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Dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants using multi-fidelity simulations

Zheng, X.; 玉置 等史; 杉山 智之; 丸山 結

Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 223, p.108503_1 - 108503_12, 2022/07

Dynamic probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) more explicitly treats timing issues and stochastic elements of risk models. It extensively resorts to iterative simulations of accident progressions for the quantification of risk triplets including accident scenarios, probabilities and consequences. Dynamic PRA leverages the level of detail for risk modeling while intricately increases computational complexities, which result in heavy computational cost. This paper proposes to apply multi-fidelity simulations for a cost- effective dynamic PRA. It applies and improves the multi-fidelity importance sampling (MFIS) algorithm to generate cost-effective samples of nuclear reactor accident sequences. Sampled accident sequences are paralleled simulated by using mechanistic codes, which is treated as a high-fidelity model. Adaptively trained by using the high-fidelity data, low-fidelity model is used to predicting simulation results. Interested predictions with reactor core damages are sorted out to build the density function of the biased distribution for importance sampling. After when collect enough number of high-fidelity data, risk triplets can be estimated. By solving a demonstration problem and a practical PRA problem by using MELCOR 2.2, the approach has been proven to be effective for risk assessment. Comparing with previous studies, the proposed multi-fidelity approach provides comparative estimation of risk triplets, while significantly reduces computational cost.


J-PARCにおける加速器駆動核変換システム(ADS)の研究開発,5; ADS用超伝導リニアックの研究開発

近藤 恭弘; 武井 早憲; Yee-Rendon, B.; 田村 潤

プラズマ・核融合学会誌, 98(5), p.222 - 226, 2022/05



Status of the JAEA-ADS superconducting linac design

Yee-Rendon, B.; 近藤 恭弘; 田村 潤; 明午 伸一郎; 前川 藤夫

Proceedings of 64th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Intensity and High Brightness Hadron Beams (ICFA-HB2021) (Internet), p.30 - 34, 2022/04



Simulation-based dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of an internal flooding-initiated accident in nuclear power plant using THALES2 and RAPID

久保 光太郎; Zheng, X.; 田中 洋一; 玉置 等史; 杉山 智之; Jang, S.*; 高田 孝*; 山口 彰*

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O; Journal of Risk and Reliability, 11 Pages, 2022/04

確率論的リスク評価(Probabilistic Risk Assessment: PRA)は、大規模かつ複雑なシステムのリスクを評価するために用いられる手法である。しかし、従来のイベントツリーやフォールトツリーを用いたPRAでは、原子力発電所の構造物、系統及び機器が損傷するタイミングを考慮することは困難である。そこで、この課題を解決するために、RAPID(Risk Assessment with Plant Interactive Dynamics)を用いて、熱水力解析と外部事象のシミュレーションを組み合わせた手法を提案した。加圧水型原子炉のタービン建屋内での内部溢水を表現するために、ベルヌーイの定理に基づいた溢水伝播モデルを適用した。加えて、溢水源の流量や緩和システムの故障基準などの不確実さを考慮した。シミュレーションでは、運転員がいくつか簡略化を行うことにより、運転員による溢水源の隔離操作と排水ポンプを用いた回復操作をモデル化した。その結果、隔離と排水を組み合わせることで、溢水発生時の条件付炉心損傷確率を約90%低減できることが示された。


Quasi-Monte Carlo sampling method for simulation-based dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants

久保 光太郎; Jang, S.*; 高田 孝*; 山口 彰*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(3), p.357 - 367, 2022/03




A Comparative CFD exercise on bubble hydrodynamics using Euler-Euler and interface tracking approaches

Dehbi, A.*; Cheng, X.*; Liao, Y.*; 岡垣 百合亜; Pellegrini, M.*

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 15 Pages, 2022/03

Nuclear degraded cores produce fission product aerosols that may reach the environment if not removed by natural processes and/or filtering equipment. The transport paths of aerosols usually include transits through stagnant water pools. It is therefore essential to develop computational tools to predict the aerosols retention by water pools. Currently, this is mostly done with 1-D lumped-parameter codes that are too simplistic to capture the physics. It is hence worthwhile to attempt the CFD approach, which has recently become reasonably mature to address bubble hydrodynamics in low momentum two-phase flows. In this first comparative exercise, we restrict the investigation to a hypothetical parallelepiped water pool (2$$times$$2$$times$$8 cm$$^{3}$$) into which air is injected through a circular 4 mm ID orifice at low velocity of 0.2 m/s. We present predictions of the gas phase dynamics (void and velocity profiles) for both Euler-Euler and Interface Tracking (IT, Volume-of-Fluid (VOF)) methodologies. In addition, we compare bubble shape, volume and detachment frequency from various IT simulation codes (CFX, Fluent, Star-CCM+, OpenFOAM). Reasonable agreement is found between IT simulations near the injector, but discrepancies increase as one moves towards the free surface. The disagreement between the Euler-Euler and IT results is substantial throughout the domain. Future studies will consist of validation exercises against experimental data to highlight potential model deficiencies and point to ways of remedying them.


Decrease of radionuclide sorption in hydrated cement systems by organic ligands; Comparative evaluation using experimental data and thermodynamic calculations for ISA/EDTA-actinide-cement systems

Ochs, M.*; Dolder, F.*; 舘 幸男

Applied Geochemistry, 136, p.105161_1 - 105161_11, 2022/01



Revaporization behavior of cesium and iodine compounds from their deposits in the steam-boron atmosphere

Rizaal, M.; 三輪 周平; 鈴木 恵理子; 井元 純平; 逢坂 正彦; Gou$"e$llo, M.*

ACS Omega (Internet), 6(48), p.32695 - 32708, 2021/12

This paper presents our investigation on cesium and iodine compounds revaporization from cesium iodide (CsI) deposits on the surface of stainless steel type 304L, which were initiated by boron and/or steam flow. A dedicated basic experimental facility with a thermal gradient tube (TGT) was used for simulating the phenomena. The number of deposits, the formed chemical compounds, and elemental distribution were analyzed from samples located at temperature range 1000-400 K. In the absence of boron in the gas flow, it was found that the initial deposited CsI at 850 K could be directly re-vaporized as CsI vapor/aerosol or reacted with the carrier gas and stainless steel (Cr$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$ layer) to form Cs$$_{2}$$CrO$$_{4}$$ on the former deposited surface. The latter mechanism consequently gave a release of gaseous iodine that was accumulated downstream. After introducing boron to the steam flow, a severe revaporization of iodine deposit at 850 K occurred (more than 70% initial deposit). This was found as a result of the formation of two kinds of cesium borates (Cs$$_{2}$$B$$_{4}$$O$$_{7}$$$$cdot$$5H$$_{2}$$O and CsB$$_{5}$$O$$_{8}$$$$cdot$$4H$$_{2}$$O) which contributed to a large release of gaseous iodine that was capable of reaching outlet of TGT ($$<$$ 400 K). In the case of nuclear severe accident, our study have demonstrated that gaseous iodine could be expected to increase in the colder region of a reactor after late release of boron or a subsequent steam flow after refloods of the reactor, thus posing its near-term risk once leaked to the environment.


Tree cutting approach for domain partitioning on forest-of-octrees-based block-structured static adaptive mesh refinement with lattice Boltzmann method

長谷川 雄太; 青木 尊之*; 小林 宏充*; 井戸村 泰宏; 小野寺 直幸

Parallel Computing, 108, p.102851_1 - 102851_12, 2021/12

GPUスーパコンピュータに対して格子ボルツマン法(LBM: lattice Botltzmann method)およびforest-of-octreesに基づくブロック構造型の局所細分化格子(LMR: local mesh refinement)を用いた空力解析コードを実装し、その性能を評価した。性能評価の結果、従来の空間充填曲線(SFC; space-filling curve)に基づく領域分割アルゴリズムでは、本空力解析において袖領域通信のコストが過大となることがわかった。領域分割の改善手法として本稿では挿し木法を提案し、領域分割の局所性とトポロジーを改善し、従来のSFCに基づく手法に比べて通信コストを1/3$$sim$$1/4に削減した。強スケーリング測定では、最大で1.82倍の高速化を示し、128GPUで2207MLUPS(mega-lattice update per second)の性能を達成した。弱スケーリング測定では、8$$sim$$128GPUで93.4%の並列化効率を示し、最大規模の128GPU計算では44.73億格子点を用いて9620MLUPSの性能を達成した。


Fast fault recovery scenarios for the JAEA-ADS linac

Yee-Rendon, B.; 田村 潤; 近藤 恭弘; 中野 敬太; 武井 早憲; 前川 藤夫; 明午 伸一郎

Proceedings of 18th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.61 - 65, 2021/10

日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)が提案する加速器駆動未臨界システム(ADS)の主要コンポーネントとして、30MW CW超伝導陽子線形加速器の設計を進めている。未臨界炉における熱応力の抑制のため、線形加速器には高い信頼性を持つことが主要な課題となる。本研究では、JAEA-ADS線形加速器のフォールトトレランスの能力を高めるための手法について検討を進め、ビーム運転を高速で復旧し停止期間を短縮できる障害補償スキームについて検討した。


Application of polynomial chaos expansion technique to dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants

久保 光太郎; 田中 洋一

Proceedings of Asian Symposium on Risk Assessment and Management 2021 (ASRAM 2021) (Internet), 13 Pages, 2021/10

確率論的リスク評価(Probabilistic Risk Assessment: PRA)は原子力発電所安全性を向上させるために安全性向上評価や原子炉監視プロセスなどで広く用いられている。しかしながら、従来のPRAの制限の1つとして、システムの故障時刻や炉心損傷時刻といった時間情報の取扱いが挙げられる。この制限を解決するために、動的PRA手法が開発され、様々な安全性の問題に適用されている。ただし、上記の改善には大きな計算コストが伴う。本研究では、動的PRAの計算コストの削減を期待し、多項式カオス展開(Polynomial Chaos Expansion: PCE)手法を適用した。具体的には、炉心損傷時刻を推定するためのPCEに基づく代理モデルを構築した。次に、PCEに基づく代替モデルを動的PRAに適用し、条件付き炉心損傷確率及び炉心損傷時刻を計算した。その結果、PCEの適用により、精度を大幅に低減させることなく、評価を効率的に行えることが示された。


Evaluation of risk dilution effects in dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants

久保 光太郎; 田中 洋一

Proceedings of 31st European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2021) (Internet), p.810 - 817, 2021/09



Design of the MEBT for the JAEA-ADS Project

Yee-Rendon, B.; 近藤 恭弘; 前川 藤夫; 明午 伸一郎; 田村 潤

Proceedings of 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 21) (Internet), p.790 - 792, 2021/08

原子力機構(JAEA)が提案する核変換システム(ADS)において、Medium Energy Transport Beam (MEBT)は、電流20mA、エネルギー2.5MeVの連続したCW陽子ビームを、常伝導のRadio-Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ)の出口からHalf-Wave Resonator(HWR)セクションに輸送する。MEBTは、RFQとHWRの間の良好なマッチング、およびビームエミッタンスの増加とハロー形成の抑制した効果的なビーム制御が必要となる。このために、ビーム診断機器のための十分なスペースを装置間に設ける必要がある。本報では、JAEA-ADSのMEBTにおける初段ラティス設計とビームダイナミクス研究を報告する。


熱流動とリスク評価,1; リスク評価における熱流動解析の役割

丸山 結; 吉田 一雄

日本原子力学会誌ATOMO$$Sigma$$, 63(7), p.517 - 522, 2021/07



Effect of interlayer cations on montmorillonite swelling; Comparison between molecular dynamic simulations and experiments

四辻 健治*; 舘 幸男; 佐久間 博*; 河村 雄行*

Applied Clay Science, 204, p.106034_1 - 106034_13, 2021/04

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:97.52(Chemistry, Physical)

This study investigated swelling behaviors of montmorillonite with interlayer cations including monovalent Na, K and Cs, and divalent Ca and Sr by molecular dynamics simulations and experimental measurements coupling X-ray diffraction and water vapor adsorption. The comparative analysis provides a consistent picture of the swelling mechanisms of montmorillonite and their dependence on the interlayer cations. From comparative analysis of the effects of the interlayer cations, the main factor affecting the swelling behaviors of montmorillonite with monovalent and divalent interlayer cations seems to be the hydration free energy of the interlayer cations. The crystalline swelling ability and the saturated water contents in the interlayer of montmorillonite can be correlated to the hydration free energy of each interlayer cations. The additional key factor is the preference of outer- or inner-sphere complex of interlayer cations and resulting cations distributions in the interlayer space. This effect has a significant impact in the case of monovalent cations, resulting different swelling behaviors between outer-sphere Na and inner-sphere K and Cs.


JAEA-TDB-RN in 2020; Update of JAEA's thermodynamic database for solubility and speciation of radionuclides for performance assessment of geological disposal of high-level and TRU wastes

北村 暁

JAEA-Data/Code 2020-020, 164 Pages, 2021/03


高レベル放射性廃棄物およびTRU廃棄物地層処分の性能評価に用いるJAEA熱力学データベース(JAEA-TDB)のうち、放射性核種溶解挙動評価部分(JAEA-TDB-RN)について、地球化学計算部分(JAEA-TDB-GC)を包含する形で更新を実施した。今回の更新では、従来の選定値が標準状態における反応の平衡定数(対数値log$$_{10}$$$$K^{circ}$$)だけであったのに対して、ギブズ標準自由エネルギー変化($$Delta_{rm f}$$$$G^{circ}_{rm m}$$),標準モルエンタルピー変化($$Delta_{rm f}$$$$H^{circ}_{rm m}$$),標準モルエントロピー($$S^{circ}_{rm m}$$),比熱容量($$C$$$$^{circ}$$$$_{rm p,m}$$),反応の自由エネルギー変化($$Delta_{rm f}$$$$G^{circ}_{rm m}$$),反応のエンタルピー変化($$Delta_{rm r}$$$$H^{circ}_{rm m}$$)および反応のエントロピー変化($$Delta_{rm r}$$$$S^{circ}_{rm m}$$)を追加することで、大幅な選定値の拡充を行うとともに、298.15K以外の温度における溶解挙動評価が実施できるよう整備が行われた。また、経済協力開発機構原子力機関(OECD/NEA)がレビュー、選定および集約した鉄についての最新の熱力学データを取り込んだ。さらに、JAEA-TDB-GCと選定値の内部整合性を図るために、多くの反応のlog$$_{10}$$$$K^{circ}$$について再計算を実施した。更新したJAEA-TDBを有効活用するために、PHREEQCおよびGeochemist's Workbenchといった地球化学計算コード用フォーマットを提供した。


Present status of the R&D of the superconducting linac for the JAEA-ADS

Yee-Rendon, B.; 田村 潤; 近藤 恭弘; 長谷川 和男; 前川 藤夫; 明午 伸一郎; 小栗 英知

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 33, p.011043_1 - 011043_5, 2021/03

原子力機構(JAEA)では、放射性廃棄物の有害度低減を目的とし加速器駆動未臨界システム(ADS)の研究開発を行っている。JAEAが提案するADSは、30MWのCW陽子リニアックと未臨界炉の結合で構成される。陽子の運動エネルギー1.5GeVの到達のため、常電導高周波キャビティ(NRFC)と超電導高周波キャビティ(SRFC)が用いられ、SRFCは2MeVから1.5GeVまでの加速の主要部分に用いられる。加速器開発の第一段階として、SRFCのモデルとビーム光学系の設計と最適化に重点が置いた。SRFCでは、半波長共振器(HWR),シングルスポーク(SS),楕円空洞(Ellip)をそれぞれ162, 324, 648MHzで動作させて加速する。ビーム光学系は、等分割条件を満たすように最適化されており、エミッタンス増長の抑制により、ビームのハローとロスを低減することができた。


Relevance of hydrogen bonded associates to the transport properties and nanoscale dynamics of liquid and supercooled 2-propanol

Zhai, Y.*; Luo, P.*; 長尾 道弘*; 中島 健次; 菊地 龍弥*; 川北 至信; Kienzle, P. A.*; Z, Y.*; Faraone, A.*

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23(12), p.7220 - 7232, 2021/03

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Chemistry, Physical)

2-Propanol was investigated, in both the liquid and supercooled states, as a model system to study how hydrogen bonds affect the structural relaxation and the dynamics of mesoscale structures, of approximately several Angstroms, employing static and quasi-elastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation. Dynamic neutron scattering measurements were performed over an exchanged wave-vector range encompassing the pre-peak, indicative of the presence of H-bonding associates, and the main peak. The dynamics observed at the pre-peak is associated with the formation and disaggregation of the H-bonded associates and is measured to be at least one order of magnitude slower than the dynamics at the main peak, which is identified as the structural relaxation. The measurements indicate that the macroscopic shear viscosity has a similar temperature dependence as the dynamics of the H-bonded associates, which highlights the important role played by these structures, together with the structural relaxation, in defining the macroscopic rheological properties of the system. Importantly, the characteristic relaxation time at the pre-peak follows an Arrhenius temperature dependence whereas at the main peak it exhibits a non-Arrhenius behavior on approaching the supercooled state. The origin of this differing behavior is attributed to an increased structuring of the hydrophobic domains of 2-propanol accommodating a more and more encompassing H-bond network, and a consequent set in of dynamic cooperativity.


Numerical study on an interface compression method for the volume of fluid approach

岡垣 百合亜; 与能本 泰介; 石垣 将宏; 廣瀬 意育

Fluids (Internet), 6(2), p.80_1 - 80_17, 2021/02

Many thermohydraulic issues about the safety of light water reactors are related to complicated two-phase flow phenomena. In these phenomena, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis using the volume of fluid (VOF) method causes numerical diffusion generated by the first-order upwind scheme used in the convection term of the volume fraction equation. Thus, in this study, we focused on an interface compression (IC) method for such a VOF approach; this technique prevents numerical diffusion issues and maintains boundedness and conservation with negative diffusion. First, on a sufficiently high mesh resolution and without the IC method, the validation process was considered by comparing the amplitude growth of the interfacial wave between a two-dimensional gas sheet and a quiescent liquid using the linear theory. The disturbance growth rates were consistent with the linear theory, and the validation process was considered appropriate. Then, this validation process confirmed the effects of the IC method on numerical diffusion, and we derived the optimum value of the IC coefficient, which is the parameter that controls the numerical diffusion.


Prediction of thermodynamic data for radium suitable for thermodynamic database for radioactive waste management using an electrostatic model and correlation with ionic radii among alkaline earth metals

北村 暁; 吉田 泰*

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 327(2), p.839 - 845, 2021/02

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Chemistry, Analytical)


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