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Integration of 3D environment models generated from the sections of the image sequence based on the consistency of the estimated camera trajectories

松本 拓; 羽成 敏秀; 川端 邦明; 八代 大*; 中村 啓太*

Proceedings of 22nd World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC 2023) (Internet), p.12107 - 12112, 2023/07

This paper describes a method that integrates Three-Dimensional (3D) environment models reconstructed from image sequences to reduce the computation time of 3D environment modeling that estimates camera poses and simultaneously reconstructs a 3D environment model from images based on photogrammetry. However, 3D environment modeling is time-consuming when using many images because it finds correspondence points between them by feature matching. Therefore, we assume that the computation time is reduced by reconstructing 3D environment models from image sequences divided from an image sequence because the number of images used in 3D environment modeling becomes less. However, it is difficult to integrate the 3D environment models because the scale between them may not be the same, and overlapping regions between 3D environment models are small for integrating the models. In this paper, we propose a method that integrates 3D environment models based on camera trajectories corresponding to overlapped images between image sequences used in 3D environment modeling. To integrate them, transformation parameters are calculated from poses of camera trajectories between 3D environment models. After that, the transformed camera trajectory is aligned using coarse and fine registration. Consequently, compared with 3D environment modeling that processes an image sequence in batch, the proposed method could reduce the computation time and reconstruct a comparable integrated model.


General-purpose nuclear data library JENDL-5 and to the next

岩本 修; 岩本 信之; 国枝 賢; 湊 太志; 中山 梓介; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 遠藤 駿典; 長家 康展; 多田 健一; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 284, p.14001_1 - 14001_7, 2023/05

Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library version 5 (JENDL-5) was released in 2021. JENDL-5 is intended to extend its generality from JENDL-4.0 by covering a wide variety of nuclear data for applications not only to nuclear design and decommissioning, but also to radiation-related fields. Overview of JENDL-5 and a future plan for the next of JENDL-5 are presented. JENDL-5 includes up-to-date neutron reaction cross sections incorporating other various types of data such as newly evaluated nuclear decay, fission yield, and thermal neutron scattering law. The neutron induced reaction cross sections especially on minor actinides in the resonance regions are improved by the experimental data measured at ANNRI. The extensive benchmark analyses on neutron nuclear data were made and the performance of JENDL-5 was confirmed by benchmark tests of ICSBEP and IRPhEP as well as fast reactors, radiation shielding calculations, and so on. So far, several JENDL special-purpose files have been developed for various applications. The data cover neutron, charged particles, and photon induced reactions. As the neutron induced reaction files, two special purpose files of JENDL/AD-2017 and JENDL/ImPACT-2018 were released to meet needs of nuclear backend applications including activation evaluation for nuclear facilities and nuclear transmutations of high-level radioactive wastes of long-lived fission products, respectively. Furthermore, the photon, proton and deuteron data were released as JENDL/PD-2016.1, JENDL-4.0/HE and JENDL/DEU-2020, respectively, for accelerator applications. With updating the data, they were incorporated in JENDL-5 as sub-libraries for facilitation of usability of JENDL. As the next step of JENDL-5, provision of the proper and sufficient covariance will be a major challenge, where cross correlations across different reactions or data-types may play a significant role in connection with data assimilation for various applications.



株本 裕史; 松田 誠; 中村 暢彦; 石崎 暢洋; 沓掛 健一; 乙川 義憲; 遊津 拓洋; 松井 泰; 中川 創平; 阿部 信市

Proceedings of 19th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.1109 - 1113, 2023/01



Automatic process for 3D environment modeling from acquired image sequences

松本 拓; 羽成 敏秀; 川端 邦明; 八代 大*; 中村 啓太*

Proceedings of 28th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics (AROB 28th 2023) (Internet), p.768 - 773, 2023/01

This paper reports on an automatic process for 3D environmental modeling from acquired image sequences. We have studied methods of 3D environment modeling to understand unknown environments. However, 3D environment modeling using acquired image sequences is a time-consuming task. When 3D environment modeling is performed using image sequences acquired in an unknown environment, the generated models do not always produce the expected result. Therefore, we consider that the quality of the generated 3D environment models could be quickly verified by realizing the sequential presentation of the generated models. To verify the effectiveness of the automatic process, we implemented it under different execution environments. Consequently, the automatic process could generate a 3D environment model from acquired image sequences.


Hydrogen vibration excitations of ZrH$$_{1.8}$$ and TiH$$_{1.84}$$ up to 21 GPa by incoherent inelastic neutron scattering

服部 高典; 中村 充孝; 飯田 一樹*; 町田 晃彦*; 佐野 亜沙美; 町田 真一*; 有馬 寛*; 大下 英敏*; 本田 孝志*; 池田 一貴*; et al.

Physical Review B, 106(13), p.134309_1 - 134309_9, 2022/10

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

量子調和振動子(QHO)で近似できる蛍石型のZrH$$_{1.8}$$とTiH$$_{1.84}$$の水素の振動励起を非弾性非干渉性中性子散乱によって21GPaおよび4GPaまで調べた。第一励起の振動エネルギー$$E_1$$はそれぞれ$$E_1$$(meV) = 141.4(2) + 1.02(2)$$P$$(GPa)および$$E_1$$(meV) = 149.4(1) + 1.21(8)$$P$$(GPa)で表され、圧力とともに上昇した。格子定数の圧力変化と組み合わせて得られた金属水素原子間距離($$d_{M-H}$$)と$$E_1$$の関係は、$$E_1$$(meV) = 1.62(9)$$times$$ 10$$^3$$ $$d_{M-H}^{-3.31(8)}$$($AA)$および$$E_1$$(meV) = 1.47(21)$$times$$ 10$$^3$$ $$d_{M-H}^{-3.5(2)}$$($AA)$であった。これらのカーブの傾きは、様々な蛍石型の金属水素化物の常圧下のトレンドに比べ、急峻であった。$$E_1$$から得られた水素波動関数の広がりは、格子間サイトよりも縮み易いことが分かった。高圧下における水素の波動関数の優先的な収縮や小さな$$d_{M-H}$$における$$E_1$$の急峻な立ち上がりは金属原子のイオンコアが水素原子よりも堅いために水素原子が高圧下でより狭い領域に閉じ込められるために起こると考えられる。



中野 寛子; 冬島 拓実; 津口 明*; 中村 和*; 武内 伴照; 竹本 紀之; 井手 広史

JAEA-Technology 2022-007, 34 Pages, 2022/06




自己出力型放射線検出器の出力電流値計算コードの作成; アルゴリズムの構築と計算結果の比較

柴田 裕司; 武内 伴照; 関 美沙紀; 柴田 晃; 中村 仁一; 井手 広史

JAEA-Data/Code 2021-018, 42 Pages, 2022/03


日本原子力研究開発機構大洗研究所に設置されている材料試験炉(Japan Materials Testing Reactor: JMTR)では過去30年以上、多様な原子炉材料や照射技術及び計測装置の開発が行われてきた。その中では自己出力型の中性子検出器(Self-Powered Neutron Detectors: SPNDs)やガンマ線検出器(Self-Powered Gamma Detectors: SPGDs)の開発も行われており、複数の研究成果が報告されている。しかし、それら成果のほとんどは検出器の開発に関する創意工夫と炉内照射試験、コバルト60によるガンマ線照射試験の結果を整理又は考察したものであり、検出器出力の理論的な解析及び評価はあまり行われてこなかった。そこで、これら自己出力型放射線検出器の理論的な評価を行うための準備として1974年にH.D. WarrenとN.H. Shahが著した論文『Neutron and Gamma-Ray Effects on Self-Powered In-Core Radiation Detectors』を基に数値計算コードの作成を行った。本稿は作成した数値計算コードの内容について報告を行うものである。


鉄筋コンクリート耐震壁に対する等価線形解析の適用性検討; 原子炉建屋耐震壁終局応答試験の三次元有限要素法シミュレーション解析

市原 義孝*; 中村 尚弘*; 森谷 寛*; 堀口 朋裕*; 崔 炳賢

日本原子力学会和文論文誌, 21(1), p.1 - 14, 2022/03

本研究は、鉄筋コンクリート構造物の非線形性の影響を近似的に等価線形解析手法による地震応答解析で評価することを目的に、1996年にOECD/NEAによる国際解析コンペで使用された原子炉建屋耐震壁終局応答試験の三次元有限要素法によるシミュレーション解析を実施した。耐震壁の等価剛性及び等価減衰は、日本電気協会が提案するトリリニア型スケルトンカーブ、Cheng et al.が提案する履歴曲線より求め、せん断ひずみ調整ファクターは感度解析より0.70に決定した。その結果、せん断ひずみ$$gamma$$=2.0$$times$$10$$^{-3}$$程度までの試験体上部の卓越振動数,最大応答加速度,最大応答変位,慣性力-変位関係,床応答スペクトルを良く再現できることを明らかにした。本報における等価線形解析は、$$gamma$$=4.0$$times$$10$$^{-3}$$程度の終局破壊時の最大応答変位を過小評価している。このため、破壊直前の急激な変位の増大を含む試験結果の評価に本手法を適用する場合は、その適用性に十分留意する必要がある。


Radiological estimation and validation for the Accelerator-Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Facility at the Ibaraki Neutron Medical Research Center

中島 宏; 中村 剛実; 小林 仁*; 田中 進*; 熊田 博明*

NEA/NSC/R(2021)2 (Internet), p.142 - 151, 2021/12

病院に設置可能なホウ素中性子捕捉療法(BNCT)施設の開発を目指して、茨城中性子医学研究センターでは、筑波大学, 日本原子力研究開発機構, 高エネルギー加速器などの協力の下、加速器ベースのBNCT施設が開発されている。本装置は、80kWの最大ビームパワーを持つ陽子加速器と、ターゲット, モデレータ, コリメータ, シールド(TMCS)システムで構成されている。設計概念のために、BNCTビーム条件を満たし、低放射化を達成するために、TMCSシステムにおける放射線挙動はモンテカルロ法により計算され、その結果に基づいてTMCSの構成が最適化された。また、TMCSシステムの放射線計算結果をいくつかの実験により検証し、BNCTへの適用性を示した。本報告では施設開発のための評価と検証についてレビューする。



松田 誠; 田山 豪一; 石崎 暢洋; 株本 裕史; 中村 暢彦; 沓掛 健一; 乙川 義憲; 遊津 拓洋; 松井 泰; 阿部 信市

Proceedings of 18th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.394 - 398, 2021/10



Conformational ensemble of a multidomain protein explored by Gd$$^{3+}$$ electron paramagnetic resonance

齋尾 智英*; 平松 蒼野*; 浅田 瑞枝*; 中川 洋; 清水 和美*; 久米田 博之*; 中村 敏和*; 石森 浩一郎*

Biophysical Journal, 120(15), p.2943 - 2951, 2021/08

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Biophysics)



3D FEM soil-structure interaction analysis for Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant considering soil separation and sliding

市原 義孝*; 中村 尚弘*; 森谷 寛*; 崔 炳賢; 西田 明美

Frontiers in Built Environment (Internet), 7, p.676408_1 - 676408_14, 2021/06



Thermally altered subsurface material of asteroid (162173) Ryugu

北里 宏平*; Milliken, R. E.*; 岩田 隆浩*; 安部 正真*; 大竹 真紀子*; 松浦 周二*; 高木 靖彦*; 中村 智樹*; 廣井 孝弘*; 松岡 萌*; et al.

Nature Astronomy (Internet), 5(3), p.246 - 250, 2021/03

 被引用回数:30 パーセンタイル:96.39(Astronomy & Astrophysics)



Core-level photoelectron spectroscopy study of UTe$$_{2}$$

藤森 伸一; 川崎 郁斗; 竹田 幸治; 山上 浩志; 仲村 愛*; 本間 佳哉*; 青木 大*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90(1), p.015002_1 - 015002_2, 2021/01

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:84.08(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The valence state of $$mathrm{UTe}_2$$ was studied by core-level photoelectron spectroscopy. The main peak position of the $$mathrm{U}~4f$$ core-level spectrum of $$mathrm{UTe}_2$$ coincides with that of $$mathrm{UB}_2$$, which is anitinerant compound with a nearly $$5f^3$$ configuration. However, the main peak of $$mathrm{UTe}_2$$ is broader than that of$$mathrm{UB}_2$$, and satellite structures are observed in the higher binding energy side of the main peak, which are characteristics of mixed-valence uranium compounds. These results suggest that the $$mathrm{U}~5f$$ state in $$mathrm{UTe}_2$$ isin a mixed valence state with a dominant contribution from the itinerant$$5f^3$$ configuration.



松田 誠; 石崎 暢洋; 田山 豪一; 株本 裕史; 中村 暢彦; 沓掛 健一; 乙川 義憲; 遊津 拓洋; 松井 泰; 阿部 信市; et al.

Proceedings of 17th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.948 - 952, 2020/09



Electronic structure of trivalent compound EuPd$$_3$$ studied by soft X-ray angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

川崎 郁斗; 小畠 雅明; 藤森 伸一; 竹田 幸治; 山上 浩志; 仲村 愛*; 伊覇 航*; 辺土 正人*; 仲間 隆男*; 大貫 惇睦*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 89(4), p.044704_1 - 044704_6, 2020/04

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:34.55(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

EuPd$$_3$$ is a rare Eu-based compound, whose Eu ions are in a trivalent state. The electronic structure of EuPd$$_3$$ was investigated by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) using soft X rays. Eu$$^{3+}$$ components arising from the 4f$$^5$$ final state multiplet were clearly observed in the valence spectra, and no Eu$$^{2+}$$ components were observed within an experimental accuracy, confirming a robust Eu$$^{3+}$$ state. The band structure and Fermi surfaces revealed by ARPES measurements were compared to the band structure calculations based on the density-functional theory for LaPd$$_3$$ andYPd$$_3$$. We found that the calculation for LaPd$$_3$$ provides a better description for our ARPES results. The effective electron masses estimated from the ARPES spectra near the Fermi level are in good agreement with the corresponding cyclotron effective masses in previous de Haas-van Alphen experiments.


Emergent spin-1 Haldane gap and ferroelectricity in a frustrated spin-$$frac{1}{2}$$ ladder

上田 宏*; 小野田 繁樹*; 山口 泰弘*; 木村 剛*; 吉澤 大智*; 森岡 俊晶*; 萩原 政幸*; 萩原 雅人*; 左右田 稔*; 益田 隆嗣*; et al.

Physical Review B, 101(14), p.140408_1 - 140408_6, 2020/04

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:22.67(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We report experimental and theoretical evidence that Rb$$_2$$Cu$$_2$$Mo$$_3$$O$$_{12}$$ has a nonmagnetic tetramer ground state of a two-leg ladder comprising antiferromagnetically coupled frustrated spin-$$frac{1}{2}$$ chains and exhibits a Haldane spin gap of emergent spin-1 pairs. Three spin excitations split from the spin-1 triplet by a Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction are identified in inelastic neutron-scattering and electron spin resonance spectra. A tiny magnetic field generates ferroelectricity without closing the spin gap, indicating a unique class of ferroelectricity induced by a vector spin chirality order.


Electronic structure of UTe$$_2$$ studied by photoelectron spectroscopy

藤森 伸一; 川崎 郁斗; 竹田 幸治; 山上 浩志; 仲村 愛*; 本間 佳哉*; 青木 大*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 88(10), p.103701_1 - 103701_5, 2019/10

 被引用回数:24 パーセンタイル:84.93(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The electronic structure of the unconventional superconductor $$mathrm{UTe_2}$$ was studied by resonant photoelectron spectroscopy (RPES) and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES) with soft X-ray synchrotron radiation. The partial $$mathrm{U}~5f$$ density of states of $$mathrm{UTe_2}$$ were imaged by the $$mathrm{U}~4d$$ - $$5f$$ RPES and it was found that the $$mathrm{U}~5f$$ state has an itinerant character, but there exists an incoherent peak due to the strong electron correlation effects. Furthermore, an anomalous admixture of the $$mathrm{U}~5f$$ states into the $$mathrm{Te}~5p$$ bands was observed at a higher binding energy, which cannot be explained by band structure calculations. On the other hand, the band structure of $$mathrm{UTe_2}$$ was obtained by ARPES and its overall band structure were mostly explained by band structure calculations. These results suggest that the $$mathrm{U}~5f$$ states of $$mathrm{UTe_2}$$ have itinerant but strongly-correlated nature with enhanced hybridization with the $$mathrm{Te}~5p$$ states.


Quantitative estimation of exposure inhomogeneity in terms of eye lens and extremity monitoring for radiation workers in the nuclear industry

吉富 寛; 古渡 意彦; 萩原 雅之*; 長畔 誠司*; 中村 一*

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 184(2), p.179 - 188, 2019/08

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:23.74(Environmental Sciences)

To manage the equivalent doses for radiation workers, exposure inhomogeneity is an important factor in the decision-making process related to protection measures and additional monitoring. Our previous study proposed the methodology to evaluate the inhomogeneity of exposure quantitatively. In this study, we applied proposed method to five different types of actual exposure situations in the nuclear industry. Two of them were conventionally characterized as homogeneous exposure, but the other three as inhomogeneous exposure. The evaluation of homogeneity exposure was conducted using Monte Carlo calculations with two simplified models, which were then verified with phantom experiments. Consequently, all of the evaluations reproduced the experimental results, implying that our proposed method would be applicable for actual work conditions in the nuclear industry. Furthermore, the two presumed homogeneous exposure situations were found to be rather inhomogeneous because of the contribution of positrons and the limited source region. The investigation also implies that obtaining the information on the most probable posture of the exposed worker, as well as the existence of the weekly penetrating radiation such as $${beta}^{pm}$$ ray as a main source of exposure would be the key for more precise estimation.


Enhancement of element production by incomplete fusion reaction with weakly bound deuteron

Wang, H.*; 大津 秀暁*; 千賀 信幸*; 川瀬 頌一郎*; 武内 聡*; 炭竃 聡之*; 小山 俊平*; 櫻井 博儀*; 渡辺 幸信*; 中山 梓介; et al.

Communications Physics (Internet), 2(1), p.78_1 - 78_6, 2019/07

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:55.1(Physics, Multidisciplinary)


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