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Eustatic change modulates exhumation in the Japanese Alps

King, G. E.*; Ahadi, F.*; 末岡 茂; Herman, F.*; Anderson, L.*; Gautheron, C.*; 塚本 すみ子*; Stalder, N.*; Biswas, R.*; Fox, M.*; et al.

Geology, 51(2), p.131 - 135, 2023/02

The exhumation of bedrock is controlled by the interplay between tectonics, surface processes, and climate. The highest exhumation rates of centimeters per year are recorded in zones of highly active tectonic convergence such as the Southern Alps of New Zealand or the Himalayan syntaxes, where high rock uplift rates combine with very active surface processes. Using a combination of different thermochronometric systems including trapped-charge thermochronometry, we show that such rates also occur in the Hida Mountain Range, Japanese Alps. Our results imply that centimeter per year rates of exhumation are more common than previously thought. Our thermochronometry data allow the development of time series of exhumation rate changes at the time scale of glacial-interglacial cycles, which show a fourfold increase in baseline rates to rates of $$sim$$10 mm/yr within the past $$sim$$65 k.y. This increase in exhumation rate is likely explained by knickpoint propagation due to a combination of very high precipitation rates, climatic change, sea-level fall, range-front faulting, and moderate rock uplift. Our data resolve centimeter-scale sub-Quaternary exhumation rate changes, which show that in regions with horizontal convergence, coupling between climate, surface processes, and tectonics can exert a significant and rapid effect on rates of exhumation.


${it Arabidopsis thaliana}$ Y-family DNA polymerase $$eta$$ catalyses translesion synthesis and interacts functionally with PCNA2

Anderson, H.*; Vonarx, E.*; Pastushok, L.*; 中川 繭; 片渕 淳*; Gruz, P.*; Rubbo, A.*; Grice, D.*; Osmond, M.*; 坂本 綾子; et al.

Plant Journal, 55(6), p.895 - 908, 2008/09

 被引用回数:42 パーセンタイル:72.7(Plant Sciences)

We assessed the roles of ${it Arabidopsis thaliana}$ ${it POLH, PCNA1}$ and ${it PCNA2}$ in TLS mediated UV resistance. ${it Arabidopsis}$ ${it POLH}$ defective mutants sensitized growth of roots and whole plants to UV radiation indicating AtPol$$eta$$ contributes to UV resistance. ${it POLH}$ alone did not complement the UV sensitivity conferred by deletion of yeast ${it RAD30}$, although AtPol$$eta$$ exhibited cyclobutane dimer bypass activity and interacted with yeast PCNA in vitro. Co-expression of ${it POLH}$ and ${it PCNA2}$, but not ${it PCNA1}$, restored normal UV resistance and mutation kinetics in the ${it rad30}$ mutant. A single residue difference at site 201, which lies adjacent to the lysine ubiquitylated in PCNA, appeared responsible for the inability of PCNA1 to function with AtPol$$eta$$ in UV treated yeast. PCNA interacting protein boxes and an ubiquitin-binding motif in AtPol$$eta$$ were found to be required for restoration of UV resistance in the ${it rad30}$ mutant by ${it POLH}$ and ${it PCNA2}$. These observations indicate AtPol$$eta$$ can catalyse TLS past UV induced DNA damage, and link the biological activity of AtPol$$eta$$ in UV irradiated cells to PCNA2 and PCNA-and ubiquitin-binding motifs in AtPol$$eta$$.


New limits on the ordered moments in $$alpha$$-Pu and Ga-stabilized $$delta$$-Pu

Heffner, R. H.; Morris, G. D.*; Fluss, M. J.*; Chung, B.*; MacLaughlin, D. E.*; Shu, L.*; Anderson, J. E.*

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 374-375, p.163 - 166, 2006/03

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:38.5(Physics, Condensed Matter)



$$mu$$SR studies of the superconducting order parameter in PuCoGa$$_5$$

Morris, G. D.*; Heffner, R. H.; Bauer, E. D.*; Morales, L. A.*; Sarrao, J. L.*; Fluss, M. J.*; MacLaughlin, D. E.*; Shu, L.*; Anderson, J. E.*

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 374-375, p.180 - 183, 2006/03

 被引用回数:15 パーセンタイル:56.38(Physics, Condensed Matter)

We present transverse-field (TF) measurements of the in-plane magnetic-field penetration depth $$lambda (T)$$ in single-crystalline PuCoGa$$_5$$ for 0.06 T applied filed. We find that the temperature dependence of the superfluid density, and therefore $$Deltalambda (T)=lambda (T)-lambda (0)$$, is $$propto T$$ for $$T/T_c le 0.5$$. We estimate that the measured $$lambda (0)=241(3)$$ nm. Zero-field (ZF) measurements find no evidence for time-reversal symmetry violation. The ZF and TF measurements are consistent with an even-parity (pseudo-spin singlet), d-wave paring state.


Critical slowing down in the geometrically frustrated pyrochlore antiferromagnet Gd$$_2$$Ti$$_2$$O$$_7$$

MacLaughlin, D. E.*; Rose, M. S.*; Anderson, J. E.*; Shu, L.*; Heffner, R. H.; 木村 剛*; Morris, G. D.*; Bernal, O. O.*

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 374-375, p.142 - 144, 2006/03

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:18.02(Physics, Condensed Matter)



Spin freezing and non-glassy dynamics in Ce$$_{0.2}$$La$$_{0.8}$$RhIn$$_5$$

MacLaughlin, D. E.*; Shu, L.*; Anderson, J. E.*; Heffner, R. H.; Morris, G. D.*; Bernal, O. O.*; Kim, J. S.*; Stewart, G. R.*

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 378-380, p.144 - 145, 2006/02

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Physics, Condensed Matter)

Zero-field muon spin relaxation ($$mu$$SR) in non-Fermi liquid Ce$$_{0.2}$$La$$_{0.8}$$RhIn$$_5$$ reveals disordered spin freezing with a sharp transition at 0.16 K. The frozen moment at $$T=0$$ is estimated as $$sim$$0.13 $$mu_B$$/Ce, an order of magnitude smaller than found from thermodynamic data at higher fields and temperatures. Longitudinal-field $$mu$$SR exhibits no dynamic relaxation at any temperature, showing that the spin freezing is not accompanied by the slow spin fluctuations found in spin glasses above the glass temperature and in other disordered non-Fermi liquid systems.


Penetration depth study in the heavy-fermion superconductor PrOs$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$

Shu, L.*; MacLaughlin, D. E.*; Heffner, R. H.; Callaghan, F. D.*; Sonier, J. E.*; Morris, G. D.*; Bernal, O. O.*; Bosse, A.*; Anderson, J. E.*; Yuhasz, W. M.*; et al.

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 374-375, p.247 - 250, 2006/01

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:31.27(Physics, Condensed Matter)

The penetration depth $$lambda$$ in the filled-skutterudite heavy-fermion superconductor PrOs$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$ has been measured using transverse-field muon spin rotation (TF-$$mu$$SR). It is found to be temperature-independent at low temperatures, consistent with a nonzero gap for point nodes in the gap. A $$sim$$10$$%$$ discrepancy is found at low temperatures. This may be due to mechanisms that modify the vortex-state field distribution, or to the surface scattering which breaks pairs in an odd-parity superconductor. Alternatively, it may be a matter of field orientation of nodal gap structure in the $$mu$$SR measurements.


TSTA/FCU-JFCU tritium experiment on breeding blanket interface under the collaboration of JAERI-US/DOE (extended Annex IV); March 1993

榎枝 幹男; 山西 敏彦; 山田 正行; 小西 哲之; 奥野 健二; Willms, R. S.*; Taylor, D.*; W.Harbin*; Bartlit, J. R.*; Anderson, J. L.*

JAERI-Research 95-034, 29 Pages, 1995/05


原研は、日米核融合研究協力協定Annex IV延長に基づき米国ロスアラモス国立研究所のTSTAにおいて非定常運転対応核融合炉燃料循環系実証試験及び増殖ブランケットトリチウム回収系模擬試験を行ってきた。本試験は、TSTA FCUの低温モレキュラーシーブ塔とJFCUのパラヂウム拡散器を組み合わせた世界初の増殖ブランケットトリチウム回収系に関するトリチウムを用いた、模擬実証試験であった。試験の結果、トリチウムを含む模擬ブランケットパージガス(流量12.6l/min)を低温吸着方式で3時間以上にわたって精製回収し、回収されたトリチウムガスを3時間以内にパラヂウム拡散器で純化する運転が可能であることが実証された。本報告は、この試験結果について詳細に解析、検討したものである。


Tritium evacuation performance of a large oil-free reciprocating pump

林 巧; 山田 正行; 小西 哲之; 松田 祐二; 奥野 健二; J.E.Nasise*; R.S.Dahlin*; Anderson, J. L.*

Fusion Engineering and Design, 28, p.357 - 361, 1995/00

 被引用回数:11 パーセンタイル:71.91(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Operation of a simulated non-steady tokamak fuel loop using the tritium systems test assembly

小西 哲之; 山西 敏彦; 榎枝 幹男; 林 巧; 大平 茂; 山田 正行; 鈴木 卓美; 奥野 健二; Sherman, R. H.*; Willms, R. S.*; et al.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 28, p.258 - 264, 1995/00

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:43.46(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Test of the scroll pump in the JAERI fuel cleanup system in the Tritium Systems Test Assembly; JFCU scroll pump test and result, JFCU stand alone tritium test 2

林 巧; 小西 哲之; 大平 茂; 中村 博文; 井上 雅彦*; 渡辺 哲郎*; 平田 一弘*; 成瀬 雄二; 奥野 健二; Barnes, J. W.*; et al.

JAERI-M 93-094, 54 Pages, 1993/03




Tritium test of the tritium processing components under the Annex III US-Japan collaboration; Annex III final report

小西 哲之; 吉田 浩; 成瀬 雄二; K.E.Binning*; R.V.Carlson*; Bartlit, J. R.*; Anderson, J. L.*

JAERI-M 93-090, 21 Pages, 1993/03




Tests of the JAERI fuel cleanup system with deuterium at the Tritium Systems Test Assembly; JFCU stand alone deuterium test, JFCU stand alone deuterium test 2

小西 哲之; 大平 茂; 林 巧; 井上 雅彦*; 渡辺 哲郎*; 成瀬 雄二; 奥野 健二; Barnes, J. W.*; W.Harbin*; Bartlit, J. R.*; et al.

JAERI-M 93-089, 46 Pages, 1993/03




Test of the palladium diffuser in the JAERI fuel cleanup system in the Tritium Systems Test Assembly

小西 哲之; 大平 茂; 林 巧; 渡辺 哲郎*; 井上 雅彦*; 成瀬 雄二; 奥野 健二; Barnes, J. W.*; W.Harbin*; Bartlit, J. R.*; et al.

JAERI-M 93-088, 18 Pages, 1993/03




Test of the cold traps in the JAERI fuel cleanup system in the Tritium Systems Test Assembly

大平 茂; 小西 哲之; 成瀬 雄二; 奥野 健二; Barnes, J. W.*; W.Harbin*; Bartlit, J. R.*; Anderson, J. L.*

JAERI-M 93-087, 29 Pages, 1993/03




Design of the JAERI fuel cleanup system for the tritium systems test assembly; System design description of the JAERI fuel cleanup system

小西 哲之; 林 巧; 成瀬 雄二; 奥野 健二; R.V.Carlson*; Anderson, J. L.*

JAERI-M 93-086, 40 Pages, 1993/03




Joint operation of TSTA under the collaboration between JAERI and DOE; TSTA loop run October 1990, from October 1990 tritium run test plan and result, TTA-TP-100-19

小西 哲之; 大平 茂; 井上 雅彦*; 渡辺 哲郎*; 成瀬 雄二; 奥野 健二; Barnes, J. W.*; Sherman, R. H.*; Bartlit, J. R.*; Anderson, J. L.*

JAERI-M 93-085, 40 Pages, 1993/03




Joint operation of the TSTA under the collaboration between JAERI and U.S.-DOE; Detail performance of the J-FCU, 25 days extended TSTA loop operation on April-May 1992

林 巧; 小西 哲之; 中村 博文; 井上 雅彦*; 平田 一弘*; 奥野 健二; 成瀬 雄二; Barnes, J. W.*; W.Harbin*; Anderson, J. L.*; et al.

JAERI-M 93-084, 32 Pages, 1993/03




Joint operation of the TSTA under the collaboration between JAERI and U.S.-DOE; TSTA extended loop operation with 100 grams of tritium on April-May, 1992

林 巧; 中村 博文; 小西 哲之; 井上 雅彦*; 平田 一弘*; 奥野 健二; 成瀬 雄二; Anderson, J. L.*; Sherman, R. H.*; Willms, R. S.*; et al.

JAERI-M 93-083, 54 Pages, 1993/03




JAERI fuel cleanup system (J-FCU) stand-alone tritium test at the TSTA; J-FCU tritium test with full impurities on February, 1992

林 巧; 中村 博文; 小西 哲之; 井上 雅彦*; 平田 一弘*; 奥野 健二; 成瀬 雄二; Barnes, J. W.*; W.Harbin*; Bartlit, J. R.*; et al.

JAERI-M 93-082, 32 Pages, 1993/03



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