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Fundamental study on scheduling of inspection process for fast reactor plants

鈴木 正昭*; 伊藤 真理*; 橋立 竜太; 高橋 慧多; 矢田 浩基; 高屋 茂

2020 9th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI 2020), p.797 - 801, 2021/07

To realize the reasonable and effective maintenance of nuclear power plants, it is essential to optimize the maintenance scheduling management from the viewpoints of both safety and efficiency. As a fundamental study, we propose an inspection-process-scheduling model that minimizes the total number of inspections in a fast reactor. In this study, we formulate the inspection-process-scheduling problem as an integer programming problem. Computing the inspection-process schedules for a simplified fast reactor plant model, we verified that the proposed model can provide the optimal schedule automatically.


Quasifree neutron knockout reaction reveals a small $$s$$-Orbital component in the Borromean nucleus $$^{17}$$B

Yang, Z. H.*; 久保田 悠樹*; Corsi, A.*; 吉田 数貴; Sun, X.-X.*; Li, J. G.*; 木村 真明*; Michel, N.*; 緒方 一介*; Yuan, C. X.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 126(8), p.082501_1 - 082501_8, 2021/02


 被引用回数:29 パーセンタイル:96.61(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

ボロミアン核であり中性子ハロー構造が期待される$$^{17}$$Bに対する($$p$$,$$pn$$)反応実験を行った。断面積の運動量分布を分析することで、$$1s_{1/2}$$$$0d_{5/2}$$軌道の分光学的因子を決定した。驚くべきことに、$$1s_{1/2}$$の分光学的因子は9(2)%と小さいことが明らかになった。この結果は、連続状態を含むdeformed relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov理論によってよく説明された。本研究の結果によると、現在知られているハロー構造を持つとされる原子核の中で$$^{17}$$Bは$$s$$および$$p$$軌道の成分が最も小さく、$$s$$または$$p$$軌道成分が支配的であることが必ずしもハロー構造の前提条件ではない可能性を示唆している。


Ecological and genomic profiling of anaerobic methane-oxidizing archaea in a deep granitic environment

伊能 康平*; Hernsdorf, A. W.*; 今野 祐多*; 幸塚 麻里子*; 柳川 克則*; 加藤 信吾*; 砂村 道成*; 広田 秋成*; 東郷 洋子*; 伊藤 一誠*; et al.

ISME Journal, 12(1), p.31 - 47, 2018/01

 被引用回数:44 パーセンタイル:91.94(Ecology)



Shell evolution beyond $$Z$$=28 and $$N$$=50; Spectroscopy of $$^{81,82,83,84}$$Zn

Shand, C. M.*; Podoly$'a$k, Zs.*; G$'o$rska, M.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Nowacki, F.*; Otsuka, T.*; Sieja, K.*; Tostevin, J. A.*; Tsunoda, T.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 773, p.492 - 497, 2017/10

 被引用回数:22 パーセンタイル:87.77(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Low-lying states in neutron-rich $$^{81,82.83.84}$$Zn nuclei were measured for the first time via in-beam $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy at RIKEN. These include the 4$$_1^+$$ to 2$$_1^+$$ in $$^{82}$$Zn and the 2$$_1^+$$ to 0$$_1^+$$ and 4$$_1^+$$ to 2$$_1^+$$ in $$^{84}$$Zn. The reduced E($$2^+$$) energies and increased E(4$$^+$$)/E(2$$^+$$) ratios at $$N$$=52,54 compared to $$^{80}$$Zn attest that the magicity is confined just on the neutron number $$N$$=50 only. The levels observed in $$^{84}$$Zn suggest the onset of deformation towards heavier Zn isotopes. The data were compared to state-of-the-art shell model calculations.


Shape evolution in neutron-rich krypton isotopes beyond N=60; First spectroscopy of $$^{98,100}$$Kr

Flavigny, F.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Delaroche, J.-P.*; Girod, M.*; Libert, J.*; Rodriguez, T. R.*; Authelet, G.*; 馬場 秀忠*; Calvet, D.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 118(24), p.242501_1 - 242501_6, 2017/06

 被引用回数:32 パーセンタイル:86.69(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The first $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy of very neutron rich $$^{98,100}$$Kr isotopes was carried out at the RIBF at RIKEN Nishina center. Excited states in these isotopes were populated via (p,2p) reactions using radioactive $$^{99,101}$$Rb beams accelerated to 220 MeV/nucleon. The new data show a significant increase in deformation beyond N=60, as well as competing configurations (shape-coexistence) at low energy. The data were compared with beyond-mean-field calculations which predict level energies in good agreement with observation, and suggest oblate-prolate shape coexistence.


Low-lying structure and shape evolution in neutron-rich Se isotopes

Chen, S.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Rodriguez, T. R.*; Authelet, G.*; 馬場 秀忠*; Calvet, D.*; Ch$^a$teau, F.*; Corsi, A.*; Delbart, A.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 95(4), p.041302_1 - 041302_6, 2017/04

 被引用回数:22 パーセンタイル:87.77(Physics, Nuclear)

Neutron-rich isotopes of selenium, $$^{88,90,92,94}$$Se, where studied via in beam $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy after nucleon removal reactions at RIBF in RIKEN. The low-energy excitations of these nuclei were investigated using $$gamma$$-$$gamma$$ coincidences, and the first and second excited 2$$^+$$ states were found at remarkably low energies. The analysis and comparison with self-consistent beyond-mean field calculations suggest that both shape coexistence and triaxiality are needed to describe these isotopes.


Are there signatures of harmonic oscillator shells far from stability?; First spectroscopy of $$^{110}$$Zr

Paul, N.*; Corsi, A.*; Obertelli, A.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Authelet, G.*; 馬場 秀忠*; Bally, B.*; Bender, M.*; Calvet, D.*; Ch$^a$teau, F.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 118(3), p.032501_1 - 032501_7, 2017/01

 被引用回数:33 パーセンタイル:87.13(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The first measurement of $$gamma$$ rays emitted by the very neutron rich nuclei $$^{112}$$Mo (Z=42) and $$^{110}$$Zr (Z=40) was carried out at the RIBF facility at RIKEN. These data shine light on the postulated N=70 harmonic oscillator shell. If the spin-orbit splitting which gives rise to the N=82 shell gap is reduced in very neutron-rich nuclei, the harmonic oscillator gap at N=70 should open instead. However, both the measured energy of the first excited state $$^{112}$$Mo and $$^{110}$$Zr, respectively 235(7) keV and 185(11) keV, and their E(4$$^+$$)/E(2$$^+$$) ratio, indicate that these nuclei are good rotors, and exclude the shell stabilization scenario at Z=40 and N=70. These results were compared to state-of-the-art density functional theoretical calculations using Gogny and Skyrme effective interactions.


Deep microbial life in high-quality granitic groundwater from geochemically and geographically distinct underground boreholes

伊能 康平*; 今野 祐多*; 幸塚 麻里子*; 廣田 明成*; 東郷 洋子*; 福田 朱里*; 小松 大介*; 角皆 潤*; 田辺 章文*; 山本 智*; et al.

Environmental Microbiology Reports (Internet), 8(2), p.285 - 294, 2016/04

 被引用回数:22 パーセンタイル:65.17(Environmental Sciences)

瑞浪超深地層研究所の深度300mの花崗岩中の地下水を対象として、ボーリング孔を利用した微生物特性の調査を行った。ボーリング孔から得られた地下水は、当初、好気性の水素酸化に関わるHydrogenophaga spp.が優勢種であったが、3年後にはNitrospirae門の微生物が優勢種となった。後者の微生物種は系統学的に深部地下水や陸域の温泉水において観察される種であり、この地域の土着の微生物種と考えられた。


A Possible overestimation of the effect of acetylation on lysin residues in KQ mutant analysis

藤本 浩文*; 樋口 真理子; 小池 学*; 大出 裕高*; Pinak, M.; Kotulic Bunta, J.*; 根本 俊行*; 作道 隆*; 本田 尚子*; 前川 秀彰*; et al.

Journal of Computational Chemistry, 33(3), p.239 - 246, 2012/01

 被引用回数:29 パーセンタイル:61.56(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)



Visualization of blurry images of liquid by multi-scale analysis

宮村 浩子; 呉田 昌俊; 瀬川 麻里子; 久保 純*; 斎藤 隆文*; 鈴木 喜雄; 武宮 博

Visualization of Mechanical Processes (Internet), 1(3), 8 Pages, 2011/10



Visualization of blurred images of liquid by multi-scale analysis

宮村 浩子; 呉田 昌俊; 瀬川 麻里子; 久保 純*; 斎藤 隆文*; 鈴木 喜雄; 武宮 博

Proceedings of 11th Asian Symposium on Visualization (ASV-11) (CD-ROM), 4 Pages, 2011/06




小林 泰彦; 菊地 正博; 等々力 節子*; 齊藤 希巳江*; 桂 洋子*; 亀谷 宏美*; 市川 まりこ*; 飯塚 友子*; 千葉 悦子*; 鵜飼 光子*

食品照射, 45(1-2), p.26 - 33, 2010/09




宮村 浩子; 呉田 昌俊; 瀬川 麻里子; 久保 純*; 斎藤 隆文*; 鈴木 喜雄; 武宮 博

電気学会研究会資料,産業計測制御研究会(IIC-10-73), p.7 - 12, 2010/03



Quantitative aspects of heterogeneity in soil organic matter dynamics in a cool-temperate Japanese beech forest; A Radiocarbon-based approach

小嵐 淳; 安藤 麻里子; 石塚 成宏*; 三浦 覚*; 齋藤 武史*; 平井 敬三*

Global Change Biology, 15(3), p.631 - 642, 2009/03

 被引用回数:38 パーセンタイル:72.78(Biodiversity Conservation)




安藤 麻里子; 小嵐 淳; 石塚 成宏*; 齋藤 武史*; 平井 敬三*

JAEA-Conf 2008-003, p.75 - 78, 2008/04



Radiocarbon-based estimation of soil carbon turnover in a cool-temperate beech forest

小嵐 淳; 安藤 麻里子; 石塚 成宏*; 齋藤 武史*; 平井 敬三*; 三浦 覚*

Proceedings of International Symposium on Application of a Closed Experimental System to Modeling of $$^{14}$$C Transfer in the Environment, p.72 - 76, 2008/00



Effects of Abasic site and 8oxoG lesions on DNA molecule

樋口 真理子; Pinak, M.; 斎藤 公明

保健物理, 42(2), p.166 - 173, 2007/06



Upgrade program of ECRH system for GAMMA10

今井 剛*; 立松 芳典*; 沼倉 友晴*; 坂本 慶司; 南 龍太郎*; 渡辺 理*; 假家 強*; 満仲 義加*; 鎌田 康宏*; 町田 紀人*; et al.

Fusion Science and Technology, 51(2T), p.208 - 212, 2007/02

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:55.75(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Characteristics of 28 GHz gyrotron for ECRH on GAMMA10

鎌田 康宏*; 今井 剛*; 立松 芳典*; 渡辺 理*; 南 龍太郎*; 斉藤 輝雄*; 坂本 慶司; 假家 強*; 満仲 義加*; 町田 紀人*; et al.

Fusion Science and Technology, 51(2T), p.412 - 414, 2007/02

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Simultaneous measurements of ion and electron currents using a novel compact electrostatic end-loss-current detector

平田 真史*; 三宅 泰宏*; Chujo, T.*; 小波蔵 純子*; 沼倉 友晴*; 清水 清昭*; 伊藤 万梨絵*; 木南 瀬里奈*; 森本 直道*; 平井 克明*; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 77(10), p.10E719_1 - 10E719_3, 2006/10

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Instruments & Instrumentation)


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