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Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. R&D activities on manufacturing plasma-facing unit for prototype of ITER divertor outer target in JADA
    Fusion Engineering and Design, 87, (7-8), p.1177 - 1180, 2012/08
  2. Applied example MCNP5 on ambient dose evaluation from nuclear facility
    日本原子力学会2016年春の年会, (仙台, 日本), 2016/03
  3. Evolution of the excavation damaged zone around a modelled disposal pit; Case study at the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory, Japan
    Proceedings of 13th SEGJ International Symposium (USB Flash Drive), 5 Pages2018/11
  4. Reactivity of a spin trapping agent, CYPMPO, toward water decomposition radicals
    第46回アイソトープ・放射線研究発表会, (東京, 日本), 2009/07
  5. Examinations of fuel debris samples from Three Mile Island Unit 2
    Enerugi To Doryoku, 62, (279), p.1 - 7, 2012/11
  6. Influence of chemical composition on cerium valence in simulated vitrified waste glasses
    第17回XAFS討論会, (徳島, 日本), 2014/09
  7. Radioimmunotherapy by antibodies labeled with a new radioisotope lutetium-177
    第41回放射線による制癌シンポジウム/第50回日本放射線腫瘍学会生物部会学術大会, (宜野湾, 日本), 2012/06
  8. What is IAEA's inspection performed?
    Gaiko Foramu, 22, (8), p.67 - 69, 2009/08
  9. Contact thermal resistance
    Nippon Kikai Gakkai-Shi, 64, (505), p.2401961/00
  10. Radiocesium interaction with clay minerals; Theory and simulation advances Post-Fukushima
    Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 189, p.135 - 145, 2018/09

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Numerical evaluation of general n-dimensional integrals by the repeated use of Newton-Cotes formulas
    JAERI-M 92-099, 1992/07
  2. Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics of Reactors (PHYSOR 2014); September 28-October 3, 2014, Kyoto, Japan
    JAEA-Conf 2014-003, 2015/03
  3. External dose evaluation of emergency responder in off-site at the time of Fukushima-Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station Accident (Contract research)
    JAEA-Research 2018-012, 2019/02
  4. Nuclear data processing code FRENDY version 1
    JAEA-Data/Code 2018-014, 2019/01
  5. None
    PNC-TN8510 92-006, 1992/12
  6. Radiation monitoring using manned helicopter around the nuclear power station in the fiscal year 2017 (Contract research)
    JAEA-Technology 2018-015, 2019/02
  7. Analysis of Case with Change of Density of Buffer Material by Extrusion Behavior to Use Diffusion Model
    JNC-TN8400 2005-009, 2005/06
  8. Proceedings of the 30th Meeting for Tandem Accelerators and their Associated Technologies
    JAEA-Conf 2018-003, 2019/02
  9. Presentation Materials Related to Neutron Instruments in the Technical Study Meetings for Future MLF
    JAEA-Review 2018-032, 2019/02
  10. Experimental evaluation on position estimation of mobile robot by the combined use of odometry and gyro
    JAERI-Research 97-033, 1997/05

Top 10 Downloads last 30 days

Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. Overview; Rethinking the grey literature's definition
    AA20110802, 2012/02, (0.41MB)
  2. What's about "application document for the Permission of Reactor Installment License"
    AA20110510, 2011/11, (1.41MB)
  3. Electrochemistry at liquid/liquid interface
    AA20140843, 2015/06, (3.48MB)
  4. Unique magnetic structure of YbCo$$_2$$Si$$_2$$
    AA20150370, 2016/07, (1.33MB)
  5. Three-dimensional nuclear chart; Understanding nuclear physics and nucleosynthesis in star
    AA20130602, 2014/03, (3.5MB)
  6. Evaluation of equilibrium constants for deprotonation and lactonisation of $$alpha$$-D-isosaccharinic acid
    AA20150115, 2016/04, (0.57MB)
  7. Electronic structure and correlation in $$beta$$-Ti$$_3$$O$$_5$$ and $$lambda$$-Ti$$_3$$O$$_5$$ studied by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
    AA20170038, 2017/02, (0.98MB)
  8. New liquid-liquid extraction apparatus; "Emulsion-flow" extractor
    AA20170526, 2017/11, (2.29MB)
  9. Studies on radiation effects in decomtamination of radioactive water by using zeolites as absorbents for radioactive nuclides
    AA20110467, 2011/09, (0.57MB)
  10. IFMIF; Overview of the validation activities
    AA20130294, 2013/11, (2.55MB)

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Progress report on Nuclear Safety Research Center; JFY 2015 - 2017
    JAEA-Review 2018-022, 2019/01, (20.61MB)

  2. Sodium Technology Handbook
    JNC-TN9410 2005-011, 2005/09, (46.9MB)

  3. Hydrochemical investigation at the Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory; Compilation of groundwater chemistry data in the Mizunami group and the Toki granite (fiscal year 2013)
    JAEA-Data/Code 2014-019, 2014/12, (56.12MB)

  4. Data report of tight-lattice rod bundle thermal-hydraulic tests, 2; Gap-width effect test using 37-rod bundle simulated water-cooled breeder reactor (Contract research)
    JAEA-Data/Code 2006-016, 2006/11, (49.7MB)

  5. Study on the cause of fire and explosion incident at bituminization demonstration facility
    JNC-TN8410 99-027, 1999/12, (22.46MB)

  6. Second version of data collection part of nuclear criticality safety handbook (Contract research)
    JAEA-Data/Code 2009-010, 2009/08, (13.1MB)

  7. Proceedings of the 20th Japanese Symposium on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
    JAEA-Conf 2018-002, 2019/02, (15.31MB)

  8. None
    PNC-TN451 84-07, 1984/06, (35.61MB)

  9. Review of design data for safety assessment of Tokai reprocessing plant
    JNC-TN8410 99-002, 1998/11, (38.89MB)

  10. None
    PNC-TN451 79-12, 1977/12, (39.22MB)