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Development of triaxial compressive apparatus for neutron experiments with rocks

阿部 淳*; 川崎 卓郎; Harjo, S.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 93(2), p.025103_1 - 025103_9, 2022/02

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Underground engineering for processes such as geological disposal of high-level nuclear waste, CO$$_{2}$$ capture and storage, and mining and drilling for resources requires an understanding of the mechanical behavior of rocks at subsurface stress states, i.e., triaxial compressive stress. Strain measurement using neutron diffraction can be applied to rocks to analyze strain accumulation mechanisms at the microscopic scale. This study reports the development of triaxial compressive apparatus for strain measurement using neutron diffraction. The apparatus can analyze rock specimens (diameter, 25 mm; length, 50 mm) and apply a maximum confining pressure of 50 MPa. Materials for the components of the apparatus were investigated theoretically based on neutron beam transmission and experimentally using neutron diffraction experiments. The feasibility of the apparatus was verified by measuring strain at hydrostatic pressure under the application of confining pressure and triaxial compression.


The Energy-resolved neutron imaging system, RADEN

篠原 武尚; 甲斐 哲也; 及川 健一; 中谷 健; 瀬川 麻里子; 廣井 孝介; Su, Y. H.; 大井 元貴; 原田 正英; 飯倉 寛; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 91(4), p.043302_1 - 043302_20, 2020/04

 被引用回数:33 パーセンタイル:95.93(Instruments & Instrumentation)

The energy-resolved neutron imaging system, RADEN, has been installed at the pulsed neutron source in the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex. In addition to conventional neutron radiography and tomography, RADEN, the world's first imaging beam-line at a pulsed neutron source, provides three main options for new, quantitative neutron imaging techniques: Bragg-edge imaging to visualize the spatial distribution of crystallographic information, resonance absorption imaging for elemental composition and temperature information, and polarized neutron imaging for magnetic field information. This paper describes the results of characterization studies of the neutronic performance and installed devices at RADEN and shows the results of several demonstration studies for pulsed neutron imaging.


J-PARC H$$^{-}$$ ion source and space-charge neutralized LEBT for 100-mA high energy and high duty factor LINACs

上野 彰

Review of Scientific Instruments, 91(3), p.033312_1 - 033312_9, 2020/03

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:39.15(Instruments & Instrumentation)

2019年7月、J-PARCで、3GeV 920kWビーム10.5時間運転に成功した。この間、H$$^{-}$$イオン源と線形加速器(LINAC)は、ビームデューティファクター(BDF)1.25%(0.5ms$$times$$25Hz)で安定運転され、出射ビーム強度は、各々、58と50mAであった。別途、イオン源とLINACは、BDF1.5%(0.6ms$$times$$25Hz)、出射ビーム強度72と60mAでの安定運転が可能なことも確認された。イオン源テストスタンドでの100mA、BDF5%(1ms$$times$$50Hz)運転に基き、入射エネルギー64keV以上の高周波4極線形加速器(RFQ)を使用することで、100mA高エネルギー高デューティファクター線形加速器が可能であることを報告する。予測以上に有効であった、低エネルギービーム輸送系での空間電荷中和効果についても報告する。更に、イオン源ビーム引出系の最短化による約8%のエミッタンス改善についても報告する。


An Experimental setup for creating and imaging $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ excimer cluster tracers in superfluid helium-4 via neutron-$$^{3}$$He absorption reaction

Sonnenschein, V.*; 辻 義之*; 國立 將真*; 久保 渉*; 鈴木 颯*; 富田 英生*; 鬼柳 善明*; 井口 哲夫*; 松下 琢*; 和田 信雄*; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 91(3), p.033318_1 - 033318_12, 2020/03

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For the purpose of future visualization of the flow field in superfluid helium-4, clusters of the triplet state excimer $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ are generated along the micro-scale recoil tracks of the neutron-absorption reaction n + $$^{3}$$He $$rightarrow$$ $$^{3}$$T + p. This reaction is induced by neutron irradiation of the $$^{3}$$He fraction contained in natural isotopic abundance liquid helium with neutron beams either from the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (JPARC)/Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility or from the Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science. These $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ clusters are expected to be ideal tracers of the normal-fluid component in superfluid helium with several advantageous properties. Evidence of the excimer generation is inferred by detection of laser induced fluorescence emitted from the $$^{4}$$He$$_{2}$$$$^{ast}$$ clusters excited by a purpose-built short pulse gain-switched titanium:sapphire (Ti:sa) laser operating at a wavelength of 905 nm. The setup and performance characteristics of the laser system including the Ti:sa and two continuous wave re-pumping lasers are described. Detection at the fluorescence wavelength of 640 nm is performed by using optical bandpass filtered photomultiplier tubes (PMT). Electrical noise in the PMT acquisition traces could successfully be suppressed by post-processing with a simple algorithm. Despite other laser-related backgrounds, the excimer was clearly identified by its fluorescence decay characteristics. Production of the excimer was found to be proportional to the neutron flux, adjusted via insertion of different collimators into the neutron beam. These observations suggest that the apparatus we constructed does function in the expected manner and, therefore, has the potential for groundbreaking turbulence research with superfluid helium.


Measurement of a time dependent spatial beam profile of an RF-driven H$$^-$$ ion source

和田 元*; 神藤 勝啓; 柴田 崇統*; 笹尾 眞實子*

Review of Scientific Instruments, 91(1), p.013330_1 - 013330_5, 2020/01

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:9.6(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Validation of measured microwave absorption and temperature change for development of a single-mode-type microwave heating thermogravimetry apparatus

Karisma, A. D.*; 濱場 大周*; 深澤 智典*; Huang, A.-N.*; 瀬川 智臣; 福井 国博*

Review of Scientific Instruments, 88(2), p.024101_1 - 024101_8, 2017/02

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:24.09(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Measurement of heat load density profile on acceleration grid in MeV-class negative ion accelerator

平塚 淳一; 花田 磨砂也; 小島 有志; 梅田 尚孝; 柏木 美恵子; 宮本 賢治*; 吉田 雅史; 錦織 良; 市川 雅浩; 渡邊 和弘; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02B137_1 - 02B137_3, 2016/02

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:18.07(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Time evolution of negative ion profile in a large cesiated negative ion source applicable to fusion reactors

吉田 雅史; 花田 磨砂也; 小島 有志; 柏木 美恵子; 梅田 尚孝; 平塚 淳一; 市川 雅浩; 渡邊 和弘; Grisham, L. R.*; 津守 克嘉*; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02B144_1 - 02B144_4, 2016/02

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:42.53(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Development of design technique for vacuum insulation in large size multi-aperture multi-grid accelerator for nuclear fusion

小島 有志; 花田 磨砂也; 戸張 博之; 錦織 良; 平塚 淳一; 柏木 美恵子; 梅田 尚孝; 吉田 雅史; 市川 雅浩; 渡邊 和弘; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02B304_1 - 02B304_5, 2016/02

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:46.11(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Development of the negative ion beams relevant to ITER and JT-60SA at Japan Atomic Energy Agency

花田 磨砂也; 小島 有志; 戸張 博之; 錦織 良; 平塚 淳一; 柏木 美恵子; 梅田 尚孝; 吉田 雅史; 市川 雅浩; 渡邊 和弘; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02B322_1 - 02B322_4, 2016/02

 被引用回数:11 パーセンタイル:52.41(Instruments & Instrumentation)

本論文は原子力機構(JAEA)で開発中の負イオンビームに関する最新結果を報告するものである。JAEAでは、国際熱核融合実験炉(ITER)およびJT-60SAの実現に向けて、それぞれ1MeV, 40A,3600秒および22A, 500keV, 100秒の重水素負イオンビームの開発を行っている。これらの負イオンビームを開発するために、ITERやJT-60SAの設計と同様、多段静電加速器とセシウム添加型負イオン源を開発している。静電加速器の開発においては、長時間加速をした開発を指向しており、その課題である加速電極の熱負荷を、イオンビームの軌道を制御することにより、許容値以下に低減した。その結果、負イオンの加速時間を、従来の1秒未満から試験装置の電源の限界である60秒まで進展させた。また、セシウム添加型負イオン源の開発においては、大電流負イオンビームの長パルス生成を指向しており、これまでに15A、100秒のビーム生成を達成している。今後、長パルス生成時に顕在化した、イオン源内のアーク放電プラズマの放電破壊(アーキング)の問題を解決し、JT-60SAで要求される22Aを超える電流値で100秒以上の負イオンビーム生成を目指す。


Fine-tuning to minimize emittances of J-PARC RF-driven H$$^-$$ ion source

上野 彰; 大越 清紀; 池上 清*; 高木 昭*; 浅野 博之; 小栗 英知

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02B130_1 - 02B130_5, 2016/02


 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:33.72(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Status of the RF-driven H$$^{-}$$ ion source for J-PARC linac

小栗 英知; 大越 清紀; 池上 清*; 高木 昭*; 浅野 博之; 上野 彰; 柴田 崇統*

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02B138_1 - 02B138_3, 2016/02


 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:33.72(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Operation and commissioning of IFMIF (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility) LIPAc injector

奥村 義和; Gobin, R.*; Knaster, J.*; Heidinger, R.*; Ayala, J.-M.*; Bolzon, B.*; Cara, P.*; Chauvin, N.*; Chel, S.*; Gex, D.*; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02A739_1 - 02A739_3, 2016/02

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:38.41(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Measurement of ion species in high current ECR H$$^+$$/D$$^+$$ ion source for IFMIF (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility)

神藤 勝啓; Sen$'e$e, F.*; Ayala, J.-M.*; Bolzon, B.*; Chauvin, N.*; Gobin, R.*; 一宮 亮; 伊原 彰; 池田 幸治; 春日井 敦; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02A727_1 - 02A727_3, 2016/02

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:42.53(Instruments & Instrumentation)

A high current ECR ion source producing 140 mA/100 keV D$$^+$$ ion beams for IFMIF accelerator is now under commissioning at Rokkasho in Japan, under the framework of ITER Broader Approach (BA) activities. The ion source for IFMIF is required to produce positive deuterium ion beams with a high D$$^+$$ ratio. After the mass separation in LEBT consisting of two solenoids, the D$$^+$$ ratio should be higher than 95 % with less molecular ions and impurity ions at the entrance of RFQ linac to be installed downstream. The ion species have been measured by Doppler shift spectroscopy between the two solenoids. With hydrogen operation in pulsed and CW modes, the H$$^+$$ ratio increases with RF power or plasma density and reached 80% at 160 mA/100 keV. The value was compared with that derived from the emittance diagram for each ion species measured by an Alison scanner installed nearby the viewport for the spectroscopy in the LEBT. It was found that the spectroscopy gives lower H$$^+$$ ratio than the emittance measurement.


Numerical study of plasma generation process and internal antenna heat loadings in J-PARC RF negative ion source

柴田 崇統*; 西田 健治朗*; 望月 慎太郎*; Mattei, S.*; Lettry, J.*; 畑山 明聖*; 上野 彰; 小栗 英知; 大越 清紀; 池上 清*; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(2), p.02B128_1 - 02B128_3, 2016/02


 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:18.07(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Development of real-time rotating waveplate Stokes polarimeter using multi-order retardation for ITER poloidal polarimeter

今澤 良太; 河野 康則; 小野 武博; 伊丹 潔

Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(1), p.013503_1 - 013503_7, 2016/01


 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:23.69(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Demonstration of the high collection efficiency of a broadband Mo/Si multilayer mirror with a graded multilayer coating on an ellipsoidal substrate

市丸 智*; 竹中 久貴*; 並河 一道*; Gullikson, E. M.*; 圓山 桃子; 奥 哲*

Review of Scientific Instruments, 86(9), p.093106_1 - 093106_7, 2015/09

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:16.25(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Assessment of the accuracy of plasma shape reconstruction by the Cauchy condition surface method in JT-60SA

宮田 良明; 鈴木 隆博; 武智 学; 浦野 創; 井手 俊介

Review of Scientific Instruments, 86(7), p.073511_1 - 073511_13, 2015/07

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:25.9(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Enhancement of beam pulse controllability for a single-pulse formation system of a cyclotron

倉島 俊; 宮脇 信正; 柏木 啓次; 奥村 進; 田口 光正; 福田 光宏*

Review of Scientific Instruments, 86(7), p.073311_1 - 073311_8, 2015/07

 被引用回数:11 パーセンタイル:48.64(Instruments & Instrumentation)



A Fluorescence XAFS measurement instrument in the Soft X-ray region toward observation under operando conditions

本田 充紀; 馬場 祐治; 下山 巖; 関口 哲弘

Review of Scientific Instruments, 86(3), p.035103_1 - 035103_5, 2015/03

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:42.12(Instruments & Instrumentation)

X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) measurements are widely used for the analysis of electronic structure. Generally, XAFS in the soft X-ray region is measured under vacuum, but chemical structures under vacuum are typically different from those under operando conditions, where chemical species exhibit their function. Here we developed an XAFS measurement instrument, as a step toward operando fluorescent yield XAFS measurement using synchrotron radiation in the soft X-ray region. We applied this method to analyze the local electronic structure of the sulfur atoms in L-cysteine in different pH solution. Our results show that this instrument aimed toward operando fluorescence XAFS measurements in the soft X-ray region is useful for structural analysis of sulfur atoms in organic molecules in air and in solution. The instrument will be applied to the structural analysis of materials containing elements that have absorption edges in soft X-ray region, such as phosphorus and alkali metals (potassium and cesium). It will be also particularly useful for the analysis of samples that are difficult to handle under vacuum and materials that have specific functions in solution.

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