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Detailed visualization of radioactive hotspots inside the Unit 1 reactor building of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station using an integrated Radiation Imaging System mounted on a Mecanum wheel robot

佐藤 優樹; 寺阪 祐太; 大浦 正利*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 61(7), p.856 - 870, 2024/07

In the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, understanding the distribution of radioactive substances and dose-equivalent rates is crucial to develop detailed decontamination plans and minimize worker exposure. In this study, we remotely visualized radioactive hotspots and dose-equivalent rate distribution in Unit 1 reactor building of the station using a Mecanum wheel robot equipped with a Compton camera, simultaneous localization and mapping device, and survey meter. We successfully visualized high-concentration radiation hotspots on the U-shaped piping of the drywell humidity control system and the atmospheric control piping in the ceiling in front of the transverse in-core probe room. Furthermore, the hotspot location was identified in three dimensions using the Compton camera used to analyze the atmospheric control piping. By simultaneously analyzing the dose-equivalent rate data acquired by the survey meter and the hotspot locations visualized by the Compton camera, it was confirmed that the hotspots caused elevated dose-equivalent rates in the surrounding area. Using this robot system in unexplored areas, such as the higher floors of reactor buildings, in future will enable us to obtain information on radiation hotspot locations and dose-equivalent rate distribution.


Development of a radioactive substance detection system integrating a Compton camera and a LiDAR camera with a hexapod robot

佐藤 優樹; 角藤 壮*; 田中 孝幸*; 嶋野 寛之*; 諸橋 裕子; 畠山 知圭*; 中島 準作; 石山 正弘

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 1063, p.169300_1 - 169300_7, 2024/06

A system for locating radioactive substances using a hexapod robot equipped with a Compton camera and light detection and ranging camera was developed, and its performance evaluation test was conducted at FUGEN, a nuclear facility owned by Japan Atomic Energy Agency. In the test, by projecting images of radioactive substances acquired with the Compton camera onto a three-dimensional model of the work environment acquired with a light detection and ranging camera, the locations where radioactive substances have accumulated and the dose rate is higher than the surrounding area were successfully visualized and identified.



野口 弘喜; 佐藤 博之; 西原 哲夫; 坂場 成昭

化学工学, 88(5), p.211 - 214, 2024/05



First demonstration of a single-end readout position-sensitive optical fiber radiation sensor inside the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station based on wavelength-resolving analysis

寺阪 祐太; 佐藤 優樹; 瓜谷 章*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 1062, p.169227_1 - 169227_6, 2024/05

We have developed a new position-sensitive optical fiber radiation sensor that achieves single-end readout and high dose rate application. The sensor determines the incident position of radiation on the optical fiber by using the wavelength dependency of light attenuation within the fiber. Through the analysis of the output wavelength spectrum from the fiber end, the incident position of radiation on the optical fiber can be inversely estimated using the spectrum unfolding procedure. Using this optical fiber sensor, we conducted a measurement of radiation distribution inside the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS). The actual trend of incident position of radiation was successfully reproduced in a high dose rate area, with a maximum dose rate exceeding 100 mSv/h. This validates the effectiveness of our new position-sensitive optical fiber radiation sensor.


Production rates of long-lived radionuclides $$^{10}$$Be and $$^{26}$$Al under direct muon-induced spallation in granite quartz and its implications for past high-energy cosmic ray fluxes

櫻井 敬久*; 紅林 泰*; 鈴木 颯一郎*; 堀内 一穂*; 高橋 唯*; 堂下 典弘*; 菊地 聡*; 門叶 冬樹*; 岩田 尚能*; 田島 靖*; et al.

Physical Review D, 109(10), p.102005_1 - 102005_18, 2024/05

銀河宇宙線の永年変化は銀河の活動に密接に関係しており、局所的な銀河磁場・星間雲・超新星残骸の近くの環境が反映される。高エネルギー銀河宇宙線によって大気中で生成される高エネルギーミューオンは、深い地層まで透過し、岩石中に放射性同位体を生成する。$$^{10}$$Beや$$^{26}$$Alのような長寿命の放射性核種は岩石中に蓄積されるため、高エネルギーミューオンの収量の長期変動、ひいては数百万年間の高エネルギー銀河宇宙線(GCR)の長期変動の調査に利用できる。本研究では、CERN SPSのCOMPASS実験ラインにて、160GeV/cの正ミューオンを合成石英プレートと花崗岩コアに照射して、岩石中の$$^{10}$$Beと$$^{26}$$Alの生成断面積を測定した。更に、ミューオンが直接起こす核破砕反応とミューオンが生成した二次粒子が引き起こす反応が、岩石中での長寿命核種の生成にそれぞれどの程度寄与するかを明らかにした。


宇宙天気研究に基づく社会インフラ防護と被害予測,4; 航空機被ばく

佐藤 達彦; 久保 勇樹*

プラズマ・核融合学会誌, 100(5), p.218 - 223, 2024/05



The Impact of dose rate on responses of human lens epithelial cells to ionizing irradiation

松谷 悠佑; 佐藤 達彦; 谷内 淑恵*; 伊達 広行*; 浜田 信行*

Scientific Reports (Internet), 14, p.12160_1 - 12160_14, 2024/05



Determination of $$^{90}$$Sr in highly radioactive aqueous samples via conversion to a kinetically stable 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-1,4,7,10-tetraacetic acid complex followed by concentration-separation-fractionation based on capillary electrophoresis-liquid scintillation

大内 和希; 原賀 智子; 廣瀬 和生*; 黒澤 結香*; 佐藤 義行; 渋川 雅美*; 齋藤 伸吾*

Analytica Chimica Acta, 1298, p.342399_1 - 342399_7, 2024/04

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Existence of local polar domains in perovskite oxyfluoride, BaFeO$$_2$$F

勝又 哲裕*; 鈴木 涼*; 佐藤 直人*; 小田 良哉*; 本山 慎吾*; 鈴木 俊平*; 中島 護*; 稲熊 宜之*; 森 大輔*; 相見 晃久*; et al.

Chemistry of Materials, 36(8), p.3697 - 3704, 2024/04



東海再処理施設周辺の環境放射線モニタリング結果; 2022年度

國分 祐司; 中田 陽; 瀬谷 夏美; 小池 優子; 根本 正史; 飛田 慶司; 山田 椋平*; 内山 怜; 山下 大智; 永井 信嗣; et al.

JAEA-Review 2023-046, 164 Pages, 2024/03




Application of transition-edge sensors for micro-X-ray fluorescence measurements and micro-X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy; a case study of uranium speciation in biotite obtained from a uranium mine

蓬田 匠; 橋本 直; 奥村 拓馬*; 山田 真也*; 竜野 秀行*; 野田 博文*; 早川 亮大*; 岡田 信二*; 高取 沙悠理*; 磯部 忠昭*; et al.

Analyst, 149(10), p.2932 - 2941, 2024/03

本研究では、ウラン鉱山より採取した黒雲母に含まれるUの分布状態と化学種を分析するため、超電導転移端センサー(TES)をマイクロビーム蛍光X線分光分析時の検出器として用いる手法を開発した。通常のシリコンドリフト検出器(SDD)の約220 eVのエネルギー分解能の蛍光X線スペクトルでは、13.615 keVのU L$$alpha$$$$_{1}$$線の蛍光X線と13.395 keVのRb K$$alpha$$線の蛍光X線を分離することは困難であった。一方、TESを用いることにより13 keVのエネルギー領域で50 eVのエネルギー分解能が達成され、U L$$alpha$$$$_{1}$$とRb K$$alpha$$の蛍光X線を完全に分離することができた。このTESを用いたピーク分離により、マイクロ蛍光X線分析における微量Uの正確なマッピング解析と、マイクロX線吸収端近傍構造分光における信号対バックグラウンド比の減少を達成できた。


Changes in molecular conformation and electronic structure of DNA under $$^{12}$$C ions based on first-principles calculations

関川 卓也; 松谷 悠佑; Hwang, B.*; 石坂 優人*; 川井 弘之*; 大野 義章*; 佐藤 達彦; 甲斐 健師

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 548, p.165231_1 - 165231_6, 2024/03

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西塔 祐稀*; 石渡 翔丸*; 堀内 美里*; 西木 悠人*; 菊池 亮佑*; 大竹 翼*; 川喜田 竜平; 高山 裕介; 三ツ井 誠一郎; 佐藤 努*

資源・素材講演集(インターネット), 11(1), 7 Pages, 2024/03



Development of failure mitigation technologies for improving resilience of nuclear structures, 1; Failure mitigation by passive safety structures without catastrophic failure

笠原 直人*; 山野 秀将; 中村 いずみ*; 出町 和之*; 佐藤 拓哉*; 一宮 正和*

Transactions of the 27th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT 27) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2024/03



Dissolution behavior and aging of iron-uranium oxide

頓名 龍太郎*; 佐々木 隆之*; 岡本 芳浩; 小林 大志*; 秋山 大輔*; 桐島 陽*; 佐藤 修彰*

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 589, p.154862_1 - 154862_10, 2024/02

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Measurement of the neutron capture cross section of $$^{185}$$Re in the keV energy region

片渕 竜也*; 佐藤 八起*; 武部 花凛*; 井頭 政之*; 梅澤 征悟*; 藤岡 諒*; 齋藤 辰宏*; 岩本 信之

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 61(2), p.224 - 229, 2024/02

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Measurements of the neutron capture cross section of $$^{185}$$Re have been limited in the keV energy region. In addition, existing measured data have discrepancies. In this study, the neutron time-of-flight method was employed to measure the capture cross section of $$^{185}$$Re at Tokyo Institute of Technology. The capture $$gamma$$-rays were detected with a large volume NaI(Tl) detector. The pulse-height weighting technique was applied to obtain the capture yield. The present results were corrected for neutron scattered effects and impurities in the sample. The measured cross sections were determined with the standard capture cross section of gold in the energy range from 15 to 90 keV, and compared with measured and evaluated data. The results of the measurement provided improved accuracy relative to previous studies in the keV energy range.


Development of contamination detection system combined with various remote devices

森下 祐樹; 宮村 浩子; 佐藤 優樹; 大浦 正利*

Radiation Measurements, 171, p.107064_1 - 107064_7, 2024/02

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Radioactivity estimation of multiple radiation sources using a Compton camera to investigate radioactively contaminated objects

佐藤 優樹

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 203, p.111083_1 - 111083_9, 2024/01

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At the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS), radioactive substances released during the accident were deposited on various equipment and building structures. During the decommissioning work, an investigation of the deposition of radioactive substances inside the contaminated equipment and structures can provide information on the cause and progression of the accident. This study introduces a quantitative evaluation method of radioactivity using a Compton camera, a type of gamma-ray imager, to investigate the deposition and contamination level of radioactive substances on contaminated objects at the FDNPS. Multiple $$^{137}$$Cs radiation sources with varying radioactivity were placed horizontally in one dimension within the field of view of the Compton camera, and a proof-of-principle study was conducted to evaluate the radioactivity of each source quantitatively.


$$^{149}$$Sm synchrotron-radiation-based M$"{o}$ssbauer spectroscopy of Sm-based heavy fermion compounds

筒井 智嗣; 東中 隆二*; 水牧 仁一朗*; 小林 義男*; 中村 仁*; 伊藤 孝; 依田 芳卓*; 松田 達磨*; 青木 勇二*; 佐藤 英行*

Interactions (Internet), 245, p.9_1 - 9_10, 2024/01

$$^{149}$$Sm synchrotron-radiation-based M$"{o}$ssbauer spectroscopy has been applied to Sm-based heavy fermion intermetallics, Sm$$Tr_2$$Al$$_{20}$$ ($$Tr$$ = Ti, V and Cr) and SmOs$$_{4}$$Sb$$_{12}$$. The isomer shifts obtained demonstrate that the Sm valence states in these compounds are intermediate. Since the difference of the isomer shifts in 22.502 keV $$^{149}$$Sm M$"{o}$ssbauer effect between Sm$$^{2+}$$ and Sm$$^{3+}$$ state is comparable to the 2nd order Doppler shift, consideration of the 2nd order Doppler shift is required to precisely discuss Sm valence state through the shifts of the M$"{o}$ssbauer spectra. In addition, the plots of the isomer shifts obtained by the M$"{o}$ssbauer spectroscopy against the Sm valence states estimated from Sm L-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy exhibit a linear correlation except for that in SmOs$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$. This implies that the origin of the intermediate valence state in SmOs$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$ differs from that in Sm$$Tr_2$$Al$$_{20}$$ ($$Tr$$ = Ti, V and Cr).



佐藤 優樹

知能と情報, 35(4), p.81 - 86, 2023/11

福島第一原子力発電所(1F)事故により1Fサイト内外に飛散・沈着した放射性物質の分布を3次元的に可視化するために、放射性物質可視化カメラであるコンプトンカメラに、3次元測域センサを基盤とした環境認識デバイスやドローンを組み合わせた統合型放射線イメージングシステムiRIS(アイリス: integrated Radiation Imaging System)の開発を進めている。本稿では、iRISのコンセプトおよびその原理を説明するとともに、1Fサイト内ならびに帰還困難区域におけるホットスポット可視化の実証例を紹介する。

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