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${it Operando}$ structure observation of pyroelectric ceramics during power generation cycle

川崎 卓郎; 福田 竜生; 山中 暁*; 坂本 友和*; 村山 一郎*; 加藤 孝典*; 馬場 将亮*; 橋本 英樹*; Harjo, S.; 相澤 一也; et al.

Journal of Applied Physics, 131(13), p.134103_1 - 134103_7, 2022/04

The microscopic origin of the pyroelectric power generation using ferroelectric ceramics for energy harvesting from time-varying waste heat can be understood by conducting ${it operando}$ neutron diffraction measurements. The behavior of the domain orientation and lattice strain in the lead zirconate titanate (PZT)-based ceramics with a tetragonal structure during the novel power generation cycle combining electric field and temperature change were investigated. The [001] domains and the lattice strain of the (111) plane in the direction of parallel to the electric field increase in the process of simultaneous rise in the electric field and temperature, and rapidly decrease in the process of the field drop. The alignment of the domain orientation by the electric field and its randomization by the higher temperature during the cycle are critical features of the current power generation system.


Metalloid substitution elevates simultaneously the strength and ductility of face-centered-cubic high-entropy alloys

Wei, D.*; Wang, L.*; Zhang, Y.*; Gong, W.; 都留 智仁; Lobzenko, I.; Jiang, J.*; Harjo, S.; 川崎 卓郎; Bae, J. W.*; et al.

Acta Materialia, 225, p.117571_1 - 117571_16, 2022/02

Recently-developed high-entropy alloys (HEAs) containing multiple principal metallic elements have ex-tended the compositional space of solid solutions and the range of their mechanical properties. Here we show that the realm of possibilities can be further expanded through substituting the constituent metals with metalloids, which are desirable for tailoring strength/ductility because they have chemical interactions and atomic sizes distinctly different from the host metallic elements. Specifically, the metalloid substitution increases local lattice distortion and short-range chemical inhomogeneities to elevate strength, and in the meantime reduces the stacking fault energy to discourage dynamic recovery and encourage defect accumulation via partial-dislocation-mediated activities. These impart potent dislocation storage to improve the strain hardening capability, which is essential for sustaining large tensile elongation. As such, metalloid substitution into HEAs evades the normally expected strength-ductility trade-off, enabling an unusual synergy of high tensile strength and extraordinary ductility for these single-phase solid solutions.


Pyroelectric power generation from the waste heat of automotive exhaust gas

Kim, J.*; 山中 暁*; 村山 一郎*; 加藤 孝典*; 坂本 友和*; 川崎 卓郎; 福田 竜生; 関野 徹*; 中山 忠親*; 武田 雅敏*; et al.

Sustainable Energy & Fuels (Internet), 4(3), p.1143 - 1149, 2020/03

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:51.8(Chemistry, Physical)

Waste heat is a potentially exploitable energy source but remains a problem awaiting a solution. To explore solutions for automobile applications, we investigate pyroelectric power generation from the temperature variation of exhaust gas using a novel electro-thermodynamic cycle. Niobium-doped lead zirconate titanate stannate (PNZST) ceramics were applied as pyroelectric materials, and their structural characteristics were investigated. In the driving cycle assessments (JC-08) using real exhaust gas, the maximum power generated was identified as 143.9 mW cm$$^{-3}$$ (777.3 J L$$^{-1}$$ per 1 cycle) over a temperature range of 150-220 $$^{circ}$$C and an electric field of 13 kV cm-1. The net mean generating power of the total driving cycle was 40.8 mW cm$$^{-3}$$, which is the most enhanced result in our power generating systems to date and 314 times greater than our first report. Materials with sharp transition behaviors with the temperature and electric field are worthy of study with regard to pyroelectric energy harvesting materials, and their corresponding crystal and domain structures were investigated to optimize performance.


Upgrade of the 3-MeV linac for testing of accelerator components at J-PARC

近藤 恭弘; 平野 耕一郎; 伊藤 崇; 菊澤 信宏; 北村 遼; 森下 卓俊; 小栗 英知; 大越 清紀; 篠崎 信一; 神藤 勝啓; et al.

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 1350, p.012077_1 - 012077_7, 2019/12

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J-PARC加速器の要素技術試験に必要な3MeV H$$^{-}$$リニアックを高度化した。イオン源にはJ-PARCリニアックと同じものを用い、RFQは、J-PARCリニアックで2014年まで使用した30mA RFQに代わり新たに製作した50mA RFQを設置した。したがって、このシステムはエネルギー3MeV、ビーム電流50mAとなる。このリニアックの本来の目的は、このRFQの試験であるが、J-PARC加速器の運転維持に必要な様々な機器の試験を行うことができる。加速器は既に試運転が終了しており、測定プログラムが開始されつつある。この論文では、この3MeV加速器の現状について報告する。


Crystal structure change of katoite, Ca$$_{3}$$Al$$_{2}$$(O$$_{4}$$D$$_{4}$$)$$_{3}$$, with temperature at high pressure

興野 純*; 加藤 正人*; 佐野 亜沙美; 町田 真一*; 服部 高典

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 46(5), p.459 - 469, 2019/05

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:12.33(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

加藤ザクロ石の高圧下で高温分解メカニズムを明らかにするために8GPaにおける高温中性子回折実験を行った。200-400$$^circ$$Cの温度域で異常な熱膨張が観測されたものの、約850$$^circ$$Cまで連続的に膨張した。その後、900$$^circ$$Cでザクロ石は分解した。これは分解温度が圧力により300$$^circ$$Cから900$$^circ$$Cへと上昇することを示している。常温常圧に戻すと、脱水後は消失していた加藤ザクロ石がAl$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$、Ca(OD)$$_{2}$$とともに、再び現れた。構造解析の結果、8GPaにおいて、850$$^circ$$Cまでの昇温でCaO$$_{8}$$及びAlO$$_{6}$$多面体がそれぞれ8% and 13%膨張するのに対し、四面体空隙はその影響を受け10%縮むことが分かった。同時に、隣接するD-D距離は一定なのに対し、O-D距離は分解直前に劇的に減少する。このことは、D-D間反発により生じたO-D距離の減少が、O-D結合を不安定化させ、加藤ザクロ石の高温分解を引き起こすことを示している。


Electrical and crystallographic study of an electrothermodynamic cycle for a waste heat recovery

Kim, J.*; 山中 暁*; 中島 啓*; 加藤 孝典*; Kim, Y.*; 福田 竜生; 吉井 賢資; 西畑 保雄; 馬場 将亮*; 武田 雅敏*; et al.

Advanced Sustainable Systems (Internet), 2(11), p.1800067_1 - 1800067_8, 2018/11

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:11.84(Green & Sustainable Science & Technology)

An innovative electrothermodynamic cycle (pyroelectric effect with an external electric field) was recently presented, which is based on temporal temperature variations in wasted heat from engine exhaust gas. In this paper, for further improvement, a generating mechanism of the cycle is investigated using in-operando time-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction with generating assessment. The polarizations of the sample are gained from both crystal/domain changes and simultaneous electrical measurements. Three types of materials are prepared: soft and hard types of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT). Among them, PMN-PT has the highest generating power. When an external electric field is applied, the PMN-PT exhibits only 180$$^circ$$ domain rotations, whereas PZTs exhibit both 90$$^circ$$ and 180$$^circ$$ rotations. A strong driving force for 180$$^circ$$ rotation depresses rotations in other angles and increases polarization changes. The results show that the material development, which has only 180$$^circ$$ switching domains, has potential for use in the establishment of a high-efficiency waste heat recovery system.


Temperature stability of PIN-PMN-PT ternary ceramics during pyroelectric power generation

茂呂 拓哉*; Kim, J.*; 山中 暁*; 村山 一郎*; 加藤 孝典*; 中山 忠親*; 武田 雅敏*; 山田 昇*; 西畑 保雄; 福田 竜生; et al.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 768, p.22 - 27, 2018/11

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:66.99(Chemistry, Physical)

Relaxor-based ternary Pb(In$$_{1/2}$$Nb$$_{1/2}$$)O$$_3$$-Pb(Mg$$_{1/3}$$Nb$$_{2/3}$$)O$$_3$$-PbTiO$$_3$$ (PIN-PMN-PT) ceramics near a morphotropic phase boundary were grown, and their electrical properties at various temperatures were investigated in the electrothermodynamic cycle for the future environment-friendly automotive applications. Structural disordering, depending on the PIN content, influenced the diffuse phase transition between the tetragonal and cubic structures and contributed to the power-generating behavior. The net power-generating energies (P$$_{net}$$) were 2.43-3.01 mW/cm$$^3$$ at temperatures above 200$$^circ$$C and were maintained at above 1 mW/cm$$^3$$ over a temperature range of approximately 100 degrees. Therefore, the PIN-PMN-PT system has a possibility of a wider usage temperature range, the disordering of the perovskite crystal structure can be controlled, and it will be a candidate for the application of pyroelectric energy conversion system.


Pyroelectric power generation with ferroelectrics (1-x)PMN-xPT

Kim, J.*; 山中 暁*; 中島 啓*; 加藤 孝典*; Kim, Y.*; 福田 竜生; 吉井 賢資; 西畑 保雄; 馬場 将亮*; 武田 雅敏*; et al.

Ferroelectrics, 512(1), p.92 - 99, 2017/08

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:41.1(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We have been investigating a novel electrothermodynamic cycle based on temporal temperature variations using the pyroelectric effect to utilize the waste heat as renewable energy. An improved generating performance with relaxer ferroelectric ceramics was achieved using 75Pb(Mg$$_{2/3}$$Nb$$_{1/3}$$)O$$_3$$-25PbTiO$$_3$$ which is well known for the high dielectric and pyroelectric properties. The potential was evaluated by using the hysteresis loops and generating properties are analyzed both in laboratory and engine dynamometer. Results showed 0.48 mW/cm$$^3$$ in engine dynamometer assessment, which is 3 times larger than the previous study using Pb(Zr,Ti)O$$_3$$.


Relationship between the material properties and pyroelectric-generating performance of PZTs

山中 暁*; Kim, J.*; 中島 啓*; 加藤 孝典*; Kim, Y.*; 福田 竜生; 吉井 賢資; 西畑 保雄; 馬場 将亮*; 山田 昇*; et al.

Advanced Sustainable Systems (Internet), 1(3-4), p.1600020_1 - 1600020_6, 2017/04



Field test around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant site using improved Ce:Gd$$_{3}$$(Al,Ga)$$_{5}$$O$$_{12}$$ scintillator Compton camera mounted on an unmanned helicopter

志風 義明; 西澤 幸康; 眞田 幸尚; 鳥居 建男; Jiang, J.*; 島添 健次*; 高橋 浩之*; 吉野 将生*; 伊藤 繁樹*; 遠藤 貴範*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 53(12), p.1907 - 1918, 2016/12

 被引用回数:24 パーセンタイル:96.18(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Physical properties of F82H for fusion blanket design

廣瀬 貴規; 野澤 貴史; Stoller, R. E.*; 濱口 大; 酒瀬川 英雄; 谷川 尚; 谷川 博康; 榎枝 幹男; 加藤 雄大*; Snead, L. L.*

Fusion Engineering and Design, 89(7-8), p.1595 - 1599, 2014/10

 被引用回数:31 パーセンタイル:94.05(Nuclear Science & Technology)

低放射化フェライト/マルテンサイト鋼(RAF / M)は、増殖ブランケットの最も有望な候補材料である。しかし、設計解析に用いられるRAF/Mの物性値の評価例は非常に限られている。本研究では、設計解析に使用される材料特性データについて再評価するとともに、F82Hの複数ヒートについて新たに物性値を評価した結果を報告する。これまで、F82Hの熱伝導率はIEAラウンドロビン試験の中間報告値が国内外で広く参照されてきたが、複数ヒートの測定結果と比較すると、総じて20%程度過大に評価していることが明らかとなった。また、物性への中性子照射効果の一例として、573K及び673 Kにおいて、6dpaまで中性子照射したF82Hとその溶接部における抵抗率は、最大で6%低下することを明らかにした。


Development of microwave ion source for industrial applications

高橋 伸明*; 村田 裕彦*; 三堀 仁志*; 桜庭 順二*; 曽我 知洋*; 青木 康*; 加藤 隆典*; 齋藤 勇一; 山田 圭介; 池永 訓昭*; et al.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 85(2), p.02C306_1 - 02C306_3, 2014/02

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:13.22(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Microwave ion source is one of the long-life ion sources, which has been developed for industrial applications such as ion implantation. In this paper, the characteristics of the extracted Ar ion beam from the plasma were studied under various conditions, in terms of magnetic field and pressure of gas. The measured spectra show that, within the experimental condition, most of the beam constituents were singly charged ions, Ar$$^{+}$$ in contrast to ECR ion sources which permits to obtain high current useful for ion implantation. The details of the beam characteristics will be presented corresponding the magnetic field and the pressure of gas.


Development of a high current H$$^{-}$$ ion source for cyclotrons

衛藤 晴彦*; 青木 康*; 三堀 仁志*; Arakawa, Y.*; 密本 俊典*; Yajima, S.*; 桜庭 順二*; 加藤 隆典*; 奥村 義和

Review of Scientific Instruments, 85(2), p.02B107_1 - 02B107_3, 2014/02

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:49.27(Instruments & Instrumentation)




國丸 貴紀; 森川 佳太; 舘 幸男; 久野 義夫*; 細谷 真一*; 下田 紗音子*; 加藤 博康*; 中澤 俊之*; 生瀬 博之*; 久保田 政子*

JAEA-Data/Code 2012-013, 96 Pages, 2012/07





蛯名 貴憲*; 稲垣 学*; 加藤 智子

JAEA-Data/Code 2010-029, 41 Pages, 2011/03




Irradiation temperature determination of HFIR target capsules using dilatometric analysis of silicon carbide monitors

廣瀬 貴規; 大久保 成彰; 谷川 博康; 加藤 雄大*; Clark, A. M.*; McDuffee, J. L.*; Heatherly, D. W.*; Stoller, R. E.*

DOE/ER-0313/49, p.94 - 99, 2010/12

The objective of this work is to determine the irradiation temperatures of the HFIR target capsules JP-26 and JP-27, which were conducted under the Collaboration on Fusion Materials between Japan Atomic Energy Agency and the United States Department of Energy. The irradiation temperatures of the HFIR target capsules JP-26 and JP-27 were determined by dilatometric analysis of silicon carbide (SiC) passive temperature monitors. The monitors from holders for SSJ3 tensile specimens demonstrated good agreement with the design temperatures derived from finite element model (FEM) analysis and were consistent with post-irradiation hardness of F82H. Although the irradiation temperatures for some bend-bar (PCCVN and DFMB) holders were higher than FEM analysis, hardness tests on irradiated F82H implied that actual irradiation temperatures were close to the design temperatures.


Quantitative analysis of cisplatin sensitivity of human esophageal squamous cancer cell lines using in-air micro-PIXE

田中 成岳*; 木村 仁*; Faried, A.*; 酒井 真*; 佐野 孝昭*; 猪瀬 崇徳*; 宗田 真*; 岡田 幸士*; 中島 政信*; 宮崎 達也*; et al.

Cancer Science, 101(6), p.1487 - 1492, 2010/06

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:34.46(Oncology)




板津 透; 稲垣 学; 加藤 智子; 鈴木 祐二*; 小山田 潔*; 江橋 健; 川村 淳; 蛯名 貴憲*; 宮原 要

JAEA-Review 2009-015, 59 Pages, 2009/07





富本 浩; 加藤 康; 大和田 博之; 佐藤 直; 島崎 洋祐; 小澤 太教; 篠原 正憲; 濱本 真平; 栃尾 大輔; 野尻 直喜; et al.

JAEA-Technology 2009-025, 29 Pages, 2009/06




Microstructural analysis of mechanically tested reduced activation ferritc/martensitic steels

谷川 博康; 廣瀬 貴規; 安堂 正巳; 實川 資朗; 加藤 雄大*; 香山 晃*

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 307-311(Part1), p.293 - 298, 2002/12

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:53.47(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)


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