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Pore connectivity influences mass transport in natural rocks; Pore structure, gas diffusion and batch sorption studies

Yuan, X.*; Hu, Q.*; Lin, X.*; Zhao, C.*; Wang, Q.*; 舘 幸男; 深津 勇太; 濱本 昌一郎*; Siitari-Kauppi, M.*; Li, X.*

Journal of Hydrology, 618, p.129172_1 - 129172_15, 2023/03

Mass transport in geomedia as influenced by the pore structure is an important phenomenon. Six rocks (granodiorite, limestone, two chalks, mudstone, and dolostone) with different extents of heterogeneity at six different particle sizes were studied to describe the effects of pore connectivity on mass transport. The multiple methods applied were porosity measurement, gas diffusion test, and batch sorption test of multiple ions. Porosity measurement results reveal that with decreasing particle sizes, the effective porosities for the "heterogenous" group (granodiorite and limestone) increase, whereas the porosities of "homogeneous" group (chalks, mudstone, and dolostone) roughly remain constant. Gas diffusion results show that the intraparticle gas diffusion coefficient among these two groups, varying in the magnitude of 10$$^{-8}$$ to 10$$^{-6}$$ m$$^{2}$$/s. The batch sorption work displays a different affinity of these rocks for tracers, which are related to their mineral components. For granodiorite, mudstone, and dolostone, the adsorption capacity increases as the particle size decreases, due to higher specific surface area in smaller particle-size. In general, this integrated research of grain size distribution, rock porosity, intraparticle diffusivity, and ionic sorption capacity gives insights into the pore connectivity effect on both gas diffusion and chemical transport behaviors for different lithologies and/or different particle sizes.


Fine structure in the $$alpha$$ decay of the 8$$^{+}$$ isomer in $$^{216,218}$$U

Zhang, M. M.*; Tian, Y. L.*; Wang, Y. S.*; Zhang, Z. Y.*; Gan, Z. G.*; Yang, H. B.*; Huang, M. H.*; Ma, L.*; Yang, C. L.*; Wang, J. G.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 106(2), p.024305_1 - 024305_6, 2022/08

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:67.14(Physics, Nuclear)

The extremely neutron-deficient even-even uranium isotopes $$^{216,218}$$U were produced in the complete-fusion reactions induced by impinging $$^{40}$$Ar and $$^{40}$$Ca ions on $$^{180,182,184}$$W targets. Fusion evaporation residues were separated in flight by the gas-filled recoil separator SHANS (Spectrometer for Heavy Atoms and Nuclear Structure) and subsequently identified using the recoil-$$alpha$$-correlation method. In this paper, we report on new $$alpha$$-decay activities with $$E_{alpha} = 10163(27)$$ keV for $$^{216}$$U and $$E_{alpha} = 10073(16)$$ keV for $$^{218}$$U, which decay from the 8$$^{+}$$ isomeric states of $$^{216,218}$$U into the 2$$^{+}$$ states of their daughter nuclei $$^{212,214}$$Th, respectively. The new results extend the systematics of the $$alpha$$-decay fine structure for the $$N$$ = 124 and 126 even-even isotones.


Quasifree neutron knockout reaction reveals a small $$s$$-Orbital component in the Borromean nucleus $$^{17}$$B

Yang, Z. H.*; 久保田 悠樹*; Corsi, A.*; 吉田 数貴; Sun, X.-X.*; Li, J. G.*; 木村 真明*; Michel, N.*; 緒方 一介*; Yuan, C. X.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 126(8), p.082501_1 - 082501_8, 2021/02


 被引用回数:25 パーセンタイル:96.89(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

ボロミアン核であり中性子ハロー構造が期待される$$^{17}$$Bに対する($$p$$,$$pn$$)反応実験を行った。断面積の運動量分布を分析することで、$$1s_{1/2}$$$$0d_{5/2}$$軌道の分光学的因子を決定した。驚くべきことに、$$1s_{1/2}$$の分光学的因子は9(2)%と小さいことが明らかになった。この結果は、連続状態を含むdeformed relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov理論によってよく説明された。本研究の結果によると、現在知られているハロー構造を持つとされる原子核の中で$$^{17}$$Bは$$s$$および$$p$$軌道の成分が最も小さく、$$s$$または$$p$$軌道成分が支配的であることが必ずしもハロー構造の前提条件ではない可能性を示唆している。


Proton shell evolution below $$^{132}$$Sn; First measurement of low-lying $$beta$$-emitting isomers in $$^{123,125}$$Ag

Chen, Z. Q.*; Li, Z. H.*; Hua, H.*; 渡邉 寛*; Yuan, C. X.*; Zhang, S. Q.*; Lorusso, G.*; Orlandi, R.; 他60名*

Physical Review Letters, 122(21), p.212502_1 - 212502_6, 2019/05

 被引用回数:17 パーセンタイル:81.1(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

$$beta$$-delayed $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy of the neutron-rich isotopes $$^{123,125}$$Ag was carried out at RIBF, RIKEN. The long predicted 1/2$$^{-}$$ $$beta$$ emitting isomers were identified in both nuclei for the first time. The new experimental results extend the systematic trend of energy spacing between the lowest 9/2$$^+$$ and 1/2$$^{-}$$ levels in Ag isotopes up to N=78, providing a clear signal for the reduction of the Z=40 subshell gap in Ag towards N=82. The tensor force is found to play a key role in the reduction of the Z=40 sub-shell gap.


Energetic ion transport by microturbulence is insignificant in tokamaks

Pace, D. C.*; Austin, M. E.*; Bass, E. M.*; Budny, R.*; Heidbrink, W. W.*; Hillesheim, J. C.*; Holcomb, C. T.*; Gorelenkova, M.*; Grierson, B. A.*; McCune, D. C.*; et al.

Physics of Plasmas, 20(5), p.056108_1 - 056108_18, 2013/05

 被引用回数:32 パーセンタイル:82.82(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



Study of X-ray emission enhancement via a high-contrast femtosecond laser interacting with a solid foil

Chen, L.-M.; 神門 正城; Xu, M. H.*; Li, Y.-T.*; Koga, J. K.; Chen, M.*; Xu, H.*; Yuan, X.-H.*; Dong, Q. L.*; Sheng, Z. M.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 100(4), p.045004_1 - 045004_4, 2008/02

 被引用回数:86 パーセンタイル:92.48(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

60fsのレーザーパルスの2倍高調波を銅薄膜に照射したときにK$$alpha$$ X線の変換効率が基本波に比べて増大することを発見した。変換効率は、レーザーパルスを非線形に歪めた形状に強く依存することがわかった。変換効率は、100fsに負のチャープを与えた場合に最大となった。電子エネルギースペクトルの構造化が変換効率の増大に寄与している。シミュレーションにより、強調されたvacuum heatingの機構により高コントラストレーザーはX線発生の効率化の有用なツールであることを示した。


Thermal evolution of defects in as-grown and electron-irradiated ZnO studied by positron annihilation

Chen, Z. Q.*; Wang, S. J.*; 前川 雅樹; 河裾 厚男; 楢本 洋*; Yuan, X. L.*; 関口 隆史*

Physical Review B, 75(24), p.245206_1 - 24520_9, 2007/06

 被引用回数:61 パーセンタイル:88.02(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Experimental study on $$K$$$$_{alpha}$$ X-ray emission from intense femtosecond laser-solid interactions

Xu, M. H.*; Chen, L.-M.; Li, Y.-T.*; Yuan, X.-H.*; Liu, Y.-Q.*; 中島 一久; 田島 俊樹; Wang, Z.-H.*; Wei, Z.-Y.*; Zhao, W.*; et al.

Acta Physica Sinica, 56(1), p.353 - 358, 2007/01

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:37.88(Physics, Multidisciplinary)



Microvoid formation in hydrogen-implanted ZnO probed by a slow positron beam

Chen, Z. Q.; 河裾 厚男; Xu, Y.; 楢本 洋*; Yuan, X. L.*; 関口 隆史*; 鈴木 良一*; 大平 俊行*

Physical Review B, 71(11), p.115213_1 - 115213_8, 2005/03

 被引用回数:102 パーセンタイル:93.65(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Production and recovery of defects in phosphorus-implanted ZnO

Chen, Z. Q.; 河裾 厚男; Xu, Y.; 楢本 洋; Yuan, X. L.*; 関口 隆史*; 鈴木 良一*; 大平 俊行*

Journal of Applied Physics, 97(1), p.013528_1 - 013528_6, 2005/01

 被引用回数:145 パーセンタイル:96.49(Physics, Applied)



Hydrogen bubble formation in H-implanted ZnO studied using a slow positron beam

Chen, Z. Q.; 前川 雅樹; 河裾 厚男; 山本 春也; Yuan, X. L.*; 関口 隆史*; 鈴木 良一*; 大平 俊行*

JAERI-Review 2004-025, TIARA Annual Report 2003, p.193 - 195, 2004/11



N$$^+$$ ion-implantation-induced defects in ZnO studied with a slow positron beam

Chen, Z. Q.; 関口 隆史*; Yuan, X. L.*; 前川 雅樹; 河裾 厚男

Journal of Physics; Condensed Matter, 16(2), p.S293 - S299, 2004/01

 被引用回数:25 パーセンタイル:72.15(Physics, Condensed Matter)



Evolution of voids in Al$$^+$$-implanted ZnO probed by a slow positron beam

Chen, Z. Q.; 前川 雅樹; 山本 春也; 河裾 厚男; Yuan, X. L.*; 関口 隆史*; 鈴木 良一*; 大平 俊行*

Physical Review B, 69(3), p.035210_1 - 035210_10, 2004/01

 被引用回数:91 パーセンタイル:93.73(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Postgrowth annealing on defects in ZnO studied by positron annihilation, X-ray diffraction, rutherford backscattering, cathodoluminescence and hall measurements

Chen, Z. Q.; 山本 春也; 前川 雅樹; 河裾 厚男; Yuan, X. L.*; 関口 隆史*

Journal of Applied Physics, 94(8), p.4807 - 4812, 2003/10

 被引用回数:165 パーセンタイル:96.74(Physics, Applied)


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