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Evaluation of power distribution calculation of the very high temperature reactor critical assembly (VHTRC) with Monte Carlo MVP3 code

Simanullang, I. L.*; 中川 直樹*; Ho, H. Q.; 長住 達; 石塚 悦男; 飯垣 和彦; 藤本 望*

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 177, p.109314_1 - 109314_8, 2022/11

Power distribution plays a significant role in preventing the fuel temperature exceeds the safety limit of 1600$$^{circ}$$C in high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. The experiment to measure the power distribution in the graphite-moderated system was carried out with the Very High Temperature Reactor Critical Assembly facility. In the previous study, the power distribution in the VHTRC was calculated using a nuclear design code system based on diffusion calculation. The results showed a maximum discrepancy of up to 20 between the experiment and calculated values in the axial direction. The large discrepancy occurred near the boundary of fuel and reflector regions. This study describes the evaluation results of pin-wise power distribution of the VHTRC with the Monte Carlo MVP3 code. The calculation results were in good agreement with the measured results. In the axial direction, the discrepancy was less than 1 around the boundary of fuel and reflector regions.


Present status of JAEA's R&D toward HTGR deployment

柴田 大受; 西原 哲夫; 久保 真治; 佐藤 博之; 坂場 成昭; 國富 一彦

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 398, p.111964_1 - 111964_4, 2022/11

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Study on the effect of long-term high temperature irradiation on TRISO fuel

Shaimerdenov, A.*; Gizatulin, S.*; Dyussambayev, D.*; Askerbekov, S.*; 植田 祥平; 相原 純; 柴田 大受; 坂場 成昭

Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 54(8), p.2792 - 2800, 2022/08

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In the core of the WWR-K reactor, a long-term irradiation of tri-structural isotopic (TRISO)-coated fuel particles (CFPs) with a UO$$_{2}$$ kernel was carried out under normal operating conditions of the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR). This TRISO fuel was attained at the temperature of 950 to 1,100 $$^{circ}$$C, and the uranium burnup of 9.9% FIMA (fission per initial metal atom) during the irradiation. The release of the gaseous fission product from the fuel was measured in-pile, and its release-to-birth (R/B) ratio was evaluated using the model developed in the High-Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) project. After the irradiation test, fuel compacts were subjected to electric dissociation and nondestructive inspections such as X-ray radiography and gamma spectrometry. Finally, it was concluded that integrity of the TRISO fuel irradiated at approximately 9.9% FIMA was demonstrated, and a low fuel failure fraction and a low R/B measured with krypton-88 indicated good performance and reliability of the high burnup TRISO fuel.


Preliminary experiment in a graphite-moderated core to avoid full mock-up experiment for the future first commercial HTGR

沖田 将一朗; 深谷 裕司; 左近 敦士*; 佐野 忠史*; 高橋 佳之*; 宇根崎 博信*

Proceedings of International Conference on Physics of Reactors 2022 (PHYSOR 2022) (Internet), 9 Pages, 2022/05

As a commercial reactor require high economic efficiency, the High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR) would be a more attractive proposition if a full mock-up experiment for the first commercial HTGR could be avoided in the future. In this paper, preliminary experiments were conducted in order to obtain basic core characteristics data, such as the criticality, necessary to demonstrate the applicability of a generalized bias factor method to neutronic design of HTGR. The graphite-moderated core with only highly enriched uranium fuels in the B-rack of Kyoto University Criticality Assembly (KUCA) was configured as a reference core. The C/E-1 values (Calculation/Experiment -1 values) for the keff values at the three critical states and the thermal neutron spectra with the major nuclear data libraries, such as JENDL-4.0, JEFF-3.2, ENDF/B-VII.1, and ENDF/B-VIII.0, were calculated for the core. The result shows that the keff values are overestimated for JEFF-3.2, ENDF/B-VII.1, and ENDF/B-VIII.0 by 0.14% - 0.18%, while they are underestimated for JENDL-4.0 by 0.07% - 0.09%. The calculation result with JENDL-4.0 shows a slightly better agreement with this experiment than the others. In addition, the thermal neutron spectrum calculated with ENDF/B-VIII.0 is softer than the others. The Thermal Scattering Law (TSL) data of graphite stored in ENDF/B-VIII.0 suggests that the thermal neutron spectrum become softer than that of traditional TSL data stored in the others. The core characteristics of the reference core, which are necessary for future studies, were obtained.


Design of a portable backup shutdown system for the high temperature gas cooled reactor

濱本 真平; Ho, H. Q.; 飯垣 和彦; 後藤 実; 島崎 洋祐; 澤畑 洋明; 石塚 悦男

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 386, p.111564_1 - 111564_8, 2022/01

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Seismic classification of high temperature engineering test reactor

小野 正人; 清水 厚志; 大橋 弘史; 濱本 真平; 猪井 宏幸; 徳原 一実*; 野本 恭信*; 島崎 洋祐; 飯垣 和彦; 篠崎 正幸

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 386, p.111585_1 - 111585_9, 2022/01

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Reactor physics experiment on a graphite-moderated core to construct integral experiment database for HTGR

沖田 将一朗; 深谷 裕司; 左近 敦士*; 佐野 忠史*; 高橋 佳之*; 宇根崎 博信*

Nuclear Science and Engineering, 7 Pages, 2022/00

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In this paper, integral experiments on a graphite-moderated core were conducted at the B-rack of the Kyoto University Criticality Assembly in order to develop an integral experiment database for the applicability of data assimilation techniques to the neutronic design of a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor. The calculation/experiment-1 (C/E-1)values for the $$k_{rm eff}$$ values at critical cores with the major nuclear data libraries, such as JENDL-4.0, JENDL-5, JEFF-3.2, ENDF/B-VII.1, and ENDF/B-VIII.0, were calculated for the core. Of these, the $$k_{rm eff}$$ values with JENDL-5 with thermal neutron scattering law data for 30% porous graphite showed the best agreement with experimental values within 0.02% accuracy.




JAEA-Review 2021-017, 81 Pages, 2021/11




Comparisons between passive RCCSs on degree of passive safety features against accidental conditions and methodology to determine structural thickness of scaled-down heat removal test facilities

高松 邦吉; 松元 達也*; Liu, W.*; 守田 幸路*

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 162, p.108512_1 - 108512_10, 2021/11

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Study on chemical form of tritium in coolant helium of high temperature gas-cooled reactor with tritium production device

濱本 真平; 石塚 悦男; 中川 繁昭; 後藤 実; 松浦 秀明*; 片山 一成*; 大塚 哲平*; 飛田 健次*

Proceedings of 2021 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2021) (USB Flash Drive), 5 Pages, 2021/10




栃尾 大輔; 長住 達; 猪井 宏幸; 濱本 真平; 小野 正人; 小林 正一; 上坂 貴洋; 渡辺 周二; 齋藤 賢司

JAEA-Technology 2021-014, 80 Pages, 2021/09




多様な原子燃料の概念と基礎設計,5; 高温ガス炉と溶融塩炉の燃料

植田 祥平; 佐々木 孔英; 有田 裕二*

日本原子力学会誌ATOMO$$Sigma$$, 63(8), p.615 - 620, 2021/08



Comparison between passive reactor cavity cooling systems based on atmospheric radiation and atmospheric natural circulation

高松 邦吉; 松元 達也*; Liu, W.*; 守田 幸路*

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 151, p.107867_1 - 107867_11, 2021/02

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Derivation of ideal power distribution to minimize the maximum kernel migration rate for nuclear design of pin-in-block type HTGR

沖田 将一朗; 深谷 裕司; 後藤 実

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 58(1), p.9 - 16, 2021/01

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Innovation for flexible use of nuclear power in JAEA

上出 英樹; 柴田 大受

NREL/TP-6A50-77088 (Internet), p.35 - 38, 2020/09

The flexibility of nuclear technology is one of the significant capabilities for advanced reactors when we consider their commercialization. JAEA has several research and development activities aiming at innovation that will provide further flexibility, including a sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR) and an HTGR. These activities are as follows: (1) Development of an innovative design evaluation code system for SFR and other advanced reactors, (2) Codes and standards for maintenance of innovative reactors, (3) Fast neutron irradiation using the experimental fast reactor, Joyo, (4) Demonstration of higher safety performance of HTGR and the capability of its application to hydrogen production. The details of these activities and how they contribute to improving the flexibility (i.e., operational flexibility, deployment flexibility, and product flexibility) of advanced reactors, such as SFR and HTGR, are explained in this paper.


令和元年度研究開発・評価報告書 評価課題「高温ガス炉とこれによる熱利用技術の研究開発」(中間評価)


JAEA-Evaluation 2020-001, 128 Pages, 2020/08


日本原子力研究開発機構は、外部有識者からなる高温ガス炉及び水素製造研究開発・評価委員会に、2017年4月から2020年3月までの高温ガス炉とこれによる熱利用技術の研究開発に係る第3期中長期計画の中間評価を諮問し、評価を受けた。その結果、3名の委員がS評価及び7名の委員がA評価と評価し、総合評価としてA評価を受けた。また、HTTR-熱利用試験施設の建設段階へ進むに当たっての判断は、HTTRが運転再開を果たし、熱負荷変動試験等の結果を評価してからの判断が適切であり、判断時期を2年程度延期することが妥当であるとされた。本報告書は高温ガス炉及び水素製造研究開発・評価委員会の構成, 審議経過, 評価項目について記載し、同委員により提出された「高温ガス炉及び水素製造研究開発課題評価報告書」を添付したものである。


Proliferation resistance evaluation of an HTGR transuranic fuel cycle using PRAETOR code

青木 健; Chirayath, S. S.*; 相楽 洋*

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 141, p.107325_1 - 107325_7, 2020/06

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Research and development on high burnup HTGR fuels in JAEA

植田 祥平; 水田 直紀; 佐々木 孔英; 坂場 成昭; 大橋 弘史; Yan, X.

Mechanical Engineering Journal (Internet), 7(3), p.19-00571_1 - 19-00571_12, 2020/06



Conceptual design study of a high performance commercial HTGR for early introduction

深谷 裕司; 水田 直紀; 後藤 実; 大橋 弘史; Yan, X.

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 361, p.110577_1 - 110577_6, 2020/05


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JAEA-Review 2019-049, 97 Pages, 2020/03



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