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High-temperature rupture failure of high-burnup LWR-MOX fuel under a reactivity-initiated accident condition

谷口 良徳; 三原 武; 垣内 一雄; 宇田川 豊

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 195, p.110144_1 - 110144_11, 2024/01

A reactivity-initiated accident (RIA)-simulated test CN-1 on a high-burnup 64 GWd/t mixed-oxide fuel rod sheathed with M5$$^{TM}$$ cladding was conducted at the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor, resulting in fuel failure. A small opening with slight ballooning deformation characterized the post-test visual appearance of the test fuel rod. Simulation using fuel performance codes FEMAXI-8/RANNS predicted rod survival under early phase loading induced by pellet-cladding mechanical interaction and subsequent boiling transition, and the cladding surface temperature measured online confirmed the occurrence of boiling transition. The experimental observation and simulation indicate that the failure was caused by a high-temperature rupture following increased rod-internal pressure. The RANNS sensitivity analysis revealed that a mechanical state parameter dedicated to predicting plastic instability might be an effective index for evaluating the risk of rupture failure during RIAs.


Oxygen potential of neodymium-doped U$$_{0.817}$$Pu$$_{0.180}$$Am$$_{0.003}$$O$$_{2 pm x}$$ uranium-plutonium-americium mixed oxides at 1573, 1773, and 1873 K

Vauchy, R.; 砂押 剛雄*; 廣岡 瞬; 中道 晋哉; 村上 龍敏; 加藤 正人

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 580, p.154416_1 - 154416_11, 2023/07

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:82.84(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Oxygen potentials of U$$_{0.817}$$Pu$$_{0.180}$$Am$$_{0.003}$$O$$_{2 pm x}$$ incorporating 10 and 20 mol% of neodymium (Nd/Metal) were investigated by thermogravimetry at 1573, 1773, and 1873 K. The presence of neodymium induced an increase in the oxygen potential of the U-Pu mixed oxide. The correlation between oxygen partial pressure pO$$_{2}$$ and deviation from stoichiometry x was analyzed, and a model of defect chemistry was proposed. Finally, the crystal structure of these mixed oxides was discussed at the light of the mechanisms of possible Nd(III)/U(V) charge compensation, and deviation from stoichiometry.


Data processing and visualization of X-ray computed tomography images of a JOYO MK-III fuel assembly

Tsai, T.-H.; 佐々木 新治; 前田 宏治

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(6), p.715 - 723, 2023/06

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:40.11(Nuclear Science & Technology)

A method for processing and visualizing X-ray computed tomography (CT) images of a fuel assembly is developed and applied to a JOYO MK-III fuel assembly. The method provides vertical-section-like images to observe the spatial distribution of CT values in fuel pins and also supplies images that show the relationship between the linear heat rate (LHR) and radial CT-value distribution. In addition, an attempt to analyze the radial cracks in the CT images is proposed, and the results demonstrate the correlation between LHR and the radial cracks.


Numerical study of initiating phase of core disruptive accident in small sodium-cooled fast reactors with negative void reactivity

石田 真也; 深野 義隆; 飛田 吉春; 岡野 靖

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 13 Pages, 2023/00

To improve the safety of future SFRs, the development of SFRs with low void reactivity has been promoted. Small SFRs can have a negative void coefficient of reactivity, so the analysis of the CDA event sequence in small SFRs is valuable for the investigation of the reactor characteristics for the future research and development of SFRs. In this study, the typical initiating events of a CDA in small SFRs were evaluated with the computational code, SAS4A. The event progression of ULOF and UTOP in the low void reactivity reactor is found to be slow due to the effective operation of the negative reactivity feedback and the absence of significant positive reactivity insertion. No power excursion occurs in the initiating phase. In ULOF, the cladding melt and relocation behavior becomes more important for the evaluation of the event progression due to its positive reactivity.


Cation interdiffusion in uranium-plutonium mixed oxide fuels; Where are we now?

Vauchy, R.; 廣岡 瞬; 松本 卓; 加藤 正人

Frontiers in Nuclear Engineering (Internet), 1, p.1060218_1 - 1060218_18, 2022/12

Diffusion phenomena in uranium-plutonium mixed oxides U$$_{1-y}$$PuyO$$_{2}$$ dictate the physicochemical properties of MOX nuclear fuel throughout manufacturing, irradiation and storage. More precisely, estimating the cation interdiffusion is paramount insofar as it dovetails with the actinide redistribution during sintering and under irradiation. In this paper, we propose a critical review of the existing experimental data of U and Pu interdiffusion coefficients in MOX fuel.


Measurements of thermal conductivity for near stoichiometric (U$$_{0.7-z}$$Pu$$_{0.3}$$Am$$_{z}$$)O$$_{2}$$ (z = 0.05, 0.10, and 0.15)

横山 佳祐; 渡部 雅; 所 大志郎*; 杉本 理峻*; 森本 恭一; 加藤 正人; 日野 哲士*

Nuclear Materials and Energy (Internet), 31, p.101156_1 - 101156_7, 2022/06

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)

高レベル放射性廃棄物の減容化の一環として、マイナーアクチニドを含んだ酸化物燃料が高速炉における選択の一つである。しかし、高Am含有MOX燃料の熱伝導率に関する実験データがないために、燃料中のAm含有量が熱伝導率に及ぼす影響は明らかとなっていない。本研究では化学量論組成近傍における(U$$_{0.7-z}$$Pu$$_{0.3}$$Am$$_{z}$$)O$$_{2}$$ (z = 0.05, 0.10, and 0.15)の熱伝導率をレーザーフラッシュ法を用いて室温から1473Kまでの範囲で測定した。結果として、熱伝導率はAm含有量が増加するに従い低下する傾向を示し、1473Kまでは古典的フォノン輸送モデル((A+BT)$$^{-1}$$)に従うことが明らかとなった。係数AはAm含有量に比例して増加する傾向を示し、U$$^{5+}$$及びAm$$^{3+}$$が固溶することによるイオン半径の変化がフォノン伝導に影響したためであると考えられる。係数BはAm含有量に依存しない傾向を示した。


Recent studies on fuel properties and irradiation behaviors of Am/Np-bearing MOX

廣岡 瞬; 横山 佳祐; 加藤 正人

Proceedings of International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles; Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future (FR22) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2022/04



Advanced reactor experiments for sodium fast reactor fuels (ARES) project; Transient irradiation experiments for metallic and MOX fuels

Jensen, C. B.*; Wachs, D. M.*; Woolstenhulme, N. E.*; 小澤 隆之; 廣岡 瞬; 加藤 正人

Proceedings of International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles; Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future (FR22) (Internet), 9 Pages, 2022/04

The ARES project is planned to re-establish capabilities for transient testing SFR fuels at the TREAT facility. A full suite of complementary in-pile capability will be available for future users with devices to suit a variety of testing objectives ranging from analytical experiments to highly prototypic experimental simulations. These capabilities extend from fresh to irradiated fuels leveraging a large library of irradiated SFR fuels from EBR-II and FFTF experimental programs. The fresh fuel commissioning tests on metallic fuels will support detailed understanding of the performance of the experimental platform while adding relatively large amount of data to the existing experiment database. High burnup experiments on irradiated metallic and MOX specimens will aid to expand the existing performance envelope of advanced designs to support current and future reactor design and optimization to maximize the performance potential of these already successful fuel types.


Development of fission gas release model for MOX fuel pellets with treatment of heterogeneous microstructure

田崎 雄大; 宇田川 豊; 天谷 政樹

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(3), p.382 - 394, 2022/03

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)

This study develops a new fission gas release (FGR) model for mixed oxide (MOX) fuels with a fundamentally heterogeneous microstructure. The model adopted in FEMAXI-8 was applied to irradiation Instrumented Fuel Assembly (IFA)-626 and 702 tests in which two types of MOX fuels had different heterogeneity in their microstructure, while the other spec were similar. Upon analyzing these fuels, the original FGR model predicted lower FGR from the fuel with a remarkably heterogeneous microstructure than the other MOX fuel. This estimation contradicts the experimental observation. However, the new FGR model improved the consistency because of the early release of fission gas from Pu agglomerate region, and showed issues for aiming further improvement. Therefore, the above results confirmed a certain validity of the developed model for studying heterogeneity effect.



宇田川 豊; 田崎 雄大

JAEA-Data/Code 2021-007, 56 Pages, 2021/07




Leaching behavior of radionuclides from samples prepared from spent fuel rod comparable to core debris in the 1F NPS

大西 貴士; 前田 宏治; 勝山 幸三

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 58(4), p.383 - 398, 2021/04

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:78.91(Nuclear Science & Technology)

To investigate the leaching behavior of radioactive nuclides in leaching samples comparable to core debris (partially molten ZrO$$_{2}$$/UO$$_{2}$$ between fuel rods) in 1F NPS, the concentration of radionuclides in the leaching solution was measured. Leaching behaviors of actinides (U, Pu, Np) and Cs from the samples were similar to those from spent fuel. Leaching of U and Pu depends on pH in the cooling water of the core debris as predicted from the present thermodynamic database. While, if Mo and Tc are surrounded by zircaloy in the core debris, their leaching amount may become higher by one order of magnitude than those from spent fuel.


Post-irradiation examinations of annular mixed oxide fuels with average burnup 4 and 5% FIMA

Cappia, F.*; 田中 康介; 加藤 正人; McClellan, K.*; Harp, J.*

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 533, p.152076_1 - 152076_14, 2020/05

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:64.27(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We present post-irradiation examination results on two type of annular mixed oxide fuel pins irradiated in the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) sodium cooled reactor to an average burnup between 4% and 5% fission of initial heavy atom (FIMA). The pins differed only from the initial Pu content, which was 22 wt% and 26 wt%, respectively. The overall performance of the pins was excellent, in line with previous historical results. The pins with higher Pu content experienced higher irradiation temperatures which influenced the fission gas release, fuel swelling, and Cs distribution compared to the other pins. All the post-irradiation examinations results are discussed against the irradiation parameters. In particular, the pins with higher initial Pu content, i.e., 26 wt%, experienced higher power that resulted in enhanced fission gas release compared to the other two pins with 22 wt% initial Pu content. For the pins with higher fission gas release, onset of Cs redistribution was observed. The two pins that had lower initial Pu content and burnup showed a Cs axial distribution similar to the as-produced one.


Thresholds for failure of high-burnup LWR fuels by pellet cladding mechanical interaction under reactivity-initiated accident conditions

宇田川 豊; 杉山 智之; 天谷 政樹

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(12), p.1063 - 1072, 2019/12

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:58.6(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Behavior of high-burnup LWR-MOX fuel under a reactivity-initiated accident condition

谷口 良徳; 宇田川 豊; 三原 武; 天谷 政樹; 垣内 一雄

Proceedings of International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference / Light Water Reactor Fuel Performance Conference (Global/Top Fuel 2019) (USB Flash Drive), p.551 - 558, 2019/09

A pulse-irradiation test CN-1 on a high-burnup MOX fuel with M5$$^{TM}$$ cladding was conducted at the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR) of Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). Although the transient signals obtained during the pulse-irradiation test did not show any signs of the occurrence of PCMI failure, the failure of the test fuel rod was confirmed from the visual inspection carried out after test CN-1. Analyses using fuel performance codes FEMAXI-8 and RANNS were also performed in order to investigate the fuel behavior during normal operation and pulse-irradiation regarding the test fuel rod of CN-1, and the results were consistent with this observation result. These experimental and calculation results suggested that the failure of test fuel rod of CN-1 was not caused by hydride-assisted PCMI but high-temperature rupture following the increase in rod internal pressure. The occurrence of this failure mode might be related to the ductility remained in the M5$$^{TM}$$ cladding owing to its low content of the hydrogen absorbed during normal operation.


Model updates and performance evaluations on fuel performance code FEMAXI-8 for light water reactor fuel analysis

宇田川 豊; 天谷 政樹

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(6), p.461 - 470, 2019/06

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:73.24(Nuclear Science & Technology)



燃料挙動解析コードFEMAXI-8の開発; 軽水炉燃料挙動モデルの改良と総合性能の検証

宇田川 豊; 山内 紹裕*; 北野 剛司*; 天谷 政樹

JAEA-Data/Code 2018-016, 79 Pages, 2019/01




Current status of the next generation fast reactor core & fuel design and related R&Ds in Japan

前田 誠一郎; 大木 繁夫; 大塚 智史; 森本 恭一; 小澤 隆之; 上出 英樹

Proceedings of International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles; Next Generation Nuclear Systems for Sustainable Development (FR-17) (USB Flash Drive), 10 Pages, 2017/06



Thermal expansion measurement of (U,Pu)O$$_{2-x}$$ in oxygen partial pressure-controlled atmosphere

加藤 正人; 生澤 佳久; 砂押 剛雄*; Nelson, A. T.*; McClellan, K. J.*

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 469, p.223 - 227, 2016/02

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:69.85(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

U$$_{0.7}$$Pu$$_{0.3}$$)O$$_{2-x}$$ (x=0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03)及び(U$$_{0.52}$$Pu$$_{0.48}$$)O$$_{2.00}$$の熱膨張率をディラトメータにより、酸素分圧をコントロールした雰囲気で測定した。酸素分圧は、測定の間O/M比が一定となるように制御された。熱膨張率は、O/M比の低下でわずかに上昇し、測定結果より、酸素ポテンシャルを記述する関係式を作成した。


Early-in-life fuel restructuring behavior of Am-bearing MOX fuels

田中 康介; 佐々木 新治; 勝山 幸三; 小山 真一

Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, 113(1), p.619 - 621, 2015/10



Extension of effective cross section calculation method for neutron transport calculations in particle-dispersed media

山本 俊弘; 三好 慶典; 竹田 敏一*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 43(1), p.77 - 87, 2006/01

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:49.94(Nuclear Science & Technology)


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