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Journal Articles

Latent ion tracks were finally observed in diamond

Amekura, Hiroshi*; Chettah, A.*; Narumi, Kazumasa*; Chiba, Atsuya*; Hirano, Yoshimi*; Yamada, Keisuke*; Yamamoto, Shunya*; Leino, A. A.*; Djurabekova, F.*; Nordlund, K.*; et al.

Nature Communications (Internet), 15, p.1786_1 - 1786_10, 2024/02

Injecting high-energy heavy ions in the electronic stopping regime into solids can create cylindrical damage zones called latent ion tracks. Although these tracks form in many materials, none have ever been observed in diamond, even when irradiated with high-energy GeV uranium ions. Here we report the first observation of ion track formation in diamond irradiated with 2-9 MeV C$$_{60}$$ fullerene ions. Depending on the ion energy, the mean track length (diameter) changed from 17 (3.2) nm to 52 (7.1) nm. High resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (HR-STEM) indicated the amorphization in the tracks, in which $$pi$$-bonding signal from graphite was detected by the electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).

Journal Articles

Strain-induced crystallization and phase separation used for fabricating a tough and stiff slide-ring solid polymer electrolyte

Hashimoto, Kei*; Shiwaku, Toru*; Aoki, Hiroyuki; Yokoyama, Hideaki*; Mayumi, Koichi*; Ito, Kozo*

Science Advances (Internet), 9(47), p.eadi8505_1 - eadi8505_8, 2023/11

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:52.07(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

Journal Articles

Introduction to Neutron Radiography Facilities at the Japan Research Reactor-3

Kurita, Keisuke; Iikura, Hiroshi; Tsuchikawa, Yusuke; Kai, Tetsuya; Shinohara, Takenao; Odaira, Naoya*; Ito, Daisuke*; Saito, Yasushi*; Matsubayashi, Masahito

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 2605, p.012005_1 - 012005_6, 2023/10

The Japan Research Ractor-3 (JRR-3) is operation resumed on February 26, 2021, and the shared use was also restarted in July, 2021. With the resumption of JRR-3 operation, two imaging facilities called TNRF and CNRF have also resumed their utilization. In this presentation, we report the details of these two neutron facilities.

Journal Articles

Measurements of gas-liquid two-phase flow dynamics using high-speed neutron imaging

Ito, Daisuke*; Odaira, Naoya*; Ito, Kei*; Saito, Yasushi*; Kurita, Keisuke; Iikura, Hiroshi

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 2605, p.012024_1 - 012024_6, 2023/10

Gas-liquid two-phase flow appears in many heat-exchanging devices. To understand the phenomena in such devices, the two-phase flow dynamics should be clarified. In this study, high-speed neutron imaging is applied to the measurements of two-phase flow dynamics, and the accuracy of the void fraction measurement is investigated.

Journal Articles

Development of tracer particles for thermal hydraulic experiment by neutron imaging

Saito, Yasushi*; Ito, Daisuke*; Odaira, Naoya*; Kurita, Keisuke; Iikura, Hiroshi

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 2605, p.012028_1 - 012028_6, 2023/10

To observe flow velocity distributions by Neutron Imaging, suitable tracer is necessary. The requirements are its density, its visibility, and its wettability (if applied to liquid metal). Gold cadmium tracers have been developed for the Pb-Bi two-phase flow, however, the visibility have not been verified depending on the particle size and the measurement system. As the candidates of tracer particles, Ag, Cd, Au-Cd, and Ag-Cd have been tested by varying its compositions and its diameters. Results show enough visibility if the particles size is larger than 1mm. In addition, Cd tracer particles were applied to the fluidized bed, where the bed materials are metallic particle made of stainless steel, with 1mm diameter. The diameter of Cd trace is about 1.5 mm. From the neutron imaging, the visibility of the tracers is enough to measure the velocity distributions in the fluidized bed.

Journal Articles

First observation of $$^{28}$$O

Kondo, Yosuke*; Achouri, N. L.*; Al Falou, H.*; Atar, L.*; Aumann, T.*; Baba, Hidetada*; Boretzky, K.*; Caesar, C.*; Calvet, D.*; Chae, H.*; et al.

Nature, 620(7976), p.965 - 970, 2023/08

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:92.64(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Intruder configurations in $$^{29}$$Ne at the transition into the island of inversion; Detailed structure study of $$^{28}$$Ne

Wang, H.*; Yasuda, Masahiro*; Kondo, Yosuke*; Nakamura, Takashi*; Tostevin, J. A.*; Ogata, Kazuyuki*; Otsuka, Takaharu*; Poves, A.*; Shimizu, Noritaka*; Yoshida, Kazuki; et al.

Physics Letters B, 843, p.138038_1 - 138038_9, 2023/08

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:68.16(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Detailed $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy of the exotic neon isotope $$^{28}$$Ne has been performed using the one-neutron removal reaction from $$^{29}$$Ne. Based on an analysis of parallel momentum distributions, a level scheme with spin-parity assignments has been constructed for $$^{28}$$Ne and the negative-parity states are identified for the first time. The measured partial cross sections and momentum distributions reveal a significant intruder p-wave strength providing evidence of the breakdown of the N = 20 and N = 28 shell gaps. Only a weak, possible f-wave strength was observed to bound final states. Large-scale shell-model calculations with different effective interactions do not reproduce the large p-wave and small f-wave strength observed experimentally, indicating an ongoing challenge for a complete theoretical description of the transition into the island of inversion along the Ne isotopic chain.

JAEA Reports

Development of wide range monitor for HTTR; Improvement for heat resistance performance against heat cycle

Kozawa, Takayuki; Suganuma, Takuro; Homma, Fumitaka; Higashimura, Keisuke*; Ukai, Takayuki*; Saito, Kenji

JAEA-Technology 2023-007, 24 Pages, 2023/06


To improve the reliability of the HTTR wide range monitor in a high-temperature environment, structural changes of the wide range monitor were investigated. It was clear that the structure for directly joins of the MI cable core wire and metal tube instead of the joins with lead wire is the most reliable method with shortest way. From a result of the thermal cycle tests and high temperature endurance tests for a mock-up connecting this connection parts, it was clear that the soundness of the connection part was maintained under the usage conditions of the HTTR.

JAEA Reports

Differential pressure rise event for filters of HTTR primary helium gas circulators, 1; Investigation of differential pressure rise event

Nemoto, Takahiro; Arakawa, Ryoki; Kawakami, Satoru; Nagasumi, Satoru; Yokoyama, Keisuke; Watanabe, Masashi; Onishi, Takashi; Kawamoto, Taiki; Furusawa, Takayuki; Inoi, Hiroyuki; et al.

JAEA-Technology 2023-005, 33 Pages, 2023/05


During shut down of the HTTR (High Temperature engineering Test Reactor) RS-14 cycle, an increasing trend of filter differential pressure for the helium gas circulator was observed. In order to investigate this phenomenon, the blower of the primary helium purification system was disassembled and inspected. As a result, it is clear that the silicon oil mist entered into the primary coolant due to the deterioration of the charcoal filter performance. The replacement and further investigation of the filter are planning to prevent the reoccurrence of the same phenomenon in the future.

Journal Articles

Measurement of void fraction distribution in a sphere-packed bed using X-ray imaging

Yamamoto, Seishiro*; Odaira, Naoya*; Ito, Daisuke*; Ito, Kei*; Saito, Yasushi*; Imaizumi, Yuya; Matsuba, Kenichi; Kamiyama, Kenji

Konsoryu, 37(1), p.79 - 85, 2023/03

Journal Articles

Visualization of gas-liquid interfacial behavior in a narrow channel using high-speed neutron imaging

Ito, Daisuke*; Odaira, Naoya*; Ito, Kei*; Saito, Yasushi*; Kurita, Keisuke; Iikura, Hiroshi

Konsoryu, 37(1), p.73 - 78, 2023/03

Gas-liquid two-phase flow is a very complicated flow phenomenon that involves the interaction between gas and liquid phases. Recently, an accurate simulation technique of two-phase flow has been developed. However, the validation of the simulated results is insufficient due to less experimental data. It is especially difficult to measure interfacial behavior with significant spatiotemporal fluctuation. To understand such phenomena, measurement methods with high spatial and temporal resolutions are required. Neutron imaging is a powerful tool for two-phase flow visualization. In this study, two-phase flow in the narrow rectangular channel was visualized by high-speed neutron imaging.

Journal Articles

Nonlinear magnon polaritons

Lee, O.*; Yamamoto, Kei; Umeda, Maki; Zollitsch, C. W.*; Elyasi, M.*; Kikkawa, Takashi*; Saito, Eiji; Bauer, G. E. W.*; Kurebayashi, Hidekazu*

Physical Review Letters, 130(4), p.046703_1 - 046703_6, 2023/01

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:80.44(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

X-ray magnetic circular dichroism study of iron-intercalated transition-metal dichalcogenide Fe$$_x$$TaS$$_2$$ with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy; Comparison with Fe$$_x$$TiS$$_2$$

Shibata, Goro; Won, C.*; Kim, J.*; Nonaka, Yosuke*; Ikeda, Keisuke*; Wan, Y.*; Suzuki, Masahiro*; Koide, Tsuneharu*; Tanaka, Arata*; Cheong, S.-W.*; et al.

Photon Factory Activity Report 2022 (Internet), 2 Pages, 2023/00

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Measurements of pressure drop and void fraction of air-water two-phase flow in a sphere-packed bed

Yamamoto, Seishiro*; Odaira, Naoya*; Ito, Daisuke*; Ito, Kei*; Saito, Yasushi*; Imaizumi, Yuya; Matsuba, Kenichi; Kamiyama, Kenji

Proceedings of 12th Japan-Korea Symposium on Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics and Safety (NTHAS12) (Internet), 4 Pages, 2022/10

Journal Articles

Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors

Ohshima, Hiroyuki; Morishita, Masaki*; Aizawa, Kosuke; Ando, Masanori; Ashida, Takashi; Chikazawa, Yoshitaka; Doda, Norihiro; Enuma, Yasuhiro; Ezure, Toshiki; Fukano, Yoshitaka; et al.

Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors; JSME Series in Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation, Vol.3, 631 Pages, 2022/07

This book is a collection of the past experience of design, construction, and operation of two reactors, the latest knowledge and technology for SFR designs, and the future prospects of SFR development in Japan. It is intended to provide the perspective and the relevant knowledge to enable readers to become more familiar with SFR technology.

Journal Articles

Magnetoelastic anisotropy in Heusler-type Mn$$_{2-delta}$$CoGa$$_{1+delta}$$ films

Kubota, Takahide*; Takano, Daichi*; Kota, Yohei*; Mohanty, S.*; Ito, Keita*; Matsuki, Mitsuhiro*; Hayashida, Masahiro*; Sun, M.*; Takeda, Yukiharu; Saito, Yuji; et al.

Physical Review Materials (Internet), 6(4), p.044405_1 - 044405_12, 2022/04

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:59.75(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Evaluation of gas entrainment flow rate by free surface vortex

Torikawa, Tomoaki*; Odaira, Naoya*; Ito, Daisuke*; Ito, Kei*; Saito, Yasushi*; Matsushita, Kentaro; Ezure, Toshiki; Tanaka, Masaaki

Konsoryu, 36(1), p.63 - 69, 2022/03

On free surface of a sodium cooled fast reactor, gas entrainment can be caused by free surface vortices, which may result in disturbance in core power. It is important to develop an evaluation model to predict accurately entrained gas flow rate. In this study, entrained gas flow rate a simple gas entrainment experiment is conducted with focusing on effect of pressure difference between upper and lower tanks. Pressure difference between upper and lower tanks are controlled by changing gas pressure in lower tank. As a result, it is confirmed that the entrained gas flow rate increases with increasing pressure difference between upper and lower tanks. By visualization of swirling annular flow in suction pipe, it is also observed that pressure drop in suction pipe increases with increase in entrained gas flow rate, which implies that entrained gas flow rate can be predicted by evaluation model based on pressure drop in swirling annular flow region.

Journal Articles

"Live-autoradiography" technique reveals genetic variation in the rate of Fe uptake by barley cultivars

Higuchi, Kyoko*; Kurita, Keisuke; Sakai, Takuro; Suzui, Nobuo*; Sasaki, Minori*; Katori, Maya*; Wakabayashi, Yuna*; Majima, Yuta*; Saito, Akihiro*; Oyama, Takuji*; et al.

Plants (Internet), 11(6), p.817_1 - 817_11, 2022/03

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:37.57(Plant Sciences)

Genetic diversity in the rate of Fe uptake by plants has not been broadly surveyed among plant species or genotypes, although plants have developed various Fe acquisition mechanisms. We adopted the "Live-autoradiography" technique with radioactive $$^{59}$$Fe to directly evaluate the uptake rate of Fe by barley cultivars from a nutrient solution containing a very low concentration of Fe. Our observations revealed that the ability to acquire Fe from the low Fe solution was not always the sole determinant of tolerance to Fe deficiency among the barley genotypes.

JAEA Reports

Annual report on the environmental radiation monitoring around the Tokai Reprocessing Plant FY2020

Nakada, Akira; Nakano, Masanao; Kanai, Katsuta; Seya, Natsumi; Nishimura, Shusaku; Nemoto, Masashi; Tobita, Keiji; Futagawa, Kazuo; Yamada, Ryohei; Uchiyama, Rei; et al.

JAEA-Review 2021-062, 163 Pages, 2022/02


Environmental radiation monitoring around the Tokai Reprocessing Plant has been performed by the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories, based on "Safety Regulations for the Reprocessing Plant of Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Chapter IV - Environmental Monitoring". This annual report presents the results of the environmental monitoring and the dose estimation to the hypothetical inhabitant due to the radioactivity discharged from the plant to the atmosphere and the sea during April 2020 to March 2021. In this report, some data include the influence of the accidental release from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (the trade name was changed to Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. on April 1, 2016) in March 2011. Appendices present comprehensive information, such as monitoring programs, monitoring methods, monitoring results and their trends, meteorological data and discharged radioactive wastes. In addition, the data which were influenced by the accidental release and exceeded the normal range of fluctuation in the monitoring, were evaluated.

Journal Articles

PSTEP: Project for solar-terrestrial environment prediction

Kusano, Kanya*; Ichimoto, Kiyoshi*; Ishii, Mamoru*; Miyoshi, Yoshizumi*; Yoden, Shigeo*; Akiyoshi, Hideharu*; Asai, Ayumi*; Ebihara, Yusuke*; Fujiwara, Hitoshi*; Goto, Tadanori*; et al.

Earth, Planets and Space (Internet), 73(1), p.159_1 - 159_29, 2021/12

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:51.19(Geosciences, Multidisciplinary)

The PSTEP is a nationwide research collaboration in Japan and was conducted from April 2015 to March 2020, supported by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. It has made a significant progress in space weather research and operational forecasts, publishing over 500 refereed journal papers and organizing four international symposiums, various workshops and seminars, and summer school for graduate students at Rikubetsu in 2017. This paper is a summary report of the PSTEP and describes the major research achievements it produced.

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