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Calculations for ambient dose equivalent rates in nine forests in eastern Japan from $$^{134}$$Cs and $$^{137}$$Cs radioactivity measurements

Malins, A.; 今村 直広*; 新里 忠史; 高橋 純子*; Kim, M.; 佐久間 一幸; 篠宮 佳樹*; 三浦 覚*; 町田 昌彦

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 226, p.106456_1 - 106456_12, 2021/01

Understanding the relationship between the distribution of radioactive $textsuperscript{134}$Cs and $textsuperscript{137}$Cs in forests and ambient dose equivalent rates ($textit{.{H}}$*(10)) in the air is important for researching forests in eastern Japan affected by the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident. This study used a large number of measurements from forest samples, including $$^{134}$$Cs and $textsuperscript{137}$Cs radioactivity concentrations, densities and moisture contents, to perform Monte Carlo radiation transport simulations for $textit{.{H}}$*(10) between 2011 and 2017. Calculated $textit{.{H}}$*(10) at 0.1 and 1 m above the ground had mean residual errors of 19% and 16%, respectively, from measurements taken with handheld NaI(Tl) scintillator survey meters. Setting aside the contributions from natural background radiation, $textsuperscript{134}$Cs and $textsuperscript{137}$Cs in the organic layer and the top 5 cm of forest soil generally made the largest contributions to calculated $textit{.{H}}$*(10). The contributions from $textsuperscript{134}$Cs and $textsuperscript{137}$Cs in the forest canopy were calculated to be largest in the first two years following the accident. Uncertainties were evaluated in the simulation results due to the measurement uncertainties in the model inputs by assuming Gaussian measurement errors. The mean uncertainty (relative standard deviation) of the simulated $textit{.{H}}$*(10) at 1 m height was 11%. The main contributors to the total uncertainty in the simulation results were the accuracies to which the $textsuperscript{134}$Cs and $textsuperscript{137}$Cs radioactivities of the organic layer and top 5 cm of soil, and the vertical distribution of $textsuperscript{134}$Cs and $textsuperscript{137}$Cs within the 5 cm soil layers, were known. Radioactive cesium located in the top 5 cm of soil was the main contributor to $textit{.{H}}$*(10) at 1 m by 2016 or 2017 in the calculation results for all sites.


Charmed baryon spectrum from lattice QCD near the physical point

Bahtiyar, H.*; Can, K. U.*; Erkol, G.*; Gubler, P.; 岡 眞; 高橋 徹*

Physical Review D, 102(5), p.054513_1 - 054513_18, 2020/09

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

格子QCDによる第一原理計算を用いて、正負パリティのチャームバリオンの基底および励起状態のスペクトルを求めた。チャームクォークを1個, 2個あるいは3個含むバリオンの正および負パリティ状態の質量を、第一原理計算から求めることで、これまでの実験データや模型計算結果との比較を行い、その物理的な意味を解析することが可能となる。今回の計算では、パイオンの質量が観測値に十分近い物理点に近い領域で、2+1フレーバーのゲージ配位を用いた解析を行った。ディラック行列などの配置の異なる複数の演算子を用意し、その交差相関関数を計算し、固有値を求める方法により、基底状態と励起状態のスペクトルを計算した。


External exposure dose estimation by electron spin resonance technique for wild Japanese macaque captured in Fukushima Prefecture

岡 壽崇; 高橋 温*; 小荒井 一真; 光安 優典*; 木野 康志*; 関根 勉*; 清水 良央*; 千葉 美麗*; 鈴木 敏彦*; 小坂 健*; et al.

Radiation Measurements, 134, p.106315_1 - 106315_4, 2020/06

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Sorption behavior of selenide on montmorillonite

杉浦 佑樹; 戸村 努*; 石寺 孝充; 土井 玲祐; Francisco, P. C. M.; 塩飽 秀啓; 小林 徹; 松村 大樹; 高橋 嘉夫*; 舘 幸男

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 324(2), p.615 - 622, 2020/05

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Chemistry, Analytical)

Batch sorption experiments were performed to investigate the sorption mechanism of Se on montmorillonite under reducing conditions in deep geological environments. Based on Eh-pH diagrams and ultraviolet-visible spectra, Se was dissolved as selenide (Se(-II)) anions under the experimental conditions. The distribution coefficients ($$K_{rm d}$$; m$$^{3}$$ kg$$^{-1}$$) of Se(-II) indicated ionic strength independence and slight pH dependence. The $$K_{rm d}$$ values of Se(-II) were higher than those of Se(IV), which also exists as an anionic species. X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy showed that the oxidation state of Se-sorbed on montmorillonite was zero even though selenide remained in the solution. These results suggest that Se(-II) was oxidized and precipitated on the montmorillonite surface. Therefore, it is implied that a redox reaction on the montmorillonite surface contributed to high $$K_{rm d}$$ values for Se(-II).


Prototype fast breeder reactor Monju; Its history and achievements (Translated document)

光元 里香; 羽様 平; 高橋 慧多; 近藤 悟

JAEA-Technology 2019-020, 167 Pages, 2020/03


高速増殖原型炉もんじゅは、1968年の研究開発着手から半世紀にわたる設計, 建設, 運転, 保守等を通じて、数多くの貴重な成果を生んできた。本報告書は、「開発経緯と実績」, 「設計・建設」, 「試運転」, 「原子炉安全」, 「炉心技術」, 「燃料・材料」, 「原子炉設備」, 「ナトリウム技術」, 「構造・材料」, 「運転・保守」, 「事故・トラブル経験」の技術分野について、特徴や技術成果を取りまとめたものである。


Radiative transitions of singly and doubly charmed baryons in lattice QCD

Bahtiyar, H.*; Can, K. U.*; Erkol, G.*; 岡 眞; 高橋 徹*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 26, p.022027_1 - 022027_4, 2019/11



Spectrum of the charmed baryons in 2+1-flavor lattice QCD

Can, K. U.*; Bahtiyar, H.*; Erkol, G.*; Gubler, P.; 岡 眞; 高橋 徹*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 26, p.022028_1 - 022028_5, 2019/11




松田 朝陽*; 高橋 悟*; 川端 邦明; 尾田 正二*; 金子 俊一*

電気学会論文誌,D, 139(4), p.424 - 432, 2019/04

In recent years, biology researchers elucidate the biological and behavioral mechanisms based on measurement of observation data. Then, it is accompanied with time cost and misrecognition to measure a trajectory of creature from observation data based on human eyes. Therefore, biology researchers require automated measurement and recording support system. In this paper, we introduce a new method of swimming trajectory generation for analyzing of medaka behavior. Then, in order to recognize medaka behavior a method which combines orientation code matching by rotation invariant multiple-templates and particle filter based on multiple-likelihood functions is introduced. Through experimentations we prove the effectiveness of our method.


Radiative transitions of doubly charmed baryons in lattice QCD

Bartiyar, H.*; Can, K. U.*; Erkol, G.*; 岡 眞; 高橋 徹*

Physical Review D, 98(11), p.114505_1 - 114505_14, 2018/12

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:42.4(Astronomy & Astrophysics)



Evaluation of thermal strain induced in components of Nb$$_{3}$$Sn strand during cooling

諏訪 友音*; 辺見 努*; 齊藤 徹*; 高橋 良和*; 小泉 徳潔*; Luzin, V.*; 鈴木 裕士; Harjo, S.

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 28(3), p.6001104_1 - 6001104_4, 2018/04

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Engineering, Electrical & Electronic)

Nb$$_{3}$$Sn strands, whose properties are very sensitive to stress/strain, are utilized for ITER cable-in-conduit conductor (CICC) of the central solenoids. The Nb$$_{3}$$Sn strands experience temperature range of $$sim$$1000 K from the temperature of the heat treatment with the initiation of the Nb$$_{3}$$Sn reaction to the operation temperature of $$sim$$4 K. Due to this large temperature range, large thermal strain is induced in the Nb$$_{3}$$Sn filaments due to the differences between the coefficients of thermal expansion and Young's moduli of the components of the strand. Therefore, it is considered that initial performance of the CICC is influenced by the thermal strain on the Nb$$_{3}$$Sn, and it is important to evaluate the strain state of the Nb$$_{3}$$Sn strand at low temperature. In this study, the thermal strain of the components of free Nb$$_{3}$$Sn strand was measured by neutron diffraction and stress/strain state was assessed from room temperature to low temperature. As the results of diffraction measurements, it was found that 0.111 % and 0.209 % compressive strain were generated in Nb$$_{3}$$Sn filaments at 300 and 10 K, respectively.


J-PARC 3GeVシンクロトロンビームコリメータの故障原因究明作業

岡部 晃大; 山本 風海; 神谷 潤一郎; 高柳 智弘; 山本 昌亘; 吉本 政弘; 竹田 修*; 堀野 光喜*; 植野 智晶*; 柳橋 亨*; et al.

Proceedings of 14th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.853 - 857, 2017/12

J-PARC 3GeVシンクロトロン(RCS)には、ビーム損失を局所化し、機器の放射化を抑制するためにビームコリメータが設置されている。RCSにて加速中に広がったビームハローは、すべてコリメータ散乱体によって散乱され、吸収体部にて回収される。2016年4月のコリメータ保守作業時に吸収体部の1つで大規模な真空漏れが発生したため、代替の真空ダクトを設置することで応急的な対処を行い、ビーム利用運転を継続した。取り外したコリメータの故障原因を特定するためには、遮蔽体を解体し、駆動部分をあらわにする必要がある。しかし、故障したコリメータ吸収体部は機能上非常に高く放射化しており、ビームが直接当たる真空ダクト内コリメータ本体では40mSv/hという非常に高い表面線量が測定された。したがって、作業員の被ばく線量管理、及び被ばく線量の低減措置をしながら解体作業を行い、故障したコリメータ吸収体の真空リーク箇所の特定に成功した。本発表では、今回の一連の作業及び、コリメータの故障原因について報告する。


Effect of topsoil removal and selective countermeasures on radiocesium accumulation in rice plants in Fukushima paddy field

Yang, B.*; 恩田 裕一*; 大森 良弘*; 関本 均*; 藤原 徹*; 脇山 義史*; 吉村 和也; 高橋 純子*; Sun, X.*

Science of the Total Environment, 603-604, p.49 - 56, 2017/12

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:92.28(Environmental Sciences)

In this study, the effect of topsoil removal measure and fertilizer application on radiocesium uptake by rice plants was investigated over a four-year period. The results indicate that the effect of topsoil removal measure on the accumulation of radiocesium in rice plants was effective. We summarized four year's data to further confirm that potassium and nitrogen fertilizers had an opposite effect on the accumulation of radiocesium in rice plants. Increasing potassium and reducing nitrogen fertilizer conditions tended to inhibit the radiocesium uptake by rice plants.


$$Xi_c gamma rightarrowXi^prime_c$$ transition in lattice QCD

Bahtlyar, H.*; Can, K. U.*; Erkol, G.*; 岡 眞; 高橋 徹*

Physics Letters B, 772, p.121 - 126, 2017/09

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:13.18(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

$$Xi_c gamma rightarrowXi_c^prime$$電磁遷移の形状因子を格子QCDを用いて計算した。



高橋 悟*; 野田 祥希*; 松田 朝陽*; 川端 邦明; 鈴木 剛*; 武村 史朗*; 小笠原 敬*; 金子 俊一*

Journal of Signal Processing, 21(1), p.15 - 24, 2017/01



Flavor structure of $$Lambda$$ baryons from lattice QCD; From strange to charm quarks

Gubler, P.*; 高橋 徹*; 岡 眞

Physical Review D, 94(11), p.114518_1 - 114518_16, 2016/12

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:81.36(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

$$Lambda$$ baryons of spin-parity $$1/2^+$$ or $$^-$$ with either a strange or charm valence quark are studied in full 2+1 flavor lattice QCD. Multiple SU(3) singlet and octet operators are employed to generate the desired single baryon states on the lattice. Via the variational method, the couplings of these states to the different operators provide information about the flavor structure of the Lambda baryons. We make use of the gauge configurations of the PACS-CS collaboration and chirally extrapolate the results for the masses and SU(3) flavor components to the physical point. We furthermore gradually change the hopping parameter of the heaviest quark from strange to charm to study how the properties of the $$Lambda$$ baryons evolve as a function of the heavy quark mass. It is found that the baryon energy levels increase almost linearly with the quark mass. Meanwhile, the flavor structure of most of the states remains stable, with the exception of the lowest $$1/2^-$$ state, which changes from a flavor singlet $$Lambda$$ to a $$Lambda_c$$ state with singlet and octet components of comparable size. Finally, we discuss whether our findings can be interpreted with the help of a simple quark model and find that the negative parity $$Lambda_c$$ states can be naturally explained as diquark excitations of the light u and d quarks.


Bithiophene with winding vine-shaped molecular asymmetry; Preparation, structural characterization, and enantioselective synthesis

豊森 佑夏*; 辻 悟*; 光田 紫乃布*; 岡山 陽一*; 芦田 汐未*; 森 敦紀*; 小林 徹; 宮崎 有史; 矢板 毅; 荒江 祥永*; et al.

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 89(12), p.1480 - 1486, 2016/09

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:69.82(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

Preparation of 2,2'-bithiophene derivatives bearing $$omega$$-alkenyl groups at the 3,3'-positions and ring-closing metathesis reactions of the obtained compound were performed. The reaction of bithiophene bearing 3-butenyl substituents with 5mol% Grubbs 1st generation catalyst underwent ring-closing metathesis (RCM) to afford the cyclized product 7 showing winding vine-shaped molecular asymmetry in up to 88% yield. Enantioselective RCM was also achieved by the use of chiral Schrock Hoveyda molybdenum-alkylidene catalyst in up to 87% ee.



高橋 悟*; 奥田 泰文*; 川端 邦明; 青沼 仁志*; 佐藤 雄隆*; 岩田 健司*

Journal of Signal Processing, 20(2), p.65 - 74, 2016/03

Multiple tracking methods are widely required in biology field, in particular neuroethology and ecology field. Biology researches have to observe target behavior with recording video and have to spend much time for analyzing video data afterward. Here we focus on fighting behavior between male crickets. Fighting behavior is one of the common behaviors in animals. Animals usually fight for resources like foods, territory, mating partner and so on. During a fight, animals modify their aggressive motivation and behavior. In order to understand how they alter their motivation and behavior, we need to analyze the detail of the time sequence of the fighting. Therefore, we propose the video image processing method for automated observation, which enable us to observe and measure the behavioral characteristics of plural crickets simultaneously. Finally, through experiments we prove the effectiveness of our method.


Spin hydrodynamic generation

高橋 遼*; 松尾 衛; 小野 正雄; 針井 一哉; 中堂 博之; 岡安 悟; 家田 淳一; 高橋 三郎*; 前川 禎通; 齊藤 英治

Nature Physics, 12, p.52 - 56, 2016/01

 被引用回数:44 パーセンタイル:5.98(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Magnetohydrodynamic generation is the conversion of fluid kinetic energy into electricity. Such conversion, which has been applied to various types of electric power generation, is driven by the Lorentz force acting on charged particles and thus a magnetic field is necessary. On the other hand, recent studies of spintronics have revealed the similarity between the function of a magnetic field and that of spin-orbit interactions in condensed matter. This suggests the existence of an undiscovered route to realize the conversion of fluid dynamics into electricity without using magnetic fields. Here we show electric voltage generation from fluid dynamics free from magnetic fields; we excited liquid-metal flows in a narrow channel and observed longitudinal voltage generation in the liquid. This voltage has nothing to do with electrification or thermoelectric effects, but turned out to follow a universal scaling rule based on a spin-mediated scenario. The result shows that the observed voltage is caused by spin-current generation from a fluid motion: spin hydrodynamic generation. The observed phenomenon allows us to make mechanical spin-current and electric generators, opening a door to fluid spintronics.


Look inside charmed-strange baryons from lattice QCD

Can, K. U.*; Erkol, G.*; 岡 眞; 高橋 徹*

Physical Review D, 92(11), p.114515_1 - 114515_14, 2015/12

 被引用回数:24 パーセンタイル:20.79(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

スピン3/2の$$Omega$$バリオン($$Omega$$, $$Omega^*_c$$, $$Omega^*_{cc}$$, $$Omega_{ccc}$$)の電磁形状因子を、パイオン質量が156(9)MeVの323$$times$$64 PACS-CSによる格子QCDを用いて計算した。E0およびM1形状因子から電荷半径と磁気モーメントを計算した。電気四十極モーメントも得た。それぞれのクォークからの寄与を分けて計算し、その和で全バリオンの値を得た。電荷半径と磁気モーメントでは、チャームクォークの寄与がストレンジクォークと比較して系統的に小さいことが明らかになった。$$Omega^*_cc$$$$Omega_{ccc}$$のE2モーメントから、状態がパンケーキ型に変形していることが明らかになった。スピン1/2の$$Omega_c$$$$Omega_{cc}$$の計算も合わせて、チャームハドロン中での重いクォークのダイナミクスに関する重要な知見が得られた。


Barnett effect in paramagnetic states

小野 正雄; 中堂 博之; 針井 一哉; 岡安 悟; 松尾 衛; 家田 淳一; 高橋 遼*; 前川 禎通; 齊藤 英治

Physical Review B, 92(17), p.174424_1 - 174424_4, 2015/11

 被引用回数:16 パーセンタイル:32.98(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We report the observation of the Barnett effect in paramagnetic states by mechanically rotating gadolinium (Gd) metal with a rotational frequency of up to 1.5 kHz above the Curie temperature. An in situ magnetic measurement setup comprising a high-speed rotational system and a fluxgate magnetic sensor was developed for the measurement. Temperature dependence of the observed magnetization follows that of paramagnetic susceptibility, indicating that any emergent magnetic field is proportional to the rotational frequency and is independent of temperature. From the proportionality constant of the emergent field, the gyromagnetic ratio of Gd is calculated to be -29 $$pm$$ 5 GHz/T. This study revisits the primordial issue of magnetism with modern technologies to shed new light on the fundamental spin-rotation coupling.

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