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Type II shell evolution in $$A=70$$ isobars from the $$N geq 40$$ island of inversion

Morales, A. I.*; Benzoni, G.*; Watanabe, H.*; 角田 佑介*; Otsuka, T.*; 西村 俊二*; Browne, F.*; Daido, R.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Fang, Y.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 765, p.328 - 333, 2017/02

 被引用回数:21 パーセンタイル:6.23(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

The level schemes of neutron-rich isotopes $$^{70}$$Co and $$^{70}$$Ni were populated in the $$beta$$ decay of $$^{70}$$Fe and studied using $$beta$$-delayed $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy of the $$beta$$ decay, at the RIBF in RIKEN, Japan. The experimental results were compared to state-of-the-art shell-model calculations, and indicate a dominance of prolate deformation in the low-lying states, coexisting with spherical states. The $$beta$$ decay of the $$A=70$$ isobars is shown to progress in accordance to a new type of shell evolution, the so-called Type II, which involves many particle-hole excitations across energy gaps.


Low-lying excitations in $$^{72}$$Ni

Morales, A. I.*; Benzoni, G.*; Watanabe, H.*; 西村 俊二*; Browne, F.*; Daido, R.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Fang, Y.*; Lorusso, G.*; Patel, Z.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 93(3), p.034328_1 - 034328_14, 2016/03

 被引用回数:16 パーセンタイル:16.06(Physics, Nuclear)

Low-lying excited states in $$^{72}$$Ni have been investigated at RIKEN by studying the $$beta$$ decay of $$^{72}$$Co to $$^{72}$$Ni. $$^{72}$$Co was separated with BigRIPS, implanted into the WaS3ABi Silicon array, and the $$gamma$$ ray measured using the EURICA $$gamma$$ spectrometer. From the analysis, 60 new $$gamma$$-ray transitions and 21 new levels in $$^{72}$$Ni were observed. The new experimental information is compared to shell-model calculations which include neutron excitation across the $$fpg$$ shell. The calculations reproduce rather well the observed states, implying that a clear understanding of these low-lying excitations has been achieved.


Decay properties of $$^{68,69,70}$$Mn; Probing collectivity up to N=44 in Fe isotopic chain

Benzoni, G.*; Morales, A. I.*; Watanabe, H.*; 西村 俊二*; Coraggio, L.*; Itaco, N.*; Gargano, A.*; Browne, F.*; Daido, R.*; Doornenbal, P.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 751, p.107 - 112, 2015/12

 被引用回数:14 パーセンタイル:21.8(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

The $$beta$$ decays of $$^{68,69,70}$$Mn have been measured at the RIBF facility at RIKEN using the EURICA $$gamma$$ spectrometer combined with an active stopper consisting of a stack of Si detectors. Half-lives and $$beta$$-delayed neutron emission probabilities have been extracted for these decays, together with first experimental information on excited states populated in $$^{69,70}$$Fe. The data indicate a continuously increasing deformation for Fe isotopes up to A=70, and interpreted to be due to the interplay between quadrupole correlation of specific neutron orbitals and the monopole component of the proton-neutron interaction.


Momentum transport studies from multi-machine comparisons

吉田 麻衣子; Kaye, S.*; Rice, J.*; Solomon, W.*; Tala, T.*; Bell, R. E.*; Burrell, K. H.*; Ferreira, J.*; 鎌田 裕; McDonald, D. C.*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 52(12), p.123005_1 - 123005_11, 2012/11

 被引用回数:15 パーセンタイル:36.73(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



${it Arabidopsis thaliana}$ Y-family DNA polymerase $$eta$$ catalyses translesion synthesis and interacts functionally with PCNA2

Anderson, H.*; Vonarx, E.*; Pastushok, L.*; 中川 繭; 片渕 淳*; Gruz, P.*; Rubbo, A.*; Grice, D.*; Osmond, M.*; 坂本 綾子; et al.

Plant Journal, 55(6), p.895 - 908, 2008/09

 被引用回数:37 パーセンタイル:25.45(Plant Sciences)

We assessed the roles of ${it Arabidopsis thaliana}$ ${it POLH, PCNA1}$ and ${it PCNA2}$ in TLS mediated UV resistance. ${it Arabidopsis}$ ${it POLH}$ defective mutants sensitized growth of roots and whole plants to UV radiation indicating AtPol$$eta$$ contributes to UV resistance. ${it POLH}$ alone did not complement the UV sensitivity conferred by deletion of yeast ${it RAD30}$, although AtPol$$eta$$ exhibited cyclobutane dimer bypass activity and interacted with yeast PCNA in vitro. Co-expression of ${it POLH}$ and ${it PCNA2}$, but not ${it PCNA1}$, restored normal UV resistance and mutation kinetics in the ${it rad30}$ mutant. A single residue difference at site 201, which lies adjacent to the lysine ubiquitylated in PCNA, appeared responsible for the inability of PCNA1 to function with AtPol$$eta$$ in UV treated yeast. PCNA interacting protein boxes and an ubiquitin-binding motif in AtPol$$eta$$ were found to be required for restoration of UV resistance in the ${it rad30}$ mutant by ${it POLH}$ and ${it PCNA2}$. These observations indicate AtPol$$eta$$ can catalyse TLS past UV induced DNA damage, and link the biological activity of AtPol$$eta$$ in UV irradiated cells to PCNA2 and PCNA-and ubiquitin-binding motifs in AtPol$$eta$$.


Progress in the ITER physics basis, 2; Plasma confinement and transport

Doyle, E. J.*; Houlberg, W. A.*; 鎌田 裕; Mukhovatov, V.*; Osborne, T. H.*; Polevoi, A.*; Bateman, G.*; Connor, J. W.*; Cordey, J. G.*; 藤田 隆明; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 47(6), p.S18 - S127, 2007/06

本稿は、国際熱核融合実験炉(ITER)の物理基盤に関し、プラズマ閉じ込めと輸送に関する最近7年間(1999年に発刊されたITER Physics Basis後)の世界の研究の進展をまとめたものである。輸送物理一般、プラズマ中心部での閉じ込めと輸送,Hモード周辺ペデスタル部の輸送とダイナミクス及び周辺局在化モード(ELM)、そして、これらに基づいたITERの予測について、実験及び理論・モデリングの両面から体系的に取りまとめる。


Inter-machine comparison of intrinsic toroidal rotation

Rice, J. E.*; Ince-Cushman, A.*; de Grassie, J. S.*; Eriksson, L.-G.*; 坂本 宜照; Scarabosio, A.*; Bortolon, A.*; Burrell, K. H.*; Fenzi-Bonizec, C.*; Greenwald, M. J.*; et al.

Proceedings of 21st IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2006) (CD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2007/03

多くのトカマクで観測される自発的なトロイダル回転速度のパラメータ依存性を検討し、将来の装置への外挿を試みた。JET, Alcator C-Mod, Tore Supra, DIII-D, JT-60U, TCVでは共通して自発回転速度が蓄積エネルギーに比例することがわかった。また、幾つかの装置ではプラズマ電流に反比例する傾向を示した。これらの依存性を無次元パラメータで表現すると、マッハ数が規格化ベータ値に比例すると解釈できる。この傾向だけでは、バルーニング不安定性のようなMHD現象が回転を駆動する乱流過程に作用すると結論づけることはできない。しかしながら、この依存性から規格化ベータ=2.6のITERでは自発回転速度のマッハ数が0.02に達すると予測されるため、外部からの運動量入力がなくても自発回転だけで抵抗性壁モードの安定化が期待されると解釈できる。


Key quantities for ITB formation and sustainment

藤田 隆明; Aniel, T.*; Barbato, E.*; Behn, R.*; Bell, R. E.*; Field, A. R.*; 福田 武司*; Gohil, P.*; 居田 克巳*; Imbeaux, F.*; et al.

Europhysics Conference Abstracts, 27A, 4 Pages, 2003/00



$$^{31}$$P NMR study of magnesium phosphate glasses

Fayon, F.*; Massiot, D.*; 鈴谷 賢太郎; Price, D. L.*

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 283(1-3), p.88 - 94, 2001/05

 被引用回数:48 パーセンタイル:10.84

マグネシウムリン酸塩ガラス(MgO)$$_{x}$$(P$$_{2}$$O$$_{5}$$)$$_{1-x}$$,x=0.44~0.59について1-D MASと2-D double quantum 固体$$^{31}$$P NMRによる研究を行った。リン酸ユニットQ$$_{n}$$(n=1~3)は、$$^{31}$$P NMRスペクトルのシミュレーションから得られたが、それは架橋酸素と非架橋酸素の分布として説明できる。これは、Mg$$^{2+}$$イオンが、この系においては完全にネットワークmodifierとして働いていることを示している。高分解能$$^{31}$$P double quantum NMRは、中範囲構造を調べるのに用いられた。中範囲構造は、メタ組成(x=0.5)で変化するが、これは、リング構造からリン酸ユニットの鎖状構造へ変化したためであることが示された。メタ組成での物性値(密度,反射率など)の変化は、このような中範囲構造の変化によるものと理解できる。


The Structure of lead-indium phosphate and lead scandium phosphate glasses

鈴谷 賢太郎; Loong, C.-K.*; Price, D. L.*; Sales, B. C.*; Boatner, L. A.*

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 258(1-3), p.48 - 56, 1999/00

 被引用回数:15 パーセンタイル:31.01(Materials Science, Ceramics)


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