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地質環境の長期安定性に関する研究,年度報告書; 平成29年度

石丸 恒存; 尾方 伸久; 島田 顕臣; 浅森 浩一; 國分 陽子; 丹羽 正和; 渡邊 隆広; 雑賀 敦; 末岡 茂; 小松 哲也; et al.

JAEA-Research 2018-015, 89 Pages, 2019/03




地質環境の長期安定性に関する研究,年度計画書; 平成30年度

石丸 恒存; 尾方 伸久; 島田 顕臣; 浅森 浩一; 國分 陽子; 丹羽 正和; 渡邊 隆広; 雑賀 敦; 末岡 茂; 小松 哲也; et al.

JAEA-Review 2018-020, 46 Pages, 2019/01




地質環境の長期安定性に関する研究,年度報告書; 平成28年度

石丸 恒存; 安江 健一*; 浅森 浩一; 國分 陽子; 丹羽 正和; 渡邊 隆広; 横山 立憲; 藤田 奈津子; 雑賀 敦; 清水 麻由子; et al.

JAEA-Research 2018-008, 83 Pages, 2018/12




TEF beam window design and evaluation of structural integrity

大林 寛生; 武井 早憲; Wan, T.; 粉川 広行; 岩元 大樹; 佐々 敏信

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.041002_1 - 041002_7, 2015/09

The objective of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of a designed target beam window (BW) of J-PARC Transmutation Experimental Facility by the numerical analysis with a 3D model. In the typical case, the peak current density and the profile of the proton beam were set to 20 $$mu$$A/cm$$^{2}$$ and a Gaussian shape, respectively. The flow rate of Lead Bismuth Eutectic (LBE) coolant and temperature at the inlet were 1 l/sec and 350 $$^{circ}$$C. In this case, the maximum velocity of LBE and the maximum temperature appeared at the top of the BW were about 1.2 m/sec and 477 $$^{circ}$$C. The maximum shear stress was 190 MPa, which was observed at the center on the outside surface of a beam window. The value was lower than the tolerance level of the stress strength of the material given by the legal limitation which is applied to the fast reactor. The repeated stress was evaluated to be below a permission level. Accordingly, the feasibility of a designed BW was confirmed in terms of structural design.


Mesoscopic structures of vermiculite and weathered biotite clays in suspension with and without cesium ions

元川 竜平; 遠藤 仁*; 横山 信吾*; 小川 紘樹*; 小林 徹; 鈴木 伸一; 矢板 毅

Langmuir, 30(50), p.15127 - 15134, 2014/12

 被引用回数:11 パーセンタイル:46.5(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

The effect of cesium (Cs) adsorption on the mesoscopic structure of the clay minerals vermiculite and weathered biotite (WB) in suspensions was elucidated by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). The clay minerals form multilayered structures and the Cs cations are strongly adsorbed in the interlayer space of the soil clays, in particular vermiculite and WB. SAXS was used to monitor the relationship between Cs adsorption at the clay interlayers and the structural changes at length scales from 0.1 to 100 nm. The variation in the distance between the neighboring clay sheets and the spatial arrangement of the clay sheets with and without Cs were clarified. Our quantitative analyses revealed that the number of stacked layers of pure vermiculite was decreased by Cs addition, whereas that of WB increased. Moreover, the average distance between the neighboring layers of vermiculite in suspension was larger than that of WB, which reflects the different conditions of Cs intercalation. These findings provide fundamental insights that are important for predicting the environmental fate of radioactive cesium in contaminated regions and for developing methods for extracting cesium from soil.


Monopole-driven shell evolution below the doubly magic nucleus $$^{132}$$Sn explored with the long-lived isomer in $$^{126}$$Pd

Watanabe, H.*; Lorusso, G.*; 西村 俊二*; Otsuka, T.*; Ogawa, K.*; Xu, Z. Y.*; 炭竃 聡之*; S$"o$derstr$"o$m, P.-A.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Li, Z.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 113(4), p.042502_1 - 042502_6, 2014/07

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:26.29(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

A new isomer with a half-life of 23.0(8) ms has been identified in $$^{126}$$Pd at 2406 keV excitation. The proposed spin and parity configuration is 10$$^{+}$$, with maximally aligned configuration of two $$h$$$$_{11/2}$$ neutron hole. $$beta$$-decay from the long-lived isomer was also observed to populated excited states at high spins in $$^{126}$$Ag. The small energy difference between the 10$$^{+}$$ and 7$$^{-}$$ isomers in $$^{126}$$Pd was interpreted in the frame of the monopole shift of the 1$$h$$$$_{11/2}$$ neutron orbit. The effects of the monopole interaction on the evolution of single-neutron energies below $$^{132}$$Sn are discussed in terms of central and tensor forces.


Study on the structural integrity of beam window for TEF target

武井 早憲; 大林 寛生; 岩元 大樹; 粉川 広行; 佐々 敏信

Proceedings of 11th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Applications of Accelerators (AccApp '13), p.311 - 316, 2014/05




小川 益郎; 笠原 清司; 稲垣 嘉之; 野口 弘喜

「グリーンエネルギー製鉄研究会」成果報告書, p.4 - 44, 2012/03



Microscopic structures of tri-$$n$$-butyl phosphate/$$n$$-octane mixtures by X-ray and neutron scattering in a wide $$q$$ range

元川 竜平; 鈴木 伸一; 小川 紘樹*; Antonio, M. R.*; 矢板 毅

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 116(4), p.1319 - 1327, 2012/02

 被引用回数:23 パーセンタイル:36.11(Chemistry, Physical)

Tri-$$n$$-butyl phosphate (TBP) is an important extractant for separating hexavalent uranium and tetravalent plutonium from used nuclear fuel by solvent extraction. In such solvent extractions using TBP, the organic phase occasionally separates into two organic phases, namely, light and heavy organic phases. The latter one in particular is called the third phase. The purpose of this work is to elucidate the mechanism whereby the third phase forms in biphasic liquid-liquid solvent extraction of heavy metal ions. Toward this end, small- and wide-angle X-ray and neutron scattering experiments were conducted to examine the microscopic structures of TBP/octane mixtures. These investigations of solute associations provide insights into system performance. After the extraction of heavy metal ions, for example, the microscopic structures formed in the organic phase are likely to be correlated with the initial microscopic structures, which are revealed here. SWAXS and SWANS, with accurate estimations of incoherent scattering intensities for all solution samples, revealed the following: (1) TBP self-associates in octane, and the average distance between two TBP molecules in the TBP assemblies is evaluated as 0.9-1.0 nm; (2) the shape of the TBP assembly is ellipsoidal; and (3) the attractive interaction among TBP assemblies in octane is miniscule, and thus, they tend to be dispersed homogeneously due to the excluded volume effect.


Application of thermochemical hydrogen production iodine-sulfur process to shaft furnace direct reduction ironmaking process

笠原 清司; 久保 真治; 野口 弘喜; 大橋 弘史; 小川 益郎

Proceedings of International Symposium on Ironmaking for Sustainable Development 2010, p.84 - 87, 2010/01



A Preliminary comprehensive dynamic analysis of the typical FaCT scenarios with JSFR and related fuel cycle facilities

塩谷 洋樹; 小野 清; 小川 隆; 駒 義和; 川口 浩一

Proceedings of 2009 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP '09) (CD-ROM), p.9419_1 - 9419_10, 2009/05



Temperature-dependent nano-scale dynamics of PVA physical gel

高橋 伸明; 西田 幸次*; 井上 倫太郎*; 小川 紘輝*; 金谷 利治*; 長尾 道弘*

NSL News Letter, 2007-4, p.155 - 157, 2007/04




井澤 一彦; 青山 康夫; 曽野 浩樹; 小川 和彦; 柳澤 宏司

JAEA-Technology 2007-001, 40 Pages, 2007/02





井澤 一彦; 関 真和; 広瀬 秀幸; 神永 城太; 青山 康夫; 吉田 博; 曽野 浩樹; 小川 和彦; 桜庭 耕一

UTNL-R-0453, p.9_1 - 9_10, 2006/03



Neutron spin-echo studies on poly(vinyl alcohol) gels during melting process

高橋 伸明; 西田 幸次*; 坪内 剛士*; 小川 紘輝*; 井上 倫太郎*; 金谷 利治*; 長尾 道弘*

ISSP Activity Report on Neutron scattering Research; Experimental Reports (CD-ROM), 13, 2 Pages, 2006/00

ポリビニルアルコール(PVA)物理ゲルの昇温による融解過程において中性子スピンエコー測定を行った。PVA物理架橋ゲルは架橋点がPVAの微結晶で形成されているため、昇温により85度で融解する。室温,60度,70度,80度の各温度において測定を行った。それぞれの温度で得られた中間散乱関数I(Q, t)/I(Q, 0)は、非減衰項と緩和項の足し合わせで記述した式に上手くフィットした。非減衰成分の全散乱強度に占める割合(fn(Q))とQの関係から、架橋点である微結晶の熱揺らぎのサイズを見積もった。微結晶の熱揺らぎのサイズを測定温度に対してプロットしたところ、70度付近から急激な増大が見られ、マクロなゲルの融点(85度)以下の温度にナノスケールでの熱揺らぎの増大が見られることが明らかとなった。


TRACY施設の計画外停止について; 原因及び対策

曽野 浩樹; 塚本 導雄; 會澤 栄寿; 竹内 真樹; 深谷 裕司; 伊勢田 浩克*; 小川 和彦; 桜庭 耕一; 外池 幸太郎

UTNL-R-0446, p.3_1 - 3_10, 2005/03



高速増殖炉サイクルの実用化戦略調査研究フェーズII中間報告; 原子炉プラントシステム技術検討書

此村 守; 小川 隆; 岡野 靖; 山口 浩之; 村上 勤; 高木 直行; 西口 洋平; 杉野 和輝; 永沼 正行; 菱田 正彦; et al.

JNC-TN9400 2004-035, 2071 Pages, 2004/06




High performance tokamak experiments with a ferritic steel wall on JFT-2M

都筑 和泰; 木村 晴行; 川島 寿人; 佐藤 正泰; 神谷 健作; 篠原 孝司; 小川 宏明; 星野 克道; Bakhtiari, M.; 河西 敏; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 43(10), p.1288 - 1293, 2003/10

 被引用回数:34 パーセンタイル:24.26(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



平成7年度 実用リサイクル炉概念検討報告書; ダクトレス燃料炉心構造

小川 伸太; 早船 浩樹; 戸澤 克弘; 一宮 正和; 林 秀行; 向坊 隆一

PNC-TN9430 96-007, 354 Pages, 1996/07




平成7年度 リサイクル試験炉開発プログレスレポート

笠井 重夫; 戸澤 克弘; 赤津 実; 小川 伸太; 渡辺 一郎; 早船 浩樹; 永沼 正行; 一宮 正和; 林 秀行; 向坊 隆一

PNC-TN9430 96-004, 152 Pages, 1996/07



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