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Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. Hydration structures of magnesium and calcium ions
    日本物理学会第63回年次大会, (東大阪, 日本), 2008/03
  2. Trailing effect of urea canal complex and its application
    Zairyo Gijutsu, 10, (9), p.280 - 288, 1992/00
  3. Japan Atomic Energy Agency's Okuma Analysis and Research Center for decommissioning of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
    International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference (GLOBAL 2017), (Seoul, Korea), 2017/09
  4. Speciation of actinides by laser spectroscopy
    Bunseki, 2013, (9), p.536 - 542, 2013/09
  5. Study on In-Vessel Retention (IVR) of unprotected accident for fast reactor, 1; Overview of IVR evaluation in Anticipated Transient without Scram (ATWS)
    Nippon Kikai Gakkai Rombunshu (Internet), 83, (848), p.16-00395_1 - 16-00395_9, 2017/04
  6. Development of new imaging system using fiber optics plate
    第23回日本放射光学会年会・放射光科学合同シンポジウム, (姫路, 日本), 2010/01
  7. Electron microscopic analysis of the radiocaesium micro particles in lichens collected around the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP
    13th International Symposium on Nuclear and Environmental Radiochemical Analysis (ERA-13), (Cambridge, U. K.), 2018/09
  8. Composition of the scandium and rare earth complexes of arsenazo
    Bunseki Kagaku, 13, (3), p.199 - 202, 1964/00
  9. Development of high-efficiency thin film solar cells for space use
    第5回高崎量子応用研究シンポジウム, (高崎, 日本), 2010/10
  10. Recommendations to the decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi NPP from the findings of the large scale MCCI test at CEA
    第3回福島原子力発電所の廃炉に関する戦略ワークショップ, (札幌, 日本), 2017/09

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Secondary Electron Emission Rate Under the Electron Bombardment (I);Outline of the Experimental Apparatus and Some Experimental Data
    JAERI-M 82-123, 1982/09
  2. None
    PNC-TN8410 88-076, 1987/08
  3. In-vessel source term analysis code TRACER version 2.3 user's manual
    JNC-TN9520 2004-004, 2005/01
  4. DUCT-II and SHINE-II: Simple design code for duct-streaming and skyshine
    JAERI-M 91-013, 1991/02
  5. The Chemistry of the Fission Products
    JAERI-M 7873, 1978/09
  6. Interaction between silver and zircaloy-4 at high temperatures
    JAERI-M 92-179, 1992/11
  7. Characteristics of first loaded IG-110 graphite in HTTR core
    JAEA-Technology 2006-048, 2006/10
  8. Support design of underground facilities in the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory project
    JAEA-Research 2008-009, 2008/07
  9. The Design of the radial collimator for residual stress analysis diffractometer at J-PARC
    JAEA-Technology 2005-004, 2006/02
  10. Review of recent events and regulatory guidances concerning emergency core cooling system strainer blockage at boiling water reactors in the U.S.A.
    JAERI-Review 97-008, 1997/06

Top 10 Downloads last 30 days

Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. Overview; Rethinking the grey literature's definition
    AA20110802, 2012/02, (0.41MB)
  2. Femto- and attosecond electron dynamics in 5'-Guanosine monophosphate interface as probed by resonant Auger spectroscopy
    AA20120699, 2010/06, (0.38MB)
  3. Cavitation erosion induced by proton beam bombarding mercury target for high-power spallation neutron sources
    AA20140181, 2014/09, (1.48MB)
  4. What's about "application document for the Permission of Reactor Installment License"
    AA20110510, 2011/11, (1.41MB)
  5. New liquid-liquid extraction apparatus; "Emulsion-flow" extractor
    AA20170526, 2017/11, (2.29MB)
  6. Progress and prospects of calculation methods for radiation shielding
    AA20140681, 2015/11, (1.15MB)
  7. Rapid measurement scheme for texture in cubic metallic materials using time-of-flight neutron diffraction at iMATERIA
    AA20160186, 2016/10, (1.13MB)
  8. Pressure-induced polar phases in multiferroic delafossite CuFeO$$_{2}$$
    AA20140251, 2014/06, (1.02MB)
  9. Hydrogen production in $$gamma$$ radiolysis of the mixture of mordenite and seawater
    AA20120798, 2013/02, (0.36MB)
  10. Spin-transfer torques in antiferromagnetic textures; Efficiency and quantification method
    AA20160164, 2016/08, (0.5MB)

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Sodium Technology Handbook
    JNC-TN9410 2005-011, 2005/09, (46.9MB)

  2. Materials properties data sheet of 316FR steel in air (No.1)
    PNC-TN9450 96-016, 1996/06, (30.29MB)

  3. Review of design data for safety assessment of Tokai reprocessing plant
    JNC-TN8410 99-002, 1998/11, (38.89MB)

  4. Standard analysis manual on sodium, argon gas and water
    PNC-TN9520 88-015, 1988/06, (61.44MB)

  5. None
    JNC-TN1400 99-022, 1999/11, (37.41MB)

  6. JAEA Takasaki annual report 2006
    JAEA-Review 2007-060, 2008/03, (54.09MB)

  7. None
    JNC-TY1400 2005-013, 2005/09, (49.28MB)

  8. Development of BDI behavior evaluation method in the fast reactor fuel assembly; Improvement of out-of-pile bundle compression test technology
    JAEA-Technology 2015-057, 2016/03, (36.91MB)

  9. Material test data of 316FR and Mod.9Cr-1Mo welds
    JNC-TN9450 99-001, 1998/12, (18.86MB)

  10. None
    JNC-TY9400 2001-012, 2001/06, (83.61MB)