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Plastic collapse stresses based on flaw combination rules for pipes containing two circumferential similar flaws

長谷川 邦夫; Li, Y.; Kim, Y.-J.*; Lacroix, V.*; Strnadel, B.*

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 141(3), p.031201_1 - 031201_5, 2019/06



Vector and Axial-vector form factors in radiative kaon decay and flavor SU(3) symmetry breaking

Shim, S.-I.*; 保坂 淳; Kim, H.-C.*

Physics Letters B, 795, p.438 - 445, 2019/06

We study the vector and axial-vector form factors of radiative kaon decay within the framework of the gauged nonlocal effective chiral action from the instanton vacuum, focusing on the effects of flavor SU(3) symmetry breaking. The general tendency of the results are rather similar to those of radiative pion decays: The nonlocal contributions make the results of the vector form factor increased by about 20%, whereas they reduce those of the axial-vector form factor by almost 50%. Suppressing the prefactors consisting of the kaon mass and the pion decay constant, we scrutinize how the kaon form factors undergo changes as the mass of the strange current quark is varied. Those related to the vector and second axial-vector form factors tend to decrease monotonically as the strange quark mass increases, whereas that for the axial-vector form factor decreases. When $$Kto enugamma$$ decay is considered, both the results of the vector and axial-vector form factors at the zero momentum transfer are in good agreement with the experimental data. The results are also compared with those from chiral perturbation theory to $$p^6$$ order.


Topological characterization of classical waves; The Topological origin of magnetostatic surface spin waves

山本 慧; Thiang, G. C.*; Pirro, P.*; Kim, K.-W.*; Everschor-Sitte, K.*; 齊藤 英治*

Physical Review Letters, 122(21), p.217201_1 - 217201_5, 2019/05

We propose a topological characterization of Hamiltonians describing classical waves. Applying it to the magnetostatic surface spin waves that are important in spintronics applications, we settle the speculation over their topological origin. For a class of classical systems that includes spin waves driven by dipole-dipole interactions, we show that the topology is characterized by vortex lines in the Brillouin zone in such a way that the symplectic structure of Hamiltonian mechanics plays an essential role. We define winding numbers around these vortex lines and identify them to be the bulk topological invariants for a class of semimetals. Exploiting the bulk-edge correspondence appropriately reformulated for these classical waves, we predict that surface modes appear but not in a gap of the bulk frequency spectrum. This feature, consistent with the magnetostatic surface spin waves, indicates a broader realm of topological phases of matter beyond spectrally gapped ones.


Fukushima $$^{137}$$Cs releases dispersion modelling over the Pacific Ocean; Comparisons of models with water, sediment and biota data

Peri$'a$$~n$ez, R.*; Bezhenar, R.*; Brovchenko, I.*; Jung, K. T.*; 上平 雄基; Kim, K. O.*; 小林 卓也; Liptak, L.*; Maderich, V.*; Min, B. I.*; et al.

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 198, p.50 - 63, 2019/03

 パーセンタイル:100(Environmental Sciences)



Nucleon and $$Delta$$ isobar in a strong magnetic field

Yakhshiev, U.*; Kim, H.-C.; 岡 眞

Physical Review D, 99(5), p.054027_1 - 054027_11, 2019/03

 パーセンタイル:100(Astronomy & Astrophysics)



Further signatures to support the tetraquark mixing framework for the two light-meson nonets

Kim, H.*; Kim, K. S.*; Cheoun, M.-K.*; 慈道 大介*; 岡 眞

Physical Review D, 99(1), p.014005_1 - 014005_15, 2019/01

 パーセンタイル:100(Astronomy & Astrophysics)



Study of the screening survey using an ambient dose equivalent rate survey meter in criticality accidentsy

星 勝也; 辻村 憲雄; 吉田 忠義; 栗原 治*; Kim, E.*; 矢島 千秋*

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (Internet), 6, p.152 - 155, 2019/01

When a criticality accident occurs, a screening survey to triage high-dose radiation exposed persons is performed. We have established a rapid method for the screening survey by measuring the $$gamma$$ dose rate mainly from $$^{24}$$Na on the victims' body surface with a conventional NaI(Tl) scintillation survey meter. In this study, a water-filled slab phantom containing NaCl was irradiated with neutrons from a $$^{252}$$Cf neutron source. The radioactivity concentration of $$^{24}$$Na produced in the phantom was determined by means of both $$gamma$$-ray spectrometry and simulations using the Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code. The ambient dose equivalent rates at the phantom's outer surface were simulated by the MCNP, and also were directly measured with a NaI(Tl) scintillation survey meter. From the experiments and calculations, we obtained the results that 1 Gy (neutron absorbed dose) corresponded to 18-76 $$mu$$Sv h$$^{-1}$$ (ambient dose equivalent rate) at the surface of the victim's body, which can be easily distinguished from normal background levels. Therefore, this method allows us to rapidly screen high-dose radiation exposed victims.


Comparison of the Fukushima radioactive mapping by two different aerial radiation monitoring systems

Kim, B.-J.*; 佐々木 美雪; 眞田 幸尚

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (Internet), 6, p.130 - 133, 2019/01

A radiation monitoring system using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) was developed for post-nuclear accidents by the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS). JAEA has been conducted radiation monitoring in the Fukushima area and undertaking research and development of related technology. Considering future large-scale disasters, it is important that measurement methods using UAVs are unified between the neighbor countries. JAEA and KINS attempted technical collaborations to compare results obtained from different methods. In 2015, measurements were carried out around the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station. Corrections to convert the coefficients from detectors in air to the radiation dose or radioactivity concentration on the surface were carried out in areas previously surveyed as flat and relatively evenly contaminated. Explorations of contamination mapping were conducted in river basins, with contaminants appearing in different water and soil contours, which were expected to make intuitive comparisons easier for multiple mappings. We used a Japanese unmanned helicopter, which is used for agricultural applications such as the spraying of pesticides. The measurement system of JAEA and KINS was installed and the same route was flown once in each case.


Battery-free, skin-interfaced microfluidic/electronic systems for simultaneous electrochemical, colorimetric, and volumetric analysis of sweat

Bandodkar, A. J.*; Gutruf, P.*; Choi, J.*; Lee, K.-H.*; 関根 由莉奈; Reeder, J. T.*; Jeang, W. J.*; Aranyosi, A. J.*; Lee, S. P.*; Model, J. B.*; et al.

Science Advances (Internet), 5(1), p.eaav3294_1 - eaav3294_15, 2019/01

非侵襲でバイオマーカーを検出し得るウェアラブルデバイスが注目されている。しかしながら現在までに存在するウェアラブルデバイスはその電力源や検出部分などの小型化が困難であったことから重さや大きさの点でポータビリティに欠けていた。本研究では、バッテリーフリーでかつ電気的、呈色式を用いて重要バイオマーカーである塩化物, 乳酸, グルコース, pHを検出できるスウェットデバイスを開発した。


Conceptual uncertainties in modelling the interaction between engineered and natural barriers of nuclear waste repositories in crystalline rocks

Finsterle, S.*; Lanyon, B.*; ${AA}$kesson, M.*; Baxter, S.*; Bergstr$"o$m, M.*; Bockg${aa}$rd, N.*; Dershowitz, W.*; Dessirier, B.*; Frampton, A.*; Fransson, ${AA}$.*; et al.

Geological Society, London, Special Publications, No.482, p.261 - 283, 2019/00



Laboratory examination of greenhouse gaseous and microbial dynamics during thawing of frozen soil core collected from a black spruce forest in Interior Alaska

永野 博彦; Kim, Y.*; Lee, B.-Y.*; 重田 遥*; 犬伏 和之*

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 64(6), p.793 - 802, 2018/12

 パーセンタイル:100(Plant Sciences)

北半球の高緯度生態系における年間温室効果ガス(GHG)収支を決定する重要なプロセスである凍結土壌の融解中に起きる炭素動態の変化を調べるために、本研究では、内陸アラスカのクロトウヒ林から採取した凍結土壌コアの培養実験を行った。地表面から永久凍土がある深さ90cmまでのコアを、3層(表層,中間層,下層)に分けた。次いで、各層から分取した12土壌(1層につき4土壌)を3週間培養し、二酸化炭素(CO$$_{2}$$)およびメタン(CH$$_{4}$$)フラックスを測定した。培養中、温度を0から10$$^{circ}$$Cまで1週間ずつ変化させた。表層および中間層の8土壌のうち6土壌では、CO$$_{2}$$放出量が0$$^{circ}$$Cよりも5$$^{circ}$$Cで1.5-19.2倍大きかったが、これら6土壌のうち3土壌のCO$$_{2}$$放出は、10$$^{circ}$$Cでの培養で減少した。CH$$_{4}$$放出は、0$$^{circ}$$Cで培養した下層土壌で最大であった。0$$^{circ}$$Cで培養した表層および中間層の土壌でも、CH$$_{4}$$放出が観察された。5および10$$^{circ}$$Cでは、下層土壌のCH$$_{4}$$放出が減少し、表層および中間層の土壌はCH$$_{4}$$吸収を示した。嫌気的CH$$_{4}$$酸化および生成の阻害物質(2-bromoethane sulfonate)を添加すると、CH$$_{4}$$吸収と放出の両方が減少した。細菌および古細菌群集のゲノム情報は土壌の深さとともに変化したが、融解に対しては安定であった。以上より、北方のクロトウヒ林における土壌のGHGフラックスは土壌融解に敏感かつ多様に反応する一方、細菌および古細菌の全体的な群集構造は融解に対して安定的であることが判明した。


Electrical and crystallographic study of an electrothermodynamic cycle for a waste heat recovery

Kim, J.*; 山中 暁*; 中島 啓*; 加藤 孝典*; Kim, J.*; Kim, Y.*; 福田 竜生; 吉井 賢資; 西畑 保雄; 馬場 将亮*; et al.

Advanced Sustainable Systems (Internet), 2(11), p.1800067_1 - 1800067_8, 2018/11

An innovative electrothermodynamic cycle (pyroelectric effect with an external electric field) was recently presented, which is based on temporal temperature variations in wasted heat from engine exhaust gas. In this paper, for further improvement, a generating mechanism of the cycle is investigated using in-operando time-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction with generating assessment. The polarizations of the sample are gained from both crystal/domain changes and simultaneous electrical measurements. Three types of materials are prepared: soft and hard types of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT). Among them, PMN-PT has the highest generating power. When an external electric field is applied, the PMN-PT exhibits only 180$$^circ$$ domain rotations, whereas PZTs exhibit both 90$$^circ$$ and 180$$^circ$$ rotations. A strong driving force for 180$$^circ$$ rotation depresses rotations in other angles and increases polarization changes. The results show that the material development, which has only 180$$^circ$$ switching domains, has potential for use in the establishment of a high-efficiency waste heat recovery system.


Temperature stability of PIN-PMN-PT ternary ceramics during pyroelectric power generation

Kim, J.*; 茂呂 拓哉*; Kim, J.*; 山中 暁*; 村山 一郎*; 加藤 孝典*; 中山 忠親*; 武田 雅敏*; 山田 昇*; 西畑 保雄; et al.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 768, p.22 - 27, 2018/11

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:52.95(Chemistry, Physical)

Relaxor-based ternary Pb(In$$_{1/2}$$Nb$$_{1/2}$$)O$$_3$$-Pb(Mg$$_{1/3}$$Nb$$_{2/3}$$)O$$_3$$-PbTiO$$_3$$ (PIN-PMN-PT) ceramics near a morphotropic phase boundary were grown, and their electrical properties at various temperatures were investigated in the electrothermodynamic cycle for the future environment-friendly automotive applications. Structural disordering, depending on the PIN content, influenced the diffuse phase transition between the tetragonal and cubic structures and contributed to the power-generating behavior. The net power-generating energies (P$$_{net}$$) were 2.43-3.01 mW/cm$$^3$$ at temperatures above 200$$^circ$$C and were maintained at above 1 mW/cm$$^3$$ over a temperature range of approximately 100 degrees. Therefore, the PIN-PMN-PT system has a possibility of a wider usage temperature range, the disordering of the perovskite crystal structure can be controlled, and it will be a candidate for the application of pyroelectric energy conversion system.


Spectral reflectance and associated photograph of boreal forest understory formation in interior Alaska

小林 秀樹*; 鈴木 力英*; Yang, W.*; 伊川 浩紀*; 井上 智晴*; 永野 博彦; Kim, Y.*

Polar Data Journal (Internet), 2, p.14 - 29, 2018/11

炭素循環に関する北方林生態系の下位植生の役割は無視できないが、それらは依然として北方生態系において理解が最も不十分な構成要素の1つである。植生の分光反射率測定は、植物種を同定し、それらの生化学的特徴を捉えるのに有用である。このデータペーパーでは、44組の典型的な下層植生、および5本の下層植生トランセクト(30m長)について測定した分光反射率を提供する。分光反射率は、可視,近赤外および短波赤外線のスペクトル領域をカバーしている。横断トランセクトの長さは、Landsat型衛星画像の分解能に基づいて決定された。また、分光反射率測定地点を撮影した写真も提供する。本データセットには、低木類(${it Vaccinium uliginosum}$, ${it Vaccinium vitisidea}$, ${it Salix alaxensis}$,若い${it Betula neoalaskana}$,若い${it Pupulus tremuloides}$、および若い${it Picea mariana}$)、草本類(${it Eriophorum vaginatum}$および${it Ledum decumbens}$)、コケ類(${it Sphagnum}$ sp., ${it Hylocomium splendens}$, ${it Polytrichum commune}$)、および地衣類(${it Cladonia rangiferina}$)の分光反射が含まれている。また、雪やリター, 土などの分光反射率もデータセットには含まれている。この分光反射率および写真のデータセットは、(1)下層植生の分光反射特性の理解、(2)新規の分光反射率観測の計画・設計、および(3)大規模な下層植生モニタリングのためのリモートセンシング方法の開発・検証に利用することができる。


Soft, skin-interfaced microfluidic systems with wireless, battery-free electronics for digital, real-time tracking of sweat loss and electrolyte composition

Kim, S. B.*; Lee, K.-H.*; Raj, M. S.*; Reeder, J. T.*; Koo, J.*; Hourlier-Fargette, A.*; Bandodkar, A. J.*; Won, S. M.*; 関根 由莉奈; Choi, J.*; et al.

Small, 14(45), p.1802876_1 - 1802876_9, 2018/11



Stratification break-up by a diffuse buoyant jet; A CFD benchmark exercise

Studer, E.*; 安部 諭; Andreani, M.*; Bharj, J. S.*; Gera, B.*; Ishay, L.*; Kelm, S.*; Kim, J.*; Lu, Y.*; Paliwal, P.*; et al.

Proceedings of 12th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics, Operation and Safety (NUTHOS-12) (USB Flash Drive), 16 Pages, 2018/10

Nuclear engineering research groups were interested in the phenomena of the interaction between a rising jet and a stratified layer located above in order to better understand the underlying mechanisms of hydrogen accumulation and dispersion in a nuclear reactor containment. Previous studies were performed with an upward jet of fluid heavier or lighter than the upper stratified layer. However, in real configurations i.e. the inner part of a nuclear containment, obstacles such as pipes, components as pumps or reservoirs and walls are present, and they can dissipate the initial momentum of the gas release. Consequently, the upward flow pattern can be considered "diffuse" and buoyant, neither pure jet nor pure plume. Therefore, this challenging issue was part of a project called HYMERES, which was launched and conducted in the OECD/NEA framework. Dedicated experiments were performed to study the interaction between a diffuse buoyant jet and two-layer stratification. In the large-scale MISTRA facility, the HM1-1 test series were conducted in which the erosive flow pattern came from a horizontal hot air jet impinging on a vertical cylinder. These experimental results were offered for a blind and open benchmark exercise.


Recent advances in the GIF very high temperature reactor system

F$"u$tterer, M. A.*; Li, F.*; Gougar, H.*; Edwards, L.*; Pouchon, M. A.*; Kim, M. H.*; Carr$'e$, F.*; 佐藤 博之

Proceedings of 9th International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technology (HTR 2018) (USB Flash Drive), 12 Pages, 2018/10




佐久間 一幸; 新里 忠史; Kim, M.; Malins, A.; 町田 昌彦; 吉村 和也; 操上 広志; 北村 哲浩; 細見 正明*

環境放射能除染学会誌, 6(3), p.145 - 152, 2018/09



福島県内を想定した複雑な実環境中での空間線量率分布解析システム(3D-ADRES)の研究開発; リモートセンシング情報の活用と各環境因子(地形・土壌・建物・樹木等)の影響評価

Kim, M.; Malins, A.; 佐久間 一幸; 北村 哲浩; 町田 昌彦; 長谷川 幸弘*; 柳 秀明*

RIST News, (64), p.3 - 16, 2018/09

環境中に放出された放射線源による空間線量率の正確な分布は、住民の被ばく量を評価し、それを可能な限り低減するための必須な情報となる。しかし、市街地・森林等は複雑な構造物や樹木が存立する他、地形も平坦ではなく放射線の散乱や遮蔽が頻繁に起こるため、空間線量率の分布は非一様となる。加えて放射線源の不均質な分布は更にそれを複雑なものとするため、正確な空間線量率の分布を知ることは容易ではない。そこで、日本原子力研究開発機構・システム計算科学センターは、福島環境安全センターと連携し、福島県内の市街地や森林等の複雑な環境中の地形・樹木・建物等の3次元のリアルな構造物モデルを構築し、更に不均質な放射性セシウムの線源分布を取り込むことを可能とすることで、空間線量率の3次元分布が計算可能なシステム(3D - Air Dose Rate Evaluation System:略称3D-ADRES)を開発した。3D-ADRESでは、人工衛星画像等のリモートセンシング情報や種々の地理情報等を最大限に活用し、構造物を認識(一部自動化済み)した後、その構造をリアルにモデル化し、モンテカルロ計算コードPHITS用フォーマットに変換することで、シミュレーションによる詳細な空間線量率分布を取得可能とする。本稿では、そのシステムの概要について記し、実際の計算例を示す他、今後の課題についても記す。


A Fluorometric skin-interfaced microfluidic device and smartphone imaging module for ${{it in situ}}$ quantitative analysis of sweat chemistry

関根 由莉奈; Kim, S. B.*; Zhang, Y.*; Bandodkar, A. J.*; Xu, S.*; Choi, J.*; 入江 将大*; Ray, T. R.*; Kohli, P.*; 香西 直文; et al.

Lab on a Chip, 18(15), p.2178 - 2186, 2018/08

近年、スウェットに含まれる代謝産物やイオン等を用いたPoint of Careが高く注目されている。本研究では、それらのバイオマーカーを効果的にその場で検出することを目的として、ソフトで薄いウェアラブルマイクロ流路デバイスとスマートフォンを基盤とした蛍光イメージングシステムを提案する。精密に設計されたマイクロ流路は、皮膚から汗を時間シーケンス制御で集めることを可能にした。また、集められた汗から蛍光検出剤によって検出された塩化物,ナトリウム,亜鉛濃度をスマートフォンを基盤とした蛍光イメージングシステムで正確に定量分析することに成功した。このシステムを実際に試験したところ、正確に効率よく作動することを確認した。

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