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Estimation for mass transfer coefficient under two-phase flow conditions using two gas components

南上 光太郎; 塩津 弘之; 丸山 結; 杉山 智之; 岡本 孝司*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 8 Pages, 2023/00

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For proper source term evaluation, we constructed the theoretical model to estimate the mass transfer coefficient of gaseous iodine species under two-phase flow conditions, which complicates the direct experimental measurements. The mass transfer speed is determined by the product of the overall mass transfer coefficient and the interfacial area. By using the ratio of two gas components, the interfacial area, which is an important parameter that is difficult to measure, can be canceled out and the ratio of their overall mass transfer coefficients can be obtained. This ratio is expected to be equal to the ratio of their diffusion coefficients. Therefore, the unknown mass transfer coefficient such as iodine species can be estimated using the diffusion coefficients of two gas components and the reference mass transfer coefficient such as O$$_{2}$$. We carried out the experiments using the bubble column to confirm this relationship. From the results in this study, we confirmed that the ratio of the overall mass transfer coefficient was in good agreement with the ratio of diffusion coefficient under the bubbly flow conditions. Using this relationship confirmed in this study, we estimated the mass transfer coefficient of I$$_{2}$$, one of the iodine species.


Dependency of the source term estimation method for radionuclides released into the atmosphere on the available environmental monitoring data and its applicability to real-time source term estimation

寺田 宏明; 永井 晴康; 門脇 正尚; 都築 克紀

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 22 Pages, 2023/00

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Quantitative visualization of a radioactive plume with harmonizing gamma-ray imaging spectrometry and real-time atmospheric dispersion simulation based on 3D wind observation

永井 晴康; 古田 禄大*; 中山 浩成; 佐藤 大樹

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 16 Pages, 2023/00




化学計測技術とインフォマティックスを融合したデブリ性状把握手法の開発とタイアップ型人材育成(委託研究); 令和3年度英知を結集した原子力科学技術・人材育成推進事業

廃炉環境国際共同研究センター; 福島大学*

JAEA-Review 2022-030, 94 Pages, 2022/12




Accurate estimation of spectral density of LCS gamma-ray source

Omer, M.; 静間 俊行*; 羽島 良一*; 小泉 光生

第43回日本核物質管理学会年次大会会議論文集(インターネット), 3 Pages, 2022/11

Gamma-rays originated from laser Compton scattering (LCS) are convenient photon sources for nondestructive interrogation of nuclear materials. LCS can be used with nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF), the two of which are considered photon-based active interrogation techniques. However, an accurate estimation of the incident LCS $$gamma$$-ray flux is crucial. The $$gamma$$-ray flux is customarily measured using high purity germanium (HPGe) detectors, usually calibrated using standard point-like radioactive $$gamma$$-ray sources. These standard sources are entirely different from LCS beams in terms of detection geometry. Therefore, the calibration process must be corrected to meet the LCS beam conditions. Here, we demonstrate how to implement the required corrections and provide experimental validation of these corrections.


Revolatilization of iodine by bubbly flow in the suppression pool during an accident

南上 光太郎; 石川 淳; 杉山 智之; Pellegrini, M.*; 岡本 孝司*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(11), p.1407 - 1416, 2022/11

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To appropriately evaluate the amount of radioactive iodine released into the environment, we extended the current pool scrubbing model to consider revolatilization at bubble surfaces due to bubbly flow generated in the suppression pool, and the effect of revolatilization by bubbly flow was quantitatively evaluated using a station black out sequence in this work. Gaseous iodine species are produced in the suppression pool in an accident. They are gradually released from the pool surface, but when a large amount of gas flows from the drywell into the suppression pool, the revolatilization of gaseous iodine dissolved in the pool water is promoted by bubbly flow. The results of this study indicated that the release amount of iodine immediately after suppression chamber (S/C) vent operation increased by up to 134 times when considering the revolatilization effect associated with bubbly flow. These results were due to the increase in the gas-liquid interfacial area at bubble surfaces and the overall mass transfer coefficients under two-phase flow conditions due to bubbly flow. It was shown that caution is required for early S/C vent operation.


Development of a miniature electromagnet probe for the measurement of local velocity in heavy liquid metals

有吉 玄; 大林 寛生; 佐々 敏信

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(9), p.1071 - 1088, 2022/09

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液体重金属中の局所流速計測において、電磁誘導を用いた計測手法は効果的手法の一つである。永久磁石を利用した流速計として、Ricou and Vives' probeやVon Weissenfluh's probeが広く知られているが、これらの流速計は液温上昇に伴う永久磁石の熱減磁により、流速感度および計測体積が低下することが問題点として挙げられる。特に、永久磁石のキュリー温度を超える温度域では流速検出不能となる。そこで本研究では、流速計が持つ温度依存性の解消を目的とし、小型電磁石を内蔵する流速計を開発した。開発された流速計の直径は6mm、長さは155mmである。流速計の基本性能は、室温環境下における矩形管内水銀流れの局所流速分布計測を通して確認され、流速感度および計測体積が評価された。計測された局所流速分布は数値計算によりその妥当性が確認された。


水銀ターゲット容器内壁のキャビテーション損傷観察に関する技術資料,1; 遠隔操作対応試験片切出し装置の開発

直江 崇; 木下 秀孝; 涌井 隆; 粉川 広行; 羽賀 勝洋

JAEA-Technology 2022-018, 43 Pages, 2022/08


大強度陽子加速器研究施設(Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, J-PARC)の物質・生命科学実験施設に設置されている核破砕パルス中性子源水銀ターゲットでは、高エネルギー陽子線入射時に水銀中に発生する圧力波が引き起こすキャビテーションによって、ステンレス鋼製のターゲット容器内壁に激しい壊食損傷が生じる。陽子線強度の増加と共に攻撃性が高くなるキャビテーションが引き起こす壊食損傷によって、熱応力を低減するために厚さ3mmで設計されたターゲット容器先端部では、長時間の運転により壊食痕からの水銀漏洩や、壊食痕を起点とした疲労破壊などが生じる懸念がある。これまでに、高出力での長期的な安定運転を実現するために、キャビテーションによる壊食損傷を低減するための取り組みとして、容器内壁への表面改質の適用や、水銀中への微小気泡注入によりキャビテーションの発生源である圧力波の抑制、先端部の2重壁構造化を進めてきた。損傷低減化技術の効果を確認するために容器内壁に形成された損傷を観察する必要があるが、中性子源の運転中に内部を観察することは不可能であるため、運転を終えたターゲット容器の先端部から試験片を切出し、内壁の観察を実施している。ターゲット容器の破損による水銀の漏洩を防ぎつつ、運転出力によって変化する適切な容器の交換時期を検討するためには、運転出力と損傷の関係を明らかにすることが必要である。これまでに、高放射線環境で遠隔操作可能な試験片切出し装置を開発し、実機水銀ターゲット容器からの切出しを通じて、遠隔操作性や、より確実に試験片を切出すための切削条件の検討や切出し手法の改良を重ねてきた。本報では、実機ターゲットでの作業経験、及びモックアップ試験の結果に基づいて改良した遠隔操作による水銀ターゲット容器先端部からの試験片切出し手法に加えて、これまでに実機から試験片を切出した結果の概要についてまとめる。


Integral experiment of $$^{129}$$I(n, $$gamma$$) using fast neutron source in the "YAYOI" reactor

中村 詔司; 藤 暢輔; 木村 敦; 初川 雄一*; 原田 秀郎

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(7), p.851 - 865, 2022/07

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深堀 智生; 中山 梓介; 片渕 竜也*; 執行 信寛*

日本原子力学会誌ATOMO$$Sigma$$, 64(7), p.413 - 414, 2022/07



Simulation of the self-propagating hydrogen-air premixed flame in a closed-vessel by an open-source CFD code

Thwe, T. A.; 寺田 敦彦; 日野 竜太郎; 永石 隆二; 門脇 敏

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(5), p.573 - 579, 2022/05

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Status of the uncertainty quantification for severe accident sequences of different NPP-designs in the frame of the H-2020 project MUSA

Brumm, S.*; Gabrielli, F.*; Sanchez-Espinoza, V.*; Groudev, P.*; Ou, P.*; Zhang, W.*; Malkhasyan, A.*; Bocanegra, R.*; Herranz, L. E.*; Berda$"i$, M.*; et al.

Proceedings of 10th European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research (ERMSAR 2022) (Internet), 13 Pages, 2022/05

The current HORIZON-2020 project on "Management and Uncertainties of Severe Accidents (MUSA)" aims at applying Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) in the modeling of Severe Accidents (SA), particularly in predicting the radiological source term of mitigated and unmitigated accident scenarios. Within its application part, the project is devoted to the uncertainty quantification of different severe accident codes when predicting the radiological source term of selected severe accident sequences of different nuclear power plant designs, e.g. PWR, VVER, and BWR. Key steps for this investigation are, (a) the selection of severe accident sequences for each reactor design, (b) the development of a reference input model for the specific design and SA-code, (c) the selection of a list of uncertain model parameters to be investigated, (d) the choice of an UQ-tool e.g. DAKOTA, SUSA, URANIE, etc., (e) the definition of the figures of merit for the UA-analysis, (f) the performance of the simulations with the SA-codes, and, (g) the statistical evaluation of the results using the capabilities, i.e. methods and tools offered by the UQ-tools. This paper describes the project status of the UQ of different SA codes for the selected SA sequences, and the technical challenges and lessons learnt from the preparatory and exploratory investigations performed.


Modelling and simulation of source term for sodium-cooled fast reactor under hypothetical severe accident; Primary system/containment system interface source term estimation

小野田 雄一; John Arul, A.*; Klimonov, I.*; Danting, S.*

Proceedings of International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles; Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future (FR22) (Internet), 13 Pages, 2022/04

Three Work Packages were defined in this Coordinated Research Project whose objective was to estimate fission-product-transportation behavior inside the reference pool-type sodium-cooled fast reactor. This WP, WP-2, is dedicated to estimate the primary system/containment system interface source term using improved models and tools. The mass of primary sodium instantaneously ejected via leak paths onto the top shield was evaluated as a common benchmark problem which will be the input for the subsequent WP, WP-3. The exercises were carried out for a reference pool type SFR of 1250 MWth capacity with mixed oxide fuel. The accident sequence to be considered is Unprotected Loss of Flow Accident which is assumed to result in a core damage with release of radionuclides into the primary coolant and cover gas. Four organizations, NCEPU (China), IBRAE RAN (Russian Federation), IGCAR (India) and JAEA (Japan) finally participated in this WP. Reference case calculation using a common pressure history and sensitivity study were carried out. The total amount of the ejected sodium onto the top shield for reference case was in a good agreement between the participants. The results of the sensitivity study revealed that the change of the parameters regarding uncertainty bring about the change of leaked mass in the range of several tens of %.


Subcriticality determination methodology during fuel loading of accelerator-driven system

方野 量太

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(3), p.368 - 381, 2022/03

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In-depth analysis for uncertain phenomena on fission product transport in the OECD/NEA ARC-F project

Lind, T.*; Herranz, L. E.*; Sonnenkalb, M.*; 丸山 結

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 15 Pages, 2022/03

The accident progression and fission product release from the three damaged units of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant were systematically investigated in the OECD/NEA BSAF project phases 1 and 2. As a result of those investigations, a good progress was achieved in establishing defendable accident scenarios and the corresponding fission product releases to the environment. Nonetheless, there are some areas requiring further work, particularly concerning fission product behavior. They are addressed in the OECD/NEA project "Analysis of Information from Reactor Buildings and Containment Vessels of Fukushima Daiichi NPS" (ARC-F). Based on the outcome of the BSAF project, several focus areas were selected for further investigations in the ARC-F project, one of them being the behavior of fission products and source term. In this paper, five topics which were ranked with a high significance as open issues based on the BSAF project regarding fission product behavior are discussed: i) fission product speciation, ii) iodine chemistry, iii) pool scrubbing, iv) fission product transport and behavior in the buildings, and v) uncertainty analysis and variant calculations. Significant progress has been made in these five topics in the ARC-F project. In this paper, background is given for choosing these topics for specific investigations based on the outcome of the BSAF project. The topics are described and the approach to study them in the ARC-F given along with some exemplary, preliminary results. Finally, the readers' attention is drawn to open issues which are not included in the ARC-F work scope and could need further attention.



勅使河原 誠; 中村 充孝; 金正 倫計; 曽山 和彦

JAEA-Technology 2021-022, 208 Pages, 2022/02


J-PARCの定格出力1MWの物質・生命科学実験施設において、今後の具体的かつ現実的な高度化戦略を展開するため、線源性能に大きく影響する加速器技術(リニアックおよびRCS)、線源技術、中性子・ミュオン輸送技術、検出技術、そしてそれらが結実する中性子・ミュオン ビーム利用装置等の現状(所期設計値に対する到達度)について整理した。さらに、現状分析に基づき出力増強に向けた改良点等について報告する。


化学計測技術とインフォマティックスを融合したデブリ性状把握手法の開発とタイアップ型人材育成(委託研究); 令和2年度英知を結集した原子力科学技術・人材育成推進事業

廃炉環境国際共同研究センター; 福島大学*

JAEA-Review 2021-035, 89 Pages, 2021/12





安全研究・防災支援部門 企画調整室

JAEA-Review 2021-019, 58 Pages, 2021/11




Effect of B$$_{4}$$C absorber material on melt progression and chemical forms of iodine or cesium under severe accident conditions

日高 昭秀

Insights Concerning the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident, Vol.4; Endeavors by Scientists, p.341 - 356, 2021/10

Boron carbide (B$$_{4}$$C) used for BWR or EPR absorbers could cause phenomena that never occur in PWR with Ag-In-Cd absorbers during a severe accident (SA). B$$_{4}$$C would undergo a eutectic interaction with stainless steel and enhance core melt relocation. Boron oxidation could increase H$$_{2}$$ generation, and the change of liberated carbon to CH$$_{4}$$ could enhance the generation of CH$$_{3}$$I. HBO$$_{2}$$ generated during B$$_{4}$$C oxidation could be changed to CsBO$$_{2}$$ by combining it with cesium. This may increase Cs deposition into the RCS. There could be differences in the configuration, surface area, and stainless-steel to B$$_{4}$$C weight ratio between the B$$_{4}$$C powder and pellet absorbers. The present task is to clarify the effect of these differences on melt progression, and the iodine or Cs source term. Advancement of this research field could contribute to further sophistication of prediction tools for melt progression and source terms of the Fukushima Accident, and the treatment of CH$$_{3}$$I formation in safety evaluation.


Experimental characterization of high-energy component in extracted pulsed neutrons at the J-PARC spallation neutron source

原田 正英; 勅使河原 誠; 大井 元貴; 及川 健一; 高田 弘; 池田 裕二郎

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 1000, p.165252_1 - 165252_8, 2021/06

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本研究では、箔放射化法を用いて、J-PARC核破砕中性子源からのパルス中性子ビームの高エネルギー成分を測定した。箔は、0.3MeVから79.4MeVまでのしきいエネルギーを持つAl, Au, Bi, Nb, Tmを用いた。実験はNOBORUで行われ、箔は減速材から13.4mの位置で照射された。照射実験への応用のために、高エネルギーの中性子スペクトルを変化させるB$$_{4}$$Cスリット, Pbフィルター、それらがない場合の3ケースでも反応率を測定した。JENDL-3.2評価済みファイルとJENDLドシメトリーファイルを用いたPHITSコードによる計算データと比較をした。計算値と実験値の比(C/E)を比較したところ、エネルギー依存性がみられ、しきいエネルギーが100MeVまで増えるにつれ、C/Eは減少することが分かった。すべてのC/Eは1.0$$pm$$0.2の範囲にあることを確認した。このことから、高エネルギーの中性子計算データは、NOBORUユーザーの実験データの分析に適切であることを示した。

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