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BWR lower head penetration failure test focusing on eutectic melting

山下 拓哉; 佐藤 拓未; 間所 寛; 永江 勇二

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 173, p.109129_1 - 109129_15, 2022/08

Decommissioning work occasioned by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (1F) accident of March 2011 is in progress. Severe accident (SA) analysis, testing, and internal investigation are being used to grasp the 1F internal state. A PWR system that refers to the TMI-2 accident is typical for SA codes and testing, on the other hand, a BWR system like 1F is uncommon, understanding the 1F internal state is challenging. The present study conducted the ELSA-1 test, a test that focused on damage from eutectic melting of the liquid metal pool and control rod drive (CRD), to elucidate the lower head (LH) failure mechanism in the 1F accident. The results demonstrated that depending on the condition of the melt pool formed in the lower plenum, a factor of LH boundary failure was due to eutectic melting. In addition, the state related to the CRD structure of 1F unit 2 were estimated.


Numerical simulation of sodium mist behavior in turbulent Rayleigh-B$'e$nard convection using new developed mist models

大平 博昭*; 田中 正暁; 吉川 龍志; 江連 俊樹

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 172, p.109075_1 - 109075_10, 2022/07

ナトリウム冷却高速炉(SFR)のカバーガス領域におけるミスト挙動を高精度で評価するため、混合気体のレイリー・ベナール対流(RBC)に対する乱流モデルを選定するとともに、ミストに対するレイノルズ平均数密度とミストの運動量方程式を開発し、OpenFOAMコードに組み込んだ。最初に、単純な並列チャネルのRBCを、Favre平均k-$$omega$$SSTモデルを使用して計算した。その結果、平均温度と流量特性はDNS, LES、および実験の結果とよく一致した。次に、本乱流モデルと新しく開発したミストモデルを用いて、SFRのカバーガス領域を模擬した熱伝達試験装置を計算した。その結果、計算された高さ方向の平均温度分布とミスト質量濃度が試験結果とよく一致した。本研究により、SFRのカバーガス領域において乱流RBC環境でのミスト挙動を高精度にシミュレートできる手法を開発した。


First demonstration of a novel single-end readout type position-sensitive optical fiber radiation sensor based on wavelength-resolved photon counting

寺阪 祐太; 渡辺 賢一*; 瓜谷 章*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 1034, p.166793_1 - 166793_6, 2022/07

In this study, a single-end readout type position-sensitive optical fiber radiation sensor was developed. Using the wavelength dependency of light attenuation inside the optical fiber, the incident position of radiation at the fiber can be estimated reversely. Instead of a spectrometer, we employed bandpass filters and photon-counting head as a photodetector to improve detection efficiency. The detection efficiency of a 10 m long plastic scintillation fiber at the 5 m position from the readout end was evaluated to be in the range of 0.08-0.12 % for 662 keV gamma-rays from $$^{137}$$Cs and 2.6-3.9 % for beta-rays from $$^{90}$$Sr/$$^{90}$$Y when a bandpass filter transmitting photons with a wavelength of 500 nm was used. A basic measurement test of radiation intensity distribution was conducted using a $$^{90}$$Sr/$$^{90}$$Y radioactive point source. A field test was also performed at the difficult-to-return zone in Fukushima Prefecture, and the estimated dose rate distribution roughly agreed with the survey meter measurement.


Dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants using multi-fidelity simulations

Zheng, X.; 玉置 等史; 杉山 智之; 丸山 結

Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 223, p.108503_1 - 108503_12, 2022/07

Dynamic probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) more explicitly treats timing issues and stochastic elements of risk models. It extensively resorts to iterative simulations of accident progressions for the quantification of risk triplets including accident scenarios, probabilities and consequences. Dynamic PRA leverages the level of detail for risk modeling while intricately increases computational complexities, which result in heavy computational cost. This paper proposes to apply multi-fidelity simulations for a cost- effective dynamic PRA. It applies and improves the multi-fidelity importance sampling (MFIS) algorithm to generate cost-effective samples of nuclear reactor accident sequences. Sampled accident sequences are paralleled simulated by using mechanistic codes, which is treated as a high-fidelity model. Adaptively trained by using the high-fidelity data, low-fidelity model is used to predicting simulation results. Interested predictions with reactor core damages are sorted out to build the density function of the biased distribution for importance sampling. After when collect enough number of high-fidelity data, risk triplets can be estimated. By solving a demonstration problem and a practical PRA problem by using MELCOR 2.2, the approach has been proven to be effective for risk assessment. Comparing with previous studies, the proposed multi-fidelity approach provides comparative estimation of risk triplets, while significantly reduces computational cost.


Temporal variability of $$^{137}$$Cs concentrations in coastal sediments off Fukushima

鈴木 翔太郎*; 天野 洋典*; 榎本 昌宏*; 松本 陽*; 守岡 良晃*; 佐久間 一幸; 鶴田 忠彦; 帰山 秀樹*; 三浦 輝*; 津旨 大輔*; et al.

Science of the Total Environment, 831, p.154670_1 - 154670_15, 2022/07

The monthly monitoring data (total 3647 samples) between May. 2011 and Mar. 2020 were analyzed to describe temporal variability of $$^{137}$$Cs concentration in coastal sediments off Fukushima. $$^{137}$$Cs concentration of sediment had decreasing trend, but non-linear model fitting suggested that this decreasing trend showed slower. Additionally, $$^{137}$$Cs concentration were up to 4.08 times greater in shallow sampling sites (7, 10, 20 m depth) following heavy rainfall events (before five months vs. after five months), such as typhoons. These were consistent with increasing particulate $$^{137}$$Cs (P-$$^{137}$$Cs) fluxes from river and increasing dissolved $$^{137}$$Cs (D-$$^{137}$$Cs) concentration in seawater. Finally, the numerical experiment was conducted and revealed that riverine $$^{137}$$Cs input could preserve $$^{137}$$Cs concentration in coastal sediment. These results indicate that riverine $$^{137}$$Cs input via heavy rainfall events is one of the main factors for preserving $$^{137}$$Cs concentration in coastal sediment off Fukushima.


Online solid-phase extraction-inductively coupled plasma-quadrupole mass spectrometric quantification of $$^{90}$$Sr using $$^{88}$$Sr/$$^{86}$$Sr isotope dilution method

柳澤 華代*; 小田島 瑞樹*; 松枝 誠; 古川 真*; 高貝 慶隆*

Talanta, 244, p.123442_1 - 123442_7, 2022/07



Irradiation growth behavior and effect of hydrogen absorption of Zr-based cladding alloys for PWR

垣内 一雄; 天谷 政樹; 宇田川 豊

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 171, p.109004_1 - 109004_9, 2022/06

In order to understand the dimensional stability of the fuel rod during long-term use in commercial LWRs, an irradiation growth testing in the Halden reactor of Norway was conducted on various fuel cladding materials including the improved Zr alloy. In this paper, the effect of hydrogen, which was absorbed in the cladding tube due to corrosion, on the irradiation growth behavior was evaluated. Comparison between the specimens with or without pre-charged hydrogen revealed that the effect of hydrogen absorption, accelerating irradiation growth, became significant when the hydrogen content exceeded the hydrogen solubility limit in the corresponding irradiation temperature. Analysis based on this understanding derived growth acceleration effect (0.06$$pm$$0.01)%/100 ppm, whose denominator is defined as the amount of absorbed hydrogen involved in hydride precipitation under irradiation as a relevant parameter.


Leaching behavior of multiphase solidified melt prepared from stainless steel and Zircaloy

池内 宏知

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(6), p.768 - 780, 2022/06

Formation of metallic fuel debris is highly probable in the damaged core of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Estimating the number of radionuclides released from the fuel debris to an aqueous solution is indispensable for proper handling of fuel debris and waste management. In the present study, a simple approach is introduced to roughly evaluate the mass of elements leached from complex multiphase surfaces considering the surface-area-weighted-average of the contributions of individual phases. Static leaching tests were performed under the acidic and the alkaline conditions to investigate the gap between the simplified assumption and the actual dissolution behavior. Alloy samples of a stainless steel-Zircaloy (SUS-Zry) solidified melt and two single-phase samples (Fe,Cr)$$_{2}$$Zr- and Zr$$_{2}$$(Fe,Ni)-type phases, which comprised the surface of the SUS-Zry alloy) were used in the static leaching tests. The masses of the Fe, Cr, Ni, and Zr leached from the SUS-Zry alloy fitted with those evaluated by the surface-area-weighted approach by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude of precision.


Radiation imaging using an integrated radiation imaging system based on a compact Compton camera under Unit 1/2 exhaust stack of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

佐藤 優樹; 寺阪 祐太

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(6), p.677 - 687, 2022/06

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS) went into meltdown after being hit by a large tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. Measuring and understanding the distribution of radioactive contamination inside the FDNPS is essential for decommissioning work, reducing exposure to workers, and ensuring decontamination. This paper reports the visualization tests of radioactive contamination in the Unit 1/2 exhaust stack of the FDNPS using a compact Compton camera. Fixed-point measurements were conducted using only a Compton camera and moving measurements using an integrated radiation imaging system (iRIS) that combines a Compton camera with a simultaneous localization and mapping device. For the moving measurements, an operator carrying the iRIS acquires data continuously while walking in a passage near the stack. With both types of measurements, high-intensity contamination was detected at the base of the stack, and detailed three-dimensional (3D) visualization of the contamination was obtained from the moving measurement. The fixed-point measurements estimated the source intensity of the contamination from the reconstructed contamination image acquired by the Compton camera. Furthermore, workers can experience the work environment before actual work by importing a 3D structure model into a virtual reality system displaying the contamination image.


Measurements of thermal conductivity for near stoichiometric (U$$_{0.7-z}$$Pu$$_{0.3}$$Am$$_{z}$$)O$$_{2}$$ (z = 0.05, 0.10, and 0.15)

横山 佳祐; 渡部 雅; 所 大志郎*; 杉本 理峻*; 森本 恭一; 加藤 正人; 日野 哲士*

Nuclear Materials and Energy (Internet), 31, p.101156_1 - 101156_7, 2022/06

高レベル放射性廃棄物の減容化の一環として、マイナーアクチニドを含んだ酸化物燃料が高速炉における選択の一つである。しかし、高Am含有MOX燃料の熱伝導率に関する実験データがないために、燃料中のAm含有量が熱伝導率に及ぼす影響は明らかとなっていない。本研究では化学量論組成近傍における(U$$_{0.7-z}$$Pu$$_{0.3}$$Am$$_{z}$$)O$$_{2}$$ (z = 0.05, 0.10, and 0.15)の熱伝導率をレーザーフラッシュ法を用いて室温から1473Kまでの範囲で測定した。結果として、熱伝導率はAm含有量が増加するに従い低下する傾向を示し、1473Kまでは古典的フォノン輸送モデル((A+BT)$$^{-1}$$)に従うことが明らかとなった。係数AはAm含有量に比例して増加する傾向を示し、U$$^{5+}$$及びAm$$^{3+}$$が固溶することによるイオン半径の変化がフォノン伝導に影響したためであると考えられる。係数BはAm含有量に依存しない傾向を示した。


Predictive modeling of a simple field matrix diffusion experiment addressing radionuclide transport in fractured rock. Is it so straightforward?

Soler, J. M.*; Neretnieks, I.*; Moreno, L.*; Liu, L.*; Meng, S.*; Svensson, U.*; Iraola, A.*; Ebrahimi, K.*; Trinchero, P.*; Molinero, J.*; et al.

Nuclear Technology, 208(6), p.1059 - 1073, 2022/06




福島研究開発部門 福島研究開発拠点 楢葉遠隔技術開発センター

JAEA-Review 2021-069, 40 Pages, 2022/05





宮川 和也; 山本 肇*

JAEA-Research 2022-003, 40 Pages, 2022/05

高レベル放射性廃棄物の地層処分場などの大規模地下施設の掘削により、坑道壁面近傍に割れ目を伴う掘削損傷領域が形成され、不飽和な割れ目を通して岩盤内に酸素が侵入し、核種移行の環境条件に影響を及ぼす可能性がある。新第三紀海成堆積層のように、CH$$_{4}$$などの溶存ガスを高濃度で含む地層に坑道が掘削される場合、酸素の侵入は脱ガスしたCH$$_{4}$$の坑道へ向かう流れにより抑制されるものの、不飽和領域における気相拡散を介して促進される可能性が考えられる。本研究では、地下水に多量の溶存CH$$_{4}$$が含まれる環境における地下施設の建設・操業に伴う不飽和領域の三次元分布を推定する手法を例示することを目的として、幌延深地層研究センターの地下施設の坑道掘削の実工程を反映した逐次掘削解析を行い、10年間の気液二相流解析を実施した。地下施設からの地下水とガスの湧出量の解析結果はそれぞれ、2017年1月の時点で約100$$sim$$300m$$^{3}$$ d$$^{-1}$$と250$$sim$$350m$$^{3}$$ d$$^{-1}$$であり、それぞれの観測値(100m$$^{3}$$ d$$^{-1}$$および300m$$^{3}$$ d$$^{-1}$$)と近い値が得られた。飽和度分布の解析結果は、250m調査坑道周辺において相対的に高く、350m調査坑道周辺において相対的に低くなっており、各調査坑道における観測結果と整合的であることが確認された。このことから、地下水の坑道壁面からの排水条件やグラウト影響の取扱方法に関する課題が残るものの、数値計算は概ね妥当であったと判断された。坑道掘削に伴う飽和度分布については、定量的な評価には及ばないものの、定性的な観点では概ね妥当な解析結果が得られた。



小松 篤史

JAEA-Research 2021-019, 24 Pages, 2022/05




Phase-field mobility for crystal growth rates in undercooled silicates, SiO$$_2$$ and GeO$$_2$$ liquids

河口 宗道; 宇埜 正美*

Journal of Crystal Growth, 585, p.126590_1 - 126590_7, 2022/05

過冷却ケイ酸塩,SiO$$_2$$,GeO$$_2$$融液中の11種類の酸化物または混合酸化物の結晶化におけるフェーズフィールド易動度$$L$$と結晶成長速度をフェーズフィールドモデル(PFM)を用いて計算し、$$L$$の物質依存性を議論した。実験の結晶成長速度と$$L=1$$のPFMシミュレーションから得られた結晶成長速度の比は、両対数プロットで結晶成長における固液界面プロセスの$$frac{TDelta T}{eta}$$のべき乗に比例した。また$$L=A(frac{k_{B}TDelta T}{6pi^{2}lambda^{3}eta T_{m} })^{B}$$のパラメータ$$A$$$$B$$$$A=6.7times 10^{-6}-2.6$$m$$^4$$J$$^{-1}$$s$$^{-1}$$,$$B=0.65-1.3$$であり、材料に固有の値であることが分かった。決定された$$L$$を用いたPFMシミュレーションにより、実験の結晶成長速度を定量的に再現することができた。$$A$$$$T_{m}$$における単位酸素モル質量あたりの陽イオンモル質量の平均の拡散係数と両対数グラフで比例関係にある。$$B$$は化合物中の酸素モル質量あたりの陽イオンのモル質量の総和$$frac{Sigma_{i}M_{i}}{M_{O}}$$に依存する。$$frac{Sigma_{i}M_{i}}{M_{O}}leq 25$$では、陽イオンのモル質量が大きくなるにつれて$$B$$は小さくなる。陽イオンのモル質量は陽イオンの移動の慣性抵抗に比例するため、$$B$$は陽イオンのモル質量の逆数で減少する。$$frac{Sigma_{i}M_{i}}{M_{O}}geq 25$$の重い陽イオンのケイ酸塩の結晶化では、$$B$$は約$$0.67$$で飽和し、$$T_{p}approx 0.9T_{m}$$となる。


Chemical species of iodine during sorption by activated carbon; Effects of original chemical species and fulvic acids

加藤 友彰; 香西 直文; 田中 万也; Kaplan, D. I.*; 宇都宮 聡*; 大貫 敏彦

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(5), p.580 - 589, 2022/05



Development of a laser-driven ultrasonic technology for characterizations of heated and aged concrete samples

山田 知典; 大道 博行*; 柴田 卓弥

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(5), p.614 - 628, 2022/05

We have demonstrated a full noncontact laser technology to measure the velocity of ultrasonic waves and their spectra propagated through concrete samples exposed to specified high-temperature conditions with specified durations as models of concrete structures in a severe accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The velocities and spectra of the ultrasonic waves were strongly dependent on the exposed temperature, i.e., at a high-temperature condition of 400$$^{circ}$$C, the velocity was 3700 m/s, and at room temperature, the velocity was 5000 m/s. Experimental results are almost comparable to those obtained by the contact ultrasonic technique.


Simulation of the self-propagating hydrogen-air premixed flame in a closed-vessel by an open-source CFD code

Thwe, T. A.; 寺田 敦彦; 日野 竜太郎; 永石 隆二; 門脇 敏

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(5), p.573 - 579, 2022/05



Migration processes of radioactive cesium in the Fukushima nearshore area; Impacts of riverine input and resuspension

御園生 敏治; 中西 貴宏; 鶴田 忠彦; 尻引 武彦; 眞田 幸尚

Marine Pollution Bulletin, 178, p.113597_1 - 113597_9, 2022/05



オールジャパンでとりくむ地層処分のいま,6; 処分場閉鎖後の安全評価(その2)

舘 幸男; 斉藤 拓巳*; 桐島 陽*

日本原子力学会誌ATOMO$$Sigma$$, 64(5), p.290 - 295, 2022/05


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