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Distribution map of natural gamma-ray dose rates for studies of the additional exposure dose after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station accident

眞田 幸尚; 吉村 和也; 卜部 嘉*; 岩井 毅行*; Katengeza, E. W.*

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 223-224, p.106397_1 - 106397_9, 2020/11

The information on the absorbed dose rate which is derived from natural radionuclides needs to evaluate additional exposure dose around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. However, there are not enough position resolution and precision for data for this evaluation. In this study, we created the map of the absorbed dose rate which is derived from natural radionuclides based on several airborne radiation monitoring data. The created map was made sure to have sufficient reliable accuracy by comparing with the many in-situ measurement on the ground. These data were applied to discriminate the absorbed dose rate of background from an actual periodic dose rate survey results as an application study. Evaluation results for the distribution of absorbed dose rate of background are expected to contribute to the summarization of international studies of the FDNPS accident.


福島第一原子力発電所廃炉作業環境における遠隔放射線イメージング技術の開発と実証; 統合型放射線イメージングシステムiRISの構築

佐藤 優樹; 寺阪 祐太; 鳥居 建男

日本原子力学会誌, 62(11), p.645 - 649, 2020/11



Construction of virtual reality system for radiation working environment reproduced by gamma-ray imagers combined with SLAM technologies

佐藤 優樹; 峯本 浩二郎*; 根本 誠*; 鳥居 建男

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 976, p.164286_1 - 164286_6, 2020/10

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The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS), operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., experienced a meltdown as a result of a large tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. At that time, it was necessary to understand the aspects of the decommissioning working environment inside the FDNPS, such as establishing how the radioactive substances were distributed across the site, for work to be done efficiently without exposure to large amounts of radiation. Therefore, virtual reality (VR) emerged as a solution. There have been previous reports done on a technique for visualizing the distribution of radioactive substances in three dimensions utilizing a freely moving gamma-ray imager combined with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology. In this paper, we introduce imaging technologies for the acquisition of image data from radioactive substances and three-dimensional (3D) structural models of the working environment, using a freely moving gamma-ray imager combined with SLAM technology. For this research, we also constructed a VR system and displayed the 3D data in a VR space, which enables users to experience the actual working environment without radiation exposure. In creating the VR system, any user can implement this method by donning an inexpensive head-mounted display apparatus and using a free, or low-cost, application software.


Thundercloud project; Exploring high-energy phenomena in thundercloud and lightning

湯浅 孝行*; 和田 有希*; 榎戸 輝揚*; 古田 禄大; 土屋 晴文; 久富 章平*; 辻 結菜*; 奥田 和史*; 松元 崇弘*; 中澤 知洋*; et al.

Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Internet), 2020(10), p.103H01_1 - 103H01_27, 2020/10

We designed, developed, and deployed a distributed sensor network aiming at observing high-energy ionizing radiation, primarily gamma rays, from winter thunderclouds and lightning in coastal areas of Japan. Starting in 2015, we have installed, in total, more than 15 units of ground-based detector system in Ishikawa Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture, and accumulated 551 days of observation time in four winter seasons from late 2015 to early 2019. In this period, our system recorded 51 gamma-ray radiation events from thundercloud and lightning. Highlights of science results obtained from this unprecedented amount of data include the discovery of photonuclear reaction in lightning which produces neutrons and positrons along with gamma rays, and deeper insights into the life cycle of a particle-acceleration and gamma-ray-emitting region in a thunder-cloud. The present paper reviews objective, methodology, and results of our experiment, with a stress on its instrumentation.




JAEA-Review 2020-016, 67 Pages, 2020/09




Japanese population dose from natural radiation

大森 康孝*; 細田 正洋*; 高橋 史明; 真田 哲也*; 平尾 茂一*; 小野 孝二*; 古川 雅英*

Journal of Radiological Protection, 40(3), p.R99 - R140, 2020/09

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Observation of morphological abnormalities in silkworm pupae after feeding $$^{137}$$CsCl-supplemented diet to evaluate the effects of low dose-rate exposure

田中 草太; 木野内 忠稔*; 藤井 告*; 今中 哲二*; 高橋 知之*; 福谷 哲*; 牧 大介*; 納冨 昭弘*; 高橋 千太郎*

Scientific Reports (Internet), 10, p.16055_1 - 16055_7, 2020/09

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Tolerance of spin-Seebeck thermoelectricity against irradiation by swift heavy ions

岡安 悟; 針井 一哉*; 小畠 雅明; 吉井 賢資; 福田 竜生; 石田 真彦*; 家田 淳一; 齊藤 英治

Journal of Applied Physics, 128(8), p.083902_1 - 083902_7, 2020/08

The ion-irradiation tolerance of thermoelectric devices based on the spin Seebeck effect (SSE) was investigated by using 320 MeV gold ion (Au$$^{24+}$$) beams modeling cumulative damages due to fission products emitted from the surface of spent nuclear fuels. For this purpose, prototypical Pt/Y$$_3$$Fe$$_5$$O$$_{12}$$/Gd$$_3$$Ga$$_5$$O$$_{12}$$ SSE elements were irradiated with varying the dose level at room temperature and measured the SSE voltage of them. We confirmed that the thermoelectric and magnetic properties of the SSE elements are not affected by the ion-irradiation up to $$10^{10}$$ ions/cm$$^2$$ fluence and that the SSE signal is extinguished around $$10^{12}$$ ions/cm$$^2$$, in which the ion tracks almost fully cover the sample surface. We also performed the hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (HAXPES) measurements to understand the effects at the interface of Pt/Y$$_3$$Fe$$_5$$O$$_{12}$$. The HAXPES measurements suggest that the chemical reaction that diminishes the SSE signals is enhanced with the increase of the irradiation dose. The present study demonstrates that SSE-based devices are applicable to thermoelectric generation even in harsh environments for a long time period.


Retracted article; Visualization and integration of images of radioactive substances as point cloud data in 3-D environment models

佐藤 優樹; 鳥居 建男

Nuclear Technology, 206(7), p.v - xvi, 2020/07

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The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS) suffered a meltdown as a result of a large tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. Understanding the distribution of radioactive substances inside the FDNPS is essential to execute appropriate decommissioning tasks. In this paper, we propose method for visualizing three-dimensional (3D) images of radioactive substances as a point cloud data (PCD) and integrating these data into 3D environment models. To demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed methods, a Compton camera was first employed to capture 3D images of radiation sources. The resulting PCD were then integrated into a 3D environment model of a measurement area acquired using the 3D light detection and ranging (LiDAR). This allowed in successful construction of a map to visually recognize the positions of radiation sources.



高原 省五

放射線生物研究, 55(2), p.162 - 172, 2020/06

本稿は、低線量リスク委員会(日本保健物理学会と日本放射線影響学会の合同委員会)での取り組みを取りまとめた報告書の一部である。本委員会では、低線量リスクの放射線安全規制の基盤となる放射線疫学から放射線生物学の現状認識、さらには、社会的背景との関連性をも検討して、これらの知見が放射線安全規制にどのように繋がっているのか、放射線科学の生物, 疫学, リスク,防護の各専門分野を超えたコンセンサスレポートを作成した。本稿ではこれらの議論から得られた成果のうち、低線量リスクに関する放射線防護の基本的な考え方を取りまとめたものである。1985年にレントゲンにより放射線が発見されて以降、どのような健康影響が生じてきたのか、また、どのようにしてそれらの影響から人々を防護してきたのかについて整理した。また、福島第一原子力発電所事故の経験を踏まえながら現在の放射線防護体系の基本的考え方を整理しつつ、今後の事故後対応に向けた課題を抽出した。


$$gamma$$-radiation and H$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$ induced oxidative dissolution of uranium(IV) oxide in aqueous solution containing phthalic acid

熊谷 友多; Jonsson, M.*

Dalton Transactions (Internet), 49(6), p.1907 - 1914, 2020/02

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RADREMOTE 2018; Proceedings of The 5th Fukushima Research Conference (FRC) 2018; Radiation hardness, smartness and measurement in remote technology for the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

冠城 雅晃; 鳥居 建男; 小川 徹

JAEA-Review 2019-031, 251 Pages, 2020/01


福島第一原子力発電所の廃炉をはじめとした過酷な放射線環境下で、現場作業者の被ばく線量を低減するため、遠隔技術やロボティクスの高度化に大きな期待が集まっている。しかし、ロボットの遠隔制御のための最先端の要素技術やセンサー, 電子機器の耐放射線性にも厳しい限界がある。原子力へのロボット技術の応用拡大に向けて、機器の耐放射線性の向上(Radiation hardness)や運用における放射線環境への適応力(Radiation smartness)が求められる。さらに、将来の核燃料デブリの探査と取り出しに向けては、福島第一原子力発電所内の高線量率現場での放射線イメージングや核燃料デブリの検出といった、放射線計測(Radiation measurement)および位置認識・周辺環境の把握のための技術の開発が必要である。今回の福島リサーチカンファレンスでは、遠隔技術のさらなる進展のため、さまざまな分野の専門化を交えて将来のビジョンを共有することを目指している。


Anomalous small-angle X-ray scattering (ASAXS) study of irradiation-induced nanostructure change in Fe-ion beam irradiated oxide dispersion-strengthened (ODS) steel

熊田 高之; 大場 洋次郎; 元川 竜平; 諸岡 聡; 冨永 亜希; 谷田 肇; 菖蒲 敬久; 金野 杏彩; 大和田 謙二*; 大野 直子*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 528, p.151890_1 - 151890_7, 2020/01

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Positronium in room temperature ionic liquids

平出 哲也

AIP Conference Proceedings 2182, p.030007_1 - 030007_5, 2019/12



Preface: Integration of knowledge on the radiological environment around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant site over a period of six years

斎藤 公明; 恩田 裕一*; 久松 俊一*

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 210, p.106003_1 - 106003_2, 2019/12

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環境中空間線量率3次元分布計算システム(3D-ADRES)の研究開発; PHITSとリモートセンシングの融合による環境放射線量の推定

Kim, M.; Malins, A.; 佐久間 一幸; 北村 哲浩; 町田 昌彦; 長谷川 幸弘*; 柳 秀明*

Isotope News, (765), p.30 - 33, 2019/10




若井田 育夫; 長谷川 秀一*; 田所 孝広*

日本機械学会誌, 122(1211), p.18 - 20, 2019/10

廃炉国際ワークショップ(FDR 2019) Track4での議論について概説した。放射線計測分野では、耐放射線性を意識した検出素子・検出機器開発、プラントモニタリングへの適用、そして廃炉作業現場で、まず最初に不可欠となる放射線源(汚染源)の可視化(イメージング)技術に関する議論が展開された。検出素子や周辺機器の耐放射線性が確実に進展していること、可視化技術が実用レベルにある状況が報告される一方、その基本が単一フォトン検出手法の領域にあり、高放射線場における高カウントレート核種同定の困難さが改めて認識された。今後の重要課題といえる。レーザー利用計測分野については、特定元素・同位体の選択的共鳴励起・イオン化による質量分析手法の高度化技術と、遠隔その場分析を可能とするLaser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy(LIBS)等の発光分光技術に関する議論等が展開された。新奇で革新的な手法への挑戦よりも、これまで構築してきた手法を基本とし、その確実性に着眼する方向性が見られ、レーザー分析で重要となる光源の改善検討も含め、実現に向けた取り組みが問われていることが理解できる。


A Simulation of radiolysis of chloride solutions containing ferrous ion

端 邦樹; 井上 博之*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(9-10), p.842 - 850, 2019/09

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:58.8(Nuclear Science & Technology)

希釈海水等の少量の塩分を含む水溶液中での鉄鋼材料の照射下腐食現象において、材料由来の成分がラジオリシスに及ぼす影響を評価するため、Cl$$^{-}$$イオンとFe$$^{2+}$$イオンが共存する系での水溶液の放射線分解シミュレーションを実施した。主要な水の放射線分解生成物であるH$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$, O$$_{2}$$, H$$_{2}$$はFe$$^{2+}$$イオンの存在により増加した。また、Cl$$^{-}$$イオンとFe$$^{2+}$$イオンが共存する系では、これら水分解生成物の発生量がさらに増加した。これは、Fe$$^{2+}$$イオンがOHラジカルにより酸化されて生じたFe$$^{3+}$$イオンが、水分子と反応して水酸化物となる際にプロトンを放出し、水溶液が酸性化するためであると考えられた。一方、鉄鋼材料の腐食に対しては、Fe$$^{2+}$$やCl$$^{-}$$の反応に由来するH$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$やO$$_{2}$$の効果より、FeOOHによる鉄の溶解等の別のプロセスが主に影響を与えているものと推察された。



三輪 一爾; 寺阪 祐太; 越智 康太郎; 普天間 章; 佐々木 美雪; 廣内 淳

日本原子力学会誌, 61(9), p.687 - 691, 2019/09



Assessment of inhomogeneity of exposure to radiation workers in homogeneous exposure situations in Nuclear Industry and Accelerator Facility by using Monte Carlo calculations coupled with a mathematical phantom; Exposure to the lens of the eye in homogeneous exposure situation due to gamma and beta rays

古渡 意彦; 吉富 寛

Radioisotopes, 68(9), p.595 - 603, 2019/09

The recommended annual limit of equivalent dose to the lens of the eye has decreased to 20 mSv y$$^{-1}$$ from the current limit of 150 mSv y$$^{-1}$$. In terms of occupational exposure to radiation workers, exposure inhomogeneity plays an important role when estimating the eye lens dose from readings of dosimeters worn by workers on their trunk. The authors focused on homogeneous exposure situations that radiation workers may encounter in nuclear and accelerator facilities. Moreover, the authors investigated how radiation workers are exposed non-homogeneously in homogeneous exposure scenarios, where radiation workers may usually be encountered, regardless of their radiation works. In our previous study, we proposed a methodology to quantitatively evaluate the inhomogeneity of exposure. The homogeneity of exposure was evaluated by performing Monte Carlo calculations with a mathematical phantom under the isotropic and rotational irradiation geometries due to gamma and beta rays. $$H_{rm p}$$(3)$$_{rm eye}$$/$$H_{rm p}$$(10)$$_{rm trunk}$$ exceeded 1.0 even in the case of homogeneous exposure to gamma rays. Even in the homogeneous exposure scenarios, the $$H_{rm p}$$(3)$$_{rm eye}$$ might exceed the revised annual dose limit for radiation workers who are exposed close to annual dose limit.

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