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Origin of magnetically dead layers in spinel ferrites $$M$$Fe$$_2$$O$$_4$$ grown on Al$$_2$$O$$_3$$; Effects of postdeposition annealing studied by XMCD

野中 洋亮*; 若林 勇希*; 芝田 悟朗; 坂本 祥哉*; 池田 啓祐*; Chi, Z.*; Wan, Y.*; 鈴木 雅弘*; 田中 新*; 田中 雅明*; et al.

Physical Review Materials (Internet), 7(4), p.044413_1 - 044413_10, 2023/04


We study the electronic and magnetic states of as-grown and annealed $$M$$Fe$$_2$$O$$_4$$(111)/Al$$_2$$O3(111) ($$M =$$Co, Ni) thin films with various thicknesses grown on Si(111) substrates with the $$gamma$$-Al$$_2$$O$$_3$$(111)buffer layers by using X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD), to investigate magnetically dead layers in these films. Although the magnetically dead layers in the as-grown samples are formed near the interface with the Al$$_2$$O$$_3$$ buffer layer, we reveal that ferrimagnetic order is partially recovered by postdeposition annealing at 973 K for 48 hours in air. By analyzing the line shapes of the XAS and XMCD spectra, we conclude that, in the dead layers, there are a significant number of vacancies at the $$T_d$$ sites of the spinel structure, which may be the microscopic origin of the degraded ferrimagnetic order in the $$M$$Fe$$_2$$O$$_4$$ thin films.


Oxygen reduction activity and interfacial structures of La$$_{0.8}$$Sr$$_{0.2}$$CoO$$_{3}$$ at initial electrochemical process in an alkaline solution

松崎 陽*; 平山 雅章*; Oguchi, Shoya*; 粉生 守*; 池澤 篤憲*; 鈴木 耕太*; 田村 和久; 荒井 創*; 菅野 了次*

Electrochemistry (Internet), 90(10), p.107001_1 - 107001_8, 2022/10

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Hyperfine splitting and nuclear spin polarization in NdPd$$_5$$Al$$_2$$ and Nd$$_3$$Pd$$_{20}$$Ge$$_6$$

目時 直人; 柴田 薫; 松浦 直人*; 北澤 英明*; 鈴木 博之*; 山内 宏樹; 萩原 雅人; Frontzek, M. D.*; 松田 雅昌*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 91(5), p.054710_1 - 054710_6, 2022/05

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NdPd$$_5$$Al$$_2$$におけるNdの超微細相互作用分裂を高分解能の中性子非弾性散乱によって研究した。Nd核の核スピン($$I$$=7/2)と、$$|pm9/2rangle$$の軌道が主成分の$$Gamma_6$$基底状態を示す4$$f$$電子との間の超微細相互作用によって、磁気秩序相において生じた超微細相互作用分裂に起因する中性子非弾性散乱ピークを、$$hbaromega$$ = $$pm$$3$$mu$$eVのエネルギーに観察した。低温では、Nd核スピンの低エネルギー状態の占拠確率が増加することによりNd核スピンが偏極し、反強磁性散乱ピーク強度に寄与するが、その際、中性子の非スピン反転過程の寄与が最も大きい。この現象の応用として反強磁性散乱ピーク強度の温度変化から、Nd$$_3$$Pd$$_{20}$$Ge$$_6$$のNd磁気モーメント及び超微細相互作用分裂の大きさを見積もることに成功した。


Fundamental study on scheduling of inspection process for fast reactor plants

鈴木 正昭*; 伊藤 真理*; 橋立 竜太; 高橋 慧多; 矢田 浩基; 高屋 茂

2020 9th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI 2020), p.797 - 801, 2021/07

To realize the reasonable and effective maintenance of nuclear power plants, it is essential to optimize the maintenance scheduling management from the viewpoints of both safety and efficiency. As a fundamental study, we propose an inspection-process-scheduling model that minimizes the total number of inspections in a fast reactor. In this study, we formulate the inspection-process-scheduling problem as an integer programming problem. Computing the inspection-process schedules for a simplified fast reactor plant model, we verified that the proposed model can provide the optimal schedule automatically.


Alternation of magnetic anisotropy accompanied by metal-insulator transition in strained ultrathin manganite heterostructures

小林 正起*; Anh, L. D.*; 鈴木 雅弘*; 金田-高田 真悟*; 竹田 幸治; 藤森 伸一; 芝田 悟朗*; 田中 新*; 田中 雅明*; 大矢 忍*; et al.

Physical Review Applied (Internet), 15(6), p.064019_1 - 064019_10, 2021/06

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A fundamental understanding of the interfacial magnetic properties in ferromagnetic heterostructures is essential for utilizing ferromagnetic materials for spintronic device applications. Here, we investigate the interfacial magnetic and electronic structures of epitaxial single-crystalline LaAlO$$_3$$(LAO)/La$$_{0.6}$$Sr$$_{0.4}$$MnO$$_3$$(LSMO)/Nb:SrTiO$$_3$$(Nb:STO) heterostructures with varying LSMO layer thicknesses, in which the magnetic anisotropy strongly changes with the LSMO thickness due to the delicate balance between strains originating from both the Nb:STO and LAO layers, using X-ray magnetic circular dichroism and photoemission spectroscopy. We successfully detect the clear change of the magnetic behavior of the Mn ions concomitant with the thickness-dependent metal-insulator transition. Our results suggest that the double-exchange interaction induces ferromagnetism in the metallic LSMO film under tensile strain caused by the STO substrate, while the superexchange interaction determines the magnetic behavior in the insulating LSMO film under compressive strain originating from the top LAO layer. The change in strain, depending on LSMO layer thickness, is confirmed by scanning transmission electron microscopy. Based on those findings, the formation of a magnetic dead layer near the LAO/LSMO interface is attributed to competition between the superexchange interaction via Mn $$3d_{3z^2-r^2}$$ orbitals under compressive strain and the double-exchange interaction via the $$3d_{x^2-y^2}$$ orbitals. These findings provide key aspects of ferromagnetic oxide heterostructures for the development of spintronic device applications.


Thermally altered subsurface material of asteroid (162173) Ryugu

北里 宏平*; Milliken, R. E.*; 岩田 隆浩*; 安部 正真*; 大竹 真紀子*; 松浦 周二*; 高木 靖彦*; 中村 智樹*; 廣井 孝弘*; 松岡 萌*; et al.

Nature Astronomy (Internet), 5(3), p.246 - 250, 2021/03

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Reactions of the Li$$_{2}$$MnO$$_{3}$$ cathode in an all-solid-state thin-film battery during cycling

引間 和浩*; 日沼 洋陽*; 清水 啓佑*; 鈴木 耕太*; 田港 聡*; 平山 雅章*; 増田 卓也*; 田村 和久; 菅野 了次*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13(6), p.7650 - 7663, 2021/02

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山口 正秋; 加藤 智子; 鈴木 祐二*; 牧野 仁史

原子力バックエンド研究(CD-ROM), 27(2), p.72 - 82, 2020/12



Development and application of a $$^3$$He neutron spin filter at J-PARC

奥平 琢也; 奥 隆之; 猪野 隆*; 林田 洋寿*; 吉良 弘*; 酒井 健二; 廣井 孝介; 高橋 慎吾*; 相澤 一也; 遠藤 仁*; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 977, p.164301_1 - 164301_8, 2020/10

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We are developing a neutron polarizer with polarized $$^3$$He gas, referred to as a $$^3$$He spin filter, based on the Spin Exchange Optical Pumping (SEOP) for polarized neutron scattering experiments at Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) of Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC). A $$^3$$He gas-filling station was constructed at J-PARC, and several $$^3$$He cells with long spin relaxation times have been fabricated using the gas-filling station. A laboratory has been prepared in the MLF beam hall for polarizing $$^3$$He cells, and compact pumping systems with laser powers of 30 W and 110 W, which can be installed onto a neutron beamline, have been developed. A $$^3$$He polarization of 85% was achieved at a neutron beamline by using the pumping system with the 110 W laser. Recently, the first user experiment utilizing the $$^3$$He spin filter was conducted, and there have been several more since then. The development and utilization of $$^3$$He spin filters at MLF of J-PARC are reported.


The $$f$$-electron state of the heavy fermion superconductor NpPd$$_5$$Al$$_2$$ and the isostructural family

目時 直人; Aczel, A. A.*; 青木 大*; Chi, S.*; Fernandez-Baca, J. A.*; Griveau, J.-C.*; 萩原 雅人*; Hong, T.*; 芳賀 芳範; 池内 和彦*; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 30, p.011123_1 - 011123_6, 2020/03



An Experimental setup for creating and imaging $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ excimer cluster tracers in superfluid helium-4 via neutron-$$^{3}$$He absorption reaction

Sonnenschein, V.*; 辻 義之*; 國立 將真*; 久保 渉*; 鈴木 颯*; 富田 英生*; 鬼柳 善明*; 井口 哲夫*; 松下 琢*; 和田 信雄*; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 91(3), p.033318_1 - 033318_12, 2020/03

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For the purpose of future visualization of the flow field in superfluid helium-4, clusters of the triplet state excimer $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ are generated along the micro-scale recoil tracks of the neutron-absorption reaction n + $$^{3}$$He $$rightarrow$$ $$^{3}$$T + p. This reaction is induced by neutron irradiation of the $$^{3}$$He fraction contained in natural isotopic abundance liquid helium with neutron beams either from the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (JPARC)/Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility or from the Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science. These $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ clusters are expected to be ideal tracers of the normal-fluid component in superfluid helium with several advantageous properties. Evidence of the excimer generation is inferred by detection of laser induced fluorescence emitted from the $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ clusters excited by a purpose-built short pulse gain-switched titanium:sapphire (Ti:sa) laser operating at a wavelength of 905 nm. The setup and performance characteristics of the laser system including the Ti:sa and two continuous wave re-pumping lasers are described. Detection at the fluorescence wavelength of 640 nm is performed by using optical bandpass filtered photomultiplier tubes (PMT). Electrical noise in the PMT acquisition traces could successfully be suppressed by post-processing with a simple algorithm. Despite other laser-related backgrounds, the excimer was clearly identified by its fluorescence decay characteristics. Production of the excimer was found to be proportional to the neutron flux, adjusted via insertion of different collimators into the neutron beam. These observations suggest that the apparatus we constructed does function in the expected manner and, therefore, has the potential for groundbreaking turbulence research with superfluid helium.


Zr separation from high-level liquid waste with a novel hydroxyacetoamide type extractant

森田 圭介; 鈴木 英哉; 松村 達郎; 高橋 優也*; 大森 孝*; 金子 昌章*; 浅野 和仁*

Proceedings of International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference / Light Water Reactor Fuel Performance Conference (Global/Top Fuel 2019) (USB Flash Drive), p.464 - 468, 2019/09

高レベル放射性廃液(HLLW)には種々の長半減期核種が含まれており、地層処分における環境影響を低減させる観点からマイナーアクチノイドと長寿命核分裂生成物(LLFP)を分離し核変換することが望ましい。原子力機構と東芝はHLLWからLLFPであるSe, Zr, Pd及びCsの分離法を開発した。我々は新規ヒドロキシアセトアミド型抽出剤${it N,N}$-ジドデシル-2-ヒドロキシアセトアミド(HAA)を用いたHLLWからのZrの抽出挙動について詳細に検討を行った。HAA抽出系はZrに高い選択性を示し、抽出序列はZr $$>$$ Mo $$>$$ Pd $$>$$ Ag $$approx$$ Sb $$>$$ Sn $$>$$ Lns $$>$$ Feであることを確認した。また、抽出化学種をZr(HAA)$$_{3}$$(NO$$_{3}$$)$$_{4}$$(HNO$$_{3}$$)$$_{x}$$と同定し、ミキサセトラを用いた連続向流抽出によって模擬HLLWからZrとMoが定量的に抽出可能であることを実証した。


Study on loss-of-cooling and loss-of-coolant accidents in spent fuel pool, 1; Overview

加治 芳行; 根本 義之; 永武 拓; 吉田 啓之; 東條 匡志*; 後藤 大輔*; 西村 聡*; 鈴木 洋明*; 大和 正明*; 渡辺 聡*

Proceedings of 27th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-27) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2019/05



Continuous liquid-liquid extraction of uranium from uranium-containing wastewater using an organic phase-refining-type emulsion flow extractor

永野 哲志; 長縄 弘親; 鈴木 英哉; 利光 正章*; 三田村 久吉*; 柳瀬 信之*; Grambow, B.

Analytical Sciences, 34(9), p.1099 - 1102, 2018/09

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:51.31(Chemistry, Analytical)



$$f$$-electron states in PrPd$$_5$$Al$$_2$$

目時 直人; 山内 宏樹; 鈴木 博之*; 北澤 英明*; 萩原 雅人*; 益田 隆嗣*; Aczel, A. A.*; Chi, S.*; Hong, T.*; 松田 雅昌*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87(9), p.094704_1 - 094704_8, 2018/09

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:49.89(Physics, Multidisciplinary)



Rapid separation of zirconium using microvolume anion-exchange cartridge for $$^{93}$$Zr determination with isotope dilution ICP-MS

浅井 志保; 半澤 有希子; 今田 未来; 鈴木 大輔; 間柄 正明; 木村 貴海; 石原 量*; 斎藤 恭一*; 山田 伸介*; 廣田 英幸*

Talanta, 185, p.98 - 105, 2018/08

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:31.96(Chemistry, Analytical)



Reversible structural changes and high-rate capability of Li$$_{3}$$PO$$_{4}$$-modified Li$$_{2}$$RuO$$_{3}$$ for lithium-rich layered rocksalt oxide cathodes

田港 聡*; 平山 雅章*; 鈴木 耕太*; Kim, K.-S.*; 田村 和久; 菅野 了次*

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122(29), p.16607 - 16612, 2018/07

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:35.07(Chemistry, Physical)



Development of a crack opening displacement assessment procedure considering change of compliance at a crack part in thin wall pipes made of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel

若井 隆純; 町田 秀夫*; 荒川 学*; 柳原 星児*; 鈴木 良祐*; 松原 雅昭*

Proceedings of 26th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-26) (Internet), 9 Pages, 2018/07



Chemical form analysis of reaction products in Cs-adsorption on stainless steel by means of HAXPES and SEM/EDX

小畠 雅明; 岡根 哲夫; 中島 邦久; 鈴木 恵理子; 大和田 謙二; 小林 啓介*; 山上 浩志; 逢坂 正彦

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 498, p.387 - 394, 2018/01

 被引用回数:15 パーセンタイル:87.42(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Remote radiation imaging system using a compact $$gamma$$-ray imager mounted on a multicopter drone

佐藤 優樹; 小澤 慎吾*; 寺阪 祐太; 冠城 雅晃; 谷藤 祐太; 川端 邦明; 宮村 浩子; 和泉 良*; 鈴木 敏和*; 鳥居 建男

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 55(1), p.90 - 96, 2018/01

 被引用回数:40 パーセンタイル:98.55(Nuclear Science & Technology)

A remote radiation imaging system comprising a lightweight Compton camera and a multicopter drone was developed to remotely and quickly measure radioactive contamination inside the buildings of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS). The drone system is used for measuring detailed radiation distributions in narrow areas, which have been difficult to gauge with conventional aircraft monitoring using helicopters. A measurement of radiation distributions in outdoor environments in the coastal areas of Fukushima, Japan, was performed. The drone system with the Compton camera succeeded in remote observations of dense hotspots from the sky over a contaminated area near the FDNPS. The time required for image reconstruction is approximately 550 s in the case of a 9-m flight altitude for the hotspots with a surface dose rate of several tens of $$mu$$Sv/h. This drone system will be used inside the buildings of the FDNPS for remote measurement of radioactive contamination.

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