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Silicon avalanche photodiode linear-array detector with multichannel scaling system for pulsed synchrotron X-ray experiments

岸本 俊二*; 三井 隆也; 春木 理恵*; 依田 芳卓*; 谷口 敬*; 島崎 昇一*; 池野 正弘*; 斉藤 正俊*; 田中 真伸*

Journal of Instrumentation (Internet), 10(5), p.C05030_1 - C05030_6, 2015/05

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:60.81(Instruments & Instrumentation)

We developed an X-ray detector system using a 64-pixel silicon avalanche photodiode Si-APD linear array and fast pulse-counting electronics for multichannel scaling. The Si-APD linear array consists of 64 pixels each 0.01$$times$$0.02 cm$$^{2}$$ in size, with a pixel pitch of 0.015 cm and depletion depth of 0.001 cm. The fast electronics, consisting of an ultrafast application-specific integrated circuit and field-programmable gate arrays, can record both the position and timing of X-rays arriving at each pixel of the linear array with 1 ns pulse-pair resolution. The count distribution was measured using 14.4 keV synchrotron X-rays for nuclear resonant forward scattering experiments on $$^{57}$$Fe, and the spatial resolution was improved by inclining the detector. We also successfully measured amorphous alloy Fe$$_{78}$$Si$$_{9}$$B$$_{13}$$ during heating.


Nuclear resonant scattering measurements on $$^{57}$$Fe by multichannel scaling with a 64 pixel silicon avalanche photodiode linear-array detector

岸本 俊二*; 三井 隆也; 春木 理恵*; 依田 芳卓*; 谷口 敬*; 島崎 昇一*; 池野 正弘*; 斉藤 正俊*; 田中 真伸*

Review of Scientific Instruments, 85(11), p.113102_1 - 113102_5, 2014/11

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:58.07(Instruments & Instrumentation)

We developed a silicon avalanche photodiode (Si-APD) linear-array detector for use in nuclear resonant scattering experiments using synchrotron X-rays. The Si-APD linear array consists of 64 pixels (pixel size: 0,01$$times$$0.02 cm$$^{2}$$) with a pixel pitch of 0.015 cm and depletion depth of 0.001 cm. An ultrafast frontend circuit allows the X-ray detector to obtain a high output. High-performance integrated circuits achieve multichannel scaling over 1024 continuous time bins with a 1 ns resolution for each pixel without dead time. The multichannel scaling method enabled us to record a time spectrum of the 14.4 keV nuclear radiation at each pixel with a time resolution of 1.4 ns (FWHM). This method was successfully applied to nuclear forward scattering and nuclear small-angle scattering on $$^{57}$$Fe.


Development of $$^{125}$$Te synchrotron-radiation-based M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy

黒葛 真行*; 北尾 真司*; 小林 康浩*; 齋藤 真器名*; 増田 亮*; 三井 隆也; 依田 芳卓*; 瀬戸 誠*

Hyperfine Interactions, 226(1), p.687 - 691, 2014/04

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:36.14

The M$"o$ssbauer spectra of the 35.49 keV excited state of $$^{125}$$Te were observed in the energy domain using synchrotron radiation for the first time. The obtained isomer shifts and Debye temperature agree with previous experiments. These results show that this method will be applicable to various compounds.


$$^{125}$$Te synchrotron-radiation-based M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy of Fe$$_{1.1}$$Te and FeTe$$_{0.5}$$Se

黒葛 真行*; 北尾 真司*; 小林 康浩*; 齋藤 真器名*; 増田 亮*; 三井 隆也; 依田 芳卓*; 瀬戸 誠*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 83(4), p.044708_1 - 044708_4, 2014/04

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:85.69(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The $$^{125}$$Te M$"o$ssbauer spectra of Fe$$_{1.1}$$Te and FeTe$$_{0.5}$$Se$$_{0.5}$$ were measured using synchrotron-radiation-based M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy. The hyper fine field of Te in the antiferromagnetic phase of Fe$$_{1.1}$$Te was evaluated to be 4(1) T at 20 K, and this hyper fine field is considered to be due to the transferred hyper fine field from Fe magnetic moments. The evaluated hyper fine field was comparatively large, suggesting the strong correlation with the magnetic moment of Fe that forms double stripe type magnetic structure. For the superconductor FeTe$$_{0.5}$$Se$$_{0.5}$$, no marked change in its M$"o$ssbauer parameters was observed below or above the superconducting transition temperature, indicating that the change in the electronic state of Te was small.


Synchrotron radiation-based M$"o$ssbauer spectra of $$^{174}$$Yb measured with internal conversion electrons

増田 亮*; 小林 康浩*; 北尾 真司*; 黒葛 真行*; 齋藤 真器名*; 依田 芳卓*; 三井 隆也; 伊賀 文俊*; 瀬戸 誠

Applied Physics Letters, 104(8), p.082411_1 - 082411_5, 2014/02

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:49.05(Physics, Applied)



Experimental study of the influence of magnetic phase transition on the M$"o$ssbauer time spectra of the nuclear forward scattering

三井 隆也; 北尾 真司*; 瀬戸 誠*; 依田 芳卓*; 菊田 惺志*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 68(12), p.4049 - 4050, 1999/12

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:65.89(Physics, Multidisciplinary)




小西 啓之; 塩飽 秀啓; 米田 安宏; 三井 隆也; 西畑 保雄

SPring-8利用者情報, 4(5), p.4 - 8, 1999/09



Inelastic nuclear resonant scattering of FeCl$$_{3}$$-graphite intercalation compounds

北尾 真司*; 三井 隆也; 原見 太幹; 依田 芳卓*; 瀬戸 誠*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 38(SUPPL.38-1), p.535 - 537, 1999/00

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Physics, Applied)



M$"o$ssbauer time spectra of nuclear resonant scattering in the presence of RF magnetic modulation which is synchronized with SR emission

三井 隆也

KEK Proceedings 97-14, p.255 - 278, 1997/11



Moessbauer time spectra of the nuclear forward scattering from coherently vibrating resonant nuclei

三井 隆也; 清水 達夫*; 今井 康彦*; 依田 芳卓*; X.W.Zhang*; 武居 文彦*; 原見 太幹; 菊田 惺志*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1, 36(10), p.6525 - 6529, 1997/10

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:54.77(Physics, Applied)




三井 隆也

KURRI-TR-425, p.108 - 121, 1997/08



Transmission of lead-capture gamma rays with a tin absorber

河原崎 雄紀

Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 114(1), p.153 - 155, 1974/01


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