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Magnetic and electrical properties of the ternary compound U$$_2$$Ir$$_3$$Si$$_5$$ with one-dimensional uranium zigzag chains

Li, D. X.*; 本多 史憲*; 三宅 厚志*; 本間 佳哉*; 芳賀 芳範; 仲村 愛*; 清水 悠晴*; Maurya, A.*; 佐藤 芳樹*; 徳永 将史*; et al.

Physical Review B, 99(5), p.054408_1 - 054408_9, 2019/02

Physical properties of the single-crystalline U$$_2$$Ir$$_3$$Si$$_5$$, a new ternary uranium compound with U$$_2$$Co$$_3$$Si$$_5$$-type orthorhombic structure, are investigated by means of magnetic susceptibility, specific heat and electrical resistivity. This compound undergoes an antiferromagnetic transition followed by a first-order phase transition at lower temperature. A possible mechanism of the first-order transition is the occurrence of a magnetic magnetic quadrupolar order, resulting from the quasi-one-dimensional uranium zigzag chain.


Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, 2; Neutron scattering instruments

中島 健次; 川北 至信; 伊藤 晋一*; 阿部 淳*; 相澤 一也; 青木 裕之; 遠藤 仁*; 藤田 全基*; 舟越 賢一*; Gong, W.*; et al.

Quantum Beam Science (Internet), 1(3), p.9_1 - 9_59, 2017/12



Superconducting and Fermi surface properties of single crystal Zr$$_2$$Co

照屋 淳志*; 垣花 将司*; 竹内 徹也*; 青木 大*; 本多 史憲*; 仲村 愛*; 芳賀 芳範; 松林 和幸*; 上床 美也*; 播磨 尚朝*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 85(3), p.034706_1 - 034706_10, 2016/03

 パーセンタイル:100(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Superconducting characteristics and Fermi surfaces of Zr$$_2$$Co are experimentally studied on a single crystal sample grown by Bridgman technique. Thermodynamic quantities in the superconducting state such as specific heat and magnetization show deviation from a single-gap the BCS model and can be attributed on the band structure with the dominant contribution of Zr-4$$d$$ and Co-3$$d$$ components.



永井 良治; 羽島 良一; 静間 俊行; 森 道昭; 赤木 智哉*; 小菅 淳*; 本田 洋介*; 荒木 栄*; 照沼 信浩*; 浦川 順治*

Proceedings of 12th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.1328 - 1330, 2015/09

コンパクトERL(cERL)においてエネルギー回収型リニアックを基盤とするレーザーコンプトン散乱(LCS)光源のために必要な加速器およびレーザーについての技術開発を行った。ERL-LCS光源のような高強度,エネルギー可変,単色光源は非破壊核種分析に必要な光源である。ERL-LCS光源による光子生成実証のために、cERLの回収ループにレーザーエンハンスメント共振器を設置した。電子ビームエネルギー,レーザー波長,衝突角はそれぞれ、20MeV, 1064nm, 18$$^{circ}$$である。LCS光子の最大エネルギーは約7keVである。感度領域17mm$$^{2}$$のシリコンドリフト検出器を衝突点から16.6mの位置でのLCS光子の観測に用いた。その計測の結果、検出器での強度、中心エネルギー、エネルギー広がりはそれぞれ、1200/s, 6.91keV, 81eVであった。


JT-60SA superconducting magnet system

小出 芳彦; 吉田 清; Wanner, M.*; Barabaschi, P.*; Cucchiaro, A.*; Davis, S.*; Decool, P.*; Di Pietro, E.*; Disset, G.*; Genini, L.*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 55(8), p.086001_1 - 086001_7, 2015/08

 被引用回数:17 パーセンタイル:11.94(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



Demonstration of high-flux photon generation from an ERL-based laser Compton photon source

永井 良治; 羽島 良一; 森 道昭; 静間 俊行; 赤木 智哉*; 荒木 栄*; 本田 洋介*; 小菅 淳*; 照沼 信浩*; 浦川 順治*

Proceedings of 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC '15) (Internet), p.1607 - 1609, 2015/06

コンパクトERL(cERL)においてエネルギー回収型リニアックを基盤とするレーザーコンプトン散乱(LCS)光源のために必要な加速器およびレーザーについての技術開発を行った。ERL-LCS光源のような高強度、エネルギー可変、単色光源は非破壊核種分析に必要な光源である。ERL-LCS光源による光子生成実証のために、cERL回収ループにレーザーエンハンスメント共振器を設置した。電子ビームエネルギー、レーザー波長、衝突角はそれぞれ、20MeV, 1064nm, 18deg.である。LCS光子の最大エネルギーは約7keVである。感度領域17mm$$^{2}$$のシリコンドリフト検出器を衝突点から16.6mの位置でのLCS光子の観測に用いた。その計測の結果、検出器での強度、中心エネルギー、エネルギー広がりはそれぞれ、1200/s, 6.91keV, 81eVであった。


X-ray absorption spectroscopy and novel electronic properties in heavy fermion compounds YbT$$_{2}$$Zn$$_{20}$$ (T: Rh and Ir)

本多 史憲*; 広瀬 雄介*; 三宅 厚志*; 水牧 仁一朗*; 河村 直己*; 筒井 智嗣*; 綿貫 徹; 渡辺 真仁*; 竹内 徹也*; 摂待 力生*; et al.

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 592(1), p.012021_1 - 012021_5, 2015/03

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:43.74

重い電子系化合物YbT$$_{2}$$Zn$$_{20}$$(T: Rh and Ir)について、X線吸収分光法によりYb価数観察を行った。いずれの化合物でもYb価数は温度依存性を示し、約100K以下で冷却とともにYb価数が減少する変化が見られた。これは、同型化合物であるYbCo$$_{2}$$Zn$$_{20}$$において温度依存性が見られないこととは対照的な結果である。



永井 良治; 羽島 良一; 森 道昭; 静間 俊行; 赤木 智哉*; 小菅 淳*; 本田 洋介*; 浦川 順治*

Proceedings of 11th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.1328 - 1331, 2014/10




永井 良治; 羽島 良一; 森 道昭; 静間 俊行; 赤木 智哉*; 小菅 淳*; 本田 洋介*; 浦川 順治*

Proceedings of 11th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.839 - 842, 2014/10



Construction of a laser Compton scattered photon source at cERL

永井 良治; 羽島 良一; 森 道昭; 静間 俊行; 赤木 智哉*; 本田 洋介*; 小菅 淳*; 浦川 順治*

Proceedings of 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC '14) (Internet), p.1940 - 1942, 2014/07



Neutron-sensitive ZnS/$$^{10}$$B$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$ ceramic scintillator detector as an alternative to a $$^{3}$$He-gas-based detector for a plutonium canister assay system

中村 龍也; 大図 章; 藤 健太郎; 坂佐井 馨; 鈴木 浩幸; 本田 克徳; 美留町 厚; 海老根 守澄; 山岸 秀志*; 高瀬 操; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 763, p.340 - 346, 2014/05

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:72.96(Instruments & Instrumentation)



A Position-sensitive tubular scintillator-based detector as an alternative to a $$^{3}$$He-gas-based detector for neutron-scattering instruments

中村 龍也; 片桐 政樹*; 藤 健太郎; 本田 克徳; 鈴木 浩幸; 海老根 守澄; 美留町 厚; 坂佐井 馨; 曽山 和彦

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 741, p.42 - 46, 2014/03

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:43.1(Instruments & Instrumentation)



A Scintillator-based detector with sub-100-$$mu$$m spatial resolution comprising a fibre-optic taper with wavelength-shifting fibre readout for time-of-flight neutron imaging

中村 龍也; 藤 健太郎; 川崎 卓郎; 本田 克徳; 鈴木 浩幸; 海老根 守澄; 美留町 厚; 坂佐井 馨; 曽山 和彦; 片桐 政樹*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 737, p.176 - 183, 2014/02

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:30.82(Instruments & Instrumentation)

A scintillator-based neutron-counting imaging detector with a sub-100-$$mu$$m spatial resolution was developed for energy-selective neutron imaging. The detector head of the detector comprised a thin ZnS/$$^{6}$$LiF scintillator screen, a fibre-optic taper and crossed wavelength-shifting (WLS) fibre arrays. The developed detector had a pixel size of 34 $$mu$$m $$times$$ 34 $$mu$$m, and exhibited spatial FWHM resolutions of 80 $$mu$$m and 61 $$mu$$m in the x and y directions, respectively. A small prototype detector demonstrated the capability of neutron imaging using Bragg edges of a Cu/Fe sample when using the pulsed-neutron source in the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex.


Feeder components and instrumentation for the JT-60SA magnet system

吉田 清; 木津 要; 村上 陽之; 神谷 宏治; 本田 敦; 大西 祥広; 古川 真人; 淺川 修二; 倉持 勝也; 栗原 研一

Fusion Engineering and Design, 88(9-10), p.1499 - 1504, 2013/10

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:46.51(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Simulation study of L/H transition with self-consistent integrated modelling of core and SOL/divertor transport

矢木 雅敏; 清水 勝宏; 滝塚 知典; 本多 充; 林 伸彦; 星野 一生; 福山 淳*

Contributions to Plasma Physics, 52(5-6), p.372 - 378, 2012/06

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:74.44(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

We have developed a self-consistent integrated modelling of core and SOL/divertor transport. Thereby it enables us to investigate operation scenarios to be compatible with high confinement core plasma and detached divertor plasmas. A 1.5D core code TOPICS-IB and a 2D divertor code SONIC were coupled successively with a Multiple Program Multiple Data parallel computing system. For an integrated code including Monte-Carlo calculations, this system makes it possible to perform efficient simulations. The dynamic simulation for the L/H transition in JT-60SA is carried out by this integrated code with a CDBM transport model including the E$$times$$B shearing effect. Impacts of SOL/divertor transport on the L/H transition is studied.


Multi-fluid transport equations on the flux coordinates in tokamaks

本多 充; 福山 淳*; 中島 徳嘉*

Europhysics Conference Abstracts (Internet), 36F, p.P5.014_1 - P5.014_4, 2012/00

The one-dimensional multi-fluid transport code TASK/TX is used to investigate the physics regarding rotation, radial current and the radial electric field. Unlike conventional diffusive transport codes, its equation system is more fundamental in that the code directly solves the momentum equations for all species plus Maxwell's equations. The main drawback to the code is that the basis equations are built on the cylindrical coordinates. Neoclassical effects have already been incorporated and its validity has been confirmed, but any geometrical effects have not entered yet. In this study, we derive the equations on the axisymmetric flux coordinates in a manner consistent with the current TASK/TX concept. The equations are projected onto the radial, poloidal ant toroidal directions in the current framework. In the flux coordinates, however, we have to project the equations of motion onto the radial, parallel and toroidal direction because of the neoclassical nature of a toroidal plasma.


Characteristic heavy fermion properties in YbCu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$ and YbT$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$ (T: Co, Rh, Ir)

大貫 惇睦; 安井 慎一*; 松下 昌輝*; 吉内 伸吾*; 大家 政洋*; 広瀬 雄介*; Dung, N. D.*; 本多 史憲*; 竹内 徹也*; 摂待 力生*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 80(Suppl.A), p.SA003_1 - SA003_6, 2011/12

We studied the Fermi surface properties of YbCu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$ and YbCu$$_2$$Ge$$_2$$ with the tetragonal structure by measuring the de Haas-van Alphen (dHvA) oscillations, together with the energy band calculations. It was clarified that 4f electrons contribute to the Fermi surface of a valence fluctuating compound YbCu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$, but not to that of a divalent compound YbCu$$_2$$Ge$$_2$$. We also studied the heavy fermion properties of YbT$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$ (T: Co, Rh, Ir) with the cubic caged structure. The metamagnetic behavior or an abrupt nonlinear increase of magnetization was observed. By measuring the electrical resistivity under pressure and magnetic field, we clarified that the electronic state close to the quantum critical point is realized in YbIr$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$ at 5.2 GPa and also YbCo$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$ at ambient pressure.


On the neoclassical relationship between the radial electric field and radial current in tokamak plasmas

本多 充; 福山 淳*; 中島 徳嘉*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 80(11), p.114502_1 - 114502_14, 2011/11

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:66.9(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The equation is analytically derived, stipulating the relationship between the radial electric field $$E_r$$ and radial current $$j_r$$ in tokamak plasmas, especially when heated by neutral beam injection. On a very short time scale compared to the decay in poloidal rotation, the polarization current $$j_mathrm{p}$$ compensates for the non-ambipolar fast-ion radial current, $$j_r^mathrm{fast}$$, producing a concomitant time change in $$E_r$$. This $$j_mathrm{p}$$ predominates among the constituents of $$j_r$$ that produces the $$vec{j}timesvec{B}$$ torque. On a longer time scale, $$E_r$$ should be estimated through a force balance equation. In a steady state, transport of toroidal momentum plays a dominant role in balancing the torque induced by $$j_r^mathrm{fast}$$. Analytical work demonstrates that the basis equations of the one-dimensional transport code TASK/TX essentially have the capability to reproduce the phenomena derived, which is subsequently confirmed by numerical simulation.


Development of high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) fuel in Japan

植田 祥平; 相原 純; 沢 和弘; 安田 淳*; 本田 真樹*; 降旗 昇*

Progress in Nuclear Energy, 53(7), p.788 - 793, 2011/09

 被引用回数:15 パーセンタイル:16.14(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Current ramps in tokamaks; From present experiments to ITER scenarios

Imbeaux, F.*; Citrin, J.*; Hobirk, J.*; Hogeweij, G. M. D.*; K$"o$chl, F.*; Leonov, V. M.*; 宮本 斉児; 中村 幸治*; Parail, V.*; Pereverzev, G. V.*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 51(8), p.083026_1 - 083026_11, 2011/08

 被引用回数:30 パーセンタイル:14.1(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

In order to prepare adequate current ramp-up and ramp-down scenarios for ITER, present experiments from various tokamaks have been analysed by means of integrated modelling in view of determining relevant heat transport models for these operation phases. A set of empirical heat transport models for L-mode has been validated on a multi-machine experimental dataset for predicting the $$l_i$$ dynamics within $$pm$$0.15 accuracy during current ramp-up and ramp-down phases. The most accurate heat transport models are then applied to projections to ITER current ramp-up, focusing on the baseline inductive scenario (main heating plateau current of $$I_p = 15$$ MA). These projections include a sensitivity study to various assumptions of the simulation. While the heat transport model is at the heart of such simulations, more comprehensive simulations are required to test all operational aspects of the current ramp-up and ramp-down phases of ITER scenarios. Recent examples of such simulations, involving coupled core transport codes, free-boundary equilibrium solvers and a poloidal field (PF) systems controller are also described, focusing on ITER current ramp-down.

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