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Quantitative analysis of microstructure evolution, stress partitioning and thermodynamics in the dynamic transformation of Fe-14Ni alloy

Li, L.*; 宮本 吾郎*; Zhang, Y.*; Li, M.*; 諸岡 聡; 及川 勝成*; 友田 陽*; 古原 忠*

Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 184, p.221 - 234, 2024/06

Dynamic transformation (DT) of austenite ($$gamma$$) to ferrite ($$alpha$$) in the hot deformation of various carbon steels was widely investigated. However, the nature of DT remains unclear due to the lack of quantitative analysis of stress partitioning between two phases and the uncertainty of local distribution of substitutional elements at the interface in multi-component carbon steels used in the previous studies. Therefore, in the present study, a binary Fe-Ni alloy with $$alpha$$+$$gamma$$ duplex microstructure in equilibrium was prepared and isothermally compressed in $$alpha$$+$$gamma$$ two-phase region to achieve quantitative analysis of microstructure evolution, stress partitioning and thermodynamics during DT. $$gamma$$ to $$alpha$$ DT during isothermal compression and $$alpha$$ to $$gamma$$ reverse transformation on isothermal annealing under unloaded condition after deformation were accompanied by Ni partitioning. The lattice strains during thermomechanical processing were obtained via in-situ neutron diffraction measurement, based on which the stress partitioning behavior between $$gamma$$ and $$alpha$$ was discussed by using the generalized Hooke's law. A thermodynamic framework for the isothermal deformation in solids was established based on the basic laws of thermodynamics, and it was shown that the total Helmholtz free energy change in the deformable material during the isothermal process should be smaller than the work done to the deformable material. Under the present thermodynamic framework, the microstructure evolution in the isothermal compression of Fe-14Ni alloy was well explained by considering the changes in chemical free energy, plastic and elastic energies and the work done to the material. In addition, the stabilization of the soft $$alpha$$ phase in Fe-14Ni alloy by deformation was rationalized since the $$gamma$$ to $$alpha$$ transformation decreased the total Helmholtz free energy by decreasing the elastic and dislocation energies.


燃料デブリ性状把握・推定技術の開発状況と今後の課題,5; 燃料デブリと放射性廃棄物の仕分けのための非破壊計測技術の開発状況

鎌田 正輝*; 吉田 拓真*; 杉田 宰*; 奥村 啓介

日本原子力学会誌ATOMO$$Sigma$$, 66(2), p.83 - 86, 2024/02



An Analytical model to decompose mass transfer and chemical process contributions to molecular iodine release from aqueous phase under severe accident conditions

Zablackaite, G.; 塩津 弘之; 城戸 健太朗; 杉山 智之

Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 56(2), p.536 - 545, 2024/02

Radioactive iodine is a representative fission product to be quantified for the safety assessment of nuclear facilities. In integral severe accident analysis codes, the iodine behavior is usually described by a multi-physical model of iodine chemistry in aqueous phase under radiation field and mass transfer through gas-liquid interface. The focus of studies on iodine source term evaluations using the combination approach is usually put on the chemical aspect, but each contribution to the iodine amount released to the environment has not been decomposed so far. In this study, we attempted the decomposition by revising the two-film theory of molecular-iodine mass transfer. The model involves an effective overall mass transfer coefficient to consider the iodine chemistry. The decomposition was performed by regarding the coefficient as a product of two functions of pH and the overall mass transfer coefficient for molecular iodine. The procedure was applied to the EPICUR experiment and suppression chamber in BWR.


Modeling of the P2M past fuel melting experiments with the FEMAXI-8 code

Mohamad, A. B.; 宇田川 豊

Nuclear Technology, 210(2), p.245 - 260, 2024/02

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)

In the Power to Melt and Maneuverability (P2M) project, a simulation exercise on two past power ramp experiments xM3 on medium burn-up rod and HBC4 on high burn-up rod were performed with the fuel performance code FEMAXI-8 to investigate the fuel behavior under high power and high-temperature conditions toward centerline fuel melting. In order to treat fuel melting, empirical melting temperature models have been incorporated into the FEMAXI-8 code. The present analysis gave reasonable predictions not only on cladding deformation but also on the fuel melting behavior of the HBC4 rod, in which the UO$$_{2}$$ liquidus temperature was reached during the transient. On the other hand, model improvement appeared to be needed for a more accurate treatment of fuel melting behavior of the xM3 rod, in which fuel center temperature reached solidus line, whereas may not reached liquidus line. A reasonable agreement of estimated FGR with the measurement suggested that the high temperature FGR at the given conditions are essentially temperature dependent phenomenon: rate-limited primarily by thermally activated elementary processes such as fission gas diffusion.




JAEA-Review 2023-034, 67 Pages, 2024/01




健全性崩壊をもたらす微生物による視認不可腐食の分子生物・電気化学的診断及び抑制技術の開発(委託研究); 令和4年度英知を結集した原子力科学技術・人材育成推進事業

廃炉環境国際共同研究センター; 物質・材料研究機構*

JAEA-Review 2023-031, 101 Pages, 2024/01




High-temperature rupture failure of high-burnup LWR-MOX fuel under a reactivity-initiated accident condition

谷口 良徳; 三原 武; 垣内 一雄; 宇田川 豊

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 195, p.110144_1 - 110144_11, 2024/01

A reactivity-initiated accident (RIA)-simulated test CN-1 on a high-burnup 64 GWd/t mixed-oxide fuel rod sheathed with M5$$^{TM}$$ cladding was conducted at the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor, resulting in fuel failure. A small opening with slight ballooning deformation characterized the post-test visual appearance of the test fuel rod. Simulation using fuel performance codes FEMAXI-8/RANNS predicted rod survival under early phase loading induced by pellet-cladding mechanical interaction and subsequent boiling transition, and the cladding surface temperature measured online confirmed the occurrence of boiling transition. The experimental observation and simulation indicate that the failure was caused by a high-temperature rupture following increased rod-internal pressure. The RANNS sensitivity analysis revealed that a mechanical state parameter dedicated to predicting plastic instability might be an effective index for evaluating the risk of rupture failure during RIAs.


Comparison of nuclear medicine therapeutics targeting PSMA among alpha-emitting nuclides

兼田 加珠子*; 白神 宜史*; 角永 悠一郎*; 渡部 直史*; 大江 一弘*; Yin, X.*; 羽場 宏光*; 白崎 謙次*; 菊永 英寿*; 塚田 和明; et al.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Internet), 25(2), p.933_1 - 933_14, 2024/01

Currently, targeted alpha therapy (TAT) is a new therapy involving the administration of a therapeutic drug that combines a substance of $$alpha$$-emitting nuclides that kill cancer cells and a drug that selectively accumulates in cancer cells.We labeled the compounds targeting prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) with $$^{211}$$At and $$^{225}$$Ac. PSMA is a molecule that has attracted attention as a theranostic target for prostate cancer, and several targeted radioligands have already shown therapeutic effects in patients. The results showed that $$^{211}$$At, which has a much shorter half-life, is no less cytotoxic than $$^{225}$$Ac. In $$^{211}$$At labeling, our group has also developed an original method (Shirakami Reaction). We have succeeded in obtaining a highly purified labeled product in a short timeframe using this method.


Probing deformation behavior of a refractory high-entropy alloy using ${it in situ}$ neutron diffraction

Zhou, Y.*; Song, W.*; Zhang, F.*; Wu, Y.*; Lei, Z.*; Jiao, M.*; Zhang, X.*; Dong, J.*; Zhang, Y.*; Yang, M.*; et al.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 971, p.172635_1 - 172635_7, 2024/01

The grain orientation-dependent lattice strain evolution of a (TiZrHfNb)$$_{98}$$$$N_2$$ refractory high-entropy alloy (HEA) during tensile loading has been investigated using ${it in situ}$ neutron diffraction. The equivalent strain-hardening rate of each of the primary $$<hkl>$$-oriented grain families was found to be relatively low, manifesting the macroscopically weak work-hardening ability of such a body-centered cubic (BCC)-structured HEA. This finding is indicative of a dislocation planar slip mode that is confined in a few single-slip planes and leads to in-plane softening by high pile-up stresses.


Behavior of radiocesium ($$^{137}$$Cs) on the coastal seafloor near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant inferred from radiocesium distributions in long cores

中西 貴宏; 鶴田 忠彦; 御園生 敏治; 尻引 武彦; 卜部 嘉*; 眞田 幸尚

Journal of Coastal Research, 116(SI), p.161 - 165, 2024/01



Thermal conductivity measurement of uranium-plutonium mixed oxide doped with Nd/Sm as simulated fission products

堀井 雄太; 廣岡 瞬; 宇野 弘樹*; 小笠原 誠洋*; 田村 哲也*; 山田 忠久*; 古澤 尚也*; 村上 龍敏; 加藤 正人

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 588, p.154799_1 - 154799_20, 2024/01

MOX燃料の照射により生成する主要なFPであるNd$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$及びSm$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$、模擬FPとして添加したMOXの熱伝導率を評価した。MOX中の模擬FPの均質性の観点から熱伝導率を評価するため、ボールミル法及び溶融法で作製した2種類の粉末を用いて、Nd及びSmの均質性が異なる試料を作製した。模擬FPが均質に固溶した試料では含有量が増加するにしたがってMOXの熱伝導率が低下するが、不均質な模擬FPは影響を及ぼさないことが分かった。熱伝導率に対するNd及びSmの影響を古典的フォノン輸送モデル$$lambda$$=(A+BT)$$^{-1}$$を用いてNd/Sm依存性を定量的に評価した結果、A(mK/W)=1.70$$times$$10$$^{-2}$$ + 0.93C$$_{Nd}$$ + 1.20C$$_{Sm}$$, B(m/W)=2.39$$times$$10$$^{-4}$$と表された。


Integration of multiple partial point clouds based on estimated parameters in photogrammetry with QR codes

馬場 啓多*; 渡部 有隆*; 中村 啓太*; 松本 拓; 羽成 敏秀; 川端 邦明

Proceedings of 29th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics (AROB 2024) (Internet), p.751 - 756, 2024/01

This study proposes a partial-to-partial point cloud registration method based on estimated parameters in photogrammetry and QR code. Some research and development on Generating a 3D map of the workspace by photogrammetric methods have been proposed for the decommissioning work at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Photogrammetry is a method for 3D reconstruction of the location and shape of target objects from many images, and the processing time depends on the number of images. Considering the reconstruction of a large area, the number of images increases, and processing time also increases significantly. To reduce such computational time, this study considers applying SfM-MVS (Structure from Motion and Multi-View Stereo), which is one of the photogrammetry methods, to each segmented image group, aligning each obtained result, integrating them, and creating a model of the entire space. This alignment is called partial-to-partial registration and it is difficult to find the correspondence points for registration. Therefore, we place markers such as QR codes in the target reconstruction space to make it easy to find the correspondence points. We adopt the QR code as a 2D code because it is easy to reconstruct by photogrammetry. In this paper, we discuss the validity of this approach by comparing it with the integrated model using all images applying SfM-MVS. We verify the validation of the proposed method by simulation due to the large number of images and the ease of modifying the environment. The experiment about varying the number of image divisions shows that the reconstruction result from all images is more accurate than the integrated result. However, all of these models have high reconstruction accuracy. Moreover, the accuracy of the integrated model does not depend on the number of divisions.


Preliminary study of the criticality monitoring method based on the simulation for the activity ratio of short half-life noble-gas fission products from fuel debris

Riyana, E. S.; 奥村 啓介; 坂本 雅洋; 松村 太伊知; 寺島 顕一; 神野 郁夫

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 8 Pages, 2024/00

We investigated the possibility of estimating the effective neutron multiplication factor (${it k$_{eff}$}$) of the fuel debris inside the canister and primary containment vessel (PCV) of Unit 2 of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (1F) using remote gas-radioactivity measurement via simulation-based calculations. Our results demonstrate an almost linear correlation between ${it k$_{eff}$}$ and the $$^{88}$$Kr-to-$$^{135}$$Xe activity ratio with respect to various fuel debris compositions. This correlation is maintained regardless of geometries such as the fuel debris canister and the PCV.


Development of a radiation tolerant laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy system using a single crystal micro-chip laser for remote elemental analysis

田村 浩司; 中西 隆造; 大場 弘則; 狩野 貴宏; 柴田 卓弥; 平等 拓範*; 若井田 育夫

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 8 Pages, 2024/00

For the development of the remote elemental analysis method in a radiation environment based on the laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), the radiation effects on the laser oscillation properties of the single crystal (SC) Nd: YAG microchip laser (MCL) were investigated and compared with those of ceramics Nd: YAG MCL. The laser oscillation properties were measured under gamma-ray irradiation as a function of dose rate. The effects on the SC MCL properties were found to be very small compared to those on the ceramics, indicating minimal radiation effects on the LIBS signal when using SC MCL. Pulse energy and oscillating build-up time (BUT) were measured for a cumulative dose exceeding 1400 kGy. The pulse energy remained stable, and the laser continued to oscillate under irradiation. The BUT also remained stable, demonstrating negligible optical loss accumulation that could affect laser properties even at the demonstrated cumulative dose. The results indicate that the effects of dose rate and cumulative dose on SC MCL laser properties were minimal. The SC MCL was then integrated into the LIBS system, and the gadolinium signal of composite oxides, simulating fuel debris, was successfully measured at the dose rate of 5 kGy/hr. These findings highlight the radiation tolerance of SC MCL as a laser medium for remote LIBS applications in harsh radiation environments.


$$^{137}$$Cs contamination of Japanese mustard spinach by resuspended particles in areas with different contamination conditions

辰野 宇大*; 吉村 和也; 二瓶 直登*

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 8 Pages, 2024/00

Resuspended matters occur the secondary radioactive contamination of the crops in Fukushima Prefecture. We investigated the Cs-137 contamination derived from the resuspended matters to Japanese mustard spinaches in the multiple sites. In the less contaminated site, because Cs-137 of the surface ground soil was low, contamination of crops by the soil particles might be small. In the highly contaminated area, Cs-137 deposition of the soil particles might increase. However, the soil particles had no significant effect on Cs-137 contamination to crops. This was because the grown crop might cover the soil and reduce the Cs-137 deposition on the soil.


保管廃棄施設・Lにおける廃棄物容器の健全性確認; 計画立案から試運用まで

川原 孝宏; 須田 翔哉; 藤倉 敏貴; 政井 誓太; 大森 加奈子; 森 優和; 黒澤 剛史; 石原 圭輔; 星 亜紀子; 横堀 智彦

JAEA-Technology 2023-020, 36 Pages, 2023/12






JAEA-Review 2023-026, 54 Pages, 2023/12




$$beta$$$$gamma$$、X線同時解析による迅速・高感度放射性核種分析法の開発(委託研究); 令和4年度英知を結集した原子力科学技術・人材育成推進事業

廃炉環境国際共同研究センター; 日本分析センター*

JAEA-Review 2023-022, 93 Pages, 2023/12


日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)廃炉環境国際共同研究センター(CLADS)では、令和4年度英知を結集した原子力科学技術・人材育成推進事業(以下、「本事業」という。)を実施している。本事業は、東京電力ホールディングス株式会社福島第一原子力発電所の廃炉等を始めとした原子力分野の課題解決に貢献するため、国内外の英知を結集し、様々な分野の知見や経験を、従前の機関や分野の壁を越えて緊密に融合・連携させた基礎的・基盤的研究および人材育成を推進することを目的としている。平成30年度の新規採択課題から実施主体を文部科学省からJAEAに移行することで、JAEAとアカデミアとの連携を強化し、廃炉に資する中長期的な研究開発・人材育成をより安定的かつ継続的に実施する体制を構築した。本研究は、令和2年度に採択された研究課題のうち、「$$beta$$$$gamma$$、X線同時解析による迅速・高感度放射性核種分析法の開発」の令和2年度から令和4年度分の研究成果について取りまとめたものである。本研究は、燃料デブリ・廃棄物中放射性核種の迅速分析の実現を目指し、多重$$gamma$$線検出法などの最新計測システムを整備し、スペクトル定量法(Spectral Determination Method:以下、「SDM法」という。)を開発する。令和4年度の研究においては、令和3年度に引き続き、LSC、シングルスGe、2Dスペクトル(多重$$gamma$$)の測定データを統一的に扱うコードを開発するとともに、40核種のそれぞれの測定におけるスペクトルデータを実測およびシミュレーション計算により求め、統合データベースを整備した。粗化学分離法については、最終的に7分離法-12ステップを経由し、10個のフラクションとすることで、39核種の定量が可能であることがわかった。SDM法はスペクトル分析一般に適用できるため、今後広い分野への応用が期待される。また、SDM法の高精度化のため、畳み込みニューラルネットワーク(CNN)を用いた複数核種の核種識別法を本研究で対象とする全$$gamma$$核種について対応を行った。


遮蔽不要な臨界近接監視システム用ダイヤモンド中性子検出器の要素技術開発(委託研究); 令和4年度英知を結集した原子力科学技術・人材育成推進事業

廃炉環境国際共同研究センター; 高エネルギー加速器研究機構*

JAEA-Review 2023-020, 90 Pages, 2023/12




令和3年度福島第一原子力発電所の炉内付着物サンプル等の分析; 令和3年度開始廃炉・汚染水対策事業費補助金に係る補助事業(燃料デブリの性状把握のための分析・推定技術の開発)

池内 宏知; 佐々木 新治; 大西 貴士; 仲吉 彬; 荒井 陽一; 佐藤 拓未; 多木 寛; 関尾 佳弘; 山口 祐加子; 森下 一喜; et al.

JAEA-Data/Code 2023-005, 418 Pages, 2023/12



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