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Local structural changes in V-Ti-Cr alloy hydrides with hydrogen absorption/desorption cycling

池田 一貴*; 佐次田 頌*; 大友 季哉*; 大下 英敏*; 本田 孝志*; 羽合 孝文*; 齋藤 開*; 伊藤 晋一*; 横尾 哲也*; 榊 浩司*; et al.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 51(Part A), p.79 - 87, 2024/01

Low-vanadium-concentration alloys have low durability, and their hydrogen absorption and desorption amounts decrease by 20% after 100 cycles. In this study, we conducted reverse Monte Carlo modeling on X-ray diffraction patterns and neutron pair distribution functions of the hydrogen-absorbed and desorbed samples of a V$$_{0.10}$$Ti$$_{0.36}$$Cr$$_{0.54}$$ alloy to analyze the variations in the local structure. The local structure surrounding the hydrogen atom in the hydrogen-absorbed phase exhibited minimal changes. In contrast, hydrogen occupied both tetrahedral and octahedral sites of the hydrogen-desorbed phase almost equally during the early cycles; however, the amount of hydrogen occupying the tetrahedral sites increased with the number of cycles.


Quasielastic neutron scattering probing H$$^{-}$$ dynamics in the H$$^{-}$$ conductors LaH$$_{3-2x}$$O$$_{x}$$

玉造 博夢; 福井 慧賀*; 飯村 壮史*; 本田 孝志*; 多田 朋史*; 村上 洋一*; 山浦 淳一*; 倉本 義夫*; 佐賀山 基*; 山田 武*; et al.

Physical Review B, 107(18), p.184114_1 - 184114_8, 2023/05

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Using an incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering (QENS) technique, we investigate H$$^{-}$$ dynamics in a series of oxyhydrides LaH$$_{3-2x}$$O$$_{x}$$ that exhibit characteristic high H$$^{-}$$ conductivity. In the end member LaH$$_{3}$$ ($$x$$ = 0), two kinds of H$$^{-}$$ dynamics are identified: the jump diffusion and the localized motion. The jump length in the jump diffusion mode increases with increasing $$T$$. The localized motion is identified as a jump between the two inequivalent sites. These dynamics are corroborated by our molecular dynamical simulations. Our QENS data suggest that similar H$$^{-}$$ dynamics occurs also in oxyhydrides LaH$$_{3-2x}$$O$$_{x}$$ ($$x$$ $$neq$$ 0), whose H$$^{-}$$ concentration dependence is consistent with the previous measurement of ionic conductivity. We also discuss the possibility that LaH$$_{3-2x}$$O$$_{x}$$ is an example of H$$^{-}$$ ion conductors governed by the concerted migration mechanism. The identified H$$^{-}$$ dynamics is a key to understanding the anomalous hydrogen concentration dependence of the diffusion coefficient in lanthanum hydrides, which has been a longstanding mystery in this compound.


Hydrogen vibration excitations of ZrH$$_{1.8}$$ and TiH$$_{1.84}$$ up to 21 GPa by incoherent inelastic neutron scattering

服部 高典; 中村 充孝; 飯田 一樹*; 町田 晃彦*; 佐野 亜沙美; 町田 真一*; 有馬 寛*; 大下 英敏*; 本田 孝志*; 池田 一貴*; et al.

Physical Review B, 106(13), p.134309_1 - 134309_9, 2022/10

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

量子調和振動子(QHO)で近似できる蛍石型のZrH$$_{1.8}$$とTiH$$_{1.84}$$の水素の振動励起を非弾性非干渉性中性子散乱によって21GPaおよび4GPaまで調べた。第一励起の振動エネルギー$$E_1$$はそれぞれ$$E_1$$(meV) = 141.4(2) + 1.02(2)$$P$$(GPa)および$$E_1$$(meV) = 149.4(1) + 1.21(8)$$P$$(GPa)で表され、圧力とともに上昇した。格子定数の圧力変化と組み合わせて得られた金属水素原子間距離($$d_{M-H}$$)と$$E_1$$の関係は、$$E_1$$(meV) = 1.62(9)$$times$$ 10$$^3$$ $$d_{M-H}^{-3.31(8)}$$($AA)$および$$E_1$$(meV) = 1.47(21)$$times$$ 10$$^3$$ $$d_{M-H}^{-3.5(2)}$$($AA)$であった。これらのカーブの傾きは、様々な蛍石型の金属水素化物の常圧下のトレンドに比べ、急峻であった。$$E_1$$から得られた水素波動関数の広がりは、格子間サイトよりも縮み易いことが分かった。高圧下における水素の波動関数の優先的な収縮や小さな$$d_{M-H}$$における$$E_1$$の急峻な立ち上がりは金属原子のイオンコアが水素原子よりも堅いために水素原子が高圧下でより狭い領域に閉じ込められるために起こると考えられる。


Rotation of complex ions with ninefold hydrogen coordination studied by quasielastic neutron scattering and first-principles molecular dynamics calculations

大政 義典*; 高木 茂幸*; 戸嶋 健人*; 横山 凱乙*; 遠藤 亘*; 折茂 慎一*; 齋藤 寛之*; 山田 武*; 川北 至信; 池田 一貴*; et al.

Physical Review Research (Internet), 4(3), p.033215_1 - 033215_9, 2022/09

Quasielastic neutron scattering (QENS) and neutron powder diffraction of the complex transition metalhydrides Li$$_5$$MoH$$_{11}$$ and Li$$_6$$NbH$$_{11}$$ were measured in a temperature range of 10-300 K to study their structures and dynamics, especially the dynamics of the hydrogen atoms. These hydrides contain unusual ninefold H coordinated complex ions (MoH$$_9^{3-}$$ or NbH$$_9^{4-}$$) and hydride ions (H$$^-$$). A QENS signal appeared $$>$$ 150 K due to the relaxation of H atoms. The intermediate scattering functions derived from the QENS spectra are well fitted by a stretched exponential function called the Kohlrausch-Williams-Watts functions with a small stretching exponent $$beta approx$$ 0.3-0.4, suggesting a wide relaxation time distribution. The $$Q$$ dependence of the elastic incoherent structure factor is reproduced by the rotational diffusion of MH$$_9$$ (M = Mo or Nb) anions. The results are well supported by a van Hove analysis for the motion of H atoms obtained using first-principles molecular dynamics calculations. We conclude that the wide relaxation time distribution of the MH$$_9$$ rotation is due to the positional disorder of the surrounding Li ions and a unique rotation with MH$$_9$$ anion deformation (pseudorotation).


Displacement of hydrogen position in di-hydride of V-Ti-Cr solid solution alloys

榊 浩司*; Kim, H.*; Majzoub, E. H.*; 町田 晃彦*; 綿貫 徹*; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*; 水野 正隆*; 松村 大樹; 中村 優美子*

Acta Materialia, 234, p.118055_1 - 118055_10, 2022/08

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:81.14(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Local structure in the di-hydride phases of V-Ti-Cr solid solution alloys were investigated using synchrotron X-ray and neutron total scattering experiments. Both Rietveld refinement and pair distribution function (PDF) refinement of the X-ray scattering data indicated that the crystal structure of the metal lattice was a face centered cubic (FCC) structure and no difference between their local structure and average structure was observed. However, the CaF$$_{2}$$ structure model did not reproduce the first peak corresponding to the metal-hydrogen correlation in neutron PDF patterns. When special quasi-random structure (SQS) models are applied for the refinements, the whole neutron PDF patterns were reproduced. Distribution of interatomic distances between hydrogen and metal atoms in the relaxed SQS models showed that interatomic distance of hydrogen with Cr was shorter than that with V and that with Ti was longer than that with V, independently of the chemical compositions.


Magnetic structure of short-range ordering in intermetallic antiferromagnet Mn$$_3$$RhSi

樹神 克明; 本田 孝志*; 山内 宏樹; 社本 真一*; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90(7), p.074710_1 - 074710_7, 2021/07

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:17.91(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Magnetic pair distribution function (mPDF) of intermetallic antiferromagnet Mn$$_3$$RhSi is estimated from the powder neutron diffraction data. The mPDF exhibits negative peak at about $$r$$ = 2.7 ${AA}$ corresponding to the nearest neighbor Mn-Mn distance above the antiferromagnetic transition temperature $$T_{N}$$. Below $$T_{N}$$, the mPDF is a superposition of the mPDF with the negative peak at about $$r$$ = 2.7 ${AA}$ and the mPDF calculated from the antiferromagnetic structure which is determined by the previous neutron diffraction study, indicating the coexistence of the short range ordering and the antiferromagnetic long range ordering. The mPDF of the short range ordering is not reproduced by the magnetic structure model with the symmetry consistent with that of the crystal structure. The possible magnetic structure which can reproduce the observed mPDF of the short range ordering is proposed.


Commissioning of Versatile Compact Neutron Diffractometer (VCND) at the B-3 beam port of Kyoto University Research Reactor (KUR)

森 一広*; 奥村 良*; 吉野 泰史*; 金山 雅哉*; 佐藤 節夫*; 大場 洋次郎; 岩瀬 謙二*; 平賀 晴弘*; 日野 正裕*; 佐野 忠史*; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 33, p.011093_1 - 011093_6, 2021/03



Magnetic pair distribution function of spin-glass system Mn$$_{0.5}$$Fe$$_{0.5}$$TiO$$_3$$

樹神 克明; 本田 孝志*; 池田 一貴*; 社本 真一; 大友 季哉*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 33, p.011059_1 - 011059_6, 2021/03

We have performed powder diffraction measurement on the typical spin-glass system Mn$$_{0.5}$$Fe$$_{0.5}$$TiO$$_3$$ using the neutron total scattering spectrometer NOVA installed in J-PARC to apply the mPDF analysis to the short-range correlation in the spin-glass phase. The mPDF obtained from the magnetic scattering intensity can be reproduced by the linear combination of the mPDFs calculated from the antiferromagnetic structures of MnTiO$$_3$$ and FeTiO$$_3$$, consistent with the coexistence of two different antiferromagnetic correlations in the spin-glass phase.


Local- and intermediate-range order in room temperature superionic conducting Ag-GeSe$$_{3}$$ glasses

細川 伸也*; 川北 至信; Stellhorn, J. R.*; Pusztai, L.*; Blanc, N.*; Boudet, N.*; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 33, p.011070_1 - 011070_7, 2021/03


銀イオン伝導体Ag$$_{x}$$(GeSe$$_{3}$$)$$_{1-x}$$のx=0.15, 0.28, 0.33, 0.50の試料について局所・中距離原子秩序がAXS, XRD, ND, RMCモデリングを組合せて調べられた。AXSとXRDで得られた結果にNDを加えることによって、もっともらしい部分構造と部分pdfを得ることができた。AXSとRMCによる以前の結果とは対照的に、多くのAg-Ge, Ge-Ge相関が第一近接殻内に見られるようになり、第一原理MDシミュレーションと一致する結果となった。GeとSeの配位数は、Agを考慮に入れなければ、すべてのAg濃度で8-$$N$$規則にほぼ乗っている。Ag濃度が増加すると、Ag周りのGeとSeの部分配位数が著しく増加し、一方Ag-Ag配位数はわずかに増加するのみである。このことは、Agの伝導経路がAg-Ag相関の第2近接を経由して形成されていることを示している。


Detailed investigations on short- and intermediate-range structures of Ge-Se glasses near the stiffness transition composition

細川 伸也*; 川北 至信; Pusztai, L.*; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90(2), p.024601_1 - 024601_12, 2021/02

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:17.91(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

In order to improve the reliability of short- and intermediate-range atomic structures of Ge$$_x$$Se$$_{1-x}$$ glasses, high quality neutron diffraction data, in both the real and reciprocal spaces, were added to the existing anomalous X-ray scattering and X-ray diffraction datasets [Hosokawa et al., Phys. Rev. B 84, 014201 (2011)] for reverse Monte Carlo modeling. This addition proved to be highly effective for obtaining well-refined structural data and for revealing a close relationship between the compositional stiffness transition occurring at about $$x$$ = 0.20-0.26 and the partial structures. Although the $$S_{ij}(Q)$$ and $$g_{ij}(r)$$ functions gradually change with varying $$x$$, important indications on the stiffness transition are confirmed on the basis of the intermediate-range element-selective atomic structures (${it hyper-ordered structures}$) more clearly than it was possible by previous results. An abrupt decrease in terms of the the prepeak intensity of $$S_{GeGe}(Q)$$, a rapid disappearance of the Ge-Ge homopolar bonds, anomalies in the ratio of edge- and corner-sharing Ge(Se$$_{1/2}$$)$$_4$$ tetrahedra, and characteristic changes in the tetrahedral connections with decreasing X across the so-called intermediate phase have all been observed.


Structural investigation of sulfonated polyphenylene ionomers for the design of better performing proton-conductive membranes

椎野 佳祐*; 大友 季哉; 山田 武*; 有馬 寛*; 廣井 孝介; 高田 慎一; 三宅 純平*; 宮武 健治*

ACS Applied Polymer Materials (Internet), 2(12), p.5558 - 5565, 2020/11

To achieve high-performance proton-exchange membranes (PEMs), understanding of the polymer structure/ property relationship is crucial. In particular, the structure of water clusters (number, size, interdomain distance, interconnectivity, etc.) and hydrophobic domains dominates important membrane properties, such as proton conductivity and mechanical strength, which can be adjusted by the monomer sequence in the polymer chains. In the present paper, we have prepared three sulfonated polyphenylene-based copolymers (SPP-MP, SPP-BP, and SPP-QP) whose main chain components were the same but their sequence differed by the use of different hydrophobic monomers (monophenylene, -MP; biphenylene, -BP; and quinquephenylene, -QP, respectively). Careful investigation of the proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR) spectra suggested that the randomness of the hydrophilic component (sulfophenylene unit) was dominated by the hydrophobic component: 51 % for -MP, 32 % for -BP, and 19 % for -QP, respectively. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observation of the three polyphenylene ionomer membranes revealed that the lower randomness of the hydrophilic component caused a larger hydrophilic domain size in their phase-separated morphology under dry conditions. Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) measurements suggested that SPP-QP, with the lowest randomness of the hydrophilic component, possessed the most pronounced periodic structure under humidified conditions.


Development and application of a $$^3$$He neutron spin filter at J-PARC

奥平 琢也; 奥 隆之; 猪野 隆*; 林田 洋寿*; 吉良 弘*; 酒井 健二; 廣井 孝介; 高橋 慎吾*; 相澤 一也; 遠藤 仁*; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 977, p.164301_1 - 164301_8, 2020/10

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:80.64(Instruments & Instrumentation)

We are developing a neutron polarizer with polarized $$^3$$He gas, referred to as a $$^3$$He spin filter, based on the Spin Exchange Optical Pumping (SEOP) for polarized neutron scattering experiments at Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) of Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC). A $$^3$$He gas-filling station was constructed at J-PARC, and several $$^3$$He cells with long spin relaxation times have been fabricated using the gas-filling station. A laboratory has been prepared in the MLF beam hall for polarizing $$^3$$He cells, and compact pumping systems with laser powers of 30 W and 110 W, which can be installed onto a neutron beamline, have been developed. A $$^3$$He polarization of 85% was achieved at a neutron beamline by using the pumping system with the 110 W laser. Recently, the first user experiment utilizing the $$^3$$He spin filter was conducted, and there have been several more since then. The development and utilization of $$^3$$He spin filters at MLF of J-PARC are reported.


Strong lattice anharmonicity exhibited by the high-energy optical phonons in thermoelectric material

Wu, P.*; Fan, F.-R.*; 萩原 雅人*; 古府 麻衣子; Peng, K.*; 石川 喜久*; Lee, S.*; 本田 孝志*; 米村 雅雄*; 池田 一貴*; et al.

New Journal of Physics (Internet), 22(8), p.083083_1 - 083083_9, 2020/08

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:56.33(Physics, Multidisciplinary)



Ultralow thermal conductivity from transverse acoustic phonon suppression in distorted crystalline $$alpha$$-MgAgSb

Li, X.*; Liu, P.-F.*; Zhao, E.*; Zhang, Z.*; Guide, T.*; Le, M. D.*; Avdeev, M.*; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*; 古府 麻衣子; et al.

Nature Communications (Internet), 11, p.942_1 - 942_9, 2020/02

 被引用回数:30 パーセンタイル:89.96(Multidisciplinary Sciences)



Structural and electrochemical features of (Li$$_{2}$$S)$$_{x}$$(SiS$$_{2}$$)$$_{100-x}$$ superionic glasses

森 一広*; 岩瀬 謙二*; 大場 洋次郎; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*; 福永 俊晴*

Solid State Ionics, 344, p.115141_1 - 115141_10, 2020/01

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:39.48(Chemistry, Physical)



Nanoscale ice-type structural fluctuation in spinel titanates

鳥越 秀平*; 服部 崇幸*; 樹神 克明; 本田 孝志*; 佐賀山 基*; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*; 仁谷 浩明*; 阿部 仁*; 村川 寛*; et al.

Physical Review B, 98(13), p.134443_1 - 134443_7, 2018/10

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:43.34(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

In the spinel titanate MgTi$$_2$$O$$_4$$, the tetragonal phase collapses upon substitution of a tiny amount of Mg ion at the Ti site, and the cubic phase with the geometrical frustration is resurrected. The atomic pair distribution function (PDF) and the extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) reveal the nanoscale structural fluctuation, in which the Ti atomic displacement has the two-in two-out configuration in the cubic phase. We argue that the geometrical frustration plays an essential role in the collapse of the tetragonal phase and the resultant nanoscale ice-type structural fluctuation.


Elastic and dynamical structural properties of La and Mn-doped SrTiO$$_{3}$$ studied by neutron scattering and their relation with thermal conductivities

梶本 亮一; 中村 充孝; 村井 直樹; 社本 真一; 本田 孝志*; 池田 一貴*; 大友 季哉*; 畑 博人*; 江藤 貴弘*; 野田 正亮*; et al.

Scientific Reports (Internet), 8(1), p.9651_1 - 9651_8, 2018/06

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:31.05(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

The electron-doped SrTiO$$_{3}$$ exhibits good thermoelectric properties, which makes this material a promising candidate of an n-type oxide thermoelectric device. Recent studies indicated that only a few percent co-doping of La and Mn in SrTiO$$_{3}$$ substantially reduces the thermal conductivity, thereby greatly improving the thermoelectric figure of merit at room temperature. Our time-of-flight neutron scattering studies revealed that by doping both La and Mn into SrTiO$$_{3}$$, the inelastic scattering spectrum shows a momentum-independent increase in the low-energy spectral weight approximately below 10 meV. The increase in the low-energy spectral weight exhibits a clear correlation with thermal conductivity. The correlation is attributed to dynamical and local structural fluctuations caused by the Jahn-Teller instability in Mn$$^{3+}$$ ions coupled with the incipient ferroelectric nature of SrTiO$$_{3}$$, as the origin of the low thermal conductivity.


Alternative equation on magnetic pair distribution function for quantitative analysis

樹神 克明; 池田 一貴*; 社本 真一; 大友 季哉*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 86(12), p.124708_1 - 124708_8, 2017/12

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:50.65(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

We derive an alternative equation of magnetic pair distribution function (mPDF) related to the mPDF equation given in a preceding study (B. A. Frandsen, X. Yang, and S. J. L. Billinge, Acta Crystallogr. A, ${bf70}$, 3 (2014)) for quantitative analysis of realistic experimental data. The additional term related to spontaneous magnetization included in the equation is particularly important for the mPDF analysis of ferromagnetic materials. Quantitative estimation of mPDF from neutron diffraction data is also shown. The experimental mPDFs estimated from the neutron diffraction data of the ferromagnet MnSb and the antiferromagnet MnF$$_2$$ are quantitatively consistent with the mPDFs calculated using the presented equation.


Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, 2; Neutron scattering instruments

中島 健次; 川北 至信; 伊藤 晋一*; 阿部 淳*; 相澤 一也; 青木 裕之; 遠藤 仁*; 藤田 全基*; 舟越 賢一*; Gong, W.*; et al.

Quantum Beam Science (Internet), 1(3), p.9_1 - 9_59, 2017/12



Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, 3; Neutron devices and computational and sample environments

坂佐井 馨; 佐藤 節夫*; 瀬谷 智洋*; 中村 龍也; 藤 健太郎; 山岸 秀志*; 曽山 和彦; 山崎 大; 丸山 龍治; 奥 隆之; et al.

Quantum Beam Science (Internet), 1(2), p.10_1 - 10_35, 2017/09


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