3-D bench-scale groundwater treatment system for Cr(VI) removal. Cr(VI) and total iron concentration profiles were determined for the injection of both nFe$$^{0}$$ and nFe$$^{0}$$@Mg(OH)$$_{2}$$ into porous media. The results indicated the expected poor mobility of nFe$$^{0}$$, which caused the accumulation of the injected mass within the injection zone and the low spreading range along the length of the aquifer. The injection of nFe$$^{0}$$@Mg(OH)$$_{2}$$ into the groundwater treatment system for 80 consecutive cycles resulted in a clear enhancement in preventing the rapid corrosion of the iron core and around twenty percent improvement in the final Cr(VI) removal efficiency compared with that of nFe$$^{0}$$. The injected nFe$$^{0}$$@Mg(OH)$$_{2}$$ maintained the full Cr(VI) removal efficiency for 30 post-injection cycles. Such a promising potential of the nFe$$^{0}$$@Mg(OH)$$_{2}$$, proposed it as one of the perfect candidates for in-situ water treatment applications, as a reactive nanomaterial with enhanced features, in terms of the prolonged reactive performance and the widespread of the injection zone to cover a larger contaminated area within the porous media.


Statistical optimization of nZVI chemical synthesis approach towards P and NO$$_{3}$$$$^{-}$$ removal from aqueous solutions; Cost-effectiveness & parametric effects

Maamoun, I.; Eljamal, R.*; Eljamal, O.*

Chemosphere, 312, Part 1, p.137176_1 - 137176_11, 2023/01

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Environmental Sciences)

This study aims to conduct statistical optimization of nZVI synthesis parameters towards the removal efficiency of phosphorus and nitrate, considering for the first time the cost-effectiveness index. The detailed statistical analysis was implemented to evaluate the main effects and interactions of eight synthesis parameters, including reductant concentration (R$$_{rm C}$$), reductant delivery rate (R$$_{rm DR}$$), reductant liquid volume (R$$_{rm LV}$$), pH, aging time (AG$$_{rm T}$$), mixing speed (M$$_{rm S}$$), temperature (T), and precursor concentration (P$$_{rm C}$$). Results revealed that the experimental optimization of the synthesis factors improved the removal efficiency of nitrate and phosphorus by 27 and 9%, respectively, with respect to that before the optimization. ANOVA statistical results indicated the significance of phosphorus and nitrate models with p-values of all the eight main linear effects were less than 0.05. However, most of the interaction parameters were not statistically significant (higher than 0.05) in the case of nitrate model, which is unlike phosphorus model where all interaction parameters were statistically significant (less than 0.05). The normal probability plots of factors effects provided significant evidence of the significance of the investigated parameters R$$_{rm C}$$ had the highest positive statistically significant effect on phosphorus model followed by R$$_{rm LV}$$, R$$_{rm DR}$$, M$$_{rm S}$$ and T. In case of nitrate model, R$$_{rm LV}$$, had the highest positive significant effect, followed by A$$_{rm GT}$$ $$>$$ $$_{rm DR}$$ $$>$$ pH $$>$$ T $$>$$ MS. The cost-effective optimal constraints in this study resulted in the best economically optimized values of the nZVI synthesis parameters in terms of higher reactivity and reduced synthesis cost.


Spin and spin current; From fundamentals to recent progress

前川 禎通; 吉川 貴史*; 中堂 博之; 家田 淳一; 齊藤 英治

Journal of Applied Physics, 133(2), p.020902_1 - 020902_24, 2023/01


Along with the progress of spin science and spintronics research, the flow of electron spins, i.e., spin current, has attracted interest. New phenomena and electronic states were explained in succession using the concept of spin current. Moreover, as many of the conventionally known spintronics phenomena became well organized based on spin current, it has rapidly been recognized as an essential concept in a wide range of condensed matter physics. In this article, we focus on recent developments in the physics of spin, spin current, and their related phenomena, where the conversion between spin angular momentum and different forms of angular momentum plays an essential role. Starting with an introduction to spin current, we first discuss the recent progress in spintronic phenomena driven by spin-exchange coupling: spin pumping, topological Hall torque, and emergent inductor. We, then, extend our discussion to the interaction/interconversion of spins with heat, lattice vibrations, and charge current and address recent progress and perspectives on the spin Seebeck and Peltier effects. Next, we review the interaction between mechanical motion and electron/nuclear spins and argue the difference between the Barnett field and rotational Doppler effect. We show that the Barnett effect reveals the angular momentum compensation temperature, at which the net angular momentum is quenched in ferrimagnets.


The Investigations of the $$P$$-wave $$B_s$$ states combining quark model and lattice QCD in the coupled channel framework

Yang, Z.*; Wang, G.-J.*; Wu, J.-J.*; 岡 眞; Zhu, S.-L.*

Journal of High Energy Physics (Internet), 2023(1), p.058_1 - 058_19, 2023/01

ハミルトニアン有効理論にクォーク模型、クォークペア生成、$$B^{(*)}bar K$$相互作用の情報を含むベアな状態と散乱状態の結合を取り入れた形式を用いて、しきい値近傍の$$P$$波の4個の$$B_s$$状態のスペクトルを研究した。


Arsenic removal from contaminated water utilizing novel green composite ${it Chlorella vulgaris}$ and nano zero-valent iron

Islam, M. S.*; Maamoun, I.; Falyouna, O.*; Eljamal, O.*; Saha, B. B.*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 370, p.121005_1 - 121005_11, 2023/01

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Chemistry, Physical)

Arsenic waste must be carefully managed because of the adverse effects of arsenic in wastewater on the ecosystem. In the present study, an environmentally friendly novel composite of ${it Chlorella vulgaris}$ microalgae and nano-zero valent iron (NZVI) was employed as an adsorbent to eliminate arsenic from the aqueous environment. Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscope images were used to characterize and analyze the CV/NZVI composites. Batch tests using initial arsenic concentrations ranging from 5 to 100 mg/L were conducted to evaluate removal efficiencies. According to kinetic analysis, the best model for fitting the experimental data was the pseudo first-order model, which had the lowest Akaike information criterion (AIC), and Bayesian information criterion (BIC) values of -23.878 and -7.902, respectively. Results alluded that physisorption is the primary mechanism influenced by As-removal by CV/NZVI composite. Due to the negative sign of the enthalpy and Gibbs free energy, the thermodynamic investigation revealed that the adsorption reaction was exothermic and spontaneous. The thermodynamic analysis also affirmed that the arsenic removal process involved primarily physisorption and slight chemisorption phenomena. Meanwhile, 1.5 g/L CV/NZVI dosage achieved 99% As(V) removal efficiency in synthetic groundwater systems, confirming the high potential of the composite in complex aqueous systems.


New material exploration to enhance neutron intensity below cold neutrons; Nanosized graphene flower aggregation

勅使河原 誠; 池田 裕二郎*; Yan, M.*; 村松 一生*; 須谷 康一*; 福住 正文*; 能田 洋平*; 小泉 智*; 猿田 晃一; 大竹 淑恵*

Nanomaterials (Internet), 13(1), p.76_1 - 76_9, 2023/01

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.05(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)


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