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Rabi-oscillation spectroscopy of the hyperfine structure of muonium atoms

西村 昇一郎*; 鳥居 寛之*; 深尾 祥紀*; 伊藤 孝; 岩崎 雅彦*; 神田 聡太郎*; 川越 清以*; Kawall, D.*; 河村 成肇*; 黒澤 宣之*; et al.

Physical Review A, 104(2), p.L020801_1 - L020801_6, 2021/08

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:86.61(Optics)

As a method to determine the resonance frequency, Rabi-oscillation spectroscopy has been developed. In contrast to conventional spectroscopy which draws the resonance curve, Rabi-oscillation spectroscopy fits the time evolution of the Rabi oscillation. By selecting the optimized frequency, it is shown that the precision is twice as good as conventional spectroscopy with a frequency sweep. Furthermore, the data under different conditions can be treated in a unified manner, allowing more efficient measurements for systems consisting of a limited number of short-lived particles produced by accelerators such as muons. We have developed a fitting function that takes into account the spatial distribution of muonium and the spatial distribution of the microwave intensity to apply this method to ground-state muonium hyperfine structure measurements at zero field. It was applied to the actual measurement data, and the resonance frequencies were determined under various conditions. The result of our analysis gives $$nu_{rm HFS}$$ = 4 463 301.61 $$pm$$ 0.71 kHz.


New precise measurements of muonium hyperfine structure at J-PARC MUSE

Strasser, P.*; 阿部 充志*; 青木 正治*; Choi, S.*; 深尾 祥紀*; 東 芳隆*; 樋口 嵩*; 飯沼 裕美*; 池戸 豊*; 石田 勝彦*; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 198, p.00003_1 - 00003_8, 2019/01

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:99.33

High precision measurements of the ground state hyperfine structure (HFS) of muonium is a stringent tool for testing bound-state quantum electrodynamics (QED) theory, determining fundamental constants of the muon magnetic moment and mass, and searches for new physics. Muonium is the most suitable system to test QED because both theoretical and experimental values can be precisely determined. Previous measurements were performed decades ago at LAMPF with uncertainties mostly dominated by statistical errors. At the J-PARC Muon Science Facility (MUSE), the MuSEUM collaboration is planning complementary measurements of muonium HFS both at zero and high magnetic field. The new high-intensity muon beam that will soon be available at H-Line will provide an opportunity to improve the precision of these measurements by one order of magnitude. An overview of the different aspects of these new muonium HFS measurements, the current status of the preparation for high-field measurements, and the latest results at zero field are presented.


New precise measurement of muonium hyperfine structure interval at J-PARC

上野 恭裕*; 青木 正治*; 深尾 祥紀*; 東 芳隆*; 樋口 嵩*; 飯沼 裕美*; 池戸 豊*; 石田 勝彦*; 伊藤 孝; 岩崎 雅彦*; et al.

Hyperfine Interactions, 238(1), p.14_1 - 14_6, 2017/11

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:86.59

MuSEUM is an international collaboration aiming at a new precise measurement of the muonium hyperfine structure at J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex). Utilizing its intense pulsed muon beam, we expect a ten-fold improvement for both measurements at high magnetic field and zero magnetic field. We have developed a sophisticated monitoring system, including a beam profile monitor to measure the 3D distribution of muonium atoms to suppress the systematic uncertainty.


New muonium HFS measurements at J-PARC/MUSE

Strasser, P.*; 青木 正治*; 深尾 祥紀*; 東 芳隆*; 樋口 嵩*; 飯沼 裕美*; 池戸 豊*; 石田 勝彦*; 伊藤 孝; 岩崎 雅彦*; et al.

Hyperfine Interactions, 237(1), p.124_1 - 124_9, 2016/12

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:91.62

At the Muon Science Facility (MUSE) of J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex), the MuSEUM collaboration is planning new measurements of the ground state hyperfine structure (HFS) of muonium both at zero field and at high magnetic field. The previous measurements were performed both at LAMPF (Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility) with experimental uncertainties mostly dominated by statistical errors. The new high intensity muon beam that will soon be available at MUSE H-Line will provide an opportunity to improve the precision of these measurements by one order of magnitude. An overview of the different aspects of these new muonium HFS measurements, the current status of the preparation, and the results of a first commissioning test experiment at zero field are presented.



出雲 沙理; 臼井 秀雄; 窪田 晋太郎; 立花 光夫; 川越 浩; 高橋 信雄; 森本 靖之; 徳安 隆志; 田中 祥雄; 杉杖 典岳

JAEA-Technology 2014-021, 79 Pages, 2014/07




Development of high resistant anti-reflection coating by using Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$/SiO$$_{2}$$ multilayer

越智 義浩; 永島 圭介; 岡田 大; 田中 桃子; 立野 亮*; 古川 泰之*; 杉山 僚

Proceedings of SPIE, Vol.8885, p.88851Z_1 - 88851Z_6, 2013/11

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:87.27

Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$/SiO$$_{2}$$多層膜を用いた無反射(AR)、及び高反射(HR)コーティングの高耐力化に関する技術開発を行った。原子力機構にて設計し、島津製作所にて製膜した無反射コーティングについて、1kHz繰り返しの500psレーザーにて耐力評価を行った結果、平均値として36J/cm$$^{2}$$が得られた。また、高反射コーティングについても同様に設計,製膜を行い7ns, 500ps, 1psのパルス幅のレーザーを用いた耐力評価を行った。得られた結果から、ダメージ発生の素過程についての考察を行った結果等について報告する。



杉杖 典岳; 森本 靖之; 徳安 隆志; 田中 祥雄

日本原子力学会和文論文誌, 12(3), p.242 - 256, 2013/09



Development of evaluation models of manpower needs for dismantling the dry conversion process-related equipment in Uranium Refining and Conversion Plant (URCP)

出雲 沙理; 臼井 秀雄; 立花 光夫; 森本 靖之; 高橋 信雄; 徳安 隆志; 田中 祥雄; 杉杖 典岳

Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management (ICEM 2013) (CD-ROM), 9 Pages, 2013/09

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.1

In Uranium Refining and Conversion Plant (URCP), the dry conversion process of reprocessed uranium and others had been operated until 1999, and the equipment related to the main process was dismantled from 2008 to 2011. Actual data such as manpower for dismantling were collected during the dismantling activities. In this paper, evaluation models were developed using the collected actual data on the basis of equipment classification considering the characteristics of uranium handling facility. Additionally, a simplified model was developed for easily and accurately calculating the manpower needs for dismantling dry conversion process-related equipment. It is important to evaluate beforehand project management data such as manpower needs to prepare an optimized decommissioning plan and implement effective dismantling activity. The models described in this paper are widely applicable to other uranium handling facilities.


Analysis of $$T$$$$_{rm e}$$/$$T$$$$_{rm i}$$ effect on confinement properties

成田 絵美*; 滝塚 知典*; 林 伸彦; 藤田 隆明; 井手 俊介; 本多 充; 諫山 明彦; 伊丹 潔; 鎌田 裕; 田中 靖之*; et al.

Plasma and Fusion Research (Internet), 7(Sp.1), p.2403102_1 - 2403102_5, 2012/07

In order to improve the prediction capability of confinement properties in burning plasmas with intensive electron heating, we have re-visited the DB3v10 International H-mode Confinement Database with emphasis on the temperature ratio $$T$$$$_{rm e}$$/$$T$$$$_{rm i}$$ and considerations on kinetic profiles. It was thereby found that the impact of $$T$$$$_{rm e}$$/$$T$$$$_{rm i}$$ is more apparent for discharges with peaked density profiles. Namely, HH factor improves with an increase of peakedness in the density profile for $$T$$$$_{rm e}$$/$$T$$$$_{rm i}$$ $$<$$1, whereas it tends to deteriorate with the density peaking for $$T$$$$_{rm e}$$/$$T$$$$_{rm i}$$ $$>$$1. The confinement scaling with a contribution of $$T$$$$_{rm e}$$/$$T$$$$_{rm i}$$ was also elaborated. In addition, the influence of $$T$$$$_{rm e}$$/$$T$$$$_{rm i}$$ described above was examined qualitatively with GLF23 and GS2 codes, which provided results corroborating the performed regression analysis, indicating the interplays of ITG and TEM.


Study on evaluation of project management data for decommissioning of uranium refining and conversion plant

臼井 秀雄; 出雲 沙理; 芝原 雄司; 森本 靖之; 徳安 隆志; 高橋 信雄; 田中 祥雄; 杉杖 典岳; 立花 光夫

Proceedings of International Waste Management Symposia 2012 (WM2012) (CD-ROM), 13 Pages, 2012/02



Identified charged hadron production in $$p + p$$ collisions at $$sqrt{s}$$ = 200 and 62.4 GeV

Adare, A.*; Afanasiev, S.*; Aidala, C.*; Ajitanand, N. N.*; 秋葉 康之*; Al-Bataineh, H.*; Alexander, J.*; 青木 和也*; Aphecetche, L.*; Armendariz, R.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 83(6), p.064903_1 - 064903_29, 2011/06

 被引用回数:176 パーセンタイル:99.42(Physics, Nuclear)

200GeVと62.4GeVでの陽子陽子の中心衝突からの$$pi, K, p$$の横運動量分布及び収量をRHICのPHENIX実験によって測定した。それぞれエネルギーでの逆スロープパラメーター、平均横運動量及び単位rapidityあたりの収量を求め、異なるエネルギーでの他の測定結果と比較する。また$$m_T$$$$x_T$$スケーリングのようなスケーリングについて示して陽子陽子衝突における粒子生成メカニズムについて議論する。さらに測定したスペクトルを二次の摂動QCDの計算と比較する。


Azimuthal correlations of electrons from heavy-flavor decay with hadrons in $$p+p$$ and Au+Au collisions at $$sqrt{s_{NN}}$$ = 200 GeV

Adare, A.*; Afanasiev, S.*; Aidala, C.*; Ajitanand, N. N.*; 秋葉 康之*; Al-Bataineh, H.*; Alexander, J.*; 青木 和也*; Aphecetche, L.*; Aramaki, Y.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 83(4), p.044912_1 - 044912_16, 2011/04

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:46.42(Physics, Nuclear)



Analysis on the Co-localization of asbestos bodies and Fas or CD163 expression in asbestos lung tissue by in-air micro-PIXE

松崎 晋一*; 清水 泰生*; 土橋 邦生*; 長嶺 竹明*; 佐藤 隆博; 大久保 猛; 横山 彰人; 石井 保行; 神谷 富裕; 荒川 和夫*; et al.

International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology, 23(1), p.1 - 11, 2010/01

In-air micro-particle induced X-ray emission (in-air micro-PIXE) analysis is based on irradiation of specimens with a proton ion microbeam, and has been utilized for biological application. Two-dimensional analysis and quantitative analysis using the system confirmed that asbestos induced apoptosis byupregulating Fas expression and also revealed the accumulation of CD163-expressing macrophages in the lungs of patients with asbestosis. By quantitative comparison of the area of Fas or CD163 expression and the Fas- or CD163-negative area in asbestos lung tissue, the harmful levels which caused the expression of Fas or CD163 could be estimated on Si, Fe, and Mg (the components of asbestos) deposition. These results indicate that the system could be useful for investigating the pathogenesis of inhaled particle-induced immune reactions and for determining harmful levels of exogenous agents.


The H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB); A Comprehensive annotation resource for human genes and transcripts

山崎 千里*; 村上 勝彦*; 藤井 康之*; 佐藤 慶治*; 原田 えりみ*; 武田 淳一*; 谷家 貴之*; 坂手 龍一*; 喜久川 真吾*; 嶋田 誠*; et al.

Nucleic Acids Research, 36(Database), p.D793 - D799, 2008/01

 被引用回数:51 パーセンタイル:71.65(Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)



Study of stellar reactions in explosive hydrogen burning with CRIB

久保野 茂*; 寺西 高*; 野谷 将広*; 山口 英斉*; 齋藤 明登*; He, J. J.*; 若林 泰生*; 藤川 尚志*; Amadio, G.*; 馬場 秀忠*; et al.

Nuclear Physics A, 758, p.733 - 736, 2005/07

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:14.53(Physics, Nuclear)



Development of a sub-micron ion beam system in the keV range

石井 保行; 磯矢 彰*; 荒川 和夫; 小嶋 拓治; 田中 隆一*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 181(1-4), p.71 - 77, 2001/07

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:69.14(Instruments & Instrumentation)




小嶋 拓治; 橘 宏行; 羽田 徳之; 金子 広久; 春山 保幸; 田中 隆一*

Radioisotopes, 50(7), p.291 - 300, 2001/07

現在、医療用具の滅菌等放射線加工処理では、広い照射場が得られるように$${}^{60}$$Co $$gamma$$線板状線源を用い100$$sim$$10,000 Gy/h程度の線量率を利用している。こうしたパノラミックな(コリメートされていない)照射場の特性や線量率範囲は、点線源を用いたコリメートされた比較的低い線量率の照射場をもつ現在の線量標準機関と異なっていることから、この分野における線量トレーサビリティをもたせることは容易でない。そこで、日本原子力研究所(原研)では、国家標準である経済産業省産業技術総合研究所(産総研)における線量率範囲も含み広い範囲5$$sim$$20,000 Gy/hをカバーする$$^{60}$$Co $$gamma$$線照射場を二つの大線量用線源を用いて構築し、この照射場において平行平板型電離箱システムに基づく大線量校正技術を開発した。原研での線量校正が産総研とトレーサビリティをもつことを技術的に明らかにするため、線量率範囲10$$sim$$100 Gy/hオーダーの産総研で与えられた電離箱の校正結果、すなわち電流から照射線量率への換算係数は、照射場の特性のちがいに関わる補正なく、大線量率5$$sim$$20,000Gy/hにおいても有効であることを示した。また、不確かさ$$pm$$2.2%(95%信頼度相当)で線量0.5$$sim1.60times{10}^5$$ Gyを校正できることを明らかにした。



石井 保行; 磯矢 彰*; 荒川 和夫; 田中 隆一*

JAERI-Conf 2000-019, p.117 - 120, 2001/02



Design studies of the K900 JAERI superconducting AVF cyclotron for the research in biotechnology and materials science

福田 光宏; 荒川 和夫; 横田 渉; 奥村 進; 上松 敬; 神谷 富裕; 水橋 清; 奈良 孝幸; 齋藤 勇一; 石井 保行; et al.

AIP Conference Proceedings 600, p.189 - 191, 2001/00



A Project of the K900 superconducting AVF cyclotron at JAERI

福田 光宏; 荒川 和夫; 横田 渉; 奥村 進; 上松 敬; 神谷 富裕; 水橋 清; 奈良 孝幸; 齋藤 勇一; 石井 保行; et al.

Proceedings of 13th Symposium on Accelerator Science and Technology, p.71 - 73, 2001/00


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