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A New application technique of a position-sensitive liquid light guide Cerenkov counter for the simultaneous position detection of $$^{90}$$Sr/$$^{90}$$Y and $$^{137}$$Cs radioactivity

寺阪 祐太; 瓜谷 章*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 1049, p.168071_1 - 168071_7, 2023/04

A new application of a position-sensitive liquid light guide Cerenkov counter for the simultaneous position detection of $$^{90}$$Sr/$$^{90}$$Y and $$^{137}$$Cs radioactivity in a gamma-ray-dominant environment is proposed. $$beta$$-emitting $$^{90}$$Sr/$$^{90}$$Y and $$gamma$$-emitting $$^{137}$$Cs radioactive point sources were measured using a position-sensitive liquid light guide based on the time-of-flight (TOF) method. We found a clear difference in the count rate ratio between the source position peak and reflection peak of the position histogram. Moreover, simultaneous measurements of the radioactive point sources were performed. The results suggest that the source position and activity of $$^{90}$$Sr/$$^{90}$$Y and $$^{137}$$Cs can be simultaneously determined based on the count rate ratio of the source position peak and the reflection peak.


Marking actinides for separation; Resonance-enhanced multiphoton charge transfer in actinide complexes

松田 晶平; 横山 啓一; 矢板 毅; 小林 徹; 金田 結依; Simonnet, M.; 関口 哲弘; 本田 充紀; 下条 晃司郎; 土井 玲祐; et al.

Science Advances (Internet), 8(20), p.eabn1991_1 - eabn1991_11, 2022/05

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:60.42(Multidisciplinary Sciences)



Microanalysis of silica-based adsorbent for effective recovery of radioactive elements

佐野 雄一; 渡部 創; 松浦 治明*; 名越 航平*; 新井 剛*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 54(10), p.1058 - 1064, 2017/10

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:40.98(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Reliability estimation of neutron resonance thermometry using tantalum and tungsten

甲斐 哲也; 廣井 孝介; Su, Y.; 篠原 武尚; Parker, J. D.*; 松本 吉弘*; 林田 洋寿*; 瀬川 麻里子; 中谷 健; 及川 健一; et al.

Physics Procedia, 88, p.306 - 313, 2017/06

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:80.98

Neutron resonance thermometry, which measures material temperature by analyzing the Doppler broadening of a neutron resonance peak, is one of the applications of energy-resolved neutron imaging at RADEN of J-PARC. Although this technique is promising, advantages and disadvantages have not been discussed in practical applications. The authors measured neutron transmission rates of tantalum and tungsten foils in a heater chamber up to 300 degrees Celsius at RADEN. The energy-dependent neutron transmission rates with different statistics were obtained after the measurements by selecting arbitrary measuring intervals from one measurement, and the temperatures of the foils were estimated from those transmission rates with different statistics. The reliability of the neutron resonance thermometry with statistical accuracy, irradiation time and spatial resolution are discussed.


MVP/GMVP version 3; General purpose Monte Carlo codes for neutron and photon transport calculations based on continuous energy and multigroup methods

長家 康展; 奥村 啓介; 櫻井 健; 森 貴正

JAEA-Data/Code 2016-018, 421 Pages, 2017/03




Spectrum-dose conversion operator of NaI(Tl) and CsI(Tl) scintillation detectors for air dose rate measurement in contaminated environments

津田 修一; 斎藤 公明

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 166(Part 3), p.419 - 426, 2017/01

 被引用回数:22 パーセンタイル:64.76(Environmental Sciences)



Measurement of the $$^{77}$$Se($$gamma$$, n) cross section and uncertainty evaluation of the $$^{79}$$Se(n, $$gamma$$) cross section

北谷 文人; 原田 秀郎; 後神 進史*; 岩本 信之; 宇都宮 弘章*; 秋宗 秀俊*; 豊川 弘之*; 山田 家和勝*; 井頭 政之*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 53(4), p.475 - 485, 2016/04

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:21.56(Nuclear Science & Technology)

We precisely measured the ($$gamma$$, n) cross section for $$^{77}$$Se by developing a spectroscopic method utilizing Laser Compton-Scattering $$gamma$$-rays. Moreover, the $$^{79}$$Se(n, $$gamma$$) $$^{80}$$Se cross section was deduced using the statistical model calculation code CCONE with $$gamma$$-ray strength functions adjusted to reproduce the ($$gamma$$, n) cross sections for $$^{77}$$Se and the even Se isotopes $$^{76}$$Se, $$^{78}$$Se and $$^{80}$$Se. The reliability of the $$^{79}$$Se(n, $$gamma$$) $$^{80}$$Se cross section calculated by CCONE with the adjusted $$gamma$$-ray strength function was evaluated by comparing available experimental (n, $$gamma$$) cross sections for stable $$^{76, 77}$$Se isotopes and those calculated by CCONE with the adjusted $$gamma$$-ray strength function. The result provides fundamental data for the study of nuclear transmutation for the long-lived fission product of $$^{79}$$Se.


Activation and control of visible single defects in 4H-, 6H-, and 3C-SiC by oxidation

Lohrmann, A.*; Castelletto, S.*; Klein, J. R.*; 大島 武; Bosi, M.*; Negri, M.*; Lau, D. W. M.*; Gibson, B. C.*; Prawer, S.*; McCallum, J. C.*; et al.

Applied Physics Letters, 108(2), p.021107_1 - 021107_4, 2016/01

 被引用回数:34 パーセンタイル:82.66(Physics, Applied)

Creation and characterisation of single photon emitters near the surface of 4H- and 6H-silicon carbide bulk substrates and 3C-SiC epitaxially grown on silicon substrates were investigated. These single photon emitters can be created and stabilized by thermal annealing in an oxygen atmosphere at temperatures above 550 $$^{circ}$$C. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) treatment is shown to effectively annihilate the emission from defects and to restore an optically clean surface. However, the emission from the defects can be obtained after re-oxidation above 550 $$^{circ}$$C. By measuring using standard confocal microscopy techniques, the excited state lifetimes for the emitters are found to be in the nanosecond regime in all three polytypes, and the emission dipoles are aligned with the lattice.


Defect engineering in silicon carbide; Single photon sources, quantum sensors and RF emitters

Kraus, H.; Simin, D.*; Fuchs, F.*; 小野田 忍; 牧野 高紘; Dyakonov, V.*; 大島 武

Proceedings of 11th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-11) (Internet), p.176 - 179, 2015/11

Quantum centers in silicon carbide (SiC) have already transcended their former reputation as mere performance-hampering defects. Especially the silicon vacancies, but also other point defects offer a variety of quantum applications, completing and complementing the successful NV centers in diamond. We aim to provide an overview over the research activities on quantum centers in silicon carbide, from fundamental knowledge on the 3/2 spin multiplicity, over microwave emission and single photon sources, to axis-aware magnetic field sensing and temperature sensing. Finally, we discussed creating tailored defects in SiC using different radiation parameters.


Room temperature quantum emission from cubic silicon carbide nanoparticles

Castelletto, S.*; Johnson, B. C.*; Zachreson, C.*; Beke, D.*; Balogh, I.*; 大島 武; Aharonovich, I.*; Gali, A.*

ACS Nano, 8(8), p.7938 - 7947, 2014/08

Single Photon Sources (SPSs) in cubic (3C) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Nano Particles (NPs) were investigated. As a result, photo luminescence (PL) with broad emission at wavelength ranges between 600 and 800 nm was observed from 3C-SiC NPs at room temperature. The second order photon auto-correlation measurements revealed that defect with the PL characteristic is SPSs. The intensity and stability of the PL increased when samples were irradiated with electrons and subsequently annealed at 500 $$^{circ}$$C. From PL measurements at low temperature and theoretical analysis using spin-polarized density functional theory, the defect can be identified as carbon-antisite carbon-vacancy pair (C$$_{Si}$$V$$_{C}$$).


Study of radiation-induced primary process by ion pulse radiolysis

吉田 陽一*; Yang, J.*; 近藤 孝文*; 関 修平*; 古澤 孝弘*; 田川 精一*; 柴田 裕実*; 田口 光正; 小嶋 拓治; 南波 秀樹

JAEA-Review 2005-001, TIARA Annual Report 2004, p.183 - 185, 2006/01



Comparison of synchrotron radiation calculations between analytical codes(STAC8,PHOTON) and Monte Carlo codes (FLUKA,EGS4)

Liu, J. C.*; Fasso, A.*; Prinz, A.*; Rokni, S.*; 浅野 芳裕

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 116(1-4), p.658 - 661, 2005/12

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:41.13(Environmental Sciences)

筆者が開発したSTAC8コードをSLAC, SSRLビームラインに適用した場合の解析結果をFLUKAやEGS4及びPHOTONと比較し、その有効性を実証した。また、STAC8コードの計算機能のうちでダブル散乱線評価やミラー反射による放射光計算の有効性についても議論する。


Calculations for the availability of photoneutron using synchrotron radiation

浅野 芳裕; 川島 祥孝*

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 115(1-4), p.176 - 180, 2005/12

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Environmental Sciences)



Development of lung and soft tissue substitutes for photons

木名瀬 栄; 木村 雅哉*; 野口 宏; 横山 須美

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 115(1-4), p.284 - 288, 2005/12

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:57.55(Environmental Sciences)

著者らは、これまで人体の骨格について密度や線減弱係数が等価な骨格組織等価材を開発するとともに頭部ファントムを製作した。本研究では、 さらに、 呼吸気道部等を表現するのに必要な人体の肺,軟組織,筋肉,筋肉+10パーセント脂肪,軟骨,喉頭,気管,甲状腺,腎臓,肝臓,皮膚,脳について、それぞれの組織等価材を開発した。また、それぞれの組織等価材は、実測により光子減弱特性を評価した。


Shielding analysis at the upper section of the accelerator-driven system

佐々 敏信; Yang, J. A.*; 大井川 宏之

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 116(1-4), p.256 - 258, 2005/12

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Environmental Sciences)



第6回光量子科学研究シンポジウム論文集; 2004年11月4日-5日,木津


JAERI-Conf 2005-004, 243 Pages, 2005/06




MVP/GMVP 2; General purpose Monte Carlo codes for neutron and photon transport calculations based on continuous energy and multigroup methods

長家 康展; 奥村 啓介; 森 貴正; 中川 正幸

JAERI 1348, 388 Pages, 2005/06




JENDL photonuclear data file

岸田 則生*; 村田 徹*; 浅見 哲夫*; 小迫 和明*; 真木 紘一*; 原田 秀郎*; Lee, Y.*; Chang, J.*; 千葉 敏; 深堀 智生

AIP Conference Proceedings 769, p.199 - 202, 2005/05



Neutron cross-section evaluations for $$^{70,72,73,74,76}$$Ge

岩本 修; Herman, M.*; Mughabghab, S. F.*; Oblozinsk$'y$, P.*; Trkov, A.*

AIP Conference Proceedings 769, p.434 - 437, 2005/05



Annual report of Kansai Research Establishment 2003; April 1, 2003 - March 31, 2004


JAERI-Review 2004-030, 150 Pages, 2005/02



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