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Numerical simulation of bubble hydrodynamics for pool scrubbing

岡垣 百合亜; 柴本 泰照; 和田 裕貴; 安部 諭; 日引 俊詞*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(8), p.955 - 968, 2023/08

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Pool scrubbing is an important filtering process that prevents radioactive aerosols from entering the environment in the event of severe accidents in a nuclear reactor. In this process of transporting aerosol particles using bubbles, bubble hydrodynamics plays a crucial role in modeling pool scrubbing and significantly affects particle removal in a bubble. The pool scrubbing code based on Lumped Parameter (LP) approach includes the particle removal model, and its hydrodynamic parameters are determined based on simple assumptions. We aim to apply the three-dimensional Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach to understand the detailed bubble interaction. This study validated the applicability of the CFD simulation to bubble hydrodynamics at the flow transition from a globule to a swarm region, which is critical in the stand-alone pool scrubbing code-SPARC-90. Two types of solvers based on the Volume Of Fluid (VOF) and the Simple Coupled Volume Of Fluid with Level Set (S-CLSVOF) methods were used to capture the gas-liquid interface in the CFD simulation. We used the experimental data for validation. As a result, the VOF and S-CLSVOF methods accurately predicted the bubble size and void fraction distributions. In addition, we confirmed that the bubble rise velocity of the S-CLSVOF method almost agreed with the experimental results.


Reaction of Np, Am, and Cm ions with CO$$_{2}$$ and O$$_{2}$$ in a reaction cell in triple quadrupole inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

風間 裕行; 小無 健司*; 鈴木 達也*; 小山 真一; 前田 宏治; 関尾 佳弘; 大西 貴士; 阿部 千景*; 鹿籠 康行*; 永井 康介*

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 38(8), p.1676 - 1681, 2023/07

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Ultratrace analysis is crucial for understanding fuel debris in a nuclear reactor core after severe accidents. Triple quadrupole inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry measured the ion-molecule reactions of actinides ($$^{237}$$Np, $$^{241}$$Am, and $$^{244}$$Cm) in a reaction cell. These nuclides were included in the fuel debris. A gas-phase ion-molecule reaction model has been developed to simulate the gas-phase reactions in the reaction cell. The model simulation results correlate well with the flow rate dependence of experimental data accurately. Reaction constants derived from the model were compared with those reported values by Fourier transform ion-cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry to evaluate the performance of the model. The similarity between the two reaction constants was found.


Local electronic structure of interstitial hydrogen in MgH$$_2$$ inferred from muon study

門野 良典*; 平石 雅俊*; 岡部 博孝*; 幸田 章宏*; 伊藤 孝

Journal of Physics; Condensed Matter, 35(28), p.285503_1 - 285503_13, 2023/07

Magnesium hydride has great potential as a solid hydrogen (H) storage material because of its high H storage capacity of 7.6 wt%. However, its slow hydrogenation and dehydrogenation kinetics and the high temperature of 300 $$^circ$$C required for decomposition are major obstacles to small-scale applications such as automobiles. The local electronic structure of interstitial H in MgH$$_2$$ is an important fundamental knowledge in solving this problem, which has been studied mainly based on density functional theory (DFT). However, few experimental studies have been performed to assess the results of DFT calculations. We have therefore introduced muon (Mu) as pseudo-H into MgH$$_2$$ and investigated the corresponding interstitial H states by analyzing their electronic and dynamical properties in detail. As a result, we observed multiple Mu states similar to those observed in wide-gap oxides, and found that their electronic states can be attributed to relaxed-excited states associated with donor/acceptor levels predicted by the recently proposed ambipolarity model. This provides an indirect support for the DFT calculations on which the model is based via the donor/acceptor levels. An important implication of the muon results for improved hydrogen kinetics is that dehydrogenation, serving as a reduction for hydrides, stabilises the interstitial H$$^-$$ state.



涌井 隆; 高岸 洋一*; 二川 正敏; 田邉 誠*

実験力学, 23(2), p.168 - 174, 2023/06



HTTR1次ヘリウム循環機フィルタの差圧上昇事象,1; 差圧上昇事象の原因調査

根本 隆弘; 荒川 了紀; 川上 悟; 長住 達; 横山 佳祐; 渡部 雅; 大西 貴士; 川本 大樹; 古澤 孝之; 猪井 宏幸; et al.

JAEA-Technology 2023-005, 33 Pages, 2023/05


HTTR (High Temperature engineering Test Reactor) RS-14サイクルの原子炉出力降下において、ヘリウムガス循環機のフィルタ差圧が上昇傾向となった。この原因を調査するため、1次ヘリウム純化設備のガス循環機の分解点検等を実施した結果、ガス循環機内のシリコンオイルミストがチャコールフィルタの性能低下で捕集できなくなり、1次系統に混入したためと推定された。今後は、フィルタ交換を実施するとともに、さらなる調査を進め、再発防止対策を策定する予定である。


Atmospheric ammonia deposition and its role in a cool-temperate fragmented deciduous broad-leaved forest

堅田 元喜*; 山口 高志*; 渡辺 誠*; 福島 慶太郎*; 中山 理智*; 永野 博彦*; 小嵐 淳; 舘野 隆之輔*; 久保田 智大

Atmospheric Environment, 298, p.119640_1 - 119640_12, 2023/04

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Moderately elevated reactive nitrogen (Nr) deposition due to anthropogenic activities can have an impact on forest production via throughfall and canopy retention processes. Forest fragmentation can increase dry deposition of atmospheric ammonia volatilized from agricultural areas, and consequently increase spatial variability of Nr deposition even within the same forest (edge effect). However, little is known about the edge effect and its impact on forest production in a deciduous broad-leaved forest in Asian countries. Here, we performed the field observations of atmospheric concentration and deposition of inorganic Nr gases and particles in a Japanese fragmented forest from May 2018 to April 2019. The results demonstrated that annual dry deposition of ammonia was dominant in the annual total dissolved inorganic Nr deposition at the forest edge, including the edge effect. Additionally, agricultural activities such as fertilization in the area surrounding the forest likely enhanced the potential of canopy retention of NH$$_{4}$$$$^{+}$$, known as Nr species readily absorbed by tree canopy.


Short-range spin order in paramagnetic AgCrSe$$_{2}$$

中村 惇平*; 川北 至信; 岡部 博孝*; Li, B.*; 下村 浩一郎*; 末益 崇*

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 175, p.111199_1 - 111199_8, 2023/04

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Muon spin rotation ($$mu$$SR) experiments were performed to directly investigate the temperature dependence of the short-range order or correlations of chromium spins in the paramagnetic phase of AgCrSe$$_{2}$$. The detailed investigation of the $$mu$$SR spectra over a wide temperature range from low to high temperatures revealed that the short-range spin correlations developed below about 184 K. It also confirmed no short-range correlations at high temperatures, which had been controversial in previous quasi-elastic neutron scattering studies. In addition, the muon spin relaxation was qualitatively changed and showed large missing asymmetry below about 89 K, where the correlation clearly implied short-range spin order. There could be a preparative phenomenon of the phase transition or an anisotropic short-range spin correlation.


Fact-finding survey on the competencies and literacy of radiological technologists regarding radiation disasters

新井 知大*; 村田 歩*; 渡邊 雄一*; 石原 敏裕*; 深水 良哉*; 武田 聡司*; 江端 清和*; 渡邊 裕貴; 高島 良生*; 金子 順一*

Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology, 31(2), p.237 - 245, 2023/03

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CityTransformer; A Transformer-based model for contaminant dispersion prediction in a realistic urban area

朝比 祐一; 小野寺 直幸; 長谷川 雄太; 下川辺 隆史*; 芝 隼人*; 井戸村 泰宏

Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 34 Pages, 2023/01

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Development of HCl-free solid phase extraction combined with ICP-MS/MS for rapid assessment of difficult-to-measure radionuclides, 2; Highly sensitive monitoring of $$^{126}$$Sn in concrete rubble

Do, V. K.; 古瀬 貴広; 太田 祐貴; 岩橋 弘之; 廣沢 孝志; 渡辺 将久; 佐藤 宗一

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 331(12), p.5631 - 5640, 2022/12

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$$^{126}$$Snは2011年の福島第一原子力発電所事故により環境中に放出された可能性のある長半減期核分裂生成物であり、こうした核種のモニタリングは周辺環境及び放射性廃棄物を適切に管理・処理していくために重要である。本研究では、TEVA resinによるHClフリーな固相抽出分離とICPタンデム質量分析計(ICP-MS/MS)を組み合わせた放射性ガレキ中の$$^{126}$$Sn分析手法を提案した。TEVA resinによるコンクリートマトリクスからのSnの回収率は95%以上であった。同重体である$$^{126}$$Te及び試料マトリクスに由来する多原子イオンによるスペクトル干渉は、固相抽出による化学分離とICP-MS/MSとの組み合わせにより効果的に低減することができ、Teの除染係数は10$$^{5}$$に達した。本手法でのコンクリートマトリクスにおける$$^{126}$$Snの方法定量下限値は、12.1pg g$$^{-1}$$(6.1mBq g$$^{-1}$$)となり、コンクリートガレキ中の$$^{126}$$Snを分析する手法として十分な感度を有することを確認した。


Comparison of the therapeutic effects of [$$^{211}$$At]NaAt and [$$^{131}$$I]NaI in an NIS-expressing thyroid cancer mouse model

渡部 直史*; Liu, Y.*; 兼田 加珠子*; 佐藤 達彦; 白神 宜史*; 大江 一弘*; 豊嶋 厚史*; 下瀬川 恵久*; Wang, Y.*; 羽場 宏光*; et al.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Internet), 23(16), p.9434_1 - 9434_11, 2022/08

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小野寺 直幸; 井戸村 泰宏; 長谷川 雄太; 下川辺 隆史*; 青木 尊之*

計算工学講演会論文集(CD-ROM), 27, 4 Pages, 2022/06




朝比 祐一; 小野寺 直幸; 長谷川 雄太; 下川辺 隆史*; 芝 隼人*; 井戸村 泰宏

計算工学講演会論文集(CD-ROM), 27, 5 Pages, 2022/06

都市風況解析コードCityLBMをAMD社のMI100 GPUへと移植し、CityLBMの性能をNVIDIA P100, V100, A100およびAMD MI100において測定した。ホスト間でのMPI通信を利用した場合、CityLBMの性能はMI100においてV100と比べ20%程度向上した。適合細分化格子法に起因する補間カーネルを除く演算カーネルでは、MI100においてV100と比べ性能向上を確認した。


Effect of uniaxial tensile strain on binding energy of hydrogen atoms to vacancy-carbon-hydrogen complexes in $$alpha$$-iron

平山 真太郎*; 佐藤 紘一*; 加藤 太治*; 岩切 宏友*; 山口 正剛; 渡辺 淑之*; 野澤 貴史*

Nuclear Materials and Energy (Internet), 31, p.101179_1 - 101179_9, 2022/06

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$$alpha$$-clustering in atomic nuclei from first principles with statistical learning and the Hoyle state character

大塚 孝治; 阿部 喬*; 吉田 亨*; 角田 佑介*; 清水 則孝*; 板垣 直之*; 宇都野 穣; Vary, J. P.*; Maris, P.*; 上野 秀樹*

Nature Communications (Internet), 13, p.2234_1 - 2234_10, 2022/04

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A Storm-induced flood and associated nearshore dispersal of the river-derived suspended $$^{137}$$Cs

内山 雄介*; 徳永 夏樹*; 東 晃平*; 上平 雄基; 津旨 大輔*; 岩崎 理樹*; 山田 正俊*; 立田 穣*; 石丸 隆*; 伊藤 友加里*; et al.

Science of the Total Environment, 816, p.151573_1 - 151573_13, 2022/04

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Development of reacting jet evaluation model based on engineering approaches with particle method for improvement of LEAP-III code

小坂 亘; 内堀 昭寛; 高田 孝; 柳沢 秀樹*; 渡部 晃*; Jang, S.*

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 11 Pages, 2022/03



Unstructured-mesh simulation of sodium-water reaction in tube bundle system by SERAPHIM code

内堀 昭寛; 椎名 祥己*; 渡部 晃*; 高田 孝*

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 12 Pages, 2022/03



Variation in formation and migration of self-interstitial atom clusters in electron irradiated copper with material purity and specimen preparation method

佐藤 裕樹*; 阿部 陽介; 大久保 賢二*; 谷岡 隆志*

Philosophical Magazine, 102(12), p.1152 - 1172, 2022/00

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PSTEP: Project for solar-terrestrial environment prediction

草野 完也*; 一本 潔*; 石井 守*; 三好 由純*; 余田 成男*; 秋吉 英治*; 浅井 歩*; 海老原 祐輔*; 藤原 均*; 後藤 忠徳*; et al.

Earth, Planets and Space (Internet), 73(1), p.159_1 - 159_29, 2021/12

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:59.36(Geosciences, Multidisciplinary)


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