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Journal Articles

Development of cation and anion exchange membranes for saline water concentration using high-energy heavy-ion beams

Sawada, Shinichi*; Yasukawa, Masahiro*; Koshikawa, Hiroshi*; Kitamura, Akane; Higa, Mitsuru*; Yamaki, Tetsuya*

Nippon Kaisui Gakkai-Shi, 73(4), p.208 - 216, 2019/08

For applications to saline water concentration by electrodialysis, we prepared nano-structure-controlled cation and anion exchange membranes (CEMs and AEMs) by a so-called ion-track grafting technique. This new technique involves irradiation of a polymer substrate with an MeV-GeV heavy-ion beam to form the nano-sized cylindrical ion tracks and the graft polymerization only into the ion tracks for the creation of one-dimensional transport pathways. A 25-$$mu$$m-thick poly(ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene) film was irradiated with 560 MeV $$^{129}$$Xe or 310 MeV $$^{84}$$Kr. The irradiated films were immersed in grafting solutions of ethyl p-styrenesulfonate (EtSS) and chloromethylstyrene (CMS),and then subjected to the hydrolysis of EtSS units and quaternization of CMS units to prepare CEMs and AEMs, respectively. These CEMs and AEMs showed lower resistance than the commercially-available membranes even at the very low water uptake. This would be due to the signifcantly-effcient transport of ions through the unique one-dimensional highly-connected transport pathways. In the saline water concentration experiment, a pair of our CEM and a commercial AEM or vice versa led to a higher salt concentration in the concentration chamber than did a pair of the commercial membranes. This result demonstrated great applicability of our ion-track-grafted CEMs and AEMs for saline water concentration.

Journal Articles

Micro-PIXE analysis study of ferrite products synthesized from simulated radioactive liquid waste containing chemical hazardous elements

Abe, Tomohisa; Shimazaki, Takejiro; Osugi, Takeshi; Nakazawa, Osamu; Yamada, Naoto*; Yuri, Yosuke*; Sato, Takahiro*

QST-M-16; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2017, P. 140, 2019/03

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Fluoropolymer-based nanostructured membranes created by swift-heavy-ion irradiation and their energy and environmental applications

Yamaki, Tetsuya*; Nuryanthi, N.*; Kitamura, Akane; Koshikawa, Hiroshi*; Sawada, Shinichi*; Voss, K.-O.*; Severin, D.*; Tautmann, C.*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 435, p.162 - 168, 2018/11

 Percentile:100(Instruments & Instrumentation)

We used individual single-ion tracks in fluoropolymers with diameters of tens to hundreds of nanometers; chemical etching and ion-track grafting enabled us to develop ion-track and proton-conductive membranes, respectively. In the ion-track membranes of PVDF, strongly-LET-dependent etching was found, so the pore shape as well as the size was exclusively controlled by the track structures. We performed the ion-track grafting of styrene into ETFE to develop nanostructure-controlled proton exchange membranes (PEMs) for applications in PEM fuel cells. Our ion beam technology to develop fluoropolymer-based nanostructures has the potential to apply in the field of filtration processes and fuel cell devices. This would make it possible to provide new microfiltration technology for water treatment, sterilization, petroleum refining and dairy processing.

JAEA Reports

Investigative report on the PVC bag burst in the contamination incident at Plutonium Fuel Research Facility; Radiolysis of organic materials and raising of internal pressure

Cause Investigation Team for the PFRF Contamination Incident

JAEA-Review 2017-038, 83 Pages, 2018/03


The contaminated accident occurred at Plutonium Fuel Research Facility on June, 2017. The PVC bag packaging in a fuel storage container burst when a worker opened the lid, and a part of contents (uranium and plutonium) was spattered over the room. In order to clarify the cause of the burst, the Cause Unfolding Team collected information concerning characteristics of the contents from any past records and interview. And then we observed and analyzed the contents in a glove box. We also performed experiments on radiolysis of organic materials, degradation of PVC bag by $$gamma$$ radiation, and PVC bag burst. Based on fault tree analysis, finally we concluded that the main gas generation source was alpha radiolysis of the epoxy resin mixed with the fuel powder. We hope that the calculation procedures for the gas generation and the inner pressure transition described in this report can be useful reference for the management of fuel storage in other facilities.

Journal Articles

Profile monitor on target for spallation neutron source

Meigo, Shinichiro; Matsuda, Hiroki; Takei, Hayanori

Proceedings of 6th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2017) (Internet), p.373 - 376, 2018/03

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Journal Articles

Application of ferrite process to radioactive waste; Study of ferrite product stability by micro-PIXE analysis

Abe, Tomohisa; Shimazaki, Takejiro; Osugi, Takeshi; Yamada, Naoto*; Yuri, Yosuke*; Sato, Takahiro*

QST-M-8; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2016, P. 61, 2018/03

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Journal Articles

Fabrication of neutron optical devices using PBW technique

Sakai, Takuro; Iikura, Hiroshi; Yamada, Naoto*; Sato, Takahiro*; Ishii, Yasuyuki*; Uchida, Masaya*

QST-M-8; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2016, P. 140, 2018/03

Journal Articles

Ion track etching of PVDF films irradiated with fast C$$_{60}$$$$^{+}$$ cluster ions

Kitamura, Akane; Yamaki, Tetsuya*; Chiba, Atsuya*; Usui, Aya

QST-M-8; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2016, P. 37, 2018/03

We investigated the track-etched surface of PVDF films irradiated with C$$_{60}$$$$^{+}$$ cluster ions, comparing the data with C$$^{+}$$ monoatomic ions. PVDF films were irradiated with 6 MeV C$$_{60}$$$$^{+}$$ cluster ions. The energy of the each carbon ion is 100 keV/atom; thus, for comparison, the PVDF films were also irradiated with 100 keV C$$^{+}$$ ions. SEM and AFM observation showed that the surface irradiated with C$$_{60}$$$$^{+}$$ cluster ions apparently possessed flat-bottomed pores with an average diameter and depth of approximately 400 and 250 nm, respectively. On the other hand, track-etched pores were also formed on the surface irradiated with C$$^{+}$$ ions, but their morphology was irregular or obscure. In the irradiation with the C$$_{60}$$$$^{+}$$ cluster ions, the surface diameter of track-etched pores increased with increasing the etching time. The tracks of the 100 keV C$$^{+}$$ ions seemed to be hardly developed by the etching when the time. In conclusion, the C$$_{60}$$$$^{+}$$ cluster ions irradiation caused a large size of etchable tracks on the PVDF surface. The result could represent the effect of local and simultaneous collision by the aggregated ions.

Journal Articles

Preparation of nano-structure controlled ion-exchange membranes by ion beams and their application to seawater concentration

Yamaki, Tetsuya*; Goto, Mitsuaki*; Sawada, Shinichi*; Koshikawa, Hiroshi*; Kitamura, Akane; Higa, Mitsuru*

QST-M-8; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2016, P. 35, 2018/03

We prepared ion exchange membranes by a heavy-ion-track grafting method, and then used them for seawater concentration process. Both the water uptake and resistance were lower for our ion-track grafted membranes than for the conventional $$gamma$$-ray-grafted membranes. The results would be because local and high-density energy deposition due to the ion beam enabled us to control the membrane structure in a nanometer scale. We demonstrate our membranes are suitable for this application.

Journal Articles

Microfabrication of fluoropolymers using ion beam irradiation

Kitamura, Akane; Kobayashi, Tomohiro*

Hoshasen Kagaku (Internet), (104), p.29 - 34, 2017/10

no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

Development of novel technique of negative C$$_{60}$$ ion production by electron attachment using cesium sputter ion source

Usui, Aya; Chiba, Atsuya; Yamada, Keisuke

JAEA-Technology 2016-034, 21 Pages, 2017/03


In the TIARA (Takasaki Ion Accelerators for Advanced Radiation Application), in order to propel the studies on the swift cluster ions, a novel technique was developed to increase the beam intensity of the fullerene ions which would have a considerably larger irradiation effect than any cluster ions. As a new method of negative ion production, the ionization mechanism by electron attachment was introduced as an alternative to the traditional method with the cesium sputtering to the existing cesium sputter type ion source (SNICS). In consequence, the intensity of the negative C$$_{60}$$ ion beam produced using an existing ion source with a novel technique was increased thousand times as high as those using the previous one for 12 hour operation. In this report, we describe the problems in the traditional ionization method and explain the production technique of the negative C$$_{60}$$ ions ionized via electron attachment process, which solves that only by the minor changes in SNICS.

Journal Articles

Element distribution measurement in incineration ash using micro-PIXE analysis

Abe, Tomohisa; Shimazaki, Takejiro; Nakayama, Takuya; Osone, Osamu; Osugi, Takeshi; Nakazawa, Osamu; Yuri, Yosuke*; Yamada, Naoto*; Sato, Takahiro*

QST-M-2; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2015, P. 83, 2017/03

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Application of $$^{67}$$Cu produced by $$^{68}$$Zn($$n,n'p+d$$)$$^{67}$$Cu to biodistribution study in tumor-bearing mice

Sugo, Yumi*; Hashimoto, Kazuyuki*; Kawabata, Masako*; Saeki, Hideya*; Sato, Shunichi*; Tsukada, Kazuaki; Nagai, Yasuki*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 86(2), p.023201_1 - 023201_3, 2017/02

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:26.6(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

$$^{67}$$Cu produced by the $$^{68}$$Zn($$n,n'p+d$$)$$^{67}$$Cu reaction was used for the first time to determine the biodistribution of $$^{67}$$CuCl$$_{2}$$ in colorectal tumor-bearing mice. High uptake of $$^{67}$$Cu was observed in the tumor as well as in the liver and kidney which are the major organs for copper metabolism. The result showing $$^{67}$$Cu accumulation in the tumor suggests that $$^{67}$$CuCl$$_{2}$$ can be a potential radionuclide agent for cancer radiotherapy. It would also encourage further studies on the therapeutic effect in small animals using an increased dose of $$^{67}$$Cu produced by the $$^{68}$$Zn($$n,n'p+d$$)$$^{67}$$Cu reaction using intense neutrons available at present.

Journal Articles

Lattice structure transformation and change in surface hardness of Ni$$_3$$Nb and Ni$$_3$$Ta intermetallic compounds induced by energetic ion beam irradiation

Kojima, Hiroshi*; Yoshizaki, Hiroaki*; Kaneno, Yasuyuki*; Semboshi, Satoshi*; Hori, Fuminobu*; Saito, Yuichi; Okamoto, Yoshihiro; Iwase, Akihiro*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 372, p.72 - 77, 2016/04

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:42.29(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Ni$$_3$$Nb and Ni$$_3$$Ta intermetallic compounds, which show the complicated lattice structures were irradiated with 16 MeV Au$$^{5+}$$ ions at room temperature. The X-ray diffraction measurement revealed that the lattice structure of these intermetallic compounds changed from the ordered structures to the amorphous state by the ion irradiation. The irradiation-induced amorphization caused the increase in Vickers hardness. The result was compared with our previous results for Ni$$_3$$Al and Ni$$_3$$V, and was discussed in terms of the intrinsic lattice structures of the samples.

JAEA Reports

Light ion microbeam analysis / processing system and its improvement

Koka, Masashi; Ishii, Yasuyuki; Yamada, Naoto; Okubo, Takeru; Kada, Wataru*; Kitamura, Akane; Iwata, Yoshihiro*; Kamiya, Tomihiro; Sato, Takahiro

JAEA-Technology 2016-006, 41 Pages, 2016/03


A MeV-class light ion microbeam system has been developed for micro-analysis and micro-fabrication with high spatial resolution at 3-MV single-ended accelerator in Takasaki Ion Accelerators for Advanced Radiation Application of Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, Sector of Nuclear Science Research, Japan Atomic Energy Agency. This report describes the technical improvements for the main apparatus (the accelerator, beam-transport lines, and microbeam system), and auxiliary equipments/ parts for ion beam applications such as Particle Induced X-ray/Gamma-ray Emission (PIXE/PIGE) analysis, 3-D element distribution analysis using PIXE-Computed Tomography(CT), Ion Beam-Induced Luminescence (IBIL) analysis, and Proton Beam Writing with the microbeam scanning, with functional outline of these apparatus and equipments/parts.

JAEA Reports

Report of cooperative research programs in the field of ion-beam breeding between Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Bilateral Cooperative Research)

Zaiton, A.*; Ono, Yutaka

JAEA-Review 2015-037, 120 Pages, 2016/03


This report summarizes Bilateral Cooperative Research between Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Malaysian Nuclear Agency (a representative of the Government of Malaysia) implemented from 2002 to 2012 under "THE IMPLEMENTING ARRANGEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA AND THE JAPAN ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY ON THE RESEARCH COOPERATION IN THE FIELD OF RADIATION PROSSING". The research activities in two Cooperative Research Programs, "Mutation Induction of Orchid Plants by Ion Beams" and "Generating New Ornamental Plant Varieties Using Ion Beams" performed 2002-2007 and 2007-2012, respectively, are contained. The lists of steering committee meetings, irradiation experiments, and publications/presentations of each program are also attached in the Appendixes.

Journal Articles

Particle induced X-ray emission-computed tomography analysis of an adsorbent for extraction chromatography

Sato, Takahiro; Yokoyama, Akihito; Kitamura, Akane; Okubo, Takeru; Ishii, Yasuyuki; Takahatake, Yoko; Watanabe, So; Koma, Yoshikazu; Kada, Wataru*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 371, p.419 - 423, 2016/03

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:57.25(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Journal Articles

Medical application of radiohalogenated peptides; Synthesis and ${it in vitro}$ evaluation of F(${it p}$-$$^{131}$$I)KCCYSL for targeting HER2

Sasaki, Ichiro; Watanabe, Shigeki; Ohshima, Yasuhiro; Sugo, Yumi; Yamada, Keiichi*; Hanaoka, Hirofumi*; Ishioka, Noriko

Peptide Science 2015, p.243 - 246, 2016/03

JAEA Reports

JAEA Takasaki annual report 2014

Yokota, Wataru

JAEA-Review 2015-022, 200 Pages, 2016/02


JAEA Takasaki annual report 2014 describes research and development activities performed from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 mainly with Takasaki Ion Accelerators for Advanced Radiation Application (TIARA, four ion accelerators), and electron/$$gamma$$-ray irradiation facilities (an electron accelerator and three $$^{60}$$Co $$gamma$$-ray irradiation facilities) at Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA Takasaki). These activities are classified into four research fields:(1)Space, Nuclear and Energy Engineering, (2) Environmental Conservation and Resource Exploitation, (3) Medical and Biotechnological Application, and (4) Advanced Materials, Analysis and Novel Technology. This annual report contains 162 reports consisting of 154 research papers and 8 status reports on operation/maintenance of the irradiation facilities described above, a list of publications, patents, related press-releases, television broadcasting, and the type of research collaborations as appendices.

Journal Articles

Editorial: Maintenance of genome integrity; DNA damage sensing, signaling, repair, and replication in plants

Balestrazzi, A.*; Achary V Mohan Murali*; Macovei, A.*; Yoshiyama, Kaoru*; Sakamoto, Ayako

Frontiers in Plant Science (Internet), 7, p.64_1 - 64_2, 2016/02

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:33.28(Plant Sciences)

no abstracts in English

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