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Status of JENDL

岩本 修; 岩本 信之; 柴田 恵一; 市原 晃; 国枝 賢; 湊 太志; 中山 梓介

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.09002_1 - 09002_6, 2020/09

Recent progress and future plan of the JENDL project are presented. Two special purpose files were released recently. One is the JENDL Photonuclear Data File 2016 (JENDL/PD-2016) and the other one is the JENDL Activation Cross Section File for Nuclear Decommissioning 2017 (JENDL/AD-2017). Regarding the general-purpose file, we are planning to release a next version of JENDL-4.0 opened in 2010, which would be made available by 2022 as JENDL-5. New data evaluation and revision are in progress. The first test version of the JENDL-5 called JENDL-5$$alpha$$1 has been created by updating neutron reaction data for about 100 nuclides.


HPRL; International cooperation to identify and monitor priority nuclear data needs for nuclear applications

Dupont, E.*; Bossant, M.*; Capote, R.*; Carlson, A. D.*; Danon, Y.*; Fleming, M.*; Ge, Z.*; 原田 秀郎; 岩本 修; 岩本 信之; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.15005_1 - 15005_4, 2020/09

The OECD-NEA High Priority Request List (HPRL) is a point of reference to guide and stimulate the improvement of nuclear data for nuclear energy and other nuclear applications. The HPRL is application-driven and the requests are submitted by nuclear data users or representatives of the user's communities. A panel of international experts reviews and monitors the requests in the framework of an Expert Group mandated by the NEA Nuclear Science Committee Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Cooperation (WPEC). After approval, individual requests are divided in two priority categories only, whereas a third category now includes groups of generic requests in a well-defined area (e.g., dosimetry, standard). The HPRL is hosted by the NEA in the form of a relational database publicly available on the web. This contribution provides an overview of HPRL entries, status and outlook. Examples of requests successfully completed will be given and new requests will be described with emphasis on updated nuclear data needs in the fields of nuclear energy, neutron standards, dosimetry, and medical applications.


Fast neutron capture reaction data measurement of minor actinides for development of nuclear transmutation systems

片渕 竜也*; 岩本 修; 堀 順一*; 木村 敦; 岩本 信之; 中村 詔司; 芝原 雄司*; 寺田 和司*; Rovira, G.*; 松浦 翔太*

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.01044_1 - 01044_4, 2020/09

In 2017, a research project entitled "Study on accuracy improvement of fast-neutron capture reaction data of long-lived MAs for development of nuclear transmutation systems" started as a joint collaboration, including Tokyo Tech, Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Kyoto University. This project focuses on neutron capture reaction of MAs, especially $$^{237}$$Np, $$^{241}$$Am and $$^{243}$$Am, in the fast neutron energy region. The final goal of this project is to improve the neutron capture cross sections of $$^{237}$$Np, $$^{241}$$Am and $$^{243}$$Am employing a high-intensity neutron beam from a spallation source of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) that reduces uncertainties of measurement. In this contribution, the overview of the project and the current progress will be presented.


Results of the Collaborative International Evaluated Library Organisation (CIELO) Project

Fleming, M.*; Chadwick, M.*; Brown, D.*; Capote, R.*; Ge, Z.*; Herman, M.*; Ignatyuk, A.*; Ivanova, T.*; 岩本 修; Koning, A.*; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.15003_1 - 15003_5, 2020/09

The Sub- and Expert Groups of the WPEC typically focus on specific technical topics, while the Collaborative International Evaluated Library Organisation Pilot Project (CIELO) was established to generate complete evaluations for a selection of the most important isotopes for criticality in nuclear technologies: $$^{235,238}$$U, $$^{239}$$Pu, $$^{56}$$Fe, $$^{16}$$O and $$^{1}$$H. The outcomes of these evaluations include significant harmonisation of discrepancies between the independent programmes, improvement in the performance for international standard nuclear criticality and neutron transmission benchmarks, complete uncertainties for nearly all parameters and the utilisation of modern data storage technologies. This work has leveraged the considerable, parallel experimental work in collecting improved experimental measurements to support nuclear data and highlighted high-priority areas for further study. A productive and durable framework for international evaluation has been established which will build upon the lessons learned. These will continue through new WPEC groups and a new IAEA evaluation network, which has been initiated in response to the success of the CIELO project. This talk will summarize some performance feedback on the CIELO evaluations, including recent results, and will describe ongoing and future, planned CIELO-related collaborations to further advance our understanding.


Measurement of displacement cross section of structural materials utilized in the proton accelerator facilities with the kinematic energy above 400 MeV

明午 伸一郎; 松田 洋樹; 岩元 洋介; 吉田 誠*; 長谷川 勝一; 前川 藤夫; 岩元 大樹; 中本 建志*; 石田 卓*; 牧村 俊助*

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.06006_1 - 06006_4, 2020/09



Simultaneous determination of neutron-induced fission and radiative capture cross sections from decay probabilities obtained with a surrogate reaction

P$'e$rez S$'a$nchez, R.*; Jurado, B.*; M$'e$ot, V.*; Roig, O.*; Dupuis, M.*; Bouland, O.*; Denis-Petit, D.*; Marini, P.*; Mathieu, L.*; Tsekhanovich, I.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 125(12), p.122502_1 - 122502_5, 2020/09

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:37.87(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Reliable neutron-induced-reaction cross sections of unstable nuclei are essential for nuclear astrophysics and applications but their direct measurement is often impossible. The surrogate-reaction method is one of the most promising alternatives to access these cross sections. In this work, we successfully applied the surrogate-reaction method to infer for the first time both the neutron-induced fission and radiative capture cross sections of $$^{239}$$Pu in a consistent manner from a single measurement. This was achieved by combining simultaneously measured fission and $$gamma$$-emission probabilities for the $$^{240}$$Pu($$^{4}$$He, $$^{4}$$He') surrogate reaction with a calculation of the angular-momentum and parity distributions populated in this reaction. While other experiments measure the probabilities for some selected $$gamma$$-ray transitions, we measure the $$gamma$$-emission probability. This enlarges the applicability of the surrogate-reaction method.


Generation of nuclear data using Gaussian process regression

岩元 大樹

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 57(8), p.932 - 938, 2020/08

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Measurement of displacement cross section of structural materials utilized in the proton accelerator facilities with the kinematic energy above 400 MeV

明午 伸一郎; 松田 洋樹; 岩元 洋介; 吉田 誠*; 長谷川 勝一; 前川 藤夫; 岩元 大樹; 中本 建志*; 石田 卓*; 牧村 俊助*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 28, p.061004_1 - 061004_6, 2020/02



Status and future plan of JENDL

岩本 修

JAEA-Conf 2019-001, p.7 - 11, 2019/11

Nuclear Data Center of JAEA is planning to develop the next version of the general-purpose file, JENDL-5. Evaluation of nuclear data of light nuclei and structure materials are in progress. Data of minor actinides and fission products are also being updated based on the recent measurements including the TOF experiment by ANNRI at J-PARC. The first version of the test file of JENDL-5$$alpha$$1 was created in this year. It includes the updated and newly-evaluated data for more than 90 nuclides. The benchmark testing of JENDL-5$$alpha$$1 for reactor and shielding is in progress. In addition to the general-purpose file, special purpose files for photonuclear reactions and activation cross sections was recently released as JENDL/PD-2016 and JENDL/AD-2017 to meet the needs of electron accelerator application and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, respectively. At the symposium, the recent progress and the future plan about developments of JENDL will be presented.


Neutron capture reaction data measurement of minor actinides in fast neutron energy region for study on nuclear transmutation system

片渕 竜也*; 岩本 修; 堀 順一*; 岩本 信之; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 芝原 雄司*; 寺田 和司*

JAEA-Conf 2019-001, p.193 - 197, 2019/11

A research project entitled "Study on improvement of neutron capture reaction data accuracies of long-lived minor actinides in fast neutron energy region for development of nuclear transmutation systems" started in 2017. The project aims at improving accuracies of neutron capture cross section of long-lived minor actinides ($$^{237}$$Np, $$^{241}$$Am, $$^{243}$$Am) in the fast neutron energy region which are very important for development of nuclear transmutation systems. In order to improve the capture reaction data of MA, measurement using an intense pulsed neutron beam from a spallation neutron source of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) is planned. The neutron beam filter is designed to solve the so-called double bunch issue of a neutron beam in J-PARC. This allows for measuring neutron capture cross sections using the high-intensity neutron beam of J-PARC. The outline of the project and the current progress will be presented.



岩本 修

ImPACT藤田プログラム公開成果報告会「核変換による高レベル放射性廃棄物の大幅な低減・資源化」 成果報告書・資料集, p.102 - 105, 2019/03



Measurements of gamma-ray emission probabilities in the decay of americium-244g

中村 詔司; 寺田 和司*; 木村 敦; 中尾 太郎*; 岩本 修; 原田 秀郎; 上原 章寛*; 高宮 幸一*; 藤井 俊行*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(1), p.123 - 129, 2019/01

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:65.13(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Measurement of activation cross sections of aluminum for protons with energies between 0.4 GeV and 3.0 GeV at J-PARC

松田 洋樹; 明午 伸一郎; 岩元 大樹

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (Internet), 6, p.171 - 174, 2019/01

核破砕中性子源や核変換システムの核設計の精度向上のためには高精度な核反応断面積が必要となり、コスト削減やより精度の高い遮蔽設計のためには放射化断面積の精度向上が必要とされる。放射化断面積は、これまでに既存施設において測定されてきたものの実験データにおいてバラつきが大きく必ずしも十分な精度でない。特にJ-PARCの核破砕中性子源で用いられている3GeV陽子のデータはほとんどないため、ターゲット構造材の更なる安全性向上のために実験データが必要となる。そこで我々は、J-PARCの加速器施設を用いてターゲット構造材や窓材に使用される核種の測定するためにタングステン、金、インジウム、及びベリリウムの放射化断面積を0.4, 1.3, 2,2及び3GeVの陽子に対し測定した。また試料固定用に設置したアルミニウムの放射化断面積を測定することにより実験の妥当性を検証した。測定で得た実験データを評価済み核データ(JENDL-HE 2007)、及び核内カスケードモデル計算と比較検討した。この結果、アルミニウムの実験結果は、JENDL-HE 2007は実験と比較的よい一致を示すことがわかった。一方、PHITSの核内カスケードモデルによる計算は、実験を約40%程度過小評価することがわかった。この過小評価の原因はPHITSに含まれる蒸発過程モデル(GEM)に問題があることが考えられ、GEMの改良により実験結果を再現できることが分かった。アルミニウム以外の核種は現在解析中であるが、PHITSコードによる計算結果は実験値を再現するものとしないものとあり体系的に比較する必要がある。


Present status and future plan of JENDL

岩本 修

JAEA-Conf 2018-001, p.87 - 91, 2018/12



Target test facility for ADS and cross-section experiment in J-PARC

明午 伸一郎; 岩元 大樹; 松田 洋樹; 武井 早憲

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 1021(1), p.012072_1 - 012072_4, 2018/06

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部会・連絡会セッション,核データ部会「シグマ」特別専門委員会共催; 我が国における核データ計算コード開発の現状と将来ビジョン,3; 重陽子入射断面積計算コードDEURACSの開発

中山 梓介

核データニュース(インターネット), (120), p.19 - 25, 2018/06



Measurement of displacement cross-section for structural materials in High-Power Proton Accelerator Facility

明午 伸一郎; 松田 洋樹; 岩元 洋介; 岩元 大樹; 長谷川 勝一; 前川 藤夫; 吉田 誠*; 石田 卓*; 牧村 俊助*; 中本 建志*

Proceedings of 9th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC '18) (Internet), p.499 - 501, 2018/06



Cross section measurement in J-PARC for neutronics of the ADS

明午 伸一郎; 松田 洋樹; 岩元 大樹

Proceedings of 13th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Applications of Accelerators (AccApp '17) (Internet), p.396 - 402, 2018/05

核変換実験施設の要素技術試験の一環として、加速器とターゲットステーションの隔壁となるアルミ合金製の陽子ビーム窓の寿命評価のためにアルミの放射化断面積を測定した。J-PARCの3GeV陽子シンクロトロンのビームダンプにアルミフォイルを設置し、0.4及び3GeV陽子を入射しAl(p,x)$$^7$$Be, Al(p,x)$$^{22}$$Na及びAl(p,x)$$^{24}$$Na反応の断面積を測定した。J-PARCの加速器施設は、陽子ビームの強度モニタが高精度に校正されていること等により、既存の実験データより高い精度で断面積が測定できた。本実験結果と評価済み核データ(JENDL/HE-2007)の比較の結果、JENDL/HE-2007は最大で30$$%$$程度の違いはあるものの、概ね実験結果をよく再現することがわかった。PHITSコードよる計算との比較を行った結果、最新の核内カスケードモデルは、励起関数の形状は実験を再現するものの40$$%$$程度の過小評価を与えることがわかった。PHITSに用いられている統計崩壊モデル(GEM)の代わりにオリジナルのGEMモデルを用いて計算したところ、実験との一致が改善することがわかった。他の核種の反応断面積測定を今後予定しており、これにより核データや核反応モデルの高度化が期待できる。


核データ研究の最前線; たゆまざる真値の追及、そして新たなニーズへ応える為に,6; 核データの利用のために; ミクロからマクロへの橋渡し

多田 健一; 小迫 和明*; 横山 賢治; 今野 力

日本原子力学会誌, 60(3), p.168 - 172, 2018/03



Theoretical model analysis of $$(d,xn)$$ reactions on $$^7$$Li at 25, 40, and 102 MeV

定松 大樹*; 中山 梓介; 渡辺 幸信*; 岩本 修; 緒方 一介*

JAEA-Conf 2017-001, p.135 - 140, 2018/01


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